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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 183 Part 2

2023-04-10 05:00:00Publish Time: 2,693 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 183: Audience With the King (2)

"Bring a private room and grill two fresh Red Drum fish. Then serve delicious food and great wine, I want to have a hearty meal."

The astonishing words uttered by the little boy instantly captured the attention of all the diners in the restaurant.

Among them was a red-haired woman sitting by the window drinking…

Amidst the astonished gazes of onlookers, the adorable little boy grimaced ferociously and retorted with a curse.

"What are you looking at? A group of little brats who haven't even grown all their hair yet, do they have any opinions about your ancestor me? Haven't you ever seen your ancestor ordering food? Keep staring and I'll gouge out all of your eyeballs!"

Although the little boy had a childish tone, his fierce expression instantly brought about a hint of sinister energy.

The diners in the restaurant are mostly traveling merchants, but there are also some eccentric individuals among them. While most are ordinary people, it is well-known that there are many who are capable of rejuvenation, and thus human age cannot be judged by appearance alone.

Therefore, despite the fierce scolding from the boy, nobody dared to reply. All the bystanders hung their heads in silence, refusing to provoke any further trouble.

Only the red-haired woman gazed at the little boy at the door with wonder and amazement, and after her gaze lingered on the back of his hand for a moment, she showed a smile.

"Fun… Fun…"

Lianshan Jing chuckled softly and, like everyone else in the restaurant, averted her gaze. But as she drank, she couldn't help but listen to the conversation between the young boy and the steward not far away.

After scolding the crowd, the young boy turned to the stunned steward beside him and haughtily declared.

"Did you hear me? Hurry up and prepare a secluded private room, as well as good wine and dishes! You have delayed my time, I will skin you and use your hide to make a blanket for myself!"

The little boy uttered foul language, causing the fur-covered steward to furrow his brow.

He is a righteous demon cultivator, whose true form is that of a mountain cat. He has been cultivating alongside the Wuzhu of South Sea City for several decades. Although he has not yet transformed, he possesses divine intelligence and abilities. Despite still having fur, he can also take on a half-human, half-demonic form for his travels.

Therefore, he took on the job of managing the restaurant at the post office. This allowed him to witness the comings and goings of society while relying on his identity as a demon cultivator to keep the rowdy and unruly customers in check.

When faced with a major problem, it cannot be immediately resolved and one may seek assistance from the wizards in a timely manner.

Now that he opened his magic eyes, he saw the divine light shining on the little baby in front of him, indeed surpassing his cultivation base. However, the other party's attitude was so abhorrent…

The steward said, "Please take a seat, senior, delicious wine and food will come later."

After persuading the little boy with kind words and leading him into the private room, the manager promptly sent someone to inform the wizards of the Fire God Temple that a malevolent and vicious cultivator had arrived at their location.

Later, he urged the kitchen to quickly prepare the roasted Red Snapper and delicious food and wine that the young boy needed.

After the wine and dishes were served, the steward intended to go inside the private room to socialize and test the intentions of the senior guest. However, before he even stepped through the door, he was forcefully repelled by a wave of ominous energy.

The voice of the little boy's milk-like scolding sounded inside the compartment.

"Everyone, retreat further away from me, for the sake of your own life! I will call upon you when needed, don't come closer otherwise!"

Shortly after, there was no sound coming from inside the compartment, and outsiders could no longer sense any movement inside.

Upon seeing such a sight, the steward couldn't help but sigh and turn away. However, this spectacle happened to catch the eye of the wizard dispatched by the Fire God Temple to investigate the situation.

The young wizard, upon witnessing the ferociousness of the person inside the booth, immediately showed a visage of anger.

"What kind of thieving scoundrel are you? How dare you come to South Sea City causing trouble!"

He angrily cursed and intended to charge into the door, but was quickly stopped by the steward.

"Wait a moment, Junior Ning," the steward stopped the young wizard and whispered, "The senior in this compartment is not to be trifled with. Just offer him a meal and send him away, so that he finishes eating and leaves, thus saving us trouble."

"If a fight were to break out, there would likely be many casualties… There's no need for that."

The admonishment of the steward made Ning Zhongyi slightly surprised. He whispered, "Is what you said true? Is this little boy really so terrifying?"

The steward sighed and said, "I used my magic eyes to observe, and his divine light was blinding. His level of cultivation may even surpass that of our Wuzhu… So, let him go."

"In my perception, this senior is only here with the intention of satisfying his hunger. However, it seems that he has other important matters to attend to. After he finishes eating, he will most likely depart, since he is not one of those ruffians seeking to create trouble."

Upon hearing the steward's words, Ning Zhongyi nodded.

