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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 47

2023-10-13 13:00:00Publish Time: 607 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 47: The Righteous Path in the Mortal Realm Is Filled With Vicissitudes

"Get lost!"

"If you don't move aside, I will kill you along with them!"

Yoshino Sachiko roared, dropped on all fours, and her claws tore through the muddy soil.


[Comprehensive Level 17]

[Vengeful Spirit Incorporated - Capable of manipulating ressentiment to corrode the human body]

[Feasting on Flesh - Devouring flesh to strengthen oneself]

[Yokai Outburst - Amplifying fury]

Indeed, it is a yokai.

Spirit, strictly speaking, is also a kind of yokai.

Bai Wei has seen a lot, and had suspicions before, but now is even more certain.

"It seems that you have already consumed quite a number of people."

"There is no need for further words, reveal your true form, Question Mark Yokai."

Yoshino Sachiko was enveloped in an aura of blood red and pitch black yokai power. She had little rationality left, and after being obstructed, she became even more enraged, resorting to bitter laughter.

"I will devour you first!"

Resentment and demonic energy intertwined into crimson and black wisps with its every movement.

However, this is an illusion. The fangs and claws concealed within the dark aura are the most deadly weapons.

Bai Wei closed his eyes, and through the unmistakable aura of killing intent, he discerned and determined the trajectory of the attack.

Brandishing the umbrella handle that had just been conveniently grabbed, he struck down upon the yokai's forehead.


The crisp sound hit its mark, dispersing the seemingly astonishing momentum. The yokai was slapped down to the ground, resembling a slightly deflated rugby ball.

It had a bewildered expression, seemingly unable to fully accept this fact.

And in the next moment, it felt a tingling sensation on its scalp once again.

"Go down, will you."

Bai Wei grabbed its hair, gave it a tug, a yank, and then let go.

Appeared unusually inhumane.

Yoshino Sachiko landed on the ground, this time taking quite a while to rise back up.

It stared at Bai Wei, who had jumped down with it, its eyes expressing more vigilance than rage.

Bai Wei, "You have already consumed many people, regardless of whether they were sinners or not. If you continue like this, there will be no way to turn back."

Yoshino Sachiko sneered, saying, "What 'no way to turn back'? I don't need to turn back at all! I will kill them all, leaving not a single one!"

Bai Wei advised, "The Sanada Group and I have conflicts as well. As long as you spare Yamada, we can collaborate."

She growled lowly, "I trust no one, every word of evil-doers is a lie! In any case, I… might as well have a satisfying kill before it all."

She suddenly raised her hand, yanked the trash bin off the ground, and hurled it towards the young man.

Bai Wei kicked the trash bin aside, and the iron chest landed with a pungent odor permeating the surroundings.

The ominous aura before him had dissipated, leaving behind only a few traces that extended into the distance.

The yokai hurriedly fled into the distance.

"Although such sharp words were spoken, the retreat was remarkably swift."

He had no intention to pursue, and in reality, he wouldn't be able to catch up. Have you ever seen a person outrun a cheetah?

He returned to the apartment on the third floor first.

At this moment, Yamada's emotions had stabilized considerably, but the wounds on his face looked ferocious. He was planning to go to a nearby clinic for a check-up.

Before leaving, he asked, "And where is she?"

"She was nowhere to be found."

"So, actually, I still want to see her again," Yamada confessed with a tinge of guilt on his face.

"Seeing her would be of no use, for she is not Yoshino Sachiko," explained Bai Wei.

"Isn't that so?"

"Of course not… even if it were a vengeful spirit, it wouldn't take on such an appearance. That is a demonic being, not a naturally born monster, but rather one born out of lingering obsession and resentment. It resembles a ghostly creature," Bai Wei casually remarked. "Do you happen to know anything about its origins?"

Yamada pondered carefully and recalled, "I remember now, Yoshino-san used to have a pet cat in the past."

"How big was the pet cat?"

"At that time, it was already quite large, around nine years old. As for now…"

"Mmm." Bai Wei nodded and asked, "Are you capable of going to the clinic alone?"

"Of course."

"Alright, take care on your way," Bai Wei said as he got up and left.

Yamada chased after him, intending to express his gratitude, but Bai Wei was no longer visible outside the door.

Where the streets are adorned with blooming willow trees.

Geisha dances gracefully, a shamisen is strummed, exquisite delicacies are arranged on the table, and cups clash in a toast-filled ambiance.

