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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 270

2023-08-26 01:45:00Publish Time: 1,745 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: postContent

Edited by: anonymous

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Chapter 270: Is Too Insignificant

In the desolate village, Lu Heng asked with surprise.

But this inquiry of his surprised Gu Yin even more.

"The Wolf God didn't know about Cangwu Abyss?"

Nodding with sudden realization, Gu Yin said, "I suppose that's true. Cangwu Abyss only gained its infamous reputation in the past thousand years, it didn't have such a name in ancient times."

Clearly, Gu Yin in front of him was another person who regarded Lu Heng as an ancient ancestor.

Regarding this, Lu Heng didn't argue either.

Can't be bothered to argue.

Anyway, that label of ancient ancestor is probably not going to come off for a lifetime.

Lu Heng asked, "Brother Gu Yin, could you explain in detail? What kind of place is Cangwu Abyss? Why are evil demons running rampant there?"

To this, Gu Yin let out a sigh and said.

"That thing may not be an evil demon after all."

"Its shape is invisible, its momentum is shadowless, mysterious and unfathomable, it appears once every hundred years. Every time it appears, it will harm a female cultivator."

"Three hundred years ago, my master was taken away by it, soul and all."

"Two hundred years ago, the wife of the priest of the Li Tribe's Hanhai Department was abducted by it and suppressed beneath the netherworld sea, unable to escape."

"Nearly a hundred years ago, the only daughter of the ruler of the Blue Hill Country was harmed by it, she turned into a statue, lifeless ever since..."

"Now it's almost time for that thing to appear again. If the Wolf God is interested, pay attention to the rumors of the Jianghu. Perhaps it won't be long before another top female cultivator is harmed by it..."

Although he made it clear, it was evident that Gu Ying didn't want to go into too much detail about this demonic creature.

As he spoke, he clenched his fists slightly, with his emotions running high.

Upon hearing this, Lu Heng let out a sigh and didn't inquire any further.

Although he still had doubts, it seemed that the demonic creature of two hundred years ago had left a great shadow in the musician's heart, who stood before him now.

Since this demonic creature is so notorious, there must be more people who know of its existence besides Gu Yin. Lu Heng can ask others about it anyway.

Thus he nodded and arched his hand in gratitude, saying, 'Thanks for the clarification. Please leave these forty children with me. Lu Heng assures you that he will definitely send them to the city and ask the wizards to take care of them.'

Gu Yin returned the greeting, saying, "The Wolf God's promise is believed by all in the world... Farewell."

After speaking, the male musician turned around and left.

The woman dressed in a blood-red gown followed him and quickly disappeared into the night.

Gu Yin didn't ask why Lu Heng appeared among the demon group. Even when facing the rumored Hanyu Mountain the Wolf God, he remained dignified and composed.

He walked away gracefully, without any hesitation or delay.

Lu Heng watched Gu Yin's departing figure, smiled and shook his head.

This musician is really aloof.

When it comes to being aloof, they are even more so than Xiao Ai.

Smiling as he watched Gu Yin's retreating figure, Lu Heng then turned to face the forty kids standing before him.

Faced with Lu Heng in a white outfit, the group of children who had, when surrounded by evil demons, managed to stay brave and unafraid, were now all looking terrified.

It was obvious that the pressure Lu Heng was giving them was greater than all the evil demons before.

Lu Heng smiled and asked, 'Does anyone know how to get to the Green Hell Cave?'

Lu Heng casually asked.

But obviously, these children who were raised as food could not possibly know such a secret and all shook their heads.

Lu Heng asked again, "So, does anyone want to go back to the Green Hell Cave?"

Among the forty small sedan chairs, thirty-five children quickly shook their heads.

There were five children left, their faces hesitant.

Lu Heng looked at these five children and asked with a smile, "Do you want to go back to the Green Hell Cave?"

Lu Heng's inquiry made the five little boys even paler.

However, facing Lu Heng, they dared not lie and could only bravely respond.

"Go back to the Wolf God, we... We don't want to go back to the Green Hell Cave, but we want the wet nurse."

"The wet nurse is still in the Devil's Cave..."

