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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 59

2023-10-24 21:45:00Publish Time: 399 views
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Chapter 59: Kindness Is Never a Cheap Virtue

In order to find the girl, Bai Wei arrived early at the tram station for reconnaissance.

The purple exclamation mark is still noticeable, finding the girl is not difficult.

Last time, his eyes were blinded by his younger sister, plus he was singing and getting a bit carried away, so he didn't notice the young girl walking past the wall.

Bai Wei thought she was not aware of the time rollback, his words carried a tone of complaint and teasing, this girl had died in his understanding a total of three times.

The following scene, however, was unexpected for him. Her response was intense, very strong.

"You, you…"

Her lips trembled, her expression filled with excitement, and all of a sudden she rushed forward, grabbing onto his sleeve and collar.

"You know, do you know?"

"You too?"

"How many times is this for you?"

Emotionally overwhelmed, she stumbled in her speech for a moment. Several attempts to speak were made without knowing what to say. However, she soon realized that she had wrinkled the other person's clothes. As a reflex, she let go of her grip, took two steps back, and bowed in apology.

"I apologize deeply, I was too overwhelmed."

"…It's okay," Bai Wei expressed understanding.

In the recent brief exchange, he had already gathered that the other person also possessed the ability to recall previous events.

However, it would be rather peculiar if that were the case. Can't she live peacefully? Why must she board this train that is bound to explode?

He sensed the fragrance of trouble looming in the air.

"Let's talk somewhere else," Bai Wei gestured towards outside of the tram station.

"Alright, alright," the young girl responded, still in an emotionally stirred state, without considering anything else, and willingly followed along.

Having glanced at the time, Bai Wei estimated that there were approximately seven minutes remaining until Yagyū Simozi and Saki Jingūji would pass by this location.

He bought two bottles of beverage, and handed one of them to the young girl.

"Thank you," she glanced at the beverage, secretly lifting her eyes to size up the other person through the gaps in her bangs.

A height of over 1.8 meters, in the eyes of Yingzhou girls, is considered a dream height that most people aspire to.

With a youthful appearance and a mature temperament, he didn't come across as an impulsive and restless young man, but rather as a mature and composed individual.

She suddenly felt much relieved.

"This is the second time of rewind, which means it's the third time I've experienced it," Bai Wei said proactively. "And what about you?"

"Ah? Rewind? Ah, you mean going back in time. Well, I have experienced it too," she regained her scattered attention and introduced herself cautiously and politely. "I-I am S… Kichyō. May I have the honor of knowing your name?"

Bai Wei casually remarked, "My surname is Bai, I am a person from the Ming Country."

…So you are from the Ming Country, no wonder you give off a different vibe.

"Are you also on the tram?" she asked.

"No, I am not," Bai Wei shook his head. "In all three regressions, I remained alive without encountering death."

"I see," she replied.

"However, my loved one is on the tram. I came here to prevent her from boarding the tram," Bai Wei explained.

The girl nodded in understanding, and then asked, "Mr. Bai, did you just say you were looking for me?"

"Yes, that's correct. I was indeed looking for you," he replied.


"I believe you are the key."

"The key?"

"Yes," Bai Wei looked down at her condescendingly. "During the first rollback, I was in the morgue, claiming the body of my sister, while at the same time, your body was being brought in."

"!" She didn't remember when she first died, but hearing this sentence still made her feel uneasy and uncomfortable internally.

"Immediately after the rollback occurred," Bai Wei continued, "then came the second rollback, which took place after the explosion…"

"You haven't seen my…"

"No, after the explosion occurred, an immediate rollback took place. I suppose you were in the car at that time."

"Is that a conjecture…?"

"What were the words I greeted with just now? And your reaction has already proven this."

"Ah, I see now…"

The girl lowered her head and took a sip of barley tea, concealing her expression. She realized that the other person was quite astute, probing her right from the beginning, and had obtained a result.

