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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 40

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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 40: What Is Constantly Remembered Will Inevitably Have Its Echoes

Kyoto, shogunate.

When someone becomes the ruler of a nation, all colors within them are infinitely diluted, and the traits that remain often reduce to the essence of power itself.

Especially when this person realizes that every action of theirs can influence billions of people, they need even more to suppress their own qualities as a human, leaving behind only the individual who exists solely for the sake of the title 'shogun'.

The shogunate is the shogunate, the general is the general, an inherited title passed down through generations, no longer requiring prefixes, let alone the recognition of seemingly noble imperial households. Lineage is not the most crucial condition, as even an adopted son can inherit.

The most important thing is character. To maintain neutrality and seek a path for a small nation amidst the flames of war, what is needed is not only patience but also a resilient spirit capable of bearing immense pressure, along with formidable martial prowess to defend the nation's borders single-handedly.

Therefore, as the sole ruling heroic spirit of Cherry Island's shogunate for the past two centuries, it was destined for Him to ascend to the position of shogun long before reaching the age of ten. In the most distinguished capacity, He would command the authority of the entire realm, promising a bright future for His subjects. Throughout each generation, the utmost concern of the shogun has always been the safety and stability of Yingzhou.

This generation, in particular, stands out. His rise is exceptional, thus His vision is also exceptionally broad. Ordinary opponents cannot even be considered as worthy adversaries.

Just imagine, you hold the power of an entire nation, with loyal military generals and statesmen at your command. The country's strength flourishes day by day. In such a situation, except for the few adversaries from the distant East and West, there are hardly any opponents. However lonely it may be, one cannot act but remain within the confines of Osaka Castle, observing the unchanged cycle of sunrise, moonrise, and the ebb and flow of tides.

A non-explosive nuclear weapon is the ideal nuclear weapon.

The current shogun remains consistent as always. Sometimes, He doesn't have to do anything at all, just sitting atop the highest floor of Osaka Castle, receiving the reverential greetings from the shogunate officials and personnel.

Afterward, He changed his direction and faced the vast sea. He picked up a colorful rice cake and leisurely took a bite, his eyes silently and calmly dispelling the boredom.

The tranquility was supposed to persist, and suddenly, there came the jarring reverberation of a sound.

It was not a very harsh sound, but rather resembled the subtle vibration of a tuning fork near the ear, swiftly receding thereafter.

The colorful rice cake in hand fell to the ground.

The shogun of the shogunate suddenly stood up, and at that moment, the clear sky above Osaka Castle was immediately engulfed by layers of dark clouds. Deep within those clouds, a crimson light tore through the sky like an enraged dragon, piercing through the layers of clouds and descending in seven different directions.

The red lightning ripped through the sky, leaving behind vivid colors as it struck the other seven uniquely-shaped Osaka Castles scattered across Yingzhou.

At the pinnacle of Osaka Castle, it is precisely a collection of distinctly shaped blades that receive the crimson thunderbolt, each engraved with the crest of the shogun of the shogunate.

The sound echoed once more as the shogun approached the edge of Osaka Castle, his fingertips enveloped in crimson lightning, gazing into the distance.

Beneath Osaka Castle, hundreds of people had long knelt on the ground, filled with awe and fear at the majestic power emanating from every gesture and movement of the shogun.

The echoes resounded three times in succession, thereafter, there was complete silence.

However, the shogun dared not relax his countenance. He remained vigilant as if facing a formidable foe, with his gaze fixed toward the east for a moment, then swiftly turning towards the west, standing resolutely without sitting.

Yagyū Simozi suddenly experienced a slight ringing in her ears.

She uncomfortably covered her ears, and on her wrist, concealed by long sleeves, faint cloud patterns seemed to appear and disappear.

Not far away, the once-fading sakura-colored radiance began to flicker ever so slightly, resembling the breath of a living entity.

The Ming Country, by the shores of Lake Shaobo.

A renowned young maiden clad in a pure white gown is tending to her flock of sheep, when suddenly, the echoes reverberate through this lush, verdant meadow.

She gently caressed the antlers on her forehead, listening to the echoes, and for some reason, a tinge of bittersweetness surged within her.

She quickly halted her tears, gently rubbing her watery eyes, and with a soft sigh, the maiden resumed tending to her flock of sheep.

As she moved, there emanated from beneath the long skirt the sound of iron chains dragging along.

Demon Kingdom.

The enchanting demon with a jade face tiptoed and plucked a branch of fragrant orchids.

With her fox ears delicately flickering, she leaned against the railing and softly addressed her inquiry to the calm depths of the lake.

