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I Draw R18 Manga In Japan – Chapter 11

2021-11-30 12:30:00Publish Time: 1,432 views
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Chapter 11: Keep Your Steps

What should I do after obtaining the contribution fee?

Of course, use it to buy whatever I want!

After all, it's money! If I don't use it, it may be stolen or robbed… the world is too dangerous and there are too many temptations, so it is more reassuring to spend the money as soon as possible.

Of course, the first place I will go to is the bookstore.

My mouth doesn't need delicious food, but my soul needs to be fed with delicious spiritual food.

"Akiyama Bookstore" was only ten minutes away from Tokoharu Apartment. They arrived at the bookstore soon.

Before entering the door of the bookstore, Kasannoin Ayase asked, "Is the book you want to buy the same book I want to buy?"

"It should be. After all, it is the latest famous book on sale."

"That's right. I'm glad that we have the same hobby."

Why do you feel surprised? Isn't it a well-known book in throughout the country?

Walking into the bookstore, Shimizu Hakuseki asked the shopkeeper directly, "Hello, is the separate edition of Doraemon on sale?"

"Of course. Just a moment, please."

The old shopkeeper handed over to him a separate edition of Doraemon with both of his hands.

Yes, this was the masterpiece Shimizu Hakuseki had wanted to buy since a long time ago.

He thought for a while, then took out the money resolutely. "Give me three books."

"Why do you want to buy three same books?" asked Kasannoin Ayase in surprise.

Shimizu Hakuseki smiled awkwardly and said, "Just for collection, ha ha, collection."

In the future, there was an argument amongst anime fans that true fans should buy three copies of their favorite works. The three books had different purposes: collection, preaching, and use. (PS: this sentence is derived from Lucky☆Star)

Shimizu Hakuseki despised this, because he thought that it was just a deception that the authors used to fool their readers to boost the sales of their works. Like the fans of singers who bought hundreds of albums to support the singers, this kind of behavior had completely deviated from the original intention of reading and listening.

Although Shimizu Hakuseki despised this irrational behavior, when he saw the first volume of the separate edition of Doraemon, he could not restrain the impulse in his heart.

It was like seeing an old friend and witnessing history, if he only bought one book, he thought that he would regret it. Even if it was for collection, he wanted to buy three copies. Of course, preaching was not necessary. After all, it was Doraemon. Everyone knows Doraemon.

However, in the despise chain of anime, Shimizu Hakuseki was still a predator to other anime fans. He despised light novels.

What the hell are those light novels? Can any of them be a match for Doraemon?

Doraemon is a real masterpiece in the world!

"Is the book you are going to buy Doraemon?" Kasannoin Ayase was somewhat surprised.

"To be precise, it's the separate edition of Doraemon. Doraemon is only a character existing in the manga. It can't become true even in the future."

"But, but only pupils read Doraemon! Why do you like this kind of thing? Wouldn't you be ashamed to buy this?"

"Why should I feel ashamed…"

Suddenly, they heard a child pulling his mother's hand and pleading, "Mom, will you buy it for me? I want to read Doraemon. I love Doraemon!!

"No," His mother answered firmly, "Haven’t you already read the story? You have every issue of the magazine 'Primary School Grade 1-4'. You can read the magazines, why do you have to buy the separate edition?"

The kid laid down and rolled on the ground, "I want it! I want it! That uncle has bought three books, why can't I have one?"

Shimizu Hakuseki was annoyed, "Call me brother! I'm not old enough to be called uncle!"

"Sorry, I'm very sorry." The kid's mother bowed awkwardly and apologized, then quickly took out her wallet and bought a copy of Doraemon. She took the book and said, "Okay, I've bought you one, get up, and we'll go home."

The kid was still laying on the ground and smiled proudly, "I don’t want to get up! I know you will beat me to death after we go home, you must promise that you won't beat me to death after we go home!"

The kid's mother gritted her teeth and said, "I promise that I won't beat! You! To! Death!"

The kid jumped up from the ground, took the book with both hands and went home with his mother happily.

Poor child, you do not understand the darkness of the adult world. Your mother said that she wouldn't beat you to death, she didn't say that she wouldn't beat you! However, a beating can be exchanged for the separate edition of Doraemon, it’s worth it.

Kasannoin Ayase looked at the kid and looked back at Shimizu Hakuseki, "Isn't that shameful?"

"Of course it isn't shameful," said Shimizu Hakuseki. "Look at that kid. He rolled around on the ground in order to buy the book. He relied on begging. That's indeed disgracing! However, I'm using my own money."

"But, this is a manga for children! Aren't we adults with mature minds?"