"Alright then! I'll listen to you. Not bad, this old senior is so fierce. I must report to my leader. I will leave it to you here."

"This is nature. Senior Ning, please take your time," said the steward seeing off the young and energetic wizard. He returned to his position and continued bookkeeping as if nothing had happened.

And his conversation with Ning Zhongyi was naturally unknown to outsiders.

Therefore, the patrons in the restaurant were quite curious and wished to stay and witness how the Fire God Temple would deal with the young troublemaker who caused a commotion here.

After all, there are not many people who dare to make trouble in front of the gate of the Fire God Temple.

However, the young wizard came and went, while the steward lazily attended to the miscellaneous affairs. Everything was calm and peaceful as if the Fire God Temple had no intention of tending to the young boy in the box.

And so, time gradually passed by.

Occasionally, from within that private room, a command could be heard, usually calling out for more dishes or drinks.

Moreover, the majority of the additions were precious ingredients such as Red Snapper, and he continued to eat until the sun had set and the sky was dark, only then was the door to the private room kicked open.

A lovely little girl came out of the private room, rubbing her belly and reeking of alcohol. When she arrived downstairs, she addressed the steward.

"Go…go and prepare a well-furnished guest room for me. I will be staying in your city tonight."

The little girl who walked out of the private room stunned all the people outside.

Many people knew about the wicked little boy who came to the restaurant and called himself "ancestor", but now when he finished eating and came out, how did he turn into a little girl?

Even the steward was somewhat stunned by this scene.

He frowned at the little girl in front of him and glanced behind her… Throughout the whole afternoon, he stayed in the restaurant but didn't notice anyone entering the private room.

Could it be an optical illusion that deceived his senses?

However, inside the post station, there were magic arrays to guard against thieves and even wizards could not use illusion there. The little girl in front of him…

The steward pondered briefly before smiling and saying, "May I ask how many guest rooms are needed, senior?"

The little girl, reeking of alcohol, glared at him and shouted, "Are you a blind and deaf stupid cat? I said one room! The best room! Can't you hear clearly? If you don't want your ears, I'll tear them off for you!"

As soon as the words fell off her lips, the little girl reached out to the steward standing right before her.

In an instant, the pupils of the steward's eyes abruptly contracted.

At that moment, although the little girl's movements were not fast, he could not dodge them. It seemed that his whole body was frozen, and it was difficult to even lift a finger, completely unable to move.

As the fingertips were about to touch the ear of the steward, a light laughter suddenly sounded by the window.

"Hehe… The Wolf God has killed you once, yet you are still so arrogant, daring to rampage through the Fire Pass Country. I was just curious to know if you were truly dead, but I never expected you to come knocking at my door… Haha… This time, I will capture you and offer you sixteen monsters as hors d'oeuvres to the Wolf God."

The red-haired woman burst into laughter, instantly drawing the attention of everyone inside and outside the room.

The little girl, who was reeking of alcohol, was even more startled. She quickly pulled her hand back and stepped back half a yard, looking apprehensively at the red-haired woman by the window.

"What kind of person are you?" the little girl said in a low voice. "Daring to meddle in my affairs, I reckon you're bored with living!"

The little girl remained ferocious and wicked, yet despite her harsh words, she was feeling slightly anxious.

Until the red-haired woman spoke, she had not even noticed that someone was by the window, unconsciously ignoring the red-haired woman.

Such a phenomenon is by no means normal.

In theory, she shouldn't have missed any movement or sound both inside and outside of the house. However, the red-haired woman appeared suddenly and caught her off guard, as if she had been completely ignored prior to that moment…

Moreover, this woman revealed their origins in one breath and even mentioned the Wolf God… the Wolf God… Could it be a companion of that demon?

At the thought of this, the little girl's heart sank and she cursed out loud.

"This is South Sea City, and the opposite is the Fire God Temple. How dare evil demons cause trouble in this place? Hey! Stupid cat! Go and inform your Wuzhu that a demon has come here!"

The little girl shouted at the steward.

However, after finishing her scolding, she was astonished to see the steward running towards the red-haired woman ahead, eagerly bowing to her in excitement.


The steward's words surprised all the spectators inside and outside the restaurant.


Is the woman in front of their eyes really the Lord of Fire Pass Country?

In an instant, both inside and outside of the restaurant, a clamorous sound of people kneeling down resonated. The crowd, all on one knee, showed utmost deference as they paid their respects to the red-haired woman.

"Respect to you, our Lord!"

Even foreigners and cultivators from foreign lands would also bow down in respect.

Such a situation immediately made the little girl standing there stand out as extremely unique.