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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 8

2023-07-24 19:00:00Publish Time: 1,475 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 8: Simozi

His gaze swept over the group of people in the warehouse.

The person who was hit by the brick is not dead yet, but at the very least, he has a concussion and won't be able to get up for a short while.

One person is missing, so from now on it's one against four, still a disadvantaged situation.

However, since he sat on the golden throne for a relatively long time in his previous life, he is not even slightly nervous or frightened at this moment.

Sitting on a golden throne for too long can lead to the gradual loss of one's humanity.

Looking at this group of fierce and evil gangster members, they don't seem any better than wild beasts.

They are all a group of jackals and wolves.

Carrying a dripping brick, Bai Wei took a step forward.

The four gangster members became alert and immediately grabbed weapons within their reach.

Some grabbed metal baseball bats, some grabbed tables and chairs, and some had nothing so they simply picked up ashtrays.

"Heh…" Bai Wei couldn't help but laugh. It was really not good.

The gangster carrying a folding stool took the initiative and charged forward to hit him.

The young man immediately raised the brick in his hand. He instinctively stopped and blocked the stool in front of him, followed by a scream.

Without using any brick, Bai Wei kicked him in the stomach. The man flew five meters away and curled up like a cooked shrimp. He slid on the ground for a long distance, his face twisted in pain.

On the side, the gangster carrying a metal baseball bat rushed forward, swinging the bat vigorously.

The brick was thrown and hit directly in the air, exploding into debris and turning into a pile of broken stones and powder.

"Ha!" The gangster laughed triumphantly.

However, as he swung the baseball bat with all his might to break the brick, he was stuck in a stiff position, and his body turned to the side, leaving himself open to attack.

So the second brick came flying towards him, and went "Bam!"

The second person was knocked down with a concussion.

Another gangster from behind smashed a ashtray, picked up a baseball bat, jumped up and swung it down, making a "clang" sound.

"Gotcha!" The gangster yelled triumphantly. The strength he put into this swing was enough to break someone's bones.

However, he didn't hit a person.

Bai Wei's hands were intact, blocking the attack while twisting his wrist to lock the gangster's right arm. He then freed his right hand, made a fist, and punched him in the face.

Bang! The punch caused the skin to split and the flesh to tear.

Pull it back!

Bang! Two punches completely disfigure the man's face!

Pull it back again!

Bang!! Three punches make the person's face unrecognizable!

Pull it back again!

Before the fourth punch is thrown, this person has already fainted, with a collapsed nose, broken teeth, a swollen forehead, and with breathing impaired.

Letting go of his hand, Bai Wei looked towards the last person, who was trembling and pressing his back against the wall, his face pale with fear.

He screamed in terror, "Don't come over here!"

Bai Wei intentionally circled half a circle to create a more open fighting environment, which made it easier to move around.

He didn't expect that the members of this group of gangsters were so weak. Their average abilities were far inferior to the city defenders of the Middle Ages.

Even though he was already seriously injured, he felt that it didn't take much effort to deal with this group of people.

He picked up the metal baseball bat and walked up to the last person, lifted it up and hit his knee. There was a cracking sound as the kneecap shattered, but no blood flowed immediately. The expression on the gangster's face distorted with pain.

"Hey, don't scream. It's just a broken kneecap and a fractured leg. It can be treated."

Bai Wei's tone slowed down. "Firstly, I will ask and you will answer. What is your name?"

The gangster distorted his expression, trying to appear tough, but when he saw the indifferent gaze of Bai Wei, who looked like he was looking at a corpse, all his confidence collapsed. In a weak voice, he said, "T-Taro."

Just like Li Hua, it's a common name that you can find on any street.

Bai Wei continued to ask, "Why did you have to kidnap me? What have I done to deserve this?"

He used the word "I".

The gang member raised his head and noticed Bai Wei's facial features. He immediately exclaimed, "It's you! You son of a…" before his voice trailed off in pain.

The second blow hit the other leg, not on the knee, but on the ankle, causing a comminuted fracture.

