Tower of Blooming West Wind

Tower of Blooming West Wind

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For a long time, many creatures could only catch a glimpse of the mysteries of magic through the generosity of dragons and gods. When these creatures who were fortunate enough to have magic in their lives were in a good mood, they might tell humans a couple of magical wonders. Most creatures that use magic simply repeat these limited spells. Only a few exceptionally talented sages are able to invent their own spells, and they are called "Magic Weavers." "Fundamentals of Magic" is a book that delves into theories of magic, discussing the conversion of energy between magical energy, kinetic energy, potential energy, and thermal energy. The first author of this book, Magic Weaver Sylas, was the first Magic Weaver among humans. The corresponding author of the book is Sylas's teacher, Elemental Archmage Xerath. It was just a mistake in the library's search system, as it mistook "Sylas" and "Xerath" as content keywords instead of author keywords. But why did it bring up a book called "Tower of Blossoming Desires"? Out of curiosity, I followed the sign and found this book in a bookcase that was as big as a whole wall, filled with third-rate romance novels. Sylas, the first human Magic Weaver, is well-known, but almost nobody knows about her background. Perhaps this book doesn't completely tell nonsense... Content tags: Fantasy, Magic, Serendipity, Waterfront Pavilion, Sweet Story Search keywords: Protagonists: Sylas, Xerath ┃ Supporting characters: Virgil, Hyectra, Leunen, Titus ┃ Others: Dragon Sister and Cutie Gold Medal Editor's Recommendation: She ordered a dangerous demon beast but received a little "wild creature" that could manipulate elements freely. In her most desperate time, a lonely and talented mage meets an interesting toy. She decides to keep this gifted little girl and has a new goal: to educate her into a great mage, just like herself. However, this rescued demon beast doesn't seem to want the same. She is obedient, clever, eager to learn, but everything that goes against her true nature is only for the sake of gaining her owner's attention. This story seemingly showcases the author's ambitiousness: to construct their own magical world instead of using vague and rough backgrounds commonly found in online novels. In this almost realistic world, a tender and melancholic love story slowly unfolds on a tower in the middle of the desert. Because it is real, everything falls into place logically. And the history, geography, creatures, and even technology of this world are interspersed within the love story, making it impossible to resist believing it truly exists.

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Tower of Blooming West Wind – Chapter 94

Chapter 94

"...In the past..." Her voice trembled a bit, showing courage, "There used to be...a goodnight kiss. But now it's gone, I want to know...what caused this change."

She lifted her head and quickly turned it to the side, "Did I do something wrong?"

Xerath realized that her deliberate distance had hurt their previous emotional connection. Kissing someone's forehead was not particularly "suggestive" or "prohibited" in customs. However, it was still an action that made her feel strange.

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