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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 4

2023-07-20 19:00:00Publish Time: 1,950 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 4: "Very Simple"

[You have lived the life of an emperor]

[Data is currently being analyzed]

[Evaluation is being generated]

[During your not so lengthy life, you have achieved the following accomplishments]

[Who else but me? - Excluding all enemies, I ascend to the throne.]

[Disrespecting the gods - You ordered the dismantling of all churches in the country, exiling those who believe in divine power.]

[Tyrannical ruler - Your tyranny causes terror among all citizens of the empire.]

[Domineering conquest - You destroyed five countries through your hegemonic conquest.]

[Ruined monarch - Witnessing your own political power being dismantled, and your grand empire being destroyed completely.]

[You became the subject of countless authors' creations in the future, either tarnished or portrayed neutrally, or even turned into a female in r18 novels.]

[You personally ignited the seed of class revolution, like the spark that lights a prairie fire.]

[You started the era of comprehensive resistance against imperialism, as blood and fire spread across the world.]

[Your battles and adventures have become an epic that will be passed down by later generations. You are an epic hero.]

[As an enemy of the holy religion, you have shaken the faith of three saintesses and five bishops, and encouraged them to turn towards communism.]

[In the battle of gods, you played the "empty city strategy" for seven days and nights, performed a shocking spectacle, protected the rebellious fire, laid the foundation for a comeback, and sacrificed yourself to achieve a military miracle that was enough to deify you.]

[As a military genius, your strategic policies have been passed down for five hundred years and are admired by countless generations.]

[Your advocacy for a unified world and open race doctrines have been accepted by the public, leading to a harmonious society.]

[As the world's teacher, your pioneering ideas have guided the direction of global change.]

[The Witch's Friend - Defending and Guarding the Holy Land of the Chaotic Witches.]

[Millennial Salvation - Cleansing and Forgiving the Sins of the Descendants of Witches.]

[Lifelong Friend - You have at least one friend who is willing to die for you.]

[Central Air Conditioning - Do I seem to have too many close friends?]

[Heart Thief - Many women are enchanted by you.]

[Unwavering - What the hell is love!]

[Life and Death Distinction - What the hell is called a bad ending!]

[Alone and Childless - You have no companions or offspring, and remain a virgin until death.]

[Enemy and Us Share the Same Origin - Your Majesty, why do you want to rebel?]

[The achievement review is completed and the evaluation is generated.]

[As an emperor, you could have chosen an easier path, but you felt that the empire, which was in turmoil, was not worth saving. Thus, you resolutely rebelled against your own regime and challenged greater difficulties. This pioneering action paved the way for your activities over the next eighteen years, during which you became both the ruthless king and the propagator of revolution. The combination of the two created an unprecedented revolutionary tide.]

[It was not merely a power transition within the same class of the imperial dynasty cycle, but a true class revolution. The empire, which still had a chance to revive, was brought to its destruction. The progress of the era was forcibly advanced by five hundred years. From any perspective, this was a magnificent and spectacular life story, but it was still not perfect. The life of an emperor was only a small part of your life and became a more insignificant footnote.]

[From the moment you completed the script, the fall of the emperor was inevitable. As a pioneer of a new era, you are excellent to the extreme; whereas, as an emperor, you can only be regarded as an utter failure.]

[Evaluation: SS+ (Epic level)]

At the top of a steep peak, there stretched an endless expanse of starry sky.

Bai Wei sat on the lonely peak, watching the starlight sprinkle down, the light strokes playfully forming digitized letters.

Evaluating the life experiences he had gone through and scoring them.

Bai Wei wasn't particularly concerned about this, he simply waved his hand and said, "Alright, alright. I haven't received a myth-level evaluation yet anyway. The evaluation is in your hands. Say whatever you want."

[Evaluation Ended]

As soon as the voice fell, a ray of starlight fell from the sky, crossed over the top of the mountain, and a shooting star fell to the ground, turning into a stone stele.

Behind this stone stele, row after row of closely packed stone tablets appeared like a dense forest.