The gang member wanted to writhe in pain, but didn't dare move his other injured leg. He could only cry out miserably.

"Come on, sit still," Bai Wei squatted down and stared at the gang member. He clicked his tongue and said, "I am very skillful, as long as you can be sent to the hospital within a short period of time, it can still be treated. The worst-case scenario would be amputation or lifelong disability, but you won't die… However, don't move, or else your broken bones might pierce through an artery causing internal bleeding, which can really kill you."

His tone sounded like he was coaxing a child.

"Ha, ha, ha…" the gang member gasped for breath, tears and mucus streaming down his face.

"Answer my question again, did you also harm my sister?" Bai Wei continued to ask.

The gang member sniffled, his face pale as he shook his head and said, "No, no… She's a student at Old Edo University, we didn't dare to touch her directly."

"It seems like you have some brains," Bai Wei asked, "So you decided to target a weak and helpless person like me, a Ming Country person with no background?"

"We just want you to sign… sign the agreement."

"What agreement?"

"Land, transfer."

"Oh, you deal with real estate," Bai Wei realized, unable to help but grin, "So that's what it is, you should have said so earlier."

The gangster thought that the other party had spared him and put on a smiling face while making reparations.

"You, if you cooperate earlier, we, the Sanada Group, are also willing to offer a high, high price…"

In the next moment, his left hand also suddenly twisted, and this time, the broken bones pierced through the skin, and blood flowed out like a stream.

"F*cking crazy person…!"

Bai Wei threw away the steel ball in his hand, stood up and stretched lazily, twisting his neck.

"I thought there was some reason, but it turns out it was just for a piece of land. I don't even want to ask any more questions. I might as well shred all of you up, light a fire and scatter your ashes."

The gangster's teeth were clattering as he pleaded, "Don't, don't kill me, I beg you, I beg you…"

"Well, it's okay…starting a fire will attract too much trouble." Bai Wei thought for a moment and grinned, showing his teeth. "Let me just sink you into the sea!"


The gangsters are dead.

Bai Wei tied their hands and feet together, forced them to drink a lot of alcohol, and then tied various random heavy objects to them such as chairs and stools.

Then he kicked them into the nearby waters.


I haven't killed anyone.

My friend, those aren't human.

Moreover, I was almost killed once, so isn't this justifiable self-defense for an unpaid debt?

I didn't kill them by hacking them directly, but I was worried about leaving bloodstains that would be difficult to clean up. Just sinking them into the sea also saved me from destroying the evidence, so you could say I was contributing to the environment and returning some recyclable organic material to the ocean.

You should know that the emperor is the most narrow-minded person in the world.

After dealing with the troublesome matter, Bai Wei also bent down in pain. There were signs of second-degree lacerations on his wound.

He coughed up blood as he sat down against the wall, there was no mobile phone and he couldn't find a nearby hospital.

He could only decide to sit down and rest for a while. With the help of his unique breathing technique, he could delay the injury to a certain extent and speed up his recovery.

He intended to light a cigarette and enjoy the low-quality tobacco he hadn't smoked in years, but he couldn't find a lighter, so he had to give up feeling frustrated.

Once he closed his eyes, the overwhelming sense of exhaustion made him almost unwilling to move.

He didn't know how long he had been in a daze.

Until he heard the sound of the warehouse door being pushed open, he heard the hurried footsteps approaching from far to near.


After an anxious cry, there was a soft touch and embrace, followed by the sensation of cold water droplets hitting his face, which tasted salty.

Bai Wei opened his swollen eyes in a daze, and what came into his sight was the delicate face that was familiar yet hazy in his memory.

Memory overlap.

"Her name is…"

…Yagyū Simozi.

Under the starry sky, there is a cliff with a stone monument numbered fifty-five, illuminated by starlight. The falling starlight guides this beam of light to ascend until it disappears into the vastness, lighting up a new constellation. The pattern formed by the constellations seems to be an eye.

[Number 55, awakening].