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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 31

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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 31: The Groundwork Is Akin to a Preliminary Sketch Before Enlightenment

"I shall depart first, do continue your exploration at your leisure."

"Remember not to disclose our acquaintance to Simozi, lest I may fail to behold the sun of tomorrow."

After repeated admonitions, Saki Jingūji finally took her leave, cautiously surveying her surroundings before departing, fearful that someone might leap forth from the bushes and kill her on the spot.

As for being frightened to such an extent, is it really necessary?

Bai Wei shrugged his shoulders.

He didn't actively trigger the exclamation mark above the other person's head.

If it were just an ordinary daily task, it would have been triggered casually.

However, the issue lies in the fact that the exclamation mark above the other person's head is not an ordinary one, but rather…

[A dream of the past, awakening is imminent]

As these eight characters reveal themselves, Bai Wei always has this lingering feeling that indulging his curiosity might trigger some unforeseen consequences.

In the past, when playing games, he didn't like following the main storyline strictly. He would wander off here and there, seeking new experiences.

It's possible that he ended up triggering a chain of side quests, and as a result, he deviated from the main path. By the time he finished completing several major side quests and returned to focus on the main storyline, he realized that his character had already reached a much higher level, while the main quest remained stagnant in the same place.

Furthermore, what's worth noting is that this thing may be compulsory, once started, it cannot be stopped. After a lengthy dialogue of the storyline, the map is completely altered.

"Let it be for now."

With such thoughts in mind, Bai Wei proceeded along the alternate path of the shady lane.

As Saki Jingūji walked a few steps in the opposite direction, she unexpectedly came across a group of international students from the Ming Country.

Two senior female classmates took charge of leading the group. The road was somewhat narrow, but she willingly halted her steps and stood aside, making way.

"Thank you," expressed the Ming Country woman with black hair, extending her gratitude.

On the other side, the white-haired woman slightly nodded her head, not particularly eloquent in speech but still expressing something.

As the crowd brushed past, there was minimal interaction, just a fleeting exchange of glances.

She had the opportunity to closely observe a pure white hair color and caught a faint scent of plum blossom emanating from among the strands.

Saki Jingūji blinked her eyes, and after the others had moved far away, she murmured to herself, "Such beautiful hair, akin to heroic spirits. Speaking of which, the shrine maiden once mentioned that most modern-day deities experience a gradual change in hair color as their carried power reaches its limits." She lightly tugged at her own short hair, pursed her lips, and thoughtfully added, "It seems I haven't reached that level yet."

Walking out of the shady path, as she was about to leave, she suddenly heard the fluttering of wings. Her shoulder felt a weight, and a dove landed on her shoulder.

The animals in Yingzhou, many of them, are not afraid of humans at all, especially this flock of pigeons, they have absolutely no fear of being stewed into soup.

She stood still, and a certain echo resonated in her ears.

"The time for rotation has come."

"Go on a half-hour patrol in sector B2."

"Once any abnormal situations are detected, remember to report immediately."

Saki Jingūji lowered her voice and said, "Understood."

The communication network built through the spiritual central hub doesn't have a wide coverage range and is only applicable within a few kilometers. This spiritual network relies on shikigami to establish connections and primarily serves as a one-way means of transmitting instructions.

As the pigeon flew off from her shoulder, Saki Jingūji stood quietly beneath the white poplar tree, straightening her posture as if stretching lazily.

Discarding her lazy demeanor, she swiftly went to the changing room to switch into her school uniform and put on her backpack.

Once the order arrives, she has no right to refuse, for she is a shrine maiden.

This time, responsible for the security patrol at Far East University, is also part of the internship assessment, as requested by the shrine.

Mobilizing as many people as possible within the scope of their responsibilities, including herself as a university student.

Every country possesses a group of individuals with extraordinary powers, entrusted with the responsibility of handling unconventional and highly hazardous matters.

Such groups are typically passed down through generations or sects within families.

Placed within the Ming Country, it refers to either the celestial sects or the exorcist clans.

Placed within Europa, the Dragonborn, bloodline scions, witches, and demon hunters all fall into this category.

Within Yingzhou, there are witches, shamans, monks, Onmyoji, and others.

With the progression of time, each unique system of inherited powers has already developed a set of rules that govern it from top to bottom.

The witches are divided into two types, the dance maidens, and the sword witch. The former primarily focuses on magical arts, while the latter specializes in swordsmanship and archery, each emphasizing different aspects.

Cherry Island is comprised of five grand shrines, comparable to five esteemed academies. Aspiring witches will enter the grand shrines for the selection of their future paths. Upon graduating from the grand shrines, the ordained witches are granted permission to enter the divine palace, where they undergo practical assessments. Due to the high qualifications required for witches, there is a shortage of personnel. The total number of ordained witches in the divine palace is less than five hundred, with even fewer sword witches, numbering only ninety-seven.

