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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 10

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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 10: Political News

After being discharged from the hospital, he took a taxi back to his nearby residence.

The Shogunate carried out institutional reforms from top to bottom, similar to the Meiji Restoration, but with more new technologies introduced. In addition, given that the Shogunate of the era had already introduced technologies from the first industrial revolution, it was only natural that it would be entering the second industrial revolution era now.

Internal combustion engine automobiles were no longer rare and thus gave rise to the taxi industry. During the era when there were still demographic dividends, labor costs were not expensive, and anyone could afford a taxi. It appears that even the embryo of mobile phones had appeared, but it would take some time to develop into the era of smartphones.

In a mere twenty or thirty years of rapid economic development, the economic level has already made the past cities of Yingzhou feel renewed. Scenes of construction can be seen everywhere, as real estate business has become easy given the economic take-off.

Due to the construction and demolition of buildings, the economic center gradually shifted, dividing the former Edo into two areas: the Old Edo and the New Tokyo. The former has been shrinking while the latter has been expanding.

It seems to be a scene that reproduces the era of the economic bubble.

History always repeats itself, there is nothing new under the sun.

Upon returning to the Yagyū family residence, Bai Wei finally understood why the gangster wanted this piece of land. It occupies a large area, approximately the size of one and a half football fields plus an outer track. One-third of the area is used as a front yard, one-third is covered with buildings, and the remaining third is occupied by vegetation, making it unused.

The ancient wooden architectural style is not unique in the Old Edo, but the neighboring street has gradually begun to undergo modernization with the opening of commercial streets and the construction of office buildings, making this vast piece of land seem obtrusive in contrast.

Bai Wei has never appreciated big houses, as they always mean more cleaning and hiring more people, which implies additional expenses. A 60-square-meter apartment is more suitable for one person. In fact, a large part of such a spacious house remains unused.

The reason why Yagyū Simozi returned from Daming to Yingzhou was to keep the property left by his ancestors.

After returning home, she opened the cupboard, resembling a Buddhist shrine, changed the offerings, lit candles, put her hands together and knelt in front of the ancestral tablet to pay homage.

The Yagyū family's style is called Mugen Shinmyō-ryū, which at its peak, had over a hundred disciples and was also a top-class dojo of Kendo.

At that time, there were numerous famous dojos in Edo, and different schools emerged continuously throughout history.

At its peak, there were more than fifty businesses, where competition within the industry had reached its extreme.

However, after the new shogun assumed office, he issued the edict of hunting for swords.

In just a few years, the hot and steamy dojo industry was forced to close four-fifths of its businesses.

Even if all the recognized dojos in Edo were added up, there were only eleven in total that received the shogun's approval.

Yagyū's dojo was forced to be shut down, and until today, it cannot be reopened due to two reasons.

One reason was because it lost to its opponent in the Imperial Swordsmanship Tournament and closed down the dojo fifteen years ago, and the Mugen Shinmyō-ryū plaque was also taken back by the shogunate.

The second reason was because Yagyū Simozi's father exhausted his potential and died early, and her mother, an ordinary person, was unable to participate in the big competition. She couldn't win back the school's plaque for three years, and was naturally dismissed by the shogunate.

Afterwards, there was a very serious magical disaster in the old Edo, related to the followers of the evil god of the South Pole, which caused great damage.

Her mother also passed away in this disaster. Afterwards, based on the records, the shogunate found the only distant relative, Bai Wei's aunt, who adopted Yagyū Simozi across countries. It was then that they became siblings.

Ding! Yagyū Simozi tapped on a copper bell, a copper vessel about the size of a small bowl, to end the prayer.

"Do you want to come and pay respects, brother?" She deliberately spoke in Japanese.

With the idea of "respecting the dead," Bai Wei paid his respects, then also tapped on the vessel, before closing the cupboard.

Yagyū Simozi was in the kitchen starting to cook at this time.

Female society in Yingzhou is relatively backward, and their mentality has not kept up with the pace of economic development. Their minds and bodies are still in the Taisho era. Naturally, there have not yet been any new progressive women who claim to want "four wallets," and most women still hold the view of being a housewife. It is the duty of women to do chores such as cooking, laundry and washing dishes at home. Men should earn money to support their families, even if they go out to fool around, they should come back after nine o'clock in order to be considered progressive men.

Since becoming familiar with each other, she always rushes to do the housework.

Bai Wei paused briefly but didn't intend to cause any disruption.

