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I’ll Quit Being a God – Chapter 189 Part 1

2023-06-02 01:45:00Publish Time: 2,360 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 189: Wu Gu's Worries (1)

Lu Heng's decisive words caused both Wu Gu and Yu Linglong within the bamboo garden to frown.

Lu Heng's account had already made them understand the situation.

The young man of the Yun Sect, who carried the Hidden Sword, was actually the owner of the legendary Moluo Sword?

Was he controlled by the Moluo Sword during this turmoil in the Mermaid Kingdom?

If so, it's no wonder that the Mermaid Kingdom has made such a big fuss. But the young man of the Yun Sect is an acquaintance of the Wolf God…

Yu Linglong looked at the Wolf God, feeling a slight unease.

"Senior Wolf God, do you… do you know about the legend of the Moluo Sword?" Yu Linglong asked softly.

Lu Heng nodded and said, "I have read some relevant books before and I know a little about it. It is an evil sword that drives people mad. Huo Feng must have been controlled by the Moluo Sword to commit such a great sin."

"So, it was actually not Huo Feng who killed people, but the Moluo Sword," Yu Linglong concluded.

"Therefore, we only need to explain the situation to the lord of the Mermaid Kingdom and annihilate the sword spirit of the Moluo Sword, then we can console the deceased… Huo Feng was innocent," Lu Heng explained.

Lu Heng's narration made Yu Linglong sigh.

She said, "This matter, I think the Mermaid Kingdom over there also knows. But since the matter has come to this point, if the young man of the Yun sect is really controlled by the Moluo Sword… then…"

Yu Linglong worried, "Afraid it will no longer be possible to separate from the Moluo Sword."

Lu Heng's opinion was different.

"It may not be so serious," Lu Heng said. "Unless the Moluo Sword Master voluntarily falls, it is not so easy to become a sword slave. Brother Huo left us only a few days ago. With his character, the Moluo Sword is not so easy to enslave him."

"And this incident should be when Brother Huo and the madman Mu Yepeng had a conflict, lost control of their emotions, and gave the Moluo Sword an opportunity to take advantage of, leading to the current situation. As long as we remedy it in time, we should be able to bring Brother Huo back."

Lu Heng looked at Yu Linglong and said, "Since you know the path to the Mermaid Kingdom, can you guide me? I want to go to the Extreme Hell Prison to visit Brother Huo Feng, learn about the situation of that day, and then decide how to handle this matter."

Lu Heng's request caused Yu Linglong some dilemma.

She looked hesitant and said, "It's not that I'm unwilling to help as a junior, but the Mermaid Kingdom has now closed all its entrances and prohibited outsiders from entering."

"Moreover, unlike the South Sea countries, the Mermaid Kingdom is an ancient kingdom that has been passed down since the prehistoric disasters. It is mysterious, powerful, and unfathomable. It is rumored that there are even ancient monsters that survived from prehistoric times living in the deep abyss in their country,  taking care of him in silence… If the Wolf God has any conflict with them…"

Yu Linglong was very conflicted.

In her opinion, although the Wolf God was powerful, it was an existence from prehistoric times. However, the Mermaid Kingdom was not a pushover and had confidence in defeating the Wolf God.

This was the reason why the Mermaid Kingdom didn't send anyone to inform the Wolf God after knowing that "Miss Huo Feng" might be related to the Wolf God.

In the view of the Mermaid Kingdom, the Moluo Evil Sword is causing chaos and bloodshed in the capital, and the Mermaid Kingdom has the power to deal with it without consulting outsiders. Otherwise, if the Mermaid Kingdom has to take care of even one evil murderer, it would have to bow to the opinions of outsiders… What would happen to the authority and dignity of the Mermaid Kingdom?

If the White Wolf has any objections, it can come knocking at our door and settle it with fists.

This sentence is said to have been spoken by the lord of the Mermaid Kingdom himself.

Faced with such a resolute attitude from the Mermaid Kingdom, even these few strong ancient monsters would probably have to back down.

However, Yu Linglong can see that the Wolf God cares greatly for the young man from the Yun sect. Now that he is in trouble, the Wolf God will surely not ignore it.