"Senpai, you are just a high school student!"

"But my mind is mature."

"Well, really, I think you are too contemptuous of Doraemon. It's not a manga for children. It's a manga for all ages."

"But it's serialized in the magazine 'Primary School Grade 1-4'. You can tell by the name that it's a manga for children."

"Well, I can't convince you. I can only say that such a vulgar woman as you can't understand the excellence of this masterpiece at all."

"Yes, after all, I really envy you. Your heart is still as pure as a newborn infant." Kasannoin Ayase sighed, "But who has no hobby at all? Although your hobby is childish and humiliating, I decided to accommodate you and help you at the same time."

"Help me? I don't need help, do I?"

"Of course you need my help," she said, "I will keep it secret for you. Think about it, if everyone in the school knows that 'Shimizu Hakuseki likes to read Doraemon', you will be in some trouble."

Of course, there would be trouble. At this age, students had to study boring knowledge all day, their vigorous energies have nowhere to be released, therefore, even an identifiable trifle could cause a big wave in the school.

Shimizu Hakuseki didn't want to deal with this at all, he still had to earn money to support himself.

"Are you threatening me?"

"It's not a threat. It's just like the old saying, 'friends should help each other'. Aren't we friends?" Kasannoin Ayase said with a smile.

"Are you a godfather?" said Shimizu Hakuseki," Of course, we are friends, what do you want me to do?"

Kasannoin Ayase leaned toward one side of the bookstore and said, "I want you to help me get that book."

"What book?"

"It's on the third bookshelf, the fourth row from top to bottom, the fifth book." She whispered, "The book's name is 'The Deeper Unutterable Secrets of the Heroes'."

"The name is familiar, oh, I remember it, it sounds like one of the books you lent me."

"But you didn't read it at all."

"Oh, sorry, you know I was just too busy."

"Come on, this book is the follow-up of that book, I must buy it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you miss it, you'll be in trouble," said Kasannoin Ayase earnestly, " If you buy this book for me, we'll be even."

"Why don't you buy it yourself?"

She looked around carefully and whispered, "Because it's an erotic novel!"

"Hum? But, it's in the public area."

"So I said that this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!" she explained, "It should be misplaced by the shop assistant. Maybe the male shop assistant of this bookstore doesn't know much about the books for women. You just need to take this book, pay the bill with a straight face, and leave without saying a word. That's enough."

"I see. No problem, I'll buy the book for you, and you keep the secret for me."


Humph, as expected, you are still a timid girl. Is it really so difficult to buy an erotic novel alone?

With that in mind, Shimizu Hakuseki walked to the bookshelf and pulled out the book, "The Deeper Unutterable Secrets of the Heroes".

He looked at the cover.



What the f*ck?!

What is this?

On the cover, Superman was pressing Batman onto the counter in the kitchen. Their bodies were so close to each other. Outside the kitchen, Lois was on the phone. She knew nothing about what was happening in the kitchen.

Neither of them was wearing pants.

Well, Superman was "launching an attack" from behind Batman.

So, no wonder she asked me to buy this book. As a girl, it was really embarrassing to buy such a book in public.

Shimizu Hakuseki had no prejudice about the content of the book, he was just surprised that the BL books of the heroes of DC had existed in this era.

In the 21st century, this was not a matter at all. DC themselves had even shown the special feelings between Superman and Batman in official comics.

At that time, the "secret" between Superman and Batman had almost been known by everyone in the world.

However, it was still too shameful to buy this book in public.

Shimizu Hakuseki walked around in the bookstore for a while, until there was nobody nearby the cash register, he walked to the cashier decisively.

"Hello," said Shimizu Hakuseki, "I want to buy this book. Please hurry up, I have to rush back to the company to attend a meeting."

"Okay, wait a minute," said the cashier. He took up the book, looked at the cover, then looked back at Shimizu Hakuseki's face and asked in a hesitated tone, "Are you sure you want to buy 'The Deeper Unspeakable Secret of the Heroes'?"

"Yes, please hurry up. Our editor, Ida Shinji wants to read this book as soon as possible."

"But, you look young. Have you reached the age limit?"

"It's just because of my good skin. Didn't you hear a child calling me uncle just now?"

"Well, thank you for your patronage, 550 yen." (yen: the official currency of Japan)

Shimizu Hakuseki handed over the money and walked to the door quickly.

Suddenly, the cashier stopped him, "Guest, keep your steps."

Shimizu Hakuseki's body was stiff and sweat trickled down his face. Only one step! After one more step, he would have walked out of the door of the bookstore.

Should I turn around and listen to what the cashier will say, or straightly run away!?