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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 19

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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 19: Bright Blood Bar

Holding an iron rod, he charged into the opponent's spring.

Does it take being overly haughty to do something like this?

During the years as a monarch and mentor, he didn't have time to deal with a group of ruffians and gangsters. That would be a complete waste of time. He basically had to deal with the hired army of a local lord, the elite soldiers of a principality, or demon constructs from deep within the abyss.

In comparison, the ancient and dilapidated building in front seemed even more desolate and fragile, like a straw house built by the three little pigs, easily blown down by a strong-winded jackal.

But for some reason, this feeling is somewhat nostalgic.

It's like there was a time when he also carried a knife, kicked open gambling dens in martial arts schools or gangs, and bravely confronted them, experiencing the pleasure of avenging grievances.



Whatever you call it is fine.

It was simply unbearable, unable to express one's feelings and find inner peace.

There were two young men guarding the entrance of the warehouse. When they saw Bai Wei approaching, their first reaction was to drive him away.

"This is our turf, kid. Get out of here."

He made his signature clicking sound with his tongue.

The expression of intimidation was very ugly and yet the person was actually timid.

Bai Wei didn't know why these gangsters always liked to twist their facial muscles when intimidating others. Didn't he know that it looked ugly and… impolite?

Ten steps away, in the blink of an eye.


The water pipe hit the gangster hard, right in the middle of his chest where the ribs were located, and the impact directly tore off his jacket and shirt. The low-quality black suit burst into pieces, and his body was immediately thrown into the air, his back hitting the warehouse doorway.

With the gate wide open, the thug was thrown five meters away and landed in the midst of the enthusiastic gamblers, smashing a wooden table.

The playing cards scattered and the other gangsters hurriedly helped him up, only to notice that his bones were broken and he was already unconscious.

The gangster thug guarding the gate stared with wide eyes, unable to see anything clearly, and his first reaction was to reprimand.

"How dare you…"

Bai Wei glanced sideways.

"He's so ugly that even I can't stand it. Do you want to try?"

The gangster thug shut his mouth, shrank for a second, then launched an attack. Fighters of the martial arts faction were full of fierceness, those who feared pain didn't become gangsters. These people were also hooligans who were particularly good at fighting in different streets when they were young.

Unfortunately, it was too slow.

His movements were completely anticipated. At the moment when he swung his attack, a steel rod had already been passed to beneath his chin. The forceful forward motion he made in his attack ended up causing his chin to suffer a violent blow, reaching even to the top of his head.

Bai Wei glanced at the top of the gangster thug's head, there was a blood stripe. The blood stripe was about 80% full, but with an additional bonus status.

[Comprehensive Level 6 (Street Fighting)]

[Mild concussion]

[Loss of combat effectiveness]

Bai Wei hit him on the head again, making sure that the mild concussion had turned into a moderate one and the loss of combat effectiveness had become permanent.

As long as he's not killed, there won't be any big problems.

Even if he's killed, there won't be any big problems.

The bodies floating in the sea look quite lonely, they should be arranged in a group.

The howling gangster thugs rushed out.

Bai Wei is now fully convinced that although the techniques used in the movie are exaggerated, the people of Yingzhou really do love to yell and scream without any meaningful reason. Unlike the low growls that have a sense of intimidation like those of Bruce Lee, their yelling is not coordinated with breathing and rhythm, and instead, it makes the eardrums of the people around them hurt from the shake.

The young man advanced and the steel pipe changed position behind his back.

He took a step forward, this time it wasn't a bump, but…

Flying Swallow!

The water pipe is a blunt weapon, but when it is wielded by him, it's like a one-handed sword without a sharp edge.

Like a swallow circling and sweeping, with a single wave, the formation of the gangster rushing forward was disrupted.

People in front are retreating, and those behind are pushing forward.

Because the space in front of the door was so limited, it instantly caused a bottleneck, and the standing thugs were forcibly squeezed under the water pipe.

He was not polite either, and the "Flying Swallow" in his hand transformed into two sections.

The three people in front of him flew up into the air.

A powerful energy surges through the air.

True energy, or to put it differently, internal strength, flows endlessly, circulating within the body.

Without natural talent, one cannot master it. Among a hundred people, only three or two have a sense of energy.

Bai Wei knew very well that he didn't have a talent for starting off, and couldn't help but feel astonished that these people were so unskilled, not even one could cultivate a sense of energy.

Flying Swallow's two strikes repelled three people, and the accompanying force pushed back many others. Some people grabbed onto the walls and nearby objects to barely keep themselves standing.

How could he easily gives up the opportunity to make his opponents lose balance?

He held an iron rod and, as if calling the roll of his men, struck each one with a clear, crisp sound that echoed throughout. Everywhere bones were breaking and cracking.

Broken their hands.

Broken their legs.

Broken their limbs.

More than ten gangsters were beaten down by one person, with five or six of them holding their broken body parts in twisted faces, and tears and snot streaming down their faces.

Until a big man stood in front of him, and even after being hit three times by Bai Wei and not retreating, his entire body was bulging with muscles, his skin was purple, yet he still managed to stand still.

[Overall level eight (sumo wrestling 5, street fighting 3)]

[Former sumo wrestler]

The wrestler, who was obviously an elite monster, even withstanding the pain, tightly grasped Bai Wei's water pipe and said in a low voice, "Do it now!"

Bai Wei lifted his leg and kicked him straight in the vital area.

The wrestler foamed at the mouth and passed out.

The young man smiled revealing his teeth and said, "Your horse stance is not bad."

He walked over while stepping on the other person's head.

One of the few remaining thugs rushed out, thinking he was in a dead corner. Seizing the opportunity, he wielded a small knife and rushed forward, still making grotesque noises that he couldn't help but make. He was stopped as a water pipe was held against his mouth, smashing his upper and lower teeth as the steel pipe was shoved into his mouth, and blood flowed freely.

Bai Wei pushed forward with a water pipe, causing the thug to whimper and stumble backward until his back hit the stairs.


He pulled out a stick and gave him a physical hypnosis, then wiped the blood-red saliva off his suit.

One versus fifteen, but the results of the battle were overwhelmingly one-sided.

Bai Wei was more convinced that he must have been good at fighting in his previous life, and especially skilled at taking on multiple opponents at once.

He had never thought that he would have such an opportune moment to kick someone in the crotch.

Taking on multiple opponents at once requires strong reflexes and the ability to adapt to the environment for combat. It also requires hitting hard with a finishing blow, being able to disable the enemy in a single move.

Everyone thinks that Jackie Chan's fights are just acrobatics, but that is actually the most effective strategy.

Bai Wei smashed a chandelier onto the head of a gangster, causing glass shards and sparks to fly, creating a gruesome sight.

The word "deterrence" appeared next to the blood bars of the gangsters who witnessed this scene.

Even wild animals like jackals and wolves have a sense of fear and wouldn't dare face tigers head-on.

Evil people always bow down in front of even greater evil.

Bai Wei stood in the center of the first floor, looked up at the window on the second floor. Such a big commotion could not be concealed, and the person behind the shutter must also be watching.

"I have come, why isn't the leader showing up?"


A steel chair smashed through the window, glass shards scattered and the fluorescent light tubes illuminated by electric sparks.

The crimson color faded away.

Night has fallen.

As the chair hit the ground, a statue of a benevolent king also fell to the ground, and the sofa and chairs were trampled and dented.

The leader of the gangsters clenched his fist and tore open his shirt to reveal a white cloth band.

"Sanada Group's leader, Tsuyoshi Goto is here… Report your name, scum!"

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