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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 50

2023-10-15 22:00:00Publish Time: 606 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 50: It Fell Asleep

Yamada walked out of the clinic, just having finished suturing the wound.

The doctor's intention was for him to stay overnight, but he endured the pain and returned home.

Just as he stepped out of the clinic entrance, a sudden apparition appeared before his eyes. He rubbed his eyes, narrowly avoiding mistaking it for a ghostly encounter.

The red umbrella drifted closer, unconsciously arriving within three steps.

"Mr. Bai?" Yamada noticed the blood dripping from Bai Wei's azure sleeve. "Your hand?"

"It's not my blood," Bai Wei shook his head.

"The clinic is just up ahead, but I'm not sure if they can treat it," Yamada looked at the cat Bai Wei was holding and suddenly felt a twinge of pain from his wound.

"I have a question for you," Bai Wei said. "Where is Yoshino's hometown?"

"At the edge of Koifune Town, a few streets away, not too far," Yamada said, then suddenly realized, staring at the cat in your hands, "Could it be that the cat you have in your hands is…?"

Bai Wei remained silent.

Yamada gritted his teeth and said, "I'll show you the way."

"It's unnecessary."

"I will take you there!"


Having walked through several streets, a quaint old house appeared before their eyes.

It is obvious that this building has at least a century of history. The houses in Yingzhou are mostly constructed with wooden beams and foundations. The overall beams are already showing signs of decay, appearing on the brink of collapse.

A house devoid of inhabitants, lacking human presence, will actually deteriorate faster.

Bai Wei halted in front of the house, gazing at the plaque adorning its facade, his brow furrowed as he inquired.

"Hasn't this house already been sold?"

"The house has indeed been sold, but due to the unfortunate demise of Mr. Yoshino and his family, the neighbors collectively composed a letter that was delivered to the shogunate, leading to the suspension of any further development in this regard, preserving half of the street… Currently, the ownership of this building belongs to the shogunate, but there is no one taking care of it."

Yamada approached the main entrance and attempted to pull the door, to his surprise, with just a gentle tug, the door swung open.

The wooden mortise structure behind the wooden door had long decayed, with dust, cobwebs, and the scent of decay permeating the air.

The exterior of the house retains the fundamental layout of a traditional confectionery shop, with a red cloth adorning the table.

Bai Wei set down the umbrella and whispered, "You have arrived home."

The tricolored calico cat, upon hearing these words, twitched its ears and opened its eyes.

Gazing at this familiar scenery and objects, a sudden surge of strength emerged from within its body, causing it to leap out of Bai Wei's hands.

It swiftly darted through the entrance hall, showing no signs of injury, and gracefully leaped onto the tatami mat. It dashed through the gap beneath the partition and entered the interior of the house.

Bai Wei followed with measured steps.

The tricolored cat moved swiftly and agilely as it darted around the room.

Did it snatch something out from the corner?

It could be either a ragdoll toy or a slightly dirty small quilt.

Almost every door in the house intentionally left a gap at the bottom to facilitate its passage, and the abundance of cat toys served as proof of how dearly this family had cherished it in the past.

Bai Wei lowered his head to pick up a handmade cloth doll, which was covered in bite marks, patched up with stitches, and wrapped in leather.

Inside the room, he saw a wooden-framed sewing machine, and on the walls, there were many processed pieces of fabric.

One can imagine that, once upon a time, a teenage girl sat on this chair, gently turning the wooden wheel and meticulously sewing one doll after another. Perhaps she even hummed some melodic tunes, with sunlight streaming through the windows, illuminating her earnest countenance. And there, lazily sprawled on her lap, was a contented flower-patterned cat, purring in complete comfort.

At this moment, it lay curled up on the chair, yet unable to find the familiar warmth it once knew.

As Bai Wei approached, seemingly rousing it from its slumber, the cat leaped off the chair and dashed through the corridor, making its way towards the courtyard.

With a soft sigh, Bai Wei followed after the cat.

In the courtyard, it sat obediently crouched on the cushion by the pathway.

Lifting its gaze, it looked at the tree in the courtyard.

That is an orange tree, which becomes laden with abundant fruits in autumn.

It raised its paw, attempting to touch it, but lacked the strength and nearly stumbled into the mud pit in the courtyard.

At that moment, a hand gently grasped its nape and placed it back onto the cushion.

The cat turned its head back and exclaimed, "Meow?"

In its eyes, there was a gentle smile adorning the face of a young maiden.

"Be careful, don't run around in the courtyard, okay?"

"If you end up making too much of a mess with mud, it will be quite troublesome to clean up, and Dad will be angry."

"You can just bask in the sun here… Close your eyes and take a nap, and the day will pass by just like that."

Clear blue skies and radiant sunshine.

The girl hums a melody.

The calico cat buried its head and laid down in a more comfortable position.

It snugly rubbed against the soft cushion, breathing in the scent of sunshine and the subtle fragrance of camellia from the girl's body.

…What a shame.

…So it has been here all along.

…Causing me to search for you for so long, next time you mustn't do this again.

…If you get lost, make sure to let me know. I will accompany you back home.

…Ah, I'm so sleepy.

The cat opened its mouth and yawned.

As my eyelids grew heavier, it must be because I've been running outside for too long.

It's time to get a good night's sleep, isn't it?

By the most comfortable cushion, under the warmest sunlight, next to my beloved family…

In this manner, tranquil and serene…

Go to sleep.

The rain dripped from the leaking roof, and the icy water flowed down Bai Wei's palm, soaking his sleeves.

On the soft cushion beneath his sleeves, the cat peacefully closed its eyes, with not a sound to be heard.

The sound of rain trickling steadily.

Unable to see a speck of sunlight.

After a while, Yamada spoke softly, "Mr. Bai…"


Bai Wei raised his index finger.

"Don't speak too loudly."

"It's just sleeping."

Waiting for the night rain to cease, the first ray of morning sunlight sprinkles in the courtyard.

Bai Wei released the grip on the eaves and said, "It's dawn."

Yamada, who had been watching the rain scenery for several hours together, also rubbed his eyes.

He sighed and said, "It's daybreak."

"Unfortunately, we encountered it too late. If only it had happened earlier…" Bai Wei said, "I would have entrusted it to your care. It's time to go back, otherwise my sister will nag me."

"Yes, I will definitely accomplish it." Yamada took a deep breath. "Bai-san, during tonight, I have pondered over many things, and now I have finally come to a realization."

"What have you come to realize?"

"I want to resign from the company," Yamada said earnestly. "I want to buy this shop, renovate it, and reopen it! I intend to spend the latter half of my life seeking forgiveness. I hope that after I depart for the realm of the dead, I will have the courage to say 'sorry' to them, to say 'I tried my best to make amends.' I know that even so, forgiveness may be impossible to obtain, but at least it is better than doing nothing at all."

Bai Wei looked at Yamada with a hint of surprise, noticing something above his head. The exclamation mark shone brightly under the morning light, sparkling and gleaming.

[A Step Towards a New Beginning]

Yamada bent down, bowing deeply. "Thanks to you, I have found the courage to face my past and the determination to step into the future. Your great kindness and favor are unforgettable! I will remember them for the rest of my life!"

When you open, I will come to take care of the business." Bai Wei waved goodbye with his back turned, disappearing into the rays of the rising sun.