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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 13

2023-07-29 19:00:00Publish Time: 1,356 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: Leo-Seo

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Chapter 13: Where Did the Exclamation Mark Come From?

In a three-story commercial office building located in a certain area of New Tokyo, there lies a spacious office.

Within the depths of the office, smoke clouds the room.

Gangsters used to be a gang, but now they operate under the disguise of a legitimate company with a valid business license and office setup.

Even the formal members here are provided a set of standardized suits, however, the shirts underneath are not monochromatic, instead, they come in various bright and colorful patterns, distinguishing themselves from typical office workers. They don't carry briefcases in their hands, but a special identity recognition, the crest, can be seen on their collar along with their tie.

The crest of the Sanada Group appears to be a combination of three long spears overlapping one another.

A middle-aged man over the age of thirty-five sat on the boss chair, grinding out his cigarette butt. Despite his healthy hairline, his expression was rather melancholy and his facial features were not squarely shaped. In profile, he resembled a shoehorn face.

He is none other than the leader of the Sanada Group in the Kanto Federation, Sanada Ryoichi.

Behind the boss chair hung a horizontal banner with the words "Rashomon" instead of the more common "benevolence and justice". On both the left and right sides of his desk were statues of Ashura and Fudo Myoo.

The ashtray on the tea table was brimming with cigarette butts.

There was a commotion outside the door as someone knocked and entered. The man who walked in had an imposing presence, standing nearly two meters tall with a muscular build. With each step of his boots, there was a strong and forceful sound. He could have easily been cast as the live-action version of Ashura in Fist of the North Star.

The leader of the Sanada Group, Tsuyoshi Goto.

"Sato has already woken up," said the Sanada Group leader.

"Did you get any information out of him?"

"No…He was struck on the back of his head and has been unconscious ever since. He's delirious and unaware of what's going on, including the whereabouts of the four missing individuals." Tsuyoshi Goto shook his head. "There were signs of a struggle in the warehouse. It's certain that they were attacked by someone."

"Truly useless," Sanada Ryoichi muttered feeling unhappy, "Four people have disappeared and it's still unclear whether they're alive or dead!"

"I personally think he must be dead," said Tsuyoshi Goto. "There weren't many bloodstains at the scene, so the possibility of him being captured and buried is greater."

"So you're implying it could be the doing of another gang?" Sanada Ryoichi sneered, "On our turf? Not likely!"

"Shall we continue the investigation?"

"No need to go through all that trouble." Sanada Ryoichi banged the table, "We can't separate Yagyū's family from this, if we keep causing trouble for them, I don't believe the fox's tail won't show itself."

He stared at Ruo Tou with an intense gaze, like a predatory bird, "We have already lost four people. This matter cannot be easily abandoned. If it gets out, the reputation of the Sanada Group will be damaged. I won't be able to hold my head up in front of the executive meeting. You were originally in charge of training new recruits, but now there has been a slip-up. You have to redeem yourself in this regard."

Tsuyoshi Goto remained composed, "I will regain my composure and definitely obtain this piece of land!"

Sanada Ryoichi sneered, "We can't let those siblings off easily."

"The other party is a talented student from Far East University. If we act recklessly, the shogunate or the police department may…"

"Then let's target that person from the Ming Country first. As long as we catch him, that young girl will obediently fall into line."

Tsuyoshi Goto furrowed his brow, but ultimately bowed his head, responding with a low, somber "hmm".

One must not resist superior orders due to personal preferences, unless the other party is immoral or has failed, which is what Yingzhou has always upheld as loyalty and righteousness.

This was the case for ancient vassals to their lords, employees to their companies, and gangster members to their bosses.

Bai Wei, who was well aware that he was being watched, basked in the sun.

"Simozi, do you not have class today?"

"The courses of college students can be arranged by themselves. Besides, my general education courses have already reached the graduation level. The only difference is in the grades." Yagyū Simozi carried her blanket and went to the courtyard, she leaned against the rack and tapped it gently with a wooden stick. "Actually, I can apply for early graduation in just another year and a half. The reason for staying in school now is…"

"The national youth group's kendo championship?"

"Yes! If I get a good ranking in the kendo championship, then I will be able to participate in the preliminary round of the Imperial Swordsmanship Tournament."

