Kill Me More Times, I’ll Become Invincible

Kill Me More Times, I’ll Become Invincible

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In a world where immortality and martial arts coexist, Qiao Mu can constantly come back to life. Each time he is killed, he resurrects at the cost of getting older, but his martial arts skills also become deeper with age. The more he dies, the older he gets, and the stronger he becomes. The more heroic his death, the stronger he becomes after resurrection. So he finds different ways to court death, always seeking out danger. The enemy is shocked to discover that just after defeating the young one, an old one has appeared, seemingly infinite in number. A legend of an invincible immortal family starts to spread. "The Qiao family is full of loyal and heroic individuals, generation after generation. They all detest evil and cherish righteousness, valuing honor over life, daring to lead the world!" "After his son died on the battlefield, the father with white hair continues to go into battle. He is worthy of admiration and respect!" "Once upon a time, the son protected me and died, so today I cannot simply watch his old father living a sad and lonely old age." "The descendants of the Qiao family bravely entered the palace to assassinate the evil emperor, but failed and lost their lives. Is the emperor really so clueless? The mysterious thousand-year-old monster from the hidden Qiao family is about to appear!" "Has the divine immortals and buddhas returned? But why do even those divine beings call the elders of the Qiao family "ancestors"? How many ancestors does the Qiao family have, and where did they come from?" After countless deaths, Qiao Mu suddenly looked back and found himself to be an ancient ancestor of mankind, who had lived for millions of years and possessed immense power. Copyright owner: ciweimao Translation schedule: 1 chapter / 2days

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Kill Me More Times, I’ll Become Invincible – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Killing the Noble Son

When Zhou Wen said that sentence.


Childe Guo felt a coldness behind him. Obviously, his little trick had been discovered by Qiao Mu, who was closely following him.

His heart was pounding. At this moment, he had no chance and no time to think!

"Save me!"

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