"Also, we're afraid of the wizard men..."

"Will the wizard men really take care of us? We're not their food nor their children after all..."

"They won't abandon us and let us starve to death in the wilderness, will they?"

The five boys spoke to each other and Lu Heng nodded in agreement.

"I see, but it's only natural for you to worry."

"But I can assure you kids that even if life is tough at Fire God Temple, it's ten thousand times better than being at the Green Hell Cave...unless you're willing to be eaten by demons for the sake of material pleasures."

The words spoken by Lu Heng with a smile caused the faces of all the boys present to turn pale.

Obviously, although these kids were raised by demons since childhood and lived a life of luxury, they are extremely scared of their fate as food.

Noticing this, Lu Heng felt slightly relieved.

At the very least, there was no evidence of someone being loyal to the demons who had raised them.

Of course, even if they encountered such a rotten child, it wouldn't be something that Lu Heng needed to worry about.

Lu Heng looked at all the children present again and said,

"Then I will have the wizards come and take you."

After speaking, Lu Heng looked directly at the night sky to the east. In that direction, there was a human city called Zhaoguang.

Although there was still quite a long way to go from here, after Lu Heng looked in that direction, two divine lights instantly broke through the dark night and flew directly towards the direction of Zhaoguang City.

Even the children who didn't understand cultivation could understand when they saw this scene - that Lord Wolf God was communicating with divine magic.

Standing in the deserted village and watching the two rays of divine light disappear into the sky, Lu Heng turned back with a smile.

"Alright, next we just need to wait for the wizards to come... You can rest inside the sedan chair for now. It's windy outside and you don't want to get cold."

Lu Heng smiled and made a joke to liven up the atmosphere.

However, the children looked at each other hesitantly. After a while, one of the little boys spoke timidly.

"The Respectful Wolf God... Can I... Can I go with you?"

The boy's words surprised Lu Heng greatly.

Then he smiled and asked, "You want to go with me? Why?"

The boy saw Lu Heng smile, not angry at all, and felt a little relieved. He hastily replied, "Because if I follow the Wolf God, no monster will dare to eat us."

The boy's words seemed to resonate with the other children.

The children all spoke up, "When we were in the Green Hell Cave, we heard about the Wolf God's reputation."

"Uh huh, that's right. They all said that the Wolf God is invincible, even the cave master doesn't dare to provoke him."

"If we can follow by the Wolf God's side, no monster will dare to harm us."

"We are all very smart! Grandpa Wolf God, you can let us do whatever you want and we can do anything!"

"Grandpa Wolf God, please take us with you!"

The children all clamored and pleaded with various requests.

Xiao Ai behind Lu Heng watched the scene with a complex expression.

Seeing such a situation for the first time, Shen Wuyou was stunned and could not believe the situation would turn out like this.

Amidst the children's pleadings, Lu Heng stood with a smile, not uttering a word.

It was only after the children's voices gradually died down and fell to silence that Lu Heng shook his head and said.

"Too simple...your requests are too simple."

Seeing the bewildered expressions of the children, Lu Heng smiled and said, "You only want to stay away from demons and make sure they won't eat you. You don't have to come with me, just follow behind the wizards."

"If you train diligently and reach high enough levels, you may even be able to personally slay demons, rescue victims who have suffered the same fate as you, and make demons tremble with fear."

"So you don't have to follow me, just live well in the Fire God Temple, and no demon will dare to eat you."

"Following me means you will endure hardships of wind and rain."

"And more importantly, your hearts are too small."

Amid the perplexed and confused gazes of the many children, Lu Heng laughed heartily and said, "If any of you had just said that you wanted to cultivate with me, achieve great power, fight the demons, destroy the Green Hell Cave, and eliminate all evil in the world, so that victims like yourselves would never again exist... well, then I might have to consider it."

"But if all you want is to survive... Ha... you can achieve that without even entering Hanyu Mountain with such a belief."

Lu Heng smiled and declined these kids.

The children looked at each other in confusion after hearing these words.

Although they listened with confusion, no one asked to follow Lu Heng or begged to be taken in after that.

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