They were lives that had already ended.

Including the recent life as the Emperor, it was exactly ninety-nine lifetimes.

Bai Wei raised his hand and touched the stone tablet.

[Please write a reflection or evaluation of this life.]

Bai Wei raised the corners of his mouth and unhesitatingly left two big words on the stone tablet.

"Very simple"!

Like the past 98 times, all of them were - very! - simple!

The number of characters was small, but the insult was very strong.

"Next time I will still choose 'very simple'."

Bai Wei stretched lazily and raised his eyebrows at the starry sky.

"Next time, will also be the last."

One hundred times was the agreed upper limit.

After passing one hundred times, he would be free from then on.

Bai Wei's start, was just an ordinary person. By chance, he bought a cup of uniquely flavored coffee from an unremarkable shop and then met a very handsome man on the street. The man claimed to be a deity and needed him to cooperate and do an experiment.

The other party didn't even give him a chance to refuse.

He was drawn into this peculiar space, compelled to experience hundreds of lifetimes.

Each lifetime was a cycle of rebirth.

As long as he passed through a hundred cycles, he could regain his freedom and receive rewards.

Bai Wei went through 99 cycles, but never saw that divine being again.

This made him suspect his memory was wrong at times, but doubts were meaningless, he had no other choice but to stay in this space.

He could only accept this unfair game.

After Bai Wei accepted it, and thought about it carefully, he found that this so-called reincarnation game was actually an upgraded and modified life simulator.

It could be pre-set.

The pre-set options included "reincarnation in another world", "relive one life", "live a heavenly life in a mansion with angels", "live in an apartment in hell with succubi", and so on.

These were the main options, and after selecting the main option, you could further choose the minor options.

For instance, in the subcategory of being reborn in a different world, there were multiple options with different worldviews to choose from. For example, "Japanese-style fantasy," "Eastern martial arts," "military king city," "moe anime," and so on. The difficulty level was also divided into categories such as easy, normal, difficult, and hell.

After choosing the world view, you can further confirm what kind of additional services you wanted, such as "hero altar," "strong physique," "game template," "offspring of evil gods," "genesis of technology," "library of heaven and fate," and so on. Among them, the game templates could also be subdivided into different types of games, such as RPG, SLG, FPS, and so on. Different game templates provided different abilities, determining whether you were a player of Paradox Interactive's games or StarCraft or Fallout.

Next, you could even select your birth options.

You could even select who your mother would be. In the Japanese-style fantasy world, for example, there were various options such as an elven princess, a human queen, a mage, a swordsman, a wealthy man, a villager, and so on. Of course, if you chose the "offspring of evil gods" template, this option would be grayed out and couldn't be selected. If the worldview was "moe anime" you could also add interpersonal relationships after selecting your birthplace. For example, you could have a childhood friend who was beautiful, sweet-voiced, and kind-hearted, or a non-blood-related sister when you were five years old, or a young neighbor who had not yet passed away, or even a dying dragon you found outside that would become your maid, and other such scenarios.

The different combinations of settings that could be derived from this list could reach up to hundreds of thousands or even millions. Any kind of life you could think of was possible.

Initially, at least for the first ten times, Bai Wei didn't feel the pressure to survive. However, as time went by, he began to feel the pressure grow immense.

Because the main preset option couldn't be chosen a second time.

Regardless of which kind of life, he could only experience it once… After the simple choice was made, he invariably faced life's difficulties.

"The life of a teacher," "the life of a civil servant," were simple enough, but there were also presets that were mentally and physically repulsive, such as "the life of a fraudster" and "the life of a mentally ill patient." As it went further along, the changes become more insane, such as "the life of a follower of the Yellow Robe sect," "the life of a magician," "the life of a forbidden magic knight," "the life of a Tauren," "the life of a Lich," "the life of a Bloodthirsty Sword Master," "the life of a commander of the Demon-Slaying Department," and so on.

The world system was changing and the intensity was constantly increasing. In the end, it had no relation whatsoever to an ordinary person's life.