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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 57

2023-10-22 21:50:00Publish Time: 567 views
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Chapter 57: Rollback

"The bomb is right here…"

"It is still unclear whether it is actually a bomb, but if there is indeed a bomb, it would be best to detonate it after boarding the tram."

The crow perched on the backpack behind her.

"I really hope the trams in Yingzhou have security check facilities," the girl murmured softly.

"It's better to say something practical and useful."

"I wonder why the followers of the evil deity have been able to quickly pinpoint my location?"

"Because there is a marking."

"What kind of marking?"

"As long as you're still alive, the marking will remain, and as your heart continues to beat, the more vigorously it beats, the more evident your location becomes."

"So, am I now being detected as well?"

"The followers of the evil deity are unlikely to take action in public, unless they truly have no other choice, abandoning any pretense."

"If that's the case, it would actually be easier to identify their identities and the location of the bomb."

The sound of vibrations emanated from the railway tracks, while the lights cascaded upon the shoulders of the high school girl.

Kichyō gazed at the tram, pursed her lips, her heartbeats began to accelerate, her lips feeling slightly parched.

"The tram has arrived," the crow spread its wings, "be prepared."

The young girl took a deep breath.

Last time, she was being led without knowledge of the situation, but this time was different.

In the circumstance knowing that the tram was certain to explode, yet she still chose to board.

It was absolutely madness, sheer self-destruction.

However, if she were to successfully locate the position of the bomb, she could rescue all the passengers on the tram and unravel the mysteries of her own predicament.

Standing here now, it is not a mere coincidence for me. It is undoubtedly a chain of inevitability, with many hidden hands at play that are beyond my knowledge. The girl thought.

"Board the tram," the crow reiterated, alerting and urging once again.

The black crow soared into the sky.

As the crowd inside the tram dispersed, she took a slow and ponderous step forward, boarding the tram that was soon to be devastated by an explosion.

The fourth carriage… truly an inauspicious number.

On airplanes, the number thirteen is often omitted to avoid superstition, so why can't it be done on trams? It seems to have invited the presence of the Grim Reaper, doesn't it?

Kichyō looked towards the fourth carriage, where the number of people had decreased significantly compared to before, yet it still exceeded twenty individuals.

That kind of explosion, a small amount of TNT's power is insufficient, necessitating an adequate quantity and weight.

A total of seven people carrying large luggage…

Two suitcases, three travel bags, one large briefcase, and a cloth sack.

From the appearance, it is not apparent what is being stored inside.

"The time is limited, at most five minutes until detonation, urgent inspection is necessary."

The girl hurriedly approached the nearest person, and the young man carrying a travel bag glanced at her. Upon seeing a beautiful young lady, his eyes lit up, instinctively wanting to initiate a conversation. However, in the next moment, half of a sword blade was pressed against his side abdomen.

She coldly said, "Don't move."

The young man's body suddenly stiffened, "Spare, spare my life…"

"Open your bag and let me have a look."

"I didn't bring much cash."

"Stop talking nonsense, do as I say!"

The young man opened his travel bag, inside of which there were only some merchandise items, seemingly related to certain idol groups.

"Tsk…" It turns out he is an idol fan.

She set down the sword and said, "Leave this train carriage."

The young man immediately avoided and refrained from shouting aloud.

This gave her a little confidence, so she continued to inspect in the same way, but only until the third person, when a middle-aged woman directly screamed loudly.

"Help, help! Someone is robbing!"

A scream caused commotion among the people inside the carriage, and many individuals with their luggage in tow started to move away to other compartments.

The girl's forehead was beaded with sweat, for if they were to leave this train carriage, there would be no way to inspect their luggage.

She promptly let go of the sword, rushed forward, and snatched the luggage, wielding the sword to split open the locks and unseal the luggage for inspection.

However, her movements were still slow.

The crowd swiftly sidestepped to both sides, while the train attendants and security guards on the tram blew their whistles and rushed towards her.

"It's too late… At least one more inspection!"

With such thoughts in mind, she rushed towards the luggage case tucked away in the corner.

The luggage case had just been pried open by her, revealing a glimpse inside before she had a chance to examine it closely.

Suddenly, there came a shrill crowing sound from outside the window.


The funeral bell tolls solemnly.


Amidst the roaring sound, scorching flames swept in, engulfing the tram in an instant, just like a fiery dragon. From beginning to end, the train derailed immediately, rolling and crashing uncontrollably on the ground. The surrounding buildings were caught in the chaos, as shattered debris was seared into a fiery red hue.

The raging fire embraced her, as tongues of flame licked her cheeks, rending flesh like steel tearing through fabric, severing bones.

In the midst of the explosion, her consciousness felt the agonizing sensation of her limbs being torn apart before fading away.

Brief yet seemingly endless, indistinct yet remarkably lucid.

Unable to even utter a cry, within a fleeting moment, death gently knocks on the door.


Awakening once again.

The lingering remnants of a renewed agony reside deep within her soul as she straightens her posture, instinctively struggling.

Her forehead collided with the apex of the park amusement equipment.


She grew quiet and slowly embraced her knees, bowing her head as tears streamed down from the corners of her eyes, commencing a soft sob.

"Mother, Grandfather…"

"Who will come to my aid?"

Having experienced death, especially such a gruesome demise, the profound anguish and unforgettable memories threatened to shatter the resilient facade she had painstakingly constructed.

She had yet to grasp what had occurred, nor had she prepared herself mentally, nor had she contemplated the excruciating agony that lay behind being shattered to pieces.

She had no strength to rise at all, trembling all over. The mere thought of facing it all over again immobilized her weakened legs.

She has no desire to go through it a second time.

Lowering her head, tears streamed down as she gritted her teeth, allowing her emotions to be released for a while, before slowly wiping the corners of her eyes.

"Another death."

"Now I finally have confirmation that I can resurrect after my death, but I am unclear about the reason behind it, nor do I understand why I am now Nishino…"

"Where is the real me? What am I doing?"

She calmed her emotions, began pondering the current situation, and then looked outside.

"And, why hasn't the crow appeared after all this time?"

She peered outwards, and coincidentally, the large clock suspended high in the park moved forward by one notch.

"It is now afternoon time…"

Her pupils constricted.

"Four thirty."

"The time has flowed back by one hour."

Bai Wei placed the timepiece down and elegantly and amiably uttered a word.


"I made a mistake, this exclamation mark was not triggered by Simozi or Jingūji, but by a stranger."

"It's not enough to just save them, we also need to ensure the survival of the third person."

"She died, so we need to rewind and continue."

Bai Wei pondered silently, "Perhaps this triggered exclamation mark has only allowed me to rewind time. Otherwise, it would be difficult to explain why the third person knowingly died in the explosion on the tram. Regardless, finding the other person is of utmost importance. Thankfully, I still remember what her face looks like."

In the second rewind, Bai Wei joined the battlefield.