"Today, to have the opportunity to meet the young tiger of the Warrior Society, is truly a rare blessing in my lifetime."

Sanada Ryoichi may not have worn such a defeated smile for many years.

However, his smile still appeared genuine as he climbed the ranks within the Kanto Federation, where the ability to read between the lines was indeed an important skill.

And now, secretly reaching out to the Warrior Society, signifies that he must relinquish his equal status and humbly seek assistance from this group of individuals.

For him, undoubtedly, it was a shame, but it was also the way of survival in the underworld, to bow down when necessary.

The Warrior Society, unlike the Kanto Federation, is distinguished by its smaller numbers. They are an elite faction, a guild comprised of a select few ancient samurai lineages. Due to the Sword Hunt edict, they were deprived of the privileges traditionally associated with the samurai class. Their strength surpasses that of ordinary individuals, yet falls short of the pinnacle of swordsmanship… Many warriors originate from abandoned schools, their lineages stripped away, while a minority are disciples of esteemed martial arts academies.

This situation is akin to the same logic as impoverished samurai resorting to banditry during the feudal rule of the shogunate several centuries ago.

The young man in his twenties sitting before him, dressed in traditional kimono, appeared strikingly out of place amidst the gangsters wearing suits and flashy shirts.

However, this young man is far more fearsome than any gangster.

He is a swordsman who has trained in multiple dojos, and at a young age, he joined the Warrior Society, being one of the four adopted sons of the Fujiwara family, Fujiwara Matsudaira.

In the Warrior Society, he made a name for himself at a young age and was hailed as the young tiger. Along with his four brothers, including him, they were all legitimate killers, having shed blood and taken lives.

The position of the Fujiwara family within the Warrior Society is also maintained by these individuals. However, as a consequence, these people are seldom seen in public, even though they have received guidance in the dojos in the past, they are all treated as non-existent and discarded disciples.

Sanada Ryoichi has also taken lives, but he considers himself to be somewhat principled and avoids senseless killing. However, when it comes to these swordsmen, it's a different story. They were bred and raised specifically for the purpose of killing, treating human lives as insignificant as weeds.

"I don't drink alcohol," Fujiwara Matsudaira simply lifted the tea cup and took a sip of clear water. "Instead of exchanging pleasantries, what I am more interested in is information about my incompetent foster brother."


"He originally had the opportunity to become a prominent figure, with exceptional talent in making money. However, the old relics of the Warrior Society didn't accept him. Among us brothers, he is very intelligent… He joined the Kanto Federation and even reverted to his original surname. We all know about this, which is why I came here to find out the truth," Fujiwara Matsudaira narrowed his eyes. "I am very curious to know who caused his demise."

Sanada Ryoichi smiled and said, "We are also investigating this matter."

"What have you found out?"

Sanada Ryoichi took out a hand-drawn sketch and, based on the descriptions provided by his subordinate, had someone draw a profile of the person in question.

Fujiwara Matsudaira glanced and remarked, "He is a handsome man… It's the type I detest the most. Has his identity been uncovered?"

"He has been uncovered, he is…" Sanada Ryoichi was about to speak when suddenly, noise erupted from outside the room. His expression changed, and he stood up, turning back and opening the wooden sliding door. He scolded his subordinate, "What's all this noise? Can't you see that I am in the middle of a conversation with an esteemed guest? Shut up, all of you!"

Unable to finish his words, he took in a deep breath and nearly choked on the wind, forcing him to quickly shut his mouth.

The restaurant on the ground floor of the wooden building was engulfed in a pitch-black wind, resembling the dense black smoke emitted during a fire.

Emerging from the black smoke, the outline of a colossal visage appeared, baring its sharp fangs, resembling the jaws of a ferocious tiger.

"I've found you!"

That face locked onto Sanada Ryoichi, emitting a hoarse howl as dark smoke violently surged towards the second floor.

Sanada Ryoichi held back his younger brother to shield him from the disaster, and two gangsters were immediately engaged in a violent clash, resulting in blood splattering three feet away.

He was also sent flying back into the private room, causing the table to collapse and sending the dishes sprawling across the floor.

"Blood debt, blood repayment!" roared the dark monster.

Sanada Ryoichi scrambled and crawled, exclaiming in astonishment and fury, "What on earth is this?!"

"Surprisingly, such a thing still exists in this era," Fujiwara Matsudaira exclaimed with delight. "Step aside, I'll be the one to slay it!"