If a conflict were to arise between the two sides… Yu Linglong would not like to see either side suffer any damage.

Seeing Yu Linglong's hesitation, Lu Heng smiled helplessly and said, "Madam, you've misunderstood. My purpose in going is not to kidnap or protect anyone. I just want to understand the basic situation and then solve the problem accordingly, without any conflict with the Mermaid Kingdom."

Lu Heng said, "Brother Huo has an extraordinary character and is not easily tempted and enslaved by the Moluo Sword. If he can be rescued but is killed as a Moluo Sword Master, it would be an injustice."

"Of course, if he really falls and becomes a slave to the Moluo Sword, not only will the Mermaid Kingdom want to kill him, but also I, Lu Heng, will not spare him."

"My Heavenly Thunder is a convenient tool for eradicating demons. When it's time for the Mermaid Kingdom to execute, I can also help."

Lu Heng said seriously, "We cannot let an evildoer go, but we also cannot wrongly accuse a good person… My purpose in going is just to confirm whether Brother Huo is worth rescuing, not to protect him. I hope you understand, Madam."

Lu Heng's sincere words made Yu Linglong surprised, but also relieved, and she felt as if this was how it should be.

If someone else said such words to her, she probably wouldn't believe it.

After all, those ancient monsters and highly skilled elders tend to be eccentric in temperament and extremely protective, and disciples who make mistakes will definitely try to protect them first, not allowing outsiders to harm them.

But since the Wolf God has been living in the Warm Fragrance Pavilion these days, Yu Linglong knows that the Wolf God is different from most old monsters.

Its noble divinity and broad-mindedness are different from ordinary people. Therefore, Yu Linglong would not believe it if someone else said these words, but if the Wolf God said it, she would believe it.

And she is willing to go for it.

She solemnly saluted and said, "Since the Wolf God speaks so, then I will take the risk."

"Although the Mermaid Kingdom is now forbidden to enter or exit, as the younger generation, we have our ways to enter. We can bypass the sea gate and head directly to the Mermaid Kingdom. Linglong will then introduce the Wolf God to the Lord of the Mermaid Kingdom."

"I believe with the Wolf God's distinguished temperament, if the lord were to see you in person, there would definitely be a change in his perspective."

Yu Linglong spoke in this manner, and Lu Heng responded with solemn courtesy, saying, "If that is the case, then I trouble you."

Saving someone is like putting out a fire. Although there are still five days until Huo Feng's execution, heading to the Mermaid Kingdom is not a short distance; we must make every second count.

After quickly dealing with affairs here, Lu Heng left the Warm Fragrance Pavilion with Xiao Ai and Yu Linglong.

Since they are going to save someone, they naturally need to travel light. Therefore, Gu Yan, the Bo horse, and the fat bird were left in the bamboo garden for Wu Gu to take care of.

Only Xiao Ai will accompany him with the Heavenly Thunder Sword.

Before departing, Wu Gu sighed and eventually spoke persuasively, "If the situation is impossible, the Wolf God, you must remain calm…"

Wu Gu glanced at the sword on Xiao Ai's back and said, "Although this sword is powerful, the Mermaid Kingdom is an ancient legacy with very deep waters, not an ordinary kingdom, the Wolf God must take it seriously."

Wu Gu said, "Thirty thousand years ago, there was an ancient demon called Bifang, who was a notorious demon in ancient times… This fierce beast survived the long years, and perhaps the Wolf God, you also know it."

Wu Gu smiled bitterly and said, "According to the records of 'The Ten Realms', this demon conflicted with the lord of the Mermaid Kingdom thirty thousand years ago, created chaos in the South Sea, and finally, I don't know what means the Mermaid Kingdom used, they managed to kill the notorious ancient demon on the sea, the blood flowed for seven days and seven nights until now, there is still a sea area in the Mermaid Kingdom that is dead and blood-red, with no living organisms..."

Not only was Lu Heng surprised by Wu Gu's story, but even Yu Linglong, Wu Gu's friend, looked astonished.