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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 54

2023-10-19 22:00:00Publish Time: 584 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 54: Unexpected, Isn't It?

"Mr. Bai, what I'm about to say next may be a little cruel, but please make sure to remain calm…"

"Miss Yagyū, after rescue efforts, is now unresponsive. Her breathing has ceased."

"Miss Jingūji is currently still undergoing rescue efforts."

"Due to the explosion, the same steel reinforcement pierced through the chests of both individuals, resulting in severe internal bleeding."

"Miss Yagyū's internal organ damage is more severe, but it has not affected the heart. However, Miss Jingūji's heart has sustained more significant damage. Currently, her life is being sustained through extracorporeal circulation, but it is imperative to find a replacement model for the heart as soon as possible."


"You are Miss Yagyū's temporary guardian, and we hope you can quickly consider whether to proceed with the heart transplantation from Miss Yagyū to Miss Jingūji. If you make a decision, please sign as soon as possible, as she cannot hold on much longer."

"Thank you for your understanding!"

"We will proceed with the heart transplantation surgery immediately."

A beam of white light illuminated the corridor as Bai Wei stood in the hospital hallway, the hurried and hurried footsteps fading away swiftly.

A large number of medical personnel gathered in the hospital, as the beds were insufficient, many patients were placed in the corridors of the inpatient department.

The number of casualties resulting from the tram explosion exceeded a thousand, making it the most severe terrorist attack to date.

As Bai Wei glanced around, he saw people everywhere tossing and turning in pain. There were also many relatives who had rushed here upon receiving notifications of critical condition or death, sitting on the ground, dazed or crying inconsolably.

This is the place where the distance between the living and death is the closest.

Bai Wei stood in the corridor, gazing at the bustling scene outside the hospital, while his heart resembled a pool of silent stillness.

He had never given much thought to terrorist attacks, unless they truly appeared before his own eyes.

Over a dozen days ago, a cult ritual within Far East University was disrupted by him. He had expected the followers of the evil deity to remain quiet for a long while, but little did he anticipate the subsequent onslaught of an even more frenzied counterattack.

Although the investigation currently lacks any results, it is likely connected to the cult followers of the malevolent deity.

Not driven by wealth, nor by reputation, nor by personal gain; only those deranged lunatics are capable of such actions.

If it weren't for his visiting Far East University ten days ago, the outcome for Yagyū Simozi and Saki Jingūji may not have been any better than it is now.

Ten days later, they still found themselves entangled in it. Is such an outcome merely a matter of fate?

This thought serves as a comforting self-consolation.

Bai Wei tugged at the corner of his mouth, now unable to produce even a bitter smile.

In a brief afternoon, he lost a loved one.

This evasive and intangible feeling of melancholy is like a blunt sword, slowly carving a wound in the chest.

Not as sharply painful as the swift descent of a sword, but a prolonged and torturous ache, more enduring and agonizingly distinct.

"Sigh… Hiss…"

Bai Wei raised his hand and swept aside the hair hanging over his forehead, revealing disheveled strands. In the reflection on the glass window, his eyes glared with an icy, piercing gaze.

For a fleeting moment, he entertained the thought of obliterating that distant nation across the oceans, reducing it to ashes.

Once this notion takes shape, it embeds itself in the depths of his mind, akin to a festering ulcer attached to the bone.

He even involuntarily started pondering how to act, how to execute, how to seek revenge.

In my previous life, I had mastered at least ten methods of annihilating nations and laying waste to lands…

Without the Golden Power, the present me can only command approximately five methods…

Regardless of which one it is, the planning and layout must commence in increments of a decade…

If there were the assistance of a clandestine organization similar to the Black Rose Order, it would allow for a reduction of more than half the time…

Let me ponder for a moment…

Reflect upon it thoughtfully…

He fell into a prolonged silence, gazing at the night scenery, momentarily forgetting both the pain and the mourning.

