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Samsara Games: Very Easy! – Chapter 2

2023-07-17 07:25:06Publish Time: 2,125 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 2: The Last Lesson

As the sword pierced through the realm under the golden-eyed gaze, the blade penetrated flesh and blood spurted out in an instant.

The indescribable pleasure turned into joyful catharsis.

The Dragonborn could sense the opponent's heartbeat through this sword.

The Emperor who was once aloof and unapproachable.

Red blood may also flow.

The one sitting on the throne was just a person.

Noble, sacred, and majestic were mere labels made by humans. Being a human, there was no reason they couldn't die.

In an instant, she had numerous thoughts.

She thought about her tragic childhood, the years of being a servant to others, and how she too once stood in the slums gazing at the lights of the noble streets.

At that moment, what she felt was not numbness and blind obedience, but rather a perplexing and begrudging feeling.

Perhaps it was her destiny to walk down this path.

However, the cost that she had to pay was far too exorbitant.

Just to make the man in front of her shed a drop of blood, how many lives had been taken?

Comrades, relatives, allies, and even enemies who had pledged to fight for the Empire…

They had all turned into lifeless corpses.

The piled up bones formed tall mountains, creating a long staircase that led towards the Emperor, burdened with countless blood debts.

"Is a mere drop of blood enough?"

The golden color in the Emperor's eyes dimmed for a moment, and then burned wildly again.

"Is this all you're capable of?"

Perhaps it was an outburst of emotion and madness before dying.

The raging emperor suddenly unleashed his territory, and the golden power covered half of the imperial palace and the city.

"It's useless."

The anger in the superior spirit's eyes gradually subsided. Having vented the joy of revenge, she calmed her mind but couldn't resist being playful.

"When this sword pierces through your body, everything will already be over… There is no use struggling anymore."

Red ashes floated in the air like scattered feather fragments.

The emperor's eyes revealed a look of astonishment.

"This sword… "

"It contains a helix fragment, a power of creation beyond your endurance. No matter how much immortality you have gained, it's invalid under the influence of this sword."

The Dragonborn's voice grew deeper. Gradually, the beautiful blood-stained face was adorned with a smile.

"You are going to die, Emperor."

She twisted the hilt, and suddenly the sword transformed into a spiraling blade, revolving like a screw being tightly drilled into a deep hole.

The Emperor was firmly nailed to the throne.

The spiral spike pierced into the body, burning the flesh, rapidly draining away the Emperor's nearly immortal life.

Mysterious, but it would lose its effect before higher mysteries.

The destiny of life and death was determined in the moment when the sharp edge pierced the body.

The Emperor's eyes trembled, his body shook, and his five fingers tightly held the throne's armrest.

He gasped heavily, unable to articulate a word.

Various expressions flashed on his face: denial, rage, shock, evasion, fear, and grimace, constantly changing.

The Dragonborn's gaze remained unwaveringly fixed on his countenance, examining him up close and admiringly.

What will be the demeanor (or, the countenance) of the end of a tyrant's reign?

This was a reward bestowed upon her by heaven, the spoils she deserved.

"You are going to die."

She smiled shallowly and asked, "Why don't you cry?"

Infuriated by this statement, the Emperor raised his hand, his slender and pale fingers reaching towards Dragonborn's neck like a grim reaper.

Despite being so weak, he still had the possibility of snapping the neck of the heroic spirit before him.

It was just a life for a life.

Even if she were to die, she would never let go.

The mortal enemies were particularly jealous of each other's life and death.

Just when the Dragonborn thought she would be strangled, the hand didn't break her neck, but gently touched her cheek, tucking a strand of blood-stained dark red hair behind her ear.

The sudden intimate gesture gave Liliana goosebumps all over her body, and she almost unconsciously wanted to retract her sword.

But in the next moment, all her movements froze instantly.

The golden light in the emperor's eyes gradually faded away.

The Emperor, who had lost his dignity, sanctity, and power, gradually became dull.

Stripped of the Emperor's majesty, there remained an ordinary person on the throne.

He hung his head slightly, the corner of his mouth lifted in a distinct but satisfied smile of relief.

After the gold faded, the jet-black pupils, long black hair, and pale complexion… all became so familiar.

That was no Emperor.

That was Bai Wei.

The woman's pupils contracted violently.

"No, no, this is impossible…""

At first, she denied it, refused it, and angrily exclaimed through gritted teeth, "How could you be…!"

She clenched her teeth, her fangs sharp, but her angry roar turned to sobs the next moment, "How could you be…"

The young man lifted his hand, lightly pinching her cheeks which had become thinner.

"You've lost so much weight."

"However, you've become even more beautiful."

He gazed upon the mature woman who was no longer a young girl and chuckled softly, "Long time no see, Lily."

The nickname, known to very few, was uttered from the young man's lips, leaving no doubt as to who it could possibly be.

Liliana's heart was gripped by an invisible force, perplexed, doubtful, and astonished; an endless wave of emotions consumed the rational defenses she erected within, leaving not a single shard standing.

Transparent tears lingered in her reddened eyes before they fell to the ground, vaporized by the scorching afterglow.


The person whom she thought had long passed away was right in front of her now. She had countless words she wanted to say, thousands of accumulated words from days and nights that she wanted to pour out.

However, she didn't know how to start talking or ask about it.

Was she still the timid girl she used to be?

Was he still the sunny young man he was in the beginning?

Her chest felt like it was pierced by flames, making it hard to breathe.

In stark contrast to her, the young man was always smiling, smiling, and then…


Amidst the sound of coughing, the luxurious white and gold robe was stained red with blood.

Her conflicted thoughts were cast aside, and she couldn't distinguish whether the person in front of her was the Emperor she had hated for years or the young man who was both a friend and a blood relative.

But the pain was real.

Liliana's lips quivered and the false joy of revenge was torn apart. She seemed to want to ask something but couldn't find the words for a long time.

The young man leaned on the throne, half-closed his eyes, unable to conceal his weariness.

"Life is really long."

"I waited for a very long time and you didn't disappoint me. You toppled the Empire and killed the Emperor."

"I will bury the decaying system in history, nail it to the pillar of shame, and eradicate all the remnants of a tyrant's corruption."

"And you, are my life's most perfect work, and also a gift that I leave to the world."

"Liliana White… White…I share my surname (Bai, which means white) with you, and you will take on my heavy burden, leading the people of different races to rebuild an equal and free country, let the red flag cover this land, and never let them be cattle and sheep again."

"This is what the teacher has taught you…"

"The final lesson."

He grasped his disciple's hand and plunged the sharp sword into his body, causing blood to gush out like a fountain.

He laid out the most perfect pattern of his life, making the most perfect move, with no remaining regrets.

Bai Wei leaned against the throne, smiled shallowly, and gently closed his eyes as though he was exhausted in the afternoon.

"I am tired, let me first take a nap."