"Do you hear it?"

The lake water surges, crimson scales pressing against its surface, as golden eyes open wide.

"Do not proceed," the jade-faced demon declared, plucking a petal from a flower.

Half of the crimson figure parts the lake waters, causing the waves to surge and froth like the playful tail of a fish.

"Perhaps it is a trap."

She said, "I don't trust the people of the Ming Country, nor do I believe in heroic spirits."

Beneath the lake's surface, the crimson scales rest tranquilly.

Alliance nations, the abode of bloodline.

The bloodied duke, clad in a single overcoat, hurriedly dashed into the office, opening the communication tower. "Establish the connection, put me through to the Prime Minister!"

On the communication screen, a perplexed visage emerged.

The Secretary-General of the Alliance, Julius Emberdemon, was indulging in his afternoon tea time.

"Minister Shasha, aren't you currently on vacation in the Kingdom? Shouldn't you be resting at this hour?"

"How can I sleep!" The bloodline's ruling official had a complexion devoid of any color, with a pale face, looking extremely unsightly. There wasn't even time to conceal the visible distress, "I just had a dream, and my dreams have always been accurate."

Emberdemon pondered for a moment and nodded, saying, "So, what did you dream of?"

"I'll cut to the chase. In my dream, I saw a pair of golden eyes!"

"Ladies and gentlemen, perhaps what we are about to face now is not only the Theocracy but also the remnants of the Empire that have yet to completely dissipate…"

"I'm afraid the group of madmen who call themselves the Rose Order are also likely to return."

Emberdemon paused for a moment and replied, "This is indeed bad news, but the Black Rose ceased its activities completely over three hundred years ago."

"I dreamt of something else as well," Shasha sat in the chair, hugging her knees. "I dreamt of my mentor…"

Emberdemon pushed up the glasses on the bridge of his nose and shook his head helplessly. "Shasha, that was over five hundred years ago. If it's just a nightmare next time, please refrain from calling me. I fear it may cause misunderstandings with the frost giants over there."

"Damn it!" The Bloodline's magistrate cursed in pain. "You just don't believe me, damn it!"

In the Holy Land, within the grand Saint's Cathedral, beneath the divine statue.

A woman dressed in a platinum-colored robe knelt on the ground, her eyes closed, and a white cloth covering her gaze. Her expression was both pure and compassionate.

"I have heard the herald."

In the realm of spirits, a vast expanse of ocean lies within the depths, where dark roses suspend in the abyss. Originally a gloomy realm, it now quietly reveals two blossoms gleaming with light.

Swordsmanship arena.

"Brother… Where did you just go?"

"I have an urgent need."

"? Oh, I see. But that wasn't the direction to the restroom."

"Did I ever mention that my urgency relates to this matter?"


"Alright, I won't tease you anymore." Bai Wei raised his hand and gently tapped his younger sister's forehead. "I have to go back now."

"Are you leaving already?"

"There's nothing interesting to see, instead it brings a lot of trouble. Hmm, tonight I'll handle the groceries and cooking, remember to come back early."

"Ah…" Yagyū Simozi nodded in confusion, then called out, "By the way, brother, I…"

She suddenly remembered the strange memories she had just experienced, looking at Bai Wei's background, she felt as if it suddenly became so familiar, as if it belonged to another person.

"What's wrong?" Bai Wei turned around and inquired.

"Um, be careful on the way," she still didn't say out loud.

"Alright, then be cautious, those cars nowadays are too dangerous…" Bai Wei casually uttered as he walked away.

…Regardless of anything, my elder brother is still my elder brother; the rest of the matters are not so important…

Yagyū Simozi cleared away any excess thoughts, and then gently stroked her wrist. There was nothing on her fair wrist, and the faint cloud pattern that had appeared quietly faded away.

Upon leaving the gates of Far East University, Bai Wei handed his identification to the staff at the entrance.

In that moment, the corner of his eye caught a glimpse of a touch of white.

Silver hair and silver eyes.

The immortal of the Ming Country approached from the left, and Bai Wei came to a sudden halt, visibly shaken. However, he immediately concealed his emotions and nonchalantly turned to the right, as though nothing had happened.

Yun Wuxin halted her steps and gazed towards the figure ahead, yet as they turned around, she only caught a glimpse of a familiar silhouette.

"What's wrong?" Xue Hanlei, who was standing by, asked.

"…It's nothing." She immediately averted her gaze. "We must quickly locate the source of this aura."

Her palm which was spread open revealed Egi's sleeve, which he had inadvertently touched something with earlier.

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