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Bury the Whole Universe Alive – Chapter 3

2021-09-19 05:58:39Publish Time: 628 views
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Bury the Whole Universe Alive - Chapter 3: Black Red Is Also a Kind of Red

There are two kinds of fame in this world, one is particularly positive, such as the founding emperor, litterateur, or scientist. Countless people will talk about them with admiration. But also, there is a kind of fame is particularly negative, for example, April, the first author who was scolded by everyone since the inception of the interstellar era.

Readers agree that "New World" has elementary-school-student-level writing, the logic of a mental patient, the imagination of a wild horse and bullshit statements. They are unable to understand why such bullshit can be on the front page of the site.

There must be a backstage deal!

A great writer said, writing bullshit means having a bullshit brain! Is that the kind of brain the editor is looking for?

The comment area of "New World" was flooded by a sea of bad reviews, and the letters of complaint against the editor, Xiao Jian, flew like snowflakes to the editor team leader of the website.

Fritillaria clicked the new messages she received.

Oh, complaint message. Delete it.

Click open the next message. Oh, another complaint message. Delete it.

Then another one. Complaint message. Delete it.

… Forget about them. Delete them all directly!

Once Fritillaria thought that Xiao Jian had signed with April before she took action, sadness was filled within her heart. Looked at the number of new messages, she called Xiao Jian in anger.

"Xiao Jian, go explain yourself. I have received enough complaints about you!"

Before Xiao Jian picked up the phone, he had already received countless messages scolding him, which even included the authors he had signed. Several authors united to question whether he had received money from April. Xiao Jian was furious, he rushed directly to the comment section of "New World".

Editor Xiao Jian: this work will be an unprecedented masterpiece! Anyone who reads it won't get sick in his life, and anyone who doesn't read it will regret a lifetime! I will spare no effort to push this masterpiece to the whole universe!

Then Xiao Jian topped his message, and then banned the readers who scolded April the most fierce, and then gave "New World" a reward of 100,000 coins.

Before Xiao Jian sent the message, there were still people who thought that Xiao Jian had been lured, but after he posted such a message, everyone thought that Xiao Jian was crazy and immediately mocked him.

NoMedicationToday: Hahahahaha, everyone come and see! The editor is crazy!

IHaveADiseaseWhoHasMedicine: anyone who reads it won't get sick in his life, and anyone who doesn't read it will regret a lifetime? The editor Xiao Jian is going mad. We all together to report him to Fritillaria! He should be fired!

Mars~Earth~NowhereIsMe: what should I do? I trembled after reading the beginning of this divine masterpiece!

JiangShanSuShou: The author and the editor-in-charge should all go to take medicine.

No.187835645:Wow, I'm so scared! Anyone who read it won't get sick? So if I stop reading it, will I die? Lol, I will stop reading it and tell you guys what happened tomorrow.

CloudNight: Too young too simple! What do you know? You didn't read this masterpiece with the correct interpretation method! After I return from my cultivation I will interpret it to everyone, the day of all ascension is coming!

A new debate broke out again in the comment section of "New World", and there were thousands of downvotes casted by angry readers.

After school in the afternoon, Zuo Si opened the website, surprised to find that the click was not zero, but had become 56,000 overnight, and there were thousands of comments. She was moved to tears - was her hard work finally rewarded?

Zuo Si opened the comment section and saw Xiao Jian's top message, as well as countless unpleasant curses below. Zuo Si couldn't believe it. She looked at the comments one by one, but no one was praising her. Everyone was cursing angrily, and some said the author should quickly go back to the mental hospital to find her language teacher.

Zuo Si cried. She cried very sadly. She was not in the mood to write a new chapter and had to write a request for leave. In the end, she wrote: no matter what you say, I love you. Mua-da.

Zuo Si turned off the computer and fell asleep crying. She felt that no one understood her - except for her editor-in-charge, Xiao Jian. Xiao Jian must be an angel sent by her grandmother in heaven to guide her to the right direction.

The next day, the comment section of "New World" was once again flooded with sea-like comments.

NoMedicationToday: Rewarded April with 100,000 coins! My sweet author April looks at me!!! My greatest author April forgives me!!! My favorite author April, please update new chapters! You didn't update yesterday, and today I was hospitalized in a car accident! Can you believe it?! My best April, bless me!

IHaveADiseaseWhoHasMedicine: Rewarded April 100,000 coins! Thank you, I will devote my life to promote the April religion. You did not update yesterday and my girlfriend broke up with me for no reason! Yes, no reason!

Mars~Earth~NowhereIsMe: Rewarded April 100,000 coins! I'm trembling, I'm trembling! What a god-class masterpiece! How can I go criticize it! April, please update today!!!!!!

JiangShanSuShou: I've already taken my medication, and I advise all of you remember to read the updates every day. I do not know if it is a coincidence, anyway, yesterday the author didn't update the chapter, and early this morning my house was hit by a car. I was hit and injured hospitalized.

NoMedicationToday: Holy shit! Are you living in SDR1235, XXXX community?

JiangShanSuShou: ! How did you know that?

NoMedicationToday: Because I am the one who drove the car and hit the house!!!!!!!

JiangShanSuShou: … I'm going to vote for "New World". Yesterday I gave this novel ten downvotes, today I'm going to give it a hundred upvotes back.

NoMedicationToday: Brother!!! Take me with you! I'm also going to give the novel upvotes!!!!

No.187835645: Rewarded April 100,000 coins. Hello everyone, I am 187835645 who did not read the update yesterday, now I was fired by the boss. I hope you learn my lesson and read the novel on time. I have come back to give the novel upvotes. From now on, I am a fan of April, I hope to find a new job soon without illness or disaster.

Xiao Jian laughed and replied to the message he put on top yesterday.

--Believe in April and keep safe.

This time, this comment obtained thousands of upvotes. Occasionally, a few people are still cursing, but Xiao Jian is too lazy to reply. Time will prove everything, a great author like April will certainly become famous all over the universe.