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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 9

2021-09-13 09:05:51Publish Time: 3,146 views
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Chapter 9: He Changed Plant

Siegel Clyne danced on the blade all his life.

Planning plant independence with his two friends, taking over the Supreme Council, facing ZAFT's defeat in the war… every time he was doomed, but every time he has converted the situation. His legendary experience was no less than that of the protagonists in novels. This time, Clyne believes that he can overcome the difficulties as usual, and the key to the situation is the young man in front of him.

"Scholars like Dr. Adrien really hate politicians who talk in circles like me." We need to deal with different people in different ways, and for people like Adrien Lingus, getting to the point is far more effective than beating around the bush. "I'll go straight to the point. In the second half of the year, when the two kinds of things are delivered, I hope to invite you to plant in the name of scientific investigation. "

"Why?" The young man in front of him showed a puzzled expression. According to the agreement, the two nuclear-powered Gundams commissioned by Anaheim will be equipped with small nuclear fission reactor and Neutron Jammer Canceller, so after the current phase of work, the final assembly and commissioning will be completed in plant, and Dr. Adrien will not participate in the later work.

"To be honest, I've been in a bad situation recently." For a collaborator like Adrien, it's better to directly explain his situation. Cover up will give him the feeling of being used. "I wonder if you have seen the news this morning? Councillor Aznab publicly attacked the speaker's ruling philosophy."

"I did see it in the news." Adrien nodded. "But I thought it was media's gibberish? As far as I know, Mr. Aznable didn't seem like a person who would say something like that in public."

"It's true that it's out of context to some extent, but it's also true that he and I disagree in some things." Clyne rarely shows a trace of fatigue. "In fact, it's not just him, Patrick, ah, that is, Mr. Zala, and I have different opinions. As you can guess, he still can't forget the hatred. Now I'm in a bit of an awkward position. "

Char Aznable, as an officer who has been promoted all the way from the One Year War by his outstanding military achievements, quickly entered the Supreme Council with his strong personality charm and part of the political heritage of the Zabi family. This man is ruthless and resourceful. Although he is young, even Clyne can't see through his character. It would be nice if they are allies, but they had different political views. Aznable is a moderate reformer who is dissatisfied with the current situation of plant.

As an old friend for many years, Patrick has some abilities, but he is not stable enough, and is easy to be emotional. Clyne certainly understands the pain of his wife's death in the One Year War, but now the chance of peaceful development is more important than revenge. But Patrick has always been obsessed with the Bloody Valentine War. It's not impossible for him to restart the war. In Clyne's opinion, Creuset, Patrick's confidant, is not a kind person neither.

"Dr. Adrien, maybe you don't care much about the Internet. Now there are a lot of discordant voices on the side of plant." Clyne said with a wry smile, "I'm not afraid of you making fun of me. Many people on the Internet are spreading my jokes about humiliating my country and selling my daughter."

"Well, this is… has the conflict among P.L.A.N.T members intensified to this point?" Sure enough, it's easy to talk to smart people.

"In my opinion, I'm afraid so. For plant, the bilateral denuclearization created by neutron jammer is what I think is the best result. The Earth Federation is not monolithic. Britannia has always been a big problem. In addition, the research on nuclear fusion is still far away from processing, and all this can at least strive for a peaceful development period of 50 years for plant. " Clyne has never regarded Adrien as a pure scholar. The speech and insight Adren showed are by no means any young and famous genius scientists can have. "Fifty years later, with the ability of coordinators, it is entirely possible to create peace under the threat of new technology."

"What about the famine caused by lack of energy? What about people who starve to death?"

"The past has happened, and the sudden famine has been effectively solved. It's hard to say that, but it's much better to maintain the current situation than to break out an all-out war. "

"Mr. Clyne, do you believe that you are the creator of peace?"

"Coordinators are not aggressors. It is determined by our population, geography and resources." This is Clyne's core view all the time. "So the best way to achieve peace is to form a unilateral deterrence created by plant. And in order to achieve that, what we need most now is time. "

"But war, war never changes. It's human nature to fight, and ambitious people like Giren Zabi will always be born. "

"Eternal peace is a great achievement of God. I just do what a human can do. This is not only my political appeal, but also my ideal of life. I have been fighting for it for 30 years and have never felt ashamed. "

If there is a confrontation between the two powers, the ideal situation is to complete the political marriage to buy time. Both Patrick's son and Aznable are good partners. However, in such a tripartite situation, no matter which party is approached rashly, it will arouse a strong reaction from the third party, which can only intensify the contradiction more quickly.

