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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 60

2023-10-25 22:00:00Publish Time: 501 views
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Chapter 60: It Is Mostly a Wonderful Affair

When Kichyō realized that persuading Bai Wei was already an impossibility, it was too late.

She felt a slight ache at the back of her head, as if it had been tapped by something.

Immediately after, her consciousness rapidly plunged into chaos.


She collapsed in front of Bai Wei, being supported by the young man's hand.

"Next time, you must not drink beverages from others indiscriminately," Bai Wei sighed.

After finishing his words, he picked up the little girl in his arms and swaggered through the crowd, then hailed a taxi by the roadside.

Saki Jingūji, who was originally yawning, almost bit her own tongue.

She widened her beautiful eyes and stared at Bai Wei, who casually picked up the high school student and walked away.

The excessively skilled movements and actions made him appear as a seasoned offender accustomed to deceiving young girls.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" Jingūji exclaimed, tapping Yagyū Simozi. "Just…just now, that person!"

…Isn't that your brother?

…What the hell is he doing?!

"I saw it," Yagyū Simozi muttered several times, alternating between opening and closing her mouth, her mind filled with perplexity.

…Meow, meow, meow? Why is brother here? And why did he leave by carrying a high school student on a car? I haven't even had the chance to be carried like a princess!

"That's kidnapping! Kidnapping a high school student! I… I need to call the police!" Jingūji stammered incoherently.

"It's not necessarily true!" Yagyū Simozi hurriedly chased after, waving her legs, and hailed a car. "What are you standing there for? Hurry up and catch up!"

Saki Jingūji sat in the back seat of the car and asked, "Are you really not going to call the police?"

"Shut up!" Yagyū Simozi scowled. "Why do you jump to conclusions on your own? What if the girl suddenly fell ill and we needed to take her to the hospital?"

"But I saw him striking the back of that girl's neck with a water bottle…"

"That's a treatment for cervical spondylosis!"

"Do high school students also get cervical spondylosis?"

"Stop being long-winded, that's not the point!"

"Yes, the point… Call the police, I need to report this."

"Thinking all day about what's the use of that broken police department, if those tax thieves were useful, they wouldn't let the mafia gangsters rampage like this!"

"What do you suggest then? Should we perhaps consider buying a melon?"

"Follow up first and assess the situation. If the situation is unfavorable…"


"Silence them first!"

Saki Jingūji was horrified, exclaiming, "Isn't that too ferocious!"

…But that's your own brother, can you bear it?

…Very well, I support it. Truly, you are my wonderful sister, possessing a unique understanding of justice!

"Alright, when shall we take action? I'll assist you!" Jingūji eagerly exclaimed, eager to give it a try.

And in the next moment, she noticed her beloved confidante's gaze scanning her up and down, akin to a lioness observing a gazelle.

Wait, that look in your eyes…silencing me?

Are you planning to silence me as a witness?!

"Are you referring to silencing me…?" Saki Jingūji's scalp tingled.

"You've misunderstood. You are my dear confidante of over a decade," Yagyū Simozi retracted her menacing gaze.

…you're exposing your own guilt by protesting too much! I haven't even said anything yet!

Ahem! Jingūji attempted to signal the driver to stop.

Then she heard a clicking sound.

Yagyū Simozi fastened her seatbelt.

Yagyū gently held Miss Witch's hand and smiled tenderly, saying, "I worry that you may lose hope."

Miss Witch's face turned pale as if she had touched an electric wire, trembling and shaking all the way.

"Is there still time for me to get off the car now?" Jingūji sighed.

"The car door is stuck, you are not allowed to get off until we reach our destination!"

"Help, save me!"

The vehicle came to a halt.

"Thank you, driver. Remember, no need to call the police."

"You're welcome. If the police come looking for me, I will definitely take responsibility and guide them right away."

"Of course, it's possible. However, I will remember your license plate number."

"No problem, I'm just filling in for this shift. Someone else will take over tomorrow."

"Ahahaha… I hope we don't meet again."