The shrine is under the jurisdiction of the shogunate, operating independently outside of official institutions, and is on an equal footing with the Onmyoryou.

This type of organization, in essence, bears a striking resemblance in nature to the Night Guards of the Great Ming Country and the Special Security Action Group.

Most of the immortal sects also need to affiliate themselves with the official bestowed status in order to be allowed to walk in the mortal realm; otherwise, they can only stay in the mountains and chant the Huangting scriptures while burning incense.

Jingūji, who obtained the Sword Witch's Mastery Certificate from the Inari God Shrine at the young age of only seventeen, undoubtedly belongs to the category of exceptionally talented individuals.

In the history of the divine palace, it is not often seen that one is granted special permission to study at Far East University and complete their education. This accomplishment further confirms her strong foundation and youthful potential.

Through further training and honing, it is destined that she will become one of the "pillars" within the divine palace, making it not impossible for her to become a deity among mortals.

This security patrol, for instance, is merely a matter of filling the numbers; having one more person like her is no excessive addition, and having one less person like her is no significant reduction.

With such a multitude of people, if an accident were to occur, it should not be her responsibility to bear the brunt of it.

With this mindset, she embarked on a lax and casual patrol that lacked seriousness and dedication.

Patrol X

Leisurely strolling√

An unnoticed dark alleyway.

Once a part of the scenic landscape, it has now fallen into the gloomy corner of Far East University.

After the high-rise buildings emerged, the dimly lit road, with every bit of natural light blocked, has long been deserted by pedestrians.

The three individuals stood here with a somber demeanor, exchanging glances.

Middle-aged man, "The others won't come; the news has leaked, and many eyes are watching us. This place may soon be discovered."

The young man wearing a student uniform hurriedly exclaimed, "Is there a betrayer among us?"

The middle-aged woman dressed as a janitor shook her head and said, "Absolutely impossible. It must be that one of our bases has been compromised, and our plans leaked in advance."

"What do we do next?" the young man asked. "Retreat?"

"Of course, we shall proceed with the execution of the plan," the middle-aged man spoke with a refined manner, yet his gaze remained as vacant as a puppet. "The divine also desires it so."

"Professor Heihe, we are short-staffed," the young man pleaded. "At least wait a little longer…"

"There is an alternative plan," the middle-aged man took out a leather case and placed it on the ground. "Inside this case lies the divine bestowed blessings."

"What?" the young man swallowed nervously, "What?"

"Purifying blood," the middle-aged man caressed the leather case, revealing a deranged expression, "Opening the case can purify all life within a radius of one hundred meters… I have used some special materials on its surface to a certain extent, which can partially isolate perception, but its effectiveness is limited."

He placed the case on the ground and looked at the other two people, saying, "Which one of you shall hold it to attract attention, while I take this opportunity to proceed with the execution of the plan."

The young man's face turned ashen. "Once this case is opened, wouldn't the person holding it also…"

"Being purified by divine blood is our glory," Heihe said emotionlessly.

Madman! Who wants to be killed by such poisonous blood? What I want is money!

The young student gritted his teeth and said, "This is different from what we agreed upon! I only agreed to let you in and cooperate, the execution of the plan should have nothing to do with me!"

"Do you think you still have a chance to escape?" the middle-aged woman laughed heartily.

"Since you've chosen to join us, you are already a believer," Heihe also revealed a chilling smile. "Shinshita-kun, let us step into the sublime realm together, as the gods so desire…"

The young student took a step back, seemingly intending to turn around and flee.

Heihe stared at the student and said, "You, lack the sufficient purity!"

Suddenly, dozens of vines and branches extended from the ground of the dimly lit path, like the veins of a living creature, entangling Shinshita's limbs. Shinshita screamed, "Release me at once, you maniac…!"

As soon as the words fell, Professor Heihe's right hand pressed against his face, tilting the student's head to the side, while his left hand held a syringe high above.

"Allow me to infuse you with vigor…"

"Guiding you to become sublime, entering the realm of transcendence!"

"No, I beg you… Professor, spare me. I can repay the money…" The young man's legs trembled, pleading incessantly.

"I forgive you, lost child…" Professor Heihe's smile and tone were gentle, humble, and compassionate, reminiscent of a missionary.

His actions, however, were merciless. The syringe pierced the neck of the young student, and the deep red concoction was injected into the carotid artery with a forceful press. The inky liquid flowed through the blood vessels, instantaneously transforming the once fair skin into a ghastly pallor, while the blue veins became vividly pronounced, as if the very essence of darkness permeated through the skin's surface.

"Admire the divine!"

The zealous devotee released his grip and raised both hands, exclaiming, "Today is the day of divine wrath!"

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