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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 18

2023-08-06 19:00:00Publish Time: 897 views
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Chapter 18: Please Come This Way

Guan Ling has already closed her eyes.

The sixteen-year-old girl has prepared herself completely for her death.

These people have devastated her life and are about to take away her life as well.

After her parents collapsed, she actually didn't have the courage to face this cruel world.

After the final pillar of support in her heart suddenly collapsed, all she could think of was letting go and leaving.




Then, a sudden gust of wind lifted her hair and blew over her forehead, making it impossible for her to open her eyes.

She felt her feet leaving the ground.

On landing again, she couldn't stand firm because her feet went numb.

Neither the expected sense of relief nor the feeling of pain came.

The shadow fell on her shoulder, covering half of her face.

Sunshine was spilling down from the person's shoulder, half-shadow and half-sunlight.

"You are really…"

Bai Wei's original intention was to complain and criticize, but when the words reached his lips, he couldn't help but feel both amused and helpless.

"I have already said…if you have any trouble, come find me."

He let out a slow sigh.

Guan Ling opened her mouth and lowered her head.


She lowered her head, burying it deeper.


Tears were uncontrollable, falling onto the back of the hand.

Bai Wei lightly patted the girl's head.

She's only sixteen years old.

At such a young age, having to bear the unbearable weight of life, it is really unnecessary to pin blame on her. Rather than teaching her a lesson, it is more important to protect her.

"Close your eyes, kids shouldn't see what happens next."

This reliable young adult got up and calmly turned his head, avoiding the sound of the air breaking from behind.

With one hand supporting the ground and the right leg raised, his figure soared to a height of half a meter, and the sound of clear and crisp bones breaking came from the lower jaw.

The figure rose again like a cheetah, pressing his right hand on the head of the gangster, the five fingers tightened, and the violent force pushed forward.

In an instant, the five-meter distance was crossed, and a human head was embedded in the cement wall like a shot-put, with blood oozing out from the cracks.

In an instant, there was no sound or movement.

The gangster won't die but should be disabled.

"cough cough…"

Bai Wei coughed and realized he had exerted too much force just now.

He breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the gangsters beside him, who were holding weapons but hesitated to step forward, revealing a gentle and kind smile.

Taking a deep breath, he stood among the steel jungle.

However, Bai Wei was not unfamiliar with it at all, it was just like the old empire's era, where there were carrion animals and jackals and beasts everywhere.

Unfortunately, they got the wrong target.

They are not hunters, but prey.

The young man picked up a water pipe, spun it around his hand, took a step forward, with killing intent like a gust of wind, sweeping over this narrow alley.

The gangster thugs who should have been grinning with satisfaction all had pale faces, and their hands holding deadly weapons began to tremble.

It was as if they were facing not a human, but a beast that had broken free from its cages.

The tiger has left its cage.

"What are you afraid of?"

Bai Wei tapped the wall, with the sound becoming lighter and heavier intermittently.

"I don't eat people."

"At most, I'll leave you paralyzed and confiscate your evil tools."

The young man spoke in a joking tone.

"Which lady would be kind enough to show me the way?"

It's still the same seaside warehouse as before.

Compared to last time, there were more gangster and there were more temporary tables and chairs placed in the warehouse. The previously blocked second floor of the warehouse was also now in use.

Yamazaki sat on the uncomfortable sofa, feeling uneasy all over. He asked, "Why hasn't he come yet?"

Tsuyoshi was patient and said calmly, "Maybe that kid doesn't want to go out anymore after having a bad experience."

Yamazaki glanced at his watch and said, "I can only wait until six o'clock at the latest."

Tsuyoshi snorted to indicate that he didn't care.

A little brother knocked on the door from outside and said, "Boss, the hostage is causing a commotion and wants to see you."

Tsuyoshi frowned and asked, "What does he want to do?"

"He…" The gangster made an inexplicable expression, "He wants money."

"What?" Tsuyoshi was taken aback.

"He said that we kidnapped his daughter and sold her to Kabukicho. She's still young and beautiful, not inferior to a young star, and will surely earn a lot of money in the future. He thinks we should pay him more money."

Tsuyoshi was stunned by this absurd statement. After a moment of bewilderment, he crushed the cigarette butt hard and said, "Slap him twice, shut his mouth, and tell him if he dare utter such nonsense again, I will sink him to the bottom of the sea!"

Yamazaki reminded, "You better not kill him. He still owes 12 million in gambling debts."

Tsuyoshi said lightly, "I remember he only borrowed five million at first, and he should have paid it back by now. Besides, as you said, after this incident, the debt is considered paid off."

Yamazaki pushed his glasses and spoke expressionlessly, "I said 'principal,' not including interest and loan."

Tsuyoshi's eye twitched at the emotionless words.

"To drain the blood and bones of these people is for the development of the Sanada Group. Without money, we can't do anything in this world, and there are still dozens of meat pigs in this group alone," said Yamazaki. Yamazaki glanced at him and said, "If you want to vent your anger by killing them, you can, but make sure to find a black clinic and remove any removable organs and materials. I have connections in the black market."

Tsuyoshi's brow furrowed, and he stared at the weak and poorly dressed Yamazaki. Looking at this seemingly gentle beast in clothing, he felt a wave of nausea rising in his stomach, feeling that every inch of the other's being gave off a stench more putrid than the filth in a sewer, even more vile than a frog's urine… The Sanada Group of the past was not like this. Although they were a martial arts faction, they were far from what they had become today.

He really disliked Yamazaki's method of grinning while extracting everything he could, but had to swallow the feeling of nausea.

Yamazaki had a strong background and exceptional abilities, greatly accelerating the development of the Sanada Group. Similarly, Tsuyoshi's assets grew rapidly, and his status rose with the tide. Everyone was on the same boat, bound together by their interests. He had no way to escape and was unwilling to go back to the days of going hungry and having only enough to eat.

The sun is setting soon, it's almost 6 o'clock, and there's less than 15 minutes left.

"This place is really familiar," Bai Wei laughed, "Isn't it the same place where I came last time?"

"C-Can you let me go?" The gangster thug trembled like a rabbit in a slaughterhouse.

"Oh, okay…Thanks a lot, lady." Bai Wei smiled and knocked the opponent's head with a stick, causing physical anesthesia.

Throwing away the half-dead gangster, Bai Wei looked towards the familiar refrigerated warehouse at the seaside. The sunset dyed the building red with a crimson glow.

A blood-red exclamation point hangs in the air, vivid and glaring.

The exclamation point has moved, which means that the task and the plot have moved on to the next stage.

[Enemy stronghold: Seaside Warehouse]

[Enemy Composition: 15 thugs with an average level of 5; 1 elite thug at level 8; 1 thug leader at level 15]

[Difficulty: Slightly High]

[Recommended Challenge Level: 10~20]

[Clearance Reward: New Look - Ranger Suit · Flower, Bird, Wind and Moon]

"Tsk…Isn't it just my own clothes?"

"Sending my own stuff to myself, is that even okay? You're such an old freeloader. Besides, what's the use of having skins?"

"How about we give this tough guy holding a water pipe and charging into the enemy stronghold to take out the HKMK23Mod0?"

Bai Wei stretched lazily into the sunset.

Water strikes, and waves shattered.

He walked against the light.

Thud - !!