"The Imperial Swordsmanship Tournament is a real sword match, not a joke." Bai Wei sat up straight. "It's possible that people might die."

"Has nobody died in any of the previous years?"

"Ah, well…"

"Not only have people died, but many swordsmen have also been forced to retire. However, the shogunate provides a generous compensation."

"It's too bloody and barbaric."

"But the Ming Country's Martial Saint Cup, Kirinn Competition, Grandmaster Title, and Zijin Peak are all the same."


Bai Wei fell silent, he may have some misunderstanding about the existence of this world.

"Wasn't your old injury also from the Kirinn Competition?" Yagyū Simozi said casually.

"Is that so?" Bai Wei thought for a moment, with no recollection, "I can't quite remember."

"Every time at this moment, my elder brother always brushes me off." Yagyū Simozi frowned, "There must be some hidden secrets."

"What secrets could there be? Losing is losing. Did I lose on purpose just because the opponent happens to be my first love?" Bai Wei chuckled to himself and said, "Maybe you've read too many novels. Since you don't have class this afternoon, you should go to the dojo and practice on your own."

"I'll go now."

Yagyū Simozi was changing into her clothing and heading towards the arena when she noticed Bai Wei following her.

"Brother, your body hasn't fully recovered yet, you can't engage in intense exercise."

"I just want to watch." Bai Wei said with a mysterious tone, "I have no special abilities, but I am good at giving advice."


Yagyū Simozi began warming up in the spacious dojo.

Mugen Shinmyō-ryū is a school of swordsmanship in ancient style, where the entire body is the weapon, leaving no blind spots. These schools emphasize actual combat, requiring continuous sparring in order to master the technique and overcome weaknesses. If there is no opponent, one can only visualize internally.

Bai Wei sat on the side, watching and admiring the dynamic beauty of the young girl.

Appreciating is one aspect, while analyzing and dissecting Mugen Shinmyō-ryū is another, while also judging Yagyū Simozi's performance and searching for her shortcomings.

After a while of observation.

He shook his head and said, "Don't be distracted."

The little girl bit her lip and looked at him with a gaze, saying, "It's all because of you, brother…"

Bai Wei was puzzled, "I thought you would be used to being watched by people during training; is no one staring at you while practicing?"

Yagyū Simozi lowered her head and said, "There is, there is… hmph! I have to be serious now!"

Ignoring Bai Wei's presence and his gaze, Yagyū Simozi immersed herself in contemplation. Her movements suddenly became several times sharper, her mind highly concentrated, enabling her to wield her sword faster and more accurately, with a more fluid transition between her techniques.

Not bad.

Bai Wei was pleased. Her talent was indeed very good, with a strong foundation, and not confined to the form of the technique. She was a genius that could be seen at a glance.

However, how would it fair in real combat?

Bai Wei was feeling a bit itchy and eager.

As a mentor, one of the great pleasures in his life is to beat up those talented disciples at will, making them cry and whimper, scolding them until they can't lift their heads anymore, and then adding a final "it's all for your own good." He can even educate his disciples to the point of ineradicable psychological shadows with ease. No matter how much they complain, they just swallow their anger and agony.

It's really satisfying.

Unfortunately, my physical condition doesn't permit it.

As Bai Wei was filled with regret, suddenly a beam of light and shadow appeared in his eyes, refracted by the sunlight as if it were a momentary visual aberration.

But he saw it with absolute certainty.

A blue exclamation mark appeared above Yagyū Simozi's head.

He rubbed his eyes, looked again, and the exclamation mark not only didn't disappear, but became even more noticeable.

Does this exclamation mark mean that her wish is so strong that it has already been noticed by the gods?

Criticism aside, this exclamation mark naturally drew Bai Wei's attention. At the same time, he also felt a sense of potential activation within himself.

This must be his own ability, but it's just a forgotten ability that was held in some previous life.

Driven by curiosity, he triggered the exclamation mark and in the next moment, his spirits were lifted.

[Daily task: Progressing swordsmanship.]

[Please enter Yagyū Simozi's imagination and engage in a duel as her hypothetical enemy, until one side is defeated ten times.]

[Note: Doing it daily brings a plethora of joy and fun.]

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