After an indeterminate amount of time had passed, a weary nurse approached Bai Wei's side.

"Sir," the nurse called out.

"Hmm?" Bai Wei turned his face slightly, and their gazes momentarily intersected.

In an instant, the abyss-like void within his pupils became visible to the young nurse, causing her to feel as if her soul had momentarily escaped her body. Although it was merely a fleeting illusion, the chilling hallucination left her trembling, instinctively taking a step back in a disheveled manner.

Terrifying, so terrifying…

Her legs trembled.

This stress-induced reaction snapped Bai Wei back to attention, causing him to interrupt the progression of his plans, which had already been extrapolated fifteen years into the future. He reached out his hand to the fallen nurse and asked, "I might have startled you, are you alright?"

"No, it's okay," the nurse hesitated to touch him. She steadied herself using the armrest and tremulously spoke, "Your family member has already left the operating room and has been taken to the morgue. Do you need…?"

"Which direction?"

"Room 98, Western Wing, Fourth Floor."

"Thank you."

He slightly lowered his head, the bright corridor lights unable to illuminate the young man's face.

"This is the one, may you… find solace in your grief."

The morgue staff opened the freezer, sighing, and tactfully left the room.

The lifeless body was covered by a white sheet.

Bai Wei held the white cloth, his fingertips involuntarily trembling, his internal struggle never been so intense.

After taking a few deep breaths in succession, he adjusted his state of mind and lifted a piece of white cloth, catching sight of his sister's serene countenance.

Buzz… There was a ringing in the ears.

The ringing in the ears masked both the cacophony and the tranquility.

Before lifting the white cloth, a lingering possibility of "perhaps mistaken" resided within his innermost being, yet…

Miracles don't exist.

There she lay, tranquil, serene, peacefully slumbering.

"Hah…" Bai Wei uttered a feeble self-mockery from his throat.

He reached out to touch, and upon the cool skin, the traces of his own adorned eyebrows and rouge remained.

The immense sorrow and anguish instantly engulfed his spirit, which had been previously numbed by a sense of void and loss.

He lowered his head, pressing his hands onto the table, burying his head between his arms, tightly clenching his fists, tension coursing through every nerve and muscle of his body. He gritted his teeth, determined to stifle any sound from escaping.

After quite a while, he released his somewhat numbed fingertips, raised his head, his eyes filled with bloodshot veins, and in his swollen, reddened gaze, everything appeared bathed in a crimson hue.

Bai Wei whispered, "Simozi, your brother is inept, incapable of bringing the dead back to life, but I will find a way, no matter how long it takes… Wait patiently, I will find you, without a doubt."

A white cloth concealed the girl's face. Bai Wei picked up his sister, determined to take her home.

The staff members instinctively tried to stop him from doing something foolish, but a single glance easily deterred them.

He walked out of the mortuary, cradling the lifeless body in his arms.

The sound of rolling wheels approached from ahead.

A body covered by a white sheet was being taken into the mortuary.

The swift movement caused a corner of the white sheet to be lifted by the wind.

As the delicate features came into view, Bai Wei instinctively halted his steps.

The recent sight was already that of a lifeless body…

However, why?

Why would there be an exclamation mark on a lifeless body?

They were still two completely different exclamation marks, one purple, and one jet black.

The jet black exclamation mark was marked with the character "cocoon".

Bai Wei gazed at the purple exclamation mark, repeatedly confirming that the life force of this girl, who had been taken to the mortuary, had ceased.

The concise entry for the purple exclamation mark was remarkably clear.

[Time cannot be reversed]

[But I can]

The simple entry caused Bai Wei to pause momentarily, as if an instinctive reflex, reaching out for the last straw to save someone from drowning.

Triggered by the exclamation mark, a certain force is transmitted, without the need for overly intricate procedures, simply requiring the transfer of a compressed file along the reverse timeline.

It is as if crossing the timeline itself has accomplished a transition of consciousness.

[Commence rewind]