In the previous life, he was not only an emperor, but also a mentor… The emperor seemed noble, with everything at his fingertips, but in reality, he was guarded against anyone, isolated his maids, and often cooked for himself. He even became a hermit towards the end, only drinking life potions. On the other hand, the mentor had to take care of a large group of people, being both a father and a mother. It was difficult for one person to support and assist, and every support player in games knew that well.

He could handle cooking and laundry, but seeing her busy and serene face made him feel like a lazy man who could only sit back and relax, rolling up his sleeves and sitting down.

"Do you not find it troublesome?"

"No, not at all. I'm happy to be able to cook every day for…" She glanced at the young man sitting comfortably on the sofa, then quickly lowered her head.

Bai Wei had no doubts.

I understand.

She must be the type who likes cooking, I suppose.

The waiting time was a bit boring, so he turned on the television. At that time, there were no LCD screens, only nostalgic big black boxes… It was an old-fashioned large color TV that could be easily fixed by hitting it on the palm and blowing a breath on it when the picture tube malfunctioned.

The television turned on, during the early stages of its development there were not many television stations.

The variety show of this country has always been powerful, and there are various crazy TV dramas involved in the competition.

The degree of competition is extremely high among different TV stations, and TV dramas of this economic era are mainly funded and produced by TV stations, with fewer productions that can afford to spend money.

Approaching noon, after skipping several song and dance, variety shows, he switched to the news channel.

As modern people, a characteristic is to enjoy keyboard politics.

Strictly speaking, no one dislikes obtaining current affairs information, but rather dislikes news content that is too serious, rigid, and lacking in interest.

As a tyrant of a fallen nation, Bai Wei always observed from the perspective of a spectator enjoying the show during his reign.

Let me see what interesting news there is.

The beautiful female host on the television began elaborating fluently in Yingzhou dialect.

  • In recent years, the economy has developed well with an overall unemployment rate of less than 7%, and fifteen consecutive years of positive economic growth.
  • The Jing-Chuan Railway Tram has been fully operational, carrying an average of five million passengers per day.

A suspected arson incident occurred near Ginza, with as many as 30 victims. The modus operandi was extremely cruel and the mastermind may be a criminal organization. The investigation is still ongoing. If any witnesses have relevant information, please report to the local police department or call the Shogunate Security Bureau.

The grey tide is expected to enter its peak period in 23 days, causing a global maritime blockade and possibly interrupting shipping for three months. Shipping companies are advised to prepare for contraction, and residents are advised to stockpile supplies.

The following is related to current affairs.

The situation between the papal country and the allied country continues to deteriorate and may erupt into the most intense conflict in 70 years.

The Minister of Allied Diplomacy, Duke Blood, Shasha Zaipeish boldly shouted at the Bishop of the Red Robes of the Theocracy during negotiations, "Go fu*k yourself!"

This is the third instance of failed negotiations and the outbreak of violent conflict.

It is reported that there were no fatalities at the scene.

The Ming Country's Tai Shan imperial ceremony has concluded, and it has been confirmed that two new heroic spirits of the next generation have emerged.

The internal chaos of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom intensifies, prompting the unanimous signing and promulgation of a decree of isolation by its leaders.

The Four Seas Group selling off Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom bonds, lowering the credit rating of its related state-owned enterprises, has triggered a new round of economic turbulence.

The spokesperson for the Dragon Clan expressed deep regret regarding this matter.

What a peculiar patchwork monster.

After reading it, Bai Wei's mind was buzzing.

In his previous life, he had fought for a long time without gaining possession of that acreage. The huge empire was limited by technical issues and its ruling power could only be maintained on one continent. In addition to more than ten scattered small countries on the same continent, there were also the covetous god and emperor unified church… They were archenemies and had reached the finals. The distance in the East was too far away and there was an endless sea separating them, so they had no intention of interfering.

When the alliance took over the empire, they continued to confront the upper class of the church, which maintained "human rights supreme, and extermination of other races" as its basic national policy.

In Bai Wei's memory, there is only one Cherry Island in the Far East, also known as Yingzhou.

At that time, the dominant power in the eastern country was a nomadic ethnic group, who didn't attempt to cross the sea, but instead extended inland. In just five hundred years, it seems that even the name of the country has changed… from Yuan Dynasty to Ming Dynasty?

As for the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, he had never heard of it at all.

What is the Four Seas Group? The Dragon Clan?

Bai Wei tapped his forehead and turned off the television with a raised hand.

This world is too chaotic.

Just hold on.

Let's eat first!

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