"So, it was my demise that triggered the rollback?"

"I surmise this way, it should be without error."

"Do we have anyone else?"

"Hundreds, even thousands of people… It's impossible to test each and every one… Based on the current situation, I believe you are the key. You are the deceased, possessing memories, and experiencing consecutive deaths."

"Isn't it you, Mr. Bai?"

"I am alive and have retained my memories. In the event of my demise, there is no guarantee that I will still be able to remember. I have no intention of deliberately dying to find out."

Bai Wei concealed the fact that he was the one who actively triggered the time reversal. Meanwhile, he employed an alternative logical reasoning method to explain the mechanism behind the activation of the time reversal.

What he says must be correct, because that's exactly how the mechanism of time reversal operates.

Kichyō murmured to herself, "I am the key, with my life and death as the benchmark. This way, it seems that many things can be explained. Perhaps, Mr. Bai, you were also involved because you were close to me when the rollback happened."

Bai Wei remained noncommittal.

"I apologize sincerely, this is my own fault," she rose and bowed in apology.

Bai Wei shook his head and said, "The time reversal gave me the opportunity to save my loved ones. For this, I owe you a word of gratitude."

"This is Mr. Bai's own effort, and it has nothing to do with me," replied Kichyō.

"I don't deny that," Bai Wei asked, "but what I want to know is why did you choose to board the tram knowing it would explode? You didn't seem suicidal."

"Um…," she hesitated.

The young girl herself couldn't fully comprehend, whether it was her own identity being hunted by the followers of the evil god, the repeated time loops, or the cause of the tram explosion, all of the uncertainties remained unresolved.

"Because I wanted to see if I could try to prevent the explosion of the tram."

"Based on your strength alone?" Bai Wei arched an eyebrow.

"I'm still quite capable, as long as I can locate the position of the bomb, I have the confidence to prevent the explosion!"


"It can save many lives!"


Is this foolishly naive girl serious? Thinking she won't die, treating it like an endlessly resumable game?

Bai Wei's forehead showed a slight furrow as he used his index finger to smoothen it, asking, "Have you found any clues?"

"For now, there is none yet, but I am currently inspecting the luggage inside the carriage. With a few more attempts, we will be able to uncover the truth."

"A few more attempts?" Bai Wei's right eyelid twitched.

"I deeply apologize for causing you trouble, but I have compelling reasons to do so. As a daughter of the warrior family, I cannot turn a blind eye to this matter."

Bai Wei took a deep breath.

Kichyō glanced at the time and said, "It's almost time. I need to catch the tram… It's been a pleasure meeting you, Mr. Bai."

The continuous cawing of the crow could be heard, and she heard urging voices.

Just as she brushed past him, Bai Wei reached out and gently grasped her shoulder.

"Where are you heading to?"

"Oh, the tram."

"My point is, don't even think about going anywhere," Bai Wei said calmly, "Just stay here and wait for it to explode."

The girl initially thought it was a joke, as she said, "Mr. Bai, please don't make such jokes."

Bai Wei repeated, "I'm serious."

As Kichyō felt a pain in her shoulder, she furrowed her brow and gripped the hilt of her blade, saying, "Please release me! That represents the lives of thousands…"

Bai Wei countered, "And what of it?"

With a chilly demeanor and ruthless words.

"Regarding the fate of the tram passengers, I must say I'm not particularly concerned, and I don't believe I am obligated to indulge your constant retracing," remarked Bai Wei.

The cold voice caused the young girl's body to tremble slightly.

"I will not question the goodness of your intentions, but kindness is not a cheap virtue. The greater the kindness, the more it requires matching abilities; otherwise, it is merely causing disorder and may even lead to self-destruction," Bai Wei glanced at her, "And I judge that you lack such capabilities. Stay put and consider the existing challenges before contemplating saving the world. You are not a heroic spirit, and you are not qualified enough!"

This time, Bai Wei chose to play not the role of a hero… but that of the demon king!