Whether it's for himself or for his family, he needs time. Lacus has accumulated much more popularity than him in countless coveted eyes. Fortunately, she has the same ideal and ability to win over himself. Before she grows up and inherits his political heritage, he should stabilize the situation and never fall down. He knew that once he lost his power, everything he had worked hard to build would be gone, and for Lacus, to be a big man's inamorata would be the happiest luxury. To avoid all this, to buy time, he needs the support of Adrien Lingus.

The young man in front of him fell into a long thought and asked, "What does it have to do with inviting me to plant?"

Yes! I got him! So Siegel Clyne thought.

Ade's sense of Lacus is very complex. She's neither pure white nor pure black. To him, Siegel Clyne is just Lacus's father. It was not until last year that he made a careful study of this man's life in order to make a deal with him. Ade has to say that Siegel Clyne was a hero. But Clyne's speech now makes this person's image live in his mind.

"What does it have to do with inviting me to plant?"

"Because of the existence of neutron jammer canceller. As I said to you just now, bilateral denuclearization is the ideal situation for me. I firmly oppose this weapon. "The research of neutral jammer canceller is held by Patrick, and I can't stop him when I find out."

"This is the perfect fuse for war, isn't it?"

"Exactly. You know what happened to brigadier general Hymem, doctor." Clyne's fingers crossed on his chest, and his expression became more serious. "Some people in plant and the upper layer of the moon have already known about the existence of neutron jammer canceller, and it's only a matter of time before its existence reaches the ears of the Federation. At that time, I'm afraid they will take risks, so in order to avoid this, I need -- "

"- restraining power to deter the Federation from acting." Ade took the conversation, and he fully understood Clyne's meaning. "So as the most outstanding person award on the moon, I'm the most suitable person to represent the will of the moon. You need me to visit plant to create an illusion of intimacy between plant and the moon. It's a good idea. Maybe it can buy a few years for you, but how about a few years later?"

"Over the years, I will try my best to make the Supreme Council have only one voice, to make people believe that we have destroyed all neutron jammer canceller, or," Clyne pauses, "to be ready for war."

"I see what you mean," Clyne tells him all the plans. It's like saying "Can you be used by me?" directly to him. It's hard for Ade to feel bad for such a person. "But if I do that, it will put me in an awkward position  in the moon."

"You don't have to worry about that, doctor." Clyne began to smile. "All operations will be initiated by PLANT. We have an external plan, which is inviting doctors to do scientific research exchanges. And an internal plan, which is having you solve the two technical problems that currently MS had. We only need you to nod your head at our questions we provided. Even if things come to light later, they would only think you are just a victim and a naive scholar who is used by a despicable politician."

The arrangement was so perfect that Ade couldn't help laughing, "What's the benefit for me?"

"Didn't the benefits have been given last year?"

"… Neutron Jammer Canceller." Ade sighed, "I'm glad we're not enemies. I was still proud of my performance in persuading you last year. "

"Your speech last year is indeed praiseworthy, and by no means meaningless." Clyne loosened his crossed hands, picked up the glass and drank, "Without your speech at that time, there would not have been our conversation today. That's why I choose to be honest with you, doctor, rather than anyone else. "

"I agree in principle." Although he knows that Clyne's words are flattering, Ade can't help but be happy. This is human nature. "But as you just said, I will only nod my head when you ask, and I won't do anything extra."

"That's enough." Clyne was obviously very happy. "My little girl will be very happy, too. She always said that she would like to meet Dr. Adrien."

"How could she say such a thing?" It's flattery again. After all, he's been pretending to be his daughter's fan in front of him. "It's different from the image of Miss Lacus in my mind."

"You'll know when you see my little girl. I'm telling you the truth." Clyne is now smiling like a kind uncle next door. No one can associate him with a wily politician. "At that time, I'd like to invite you to come to my house."

C. C. was lying on the sofa watching TV with the Haro pillow in her arms. The content of the program is boring. It's just playing time. Boredom is not an intolerable thing for her. She has been used to it for a long time. All of a sudden, there was a sound from the porch. It was the sound of opening the door.

C. C. sat up and looked in the direction of the entrance. Ade came in.

"The meeting lasted so long?"

"No, it's as long as usual." Ade throws the bag on the sofa and opens the refrigerator to find something to drink. "Clyne came and invited me to visit plant. I agreed. "

"It's good. You've been staying on the moon for too long. It's time to go out." The bag hit the sofa and a beautifully wrapped gift box slid out of it. C.C. picked it up and shook it. "What's this?"

"It's a gift from Clyne. He says that it's specially prepared for me." Ade gave himself a big cup of tea drink, behind him came the sound of tearing the package, "What's inside?"


"What's the matter? What's in it?"

"I see, I see, no wonder… so you like this!"

Char Aznab