Samsara Games: Very Easy!

Samsara Games: Very Easy!

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The Newest Chapters: Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 45 Updates: 2023-09-30 04:55:00

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I was once a colossal figure who forged legends; I was once the last emperor of the empire; I was once a formidable power during the era of destruction; I was once an ordinary mortal in the age of desolation; I was once a lowly speck of dust among the masses... reincarnated a hundred times. Every time it was a breeze to fill out the questionnaire. This is the final time. I've grown tired... Let me slack off!

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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Walking the Central Path of the Three Avenues

Having listened to Yamada's tale, Bai Wei could only emit a deep sigh.

He refrained from making any evaluations.

All existence is suffering, akin to a house engulfed in flames or a treacherous sea. No one can fathom what consequences their decisions may bring, whether it leads to celestial bliss or a perilous descent into hell.

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