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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 8

2021-09-12 08:24:10Publish Time: 3,369 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: anonymous, Number13th, Adam-Robinson

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Chapter 8: Dr. Lingus Denounces Shareholders

The meeting has already started. Prince Loran sitting in the chair is reading last year's annual summary report. Ade is still thinking about what happened just now, a little absent-minded. For Clyne's invitation, Ade didn't think much and agreed. Just about to ask for details, Loran arrived. They didn't have time to talk more. Although he has a certain reputation, as C.C. said, he is just an "ordinary gifted scientist". As a leader of a country, what's the significance for Clyne to talk to him alone? Is there something wrong with the deal of the Neutron Jammer Canceller?

"- to sum up, Anaheim delivered a satisfactory answer to all shareholders last year. So let's start talking about this year. " Mr. Loran began to get down to business. "As usual, the shareholders' representatives on the board of directors are elected first. I nominate myself. Does anyone have a different opinion?"

Loran's eyes swept over Ade and Clyne in the conference room and everyone in the video call, with a shy smile on his face. But no one in this room will forget that this man had done in the Earth Moon war. Probably no one in the solar system can compare with him in terms of massacre.

Loran and Diana's experience is quite legendary, and there are many mysteries about them, but Ade is most curious about their age. Generally speaking, Loran is at least at the same age as Clyne and Zabi. However, looking at the young man who seem to be no more than a few years older than himself, Ade couldn't connect this person with a middle-aged man in his 40s and 50s.

There are various speculations about this. Some people say that Queen Diana and Prince Loran usually stay in the freezer and come out only when they have activities. However, according to Ade's observation, although Queen Diana seldom appears, Loran appears frequently on the moon, which makes the freezing theory not very tenable. Some people say that they have found anti-aging technology and take it as their own. Although this statement can't be confirmed, there are some supporters. But if such technology is monopolized by them, the leadership of the moon can't be so monolithic for so many years. Ade once asked C.C. about this question, and the reply was "maybe there is something similar to code on the moon?".

"Since there is no objection, let's move on to the next issue." Of course, there is no disagreement in the conference room. With 51% absolute control, the general meeting of shareholders is basically a speech location for Loran. All others can do is to give opinions. "Do you have any comments and suggestions on the focus of next year's work?"

"With the gradual recovery of the postwar economy, the purchasing power of ordinary people is becoming stronger and stronger now." It was a man with a sinister appearance. "Assuming that there will be no war in the near future, I personally think that the focus of development can be shifted from the military industry to the entertainment sector. Last year, our company didn't make much progress in the field of smartphones and game consoles. "

Ade remembers that this is Cardeas Vist, the boss of Vist consortium, and one of Anaheim's earliest investors. Does he mean to cut down Ade's own funds? But of course, Ade will not immediately object. He is now a shareholder, not the director of MS Research Institute. He should stand in the overall interests of the company. Naturally, there are representatives of military interests sitting here. Ade is waiting for someone to jump out to block the gun.

"Although it's a bit inappropriate for me to say that," the one who jumped out was an old man. "But on the federal side, the demand for arms, especially MS, is still very large."

"Brigadier general Hymem, are you speaking as a federal general or as a shareholder?" If Ade had just jumped out, he would have been attacked like this by Vist.

"Of course, the interests of the company come first. Are you doubting my character, Vice President?" This old man is called Jamitoy Hymem, originally a brigadier general of the Federation army. With superb political skills and solid military contacts, he quickly climbed to the position of federal finance minister and became the spokesperson of the army's interests in the Federation. However, it is not clear whose interests he represented in Anaheim. It is rumored that he is engaged in a small elite group in the army, whose members are highly coincident with the members of Blue Cosmos. In short, he is a hidden radical. "Although the white paper of this year's budget of the federal government has not been published, I just made a reasonable judgment as a shareholder without violating the principle."

"Since the budget has not been announced, I'm afraid the rationality of your judgment remains to be discussed." Vist is a bit reluctant. Ade suddenly remembered a piece of news he saw last month, saying that the Vist consortium may increase its investment in the military industry. Is it possible that he does not want Anaheim to rob his business?

"As an honest government official, I will not divulge the federal financial plan." This man whose name is Alejandro Corner, is the current foreign minister of the Earth Federation. He has visited the moon many times and seems to be a member of his own group. "But as an individual, I support minister Hymem's view. It's better to say that we can expect corresponding returns if we continue to increase the investment in MS."

"Prince Schneizel, as an official who also serves in the federal government, what do you think?" Loran cast an inquiring look at a handsome young man.

"Your Majesty, I always strictly abide by the government's confidentiality regulations." Schneizel, as the second prince of Britannia, only has a casual job in the Federation, and generally does not participate in Anaheim's decision-making. "But the budget of our country has been announced last month, and I believe the market is big enough for everyone to eat."

These people are really interesting. In a few words, they have exposed the federal plan to sharply increase military spending this year. Sure enough, Clyne's emotion is very bad, because he is the hypothetical enemy of the Federation.

"There is no pressure on the production capacity of the Research Institute." now is the time for Ade to make a speech and complete the last part of the argument. "Judging from my personal professional level, properly undertaking more business will not affect the normal operation of our MS Department."

