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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 34

2022-05-28 14:42:09Publish Time: 5,622 views
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Chapter 34: Heavenly Thunder Sword

The thunder clouds were surging in the sky, so the old priest did not fly too high.

He and Qian merely flew at a height of several feet above the forest trees so as to not be accidentally injured by the heavenly thunder.

However, their figures were obviously seen by the wolf God at the top of the mountain.

After Li Ju and Qian entered the range of the main peak, the huge white wolf standing at the top of the mountain looked at this side indifferently.

At that moment, both the old priest and Qian clearly saw that there was a fierce lightning flash in the white wolf's eyes.

Together with the pitch-black heavenly thunder clouds in the sky and the huge heavenly thunderbolts falling down the side of the wolf God. Today's white wolf was simply different from the wolf God they saw before, and now he was full of the aura of destruction.

The young girl Qian shrank her neck, subconsciously grabbed the old priest's hand and whispered, "Grandpa Priest, why don't we go back? I think today's Wolf God must be in a bad mood. Now we shouldn't take the initiative to see him at such a time, maybe it is not good."

The old priest glared at her and said, "You know nothing! Don't open your mouth later, unless I let you speak, understand?"

"Oh, OK," Qian was deflated, but still nodded in agreement.

Soon, they flew above the main peak.

They hovered on the air below the white wolf and bowed.

"Li Ju has met the wolf God."

"Qian has met the wolf God."

After the old man and the young girl bowed, Qian closed her mouth and obediently kept quiet.

And the huge white wolf at the top of the mountain looked down at them and nodded as a greeting in return.

"Why did you come here?" Lu Heng's voice did not sound angry, but it was also devoid of much emotion, and it carried a vague aura of thunder.

The old priest dared not hide, and directly explained the purpose of this trip, asking if the little girl beside him or some of their recent actions had offended the wolf God.   

Although Qian claimed that she was obedient, the old man still wanted to confirm it. The matter was too important.

And after listening to the old man, Lu Heng then understood the old priest's intention of coming. They saw the sight of the heavenly thunder surging in the mountain and thought Lu Heng was losing his temper. Now they came to the door to apologize?

Although in some ways, I am now invoking thunder to split the mountain indeed because of you Wind Raiders, but it is not the reason you think......

Lu Heng sighed and said, "Priest, you are worrying too much. I'm just simply cultivating, and I'm not angry. It's just that the heavenly thunder is so powerful that even if it's just ordinary cultivation, it's still too loud. If there is any disturbance, please understand."

Lu Heng's reply made the old priest put down his worries for the time being.

At the very least, it confirmed that the wolf God had no intention of blaming the Wind Raiders.

However, Lu Heng's next sentence made the old priest' heart flutter.

"But you just asked if this girl had offended me...... Why?"

For this matter, Lu Heng was confused.

He could see that this lively and mischievous young girl was dragged over by the old priest. In addition to the old priest's words, this was clearly a child making trouble, then the elder carried the child to apologize.

But Lu Heng had never seen this girl again since last meeting.

The old priest, on the other hand, hesitated, "This......"

"Priest, don’t worry, if you have something to say," Lu Heng said, "I am not a small-minded person."

Li Ju hurriedly bowed his hand, "I dare not, but I am ashamed to say this. But since the wolf God asked, I can't hide it."

"The cause of this matter is a tragedy......"

Next, the old priest spoke in a gentle tone and told the story of Li Po and his wife in general. Then he mentioned last time Qian wanted to ask Lu Heng to give the heavenly thunder sand, but was stopped by him.

The old man was a bit apprehensive during the storytelling process, after all, he was not sure how important this heavenly thunder sand was to the wolf God. What if this sand was the wolf God's greatest treasure and the wolf God thought that they were coveting His treasure?

The good thing was that the wolf God had been calmly listening to the story and did not have an overreaction.

Until the end of the old man's narrative, Lu Heng then understood the cause and effect, and had some new knowledge.

The sand on the land at the entrance of his temple, was the so-called heavenly thunder sand?

Lu Heng stood in that position every time to make thunder to smite the mountain, unknowingly, the soil in that area had undergone some kind of qualitative changes. It had become hard and incomparable, and contained the aura of thunder.

Lu Heng did not know about the existence of the heavenly thunder sand, so he did not care much of it. He just treated it as soil that was broken by the heavenly thunder. Now that he knew this thing was so precious......

Lu Heng then asked, "If you want to cast the sword, how much heavenly thunder sand do you need? Is this sand in front of my temple gate enough?"

Hearing this, the old priest understood immediately that the wolf God was willing to give the sand, so he quickly replied, "It won't take that much, just less than one percent of the whole amount will be enough."

"In that case......" Lu Heng thought about it and said, "Since this Li Po is the most outstanding sword maker among your Li tribe, can I ask him to help me forge a heavenly thunder sword? A sword that can attract the power of heavenly thunder for my own use."

In this afternoon's experiment, Lu Heng found that he really couldn't make the heavenly thunder strike the target.

Perhaps in the future, he could control the heavenly thunder in the clouds like his arm, but today he was still too weak.

Every time he tried to use his body's thunder power to guide the direction of the heavenly thunder to fall, Lu Heng could feel a strong sense of loss of control. That feeling was like a three-year-old child trying to forcibly reverse the direction of a mad cow running.

After continuous failure, Lu Heng was a little discouraged. But the old priest’s story made him have a flash of inspiration.

This heavenly thunder sand could contain the aura of thunder and can also gather it. If he could use this as the foundation, he would get a weapon that can receive heavenly thunder. Once he met the enemy, he could release the heavenly thunder inside the sword, then it could also achieve the effect of control of thunder.

And after Lu Heng said his vision, the old priest directly froze.

"This...... using the heavenly thunder sand as the main body to forge a divine sword that can receive the power of heavenly thunder? This......"

This kind of thing can be done?!

Li Ju had a shocked face.

But after thinking about it carefully, Li Ju had to admit that if a large amount of heavenly thunder sand could be provided, this idea really seemed to be achievable.

Just that in the past, no one had ever been able to collect so much heavenly thunder sand. And beings were usually afraid of the heavenly thunder, so they dared not to envision it as a weapon.

As for the ordinary thunder, powerful humans and demons would not fear it, so no one would use it as a weapon.

This wolf God's idea was really unconventional and extraordinary.

The old priest frowned and pondered for a few minutes, and only after repeatedly thinking about it did he seriously say, "If you provide enough heavenly thunder sand, together with my Mystical True Fire and Li Po's Burning Sky Fire, perhaps a divine sword that meets your requirements can really be forged."

Having gotten the desired answer, Lu Heng nodded his head.

"Good," he said, "You can go and inform that priest named Li Po to come here. If you can help me forge this sword, I will definitely offer as much heavenly thunder sand as the Priest Li Po needs."