Bury the Whole Universe Alive

Bury the Whole Universe Alive

Author: Lianyao Yinye Status: Completed Hot: 588

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Zuo Si has a superpower. At first, her superpower inadvertently hurt her elementary school language teachers, resulting in her language was taught by the physical education teacher until she graduated. Later, her superpower made her become a best-selling novel writer, then she became "the most important person who can never be hurt", and finally, with this superpower, she became the Great Empress in the first era of the interstellar age, known as the Queen of Light, April Lax Left. The peace of the entire universe is under the Queen's pen - as long as she remembers to update her novel every day, everyone can still have a good time. Her super cool and powerful superpower is: Anyone who sees or hears the story described by her must know the end of the story, otherwise, the person will be jinxed until death.

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Bury the Whole Universe Alive – Chapter 5

Bury the Whole Universe Alive - Chapter 5: April My Love

What kind of author can become famous?





No, the deeds of April tell us: only a sincere and kind author, who writes for the benefit of all mankind, can spread his / her name to the whole world.

After a short week of recommendation, "New World" has already n 140,000 people's reading lists, which includes those who came here recently by the recommendation of the editor Xiao Jian, those who came by mistake, those who came with the heart of giving negative views and finally surrender, and those who always insist on scolding and never give up. Some people give the novel a hundred negative reviews, and some people will immediately give it two hundred positive reviews, and so on, and some people give it three hundred negative reviews, and immediately someone would give it four hundred positive reviews.

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