Of course, he will not tell them that the Gundam test pilot has not yet been recruited.

"I remember that the research and development of the Z-Gundam series are not over yet." In the video, Vist looks at Ade, "Is it really appropriate to say that there is no pressure at all in this situation, Dr. Lingus?"

"The design of the most complex deformable framework has been completed, and only the step-by-step real machine debugging is left behind. I don't think it's a problem to add more burden to the Research Institute." Of course, there are several technical difficulties waiting to be overcome, but can the consortium boss understand this? "Or are you questioning my professionalism? "

"Is the deformable skeleton finished so soon? Dr. Adrien?" Loran was obviously very happy to hear the news and gave Ade a big smile. "Doctor, you're the only one of the shareholders involved in Anaheim's actual production. We can take this opportunity to talk about some problems and difficulties that others can't see."

Loran's shift to Ade is actually the final conclusion of the topic just now. Vist has lost the right to pursue.

"I'm sorry, but I just need your help." How sweet of you, Prince Loran! The more he looks at him, the more agreeable he felt. He has a good personality, strong ability and good looks. It's rumored on the Internet that Prince Loran's beauty is not inferior to that of Queen Diana. Is it true? "It's about the study of telepathy. If I can get a New Type's personal cooperation, it will speed up a lot of progress. It's not easy to carry out some work just by text communication."

Ade is very euphemistic, but it is a signal to put forward in this situation. Loran's reaction is not important. Jamitov Hymem can understand it. This is for the earth's military.

"Of course, the psycho-frame is very important, which is also the requirement of the Federation itself." Hymen really lived up to Ade's expectations, "But the pressure is not only from within the army. It's not easy to let Captain Ray go to the moon. Dr. Lingus, do you understand what I mean?"

"I certainly understand that there are differences within the Federation in the treatment of New Type." Ade put forward the statement that he had considered for a long time last night, "But whether it's positive or negative treatment, do you want to get more New Types, or don't want to have more New Types? It's not a self boast, but with the technical level of my Research Institute, it is not difficult to produce a New Type research report convincing the Federation. "

"Ha ha, it's very convincing from Dr. Lingus." Hymen was somewhat moved, but now is not the time to make a decision. "I will discuss this matter with the military headquarters when I go back."

If a person of Hymem's level say that, half of the problem has been solved.

Loran gave Ade a positive look. I've got the favor. It's worth the trip today.

When Ade was promoted to deputy director, he received an unconventional interview from Queen Diana and Prince Loran. At that time, Loran appreciated Ade. After becoming a shareholder, he gets an extra chance to get Loran's favor every year, and Ade never wastes it. Today's temporary plan is a complete success. Ade thinks he can start thinking about the prize.

Later, they started to discuss some issues that have nothing to do with Ade. Ade just needs to vote for all of Loran's decisions. There were not many controversial topics left, and the meeting ended soon. After saying goodbye to Loran, Ade is invited to a high-end restaurant by Clyne. It wasn't until Ade sat down that he remembered that this was the restaurant where he first met C.C. a few years ago. He hopes that the waiters don't remember what happened, otherwise it will be too embarrassing. Because C.C. said the restaurant was expensive and not delicious, and they would never come here again.

"This is the best of the earth beef!" Clyne swallows a steak gracefully, and Ade orders the same food as he recommends. "Beef grown under natural gravity has a very different quality and taste from beef grown on satellite. Coupled with the top-level cooking methods, this restaurant is worthy of its name. "

Although Ade thought he was talking nonsense, he nodded his head to show agreement. To be honest, with the current level of science and technology, artificial beef and natural beef are hard to distinguish, not to mention the earth beef and satellite beef. Of course, he won't make complaints at this time.

"I remember, doctor, you're a fan of my daughter." This is the way to talk to people like Clyne. Before they get down to business, they have to go around and talk about the weather today, showing that everyone is very harmonious. "My little girl published a new song several days ago, doctor, do you have time to listen to it?"

"Of course, Mr. Clyne, I ordered it the first time." In fact, it's true. There's no commercial praise, but Clyne doesn't necessarily think that's the way it is. "Your daughter's voice is as beautiful as ever, and the standard of the new song is better than before. The single went round in my office all day!"

"That would be great." Clyne showed an ambiguous smile. "By the way, did you open the gift before?"

"Not yet. Thanks for the present. " What about this strange expression? "May you tell me what it is? I'm sure Mr. Clyne's gift will be great. "

"Oh, let's leave it a surprise to you. Doctor, I'm sure you'll like it. " Clyne changed the subject as if nothing had happened. "May I know your plan for the second half of the year?"

"There are no plans other than normal research work."

"You have been living on the moon for so many years, concentrating on research and working hard." Clyne slowly cuts the steak, making a homely look. "Have you ever thought of taking a vacation, going out for a walk? Maybe it will give you more inspiration?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean," Clyne put down his knife and fork and looked at Ade, "Doctor, are you interested in coming to plant?"

Cardeas Vist

Jamitoy Hymem

Prince Schneizel

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