"Hahaha, farewell!"

Bai Wei opened the door and brought the young girl back home, tossing her onto the sofa.

After half a minute, a car also pulled over by the roadside. Two young girls, carrying bags of different sizes, entered the alleyway.

"This one looks somewhat familiar," Jingūji asked curiously.

"Nonsense, this is my home!" Yagyū Simozi breathed a sigh of relief.

It seems that it was not an abduction after all. Otherwise, how could her brother dare to bring the girl back directly?

"What!" Jingūji knowingly asked, intentionally feigning astonishment. "So you all are in cahoots, and the abductor turns out to be you yourself!"

"Ah, that's right, you've figured it out. My true target has always been you. I planned to abduct you and sell you off to the Ming Country, to be a bride for the people of the Ming Country!" Yagyū Simozi, resembling an antagonist, sneered. "Feeling scared now, are you?"

Saki Jingūji was deeply moved, exclaiming, "Such a dear sister!"

Yagyū Simozi:"…"

She spat and said, "Pah! Filthy swine!"

Jingūji asked, "What should we do now? Shall we go in and take a look?"

"We've reached home, so of course we should go in and take a look. But we can't use the main entrance," Yagyū Simozi said, raising her head and looking towards the courtyard wall.

Jingūji also had a thought and said, "Crouch down, I'm going to climb over the wall."

"Seems like a human ladder is needed," Yagyū Simozi remarked.

"No, that's not quite right. It's actually a stepping stone," Saki Jingūji said, squinting her eyes with a gentle smile. "The flatter, the better."


"I know you're already awake, no need to pretend to be unconscious. It's already evening. Would you like to eat something?"

When Bai Wei released his hand, he immediately noticed her movements.

The girl sitting on the sofa fell silent for a moment, then suddenly leaped up and swept her right leg across towards the young man's thigh region.

She did indeed kick upwards, but the next moment a sensation of pain surged through her.

"Ah!" Holding onto her leg bone that had been struck forcefully, she writhed on the ground in pain, rolling three times.

Bai Wei calmly patted the stainless steel jade ruyi in his hand and said, "Full of vitality. If you want to go for it, I can accompany you. I'll use this scratchy itch."

The jade ruyi is indeed used for scratching itches.

"You!" Kichyō uttered a word and realized her voice sounded teary. Hastily rubbing her eye sockets, she switched to a more composed tone, saying, "What exactly do you want to do! To think that you knocked me unconscious and brought me, brought me to a place like this…"

"This is where I reside, spacious, clean, and bright. It's not 'a place like this'. I didn't lock you up in a warehouse. You should be thankful I am reasonably well-read and rational," Bai Wei shook his head, saying, "It's already 6:50 now, and the expected explosion should have already occurred. Give up, it's too late."

The girl lifted her head and supported her lower legs, maintaining a crouched position.

"You know that I can rewind."

"Yes, but what does that matter?" Bai Wei retorted, "Do you have the courage to commit suicide?"

She widened her eyes and said, "What is there to fear!"

"There is a fruit sword on the table," Bai Wei chuckled indifferently, "If you want to prove it to me, why not try self-harm now? Make a cut on your neck, and you can start over after death. It will just be a moment of pain."

Kichyō was taken aback, surprised by this person's unconventional approach. Bringing me back here just to persuade me to take my own life?

"Don't misunderstand, I don't have such a morbid fetish," Bai Wei picked up the fruit sword and started peeling the apple. "After all, I cannot watch over you twenty-four hours a day. If you truly have the courage to die by any means, who am I to stop you? It would only add to my troubles. In the future, I won't have any reason to hold you back. I can only leave it to your own will."

"But if you can't accomplish that, then don't talk about saving thousands of people," he cut the peeled apple into pieces, arranged them neatly on a plate, and placed it down. "Instead of giving up halfway and tormenting yourself as well as others, it is better to indulge in eating and drinking, and not forget to put things aside in your mind… Living, it is indeed a wonderful thing."