I Draw R18 Manga In Japan

I Draw R18 Manga In Japan

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Shimizu Hakuseki transmigrated to Japan in 1974, when he was 16 years old, and decided to move towards his goal of becoming a great artist. But first, he had to solve the problem of food and clothing. An artist who can't feed himself is a dead artist. It was not easy to make money in Tokyo, and after many bumps in the road, he decided to put aside his modesty and pick up a brush, first of all, starting from drawing R18 mangas. Looking at the blue sky, Shimizu Hakuseki prayed silently. きさらぎ ぐんま, 鬼月あるちゅ, Katsutoshi, たけだ ひろみつ, and many other artists who gave me joy, bless me!

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I Draw R18 Manga In Japan – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The New Semester Is Coming

Kasannoin Ayase stood beside them and didn't even dare to breathe.

At this time, she only wanted to shout, "Run! Run!"

However, Shimizu Hakuseki turned around and asked the cashier unhappily, "I said I'm busy. Editor Ida Shinji told me to send him this book as soon as possible. What's the matter now?"

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