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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 7

2021-09-11 13:06:30Publish Time: 3,314 views
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Chapter 7: Witch and Paramecium (Break)

By the time Ade got home, it was almost eight o'clock, and the sky was dark, leaving only the artificial light sources on the roadside. Now it's the first half of the moon, and the man-made giant screen is covering the top of the head, so he can't see the real star sky.

A day and night on the moon is about 29.5 Earth days. That is to say, if the earth is taken as the reference frame, there will be 15 days of day and 15 days of night in each month. In order to match the body's biological clock and create a 24-hour day, Anaheim built an artificial giant screen covering the whole city above the lunar city. In the first half of each month, the real sun filtered by the giant screen in the daytime, and the giant screen is completely closed at night. In the second half of each month, on the contrary, during the day, the giant screen is turned off and replaced by the artificial light source. At night, the giant screen is turned on so that moon people can see the real starry sky.

Ade prefers the second half of the month. Even if the whole universe is different, looking up at the stars can still make his heart feel quiet.

Artificial day and night, like artificial gravity, are technologies that Ade can't understand at all. It's said that they make great use of the black technology discovered by Queen Diana. But where do these black technologies come from? There must be a reasonable explanation.

Ade opened the door, the porch was dark, and the voice of people talking came from the direction of the living room.

"You should know how cold the enemy is, don't you?"

"But even if we take revenge, we won't survive."

"It seems that you and I have nothing to say."

When Ade went to the living room, it was C.C. who was watching TV and didn't turn on the light. Ade turns on the light, and the sudden strong light makes C.C. who has adapted to the dark shrink. What is on TV is a TV play that he hasn't seen. All the actors are beautiful and eye-catching. C.C. wearing a shirt turned out from Ade's wardrobe, holding the large Haro pillow from last year's shopping lottery, sit on the sofa and stare at the TV attentively. The bottom of the clothes is also very eye-catching.

Ade sat on the sofa and watched it for a while. Then he realized that it was the latest hottest TV series "MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE 08TH MS TEAM". Because it wasn't animation, he didn't recognize it. He heard people talk about it in the afternoon. It seems that today is the grand finale? In the picture, the evil villain drives a round MA with the size of a hill and begins to bombard wildly.

"Such a big Mobile Armour is bullshit." Ade make complaints about it. "This screenwriter has no scientific knowledge at all."

"Be quiet."

Ade left his mouth open and did not make complaints. As the plot progresses, the pictures on TV and the animation in his memory gradually coincide. For a moment, Ade thought that he was sitting in his original home. But it was just a moment's illusion, and he soon woke up.

It wasn't long before the story came to an end. The hero and heroine drove a broken MS to the mountain like mobile armour's main gun, and the MA crashed to the top of the mountain after shooting the last cannon. In the cry of a group of actors, the sad song at the end of the film rings out. By the way, the actress who played the role of Aina was very good-looking, I'll search for her on the Internet later.

"Unacceptable." C. C. squeezed Haro's pillow, trying to show anger, "It's unacceptable! Do you still have blades at home?"

"Maybe there's Easter Eggs? It's won't be too late to make a decision after the song finishes. " Although Ade has seen the animated version, it was two different things after all. It can't be guaranteed that the ending is exactly the same. "Are your personal settings falling apart in recent years? It's completely different from when we first met. "

"I haven't changed at all, or rather, my change has stopped completely long ago. What's changing is how familiar we are and what you know about me." C. C. turned her head and looked at Ade seriously, "Or did you have any preconceived ideas about me before you knew me?"

Ade pretends not to understand the question, gets up and walks to the kitchen. There's half of the take out pizza on the table. It's cold. This is probably dinner for myself? Not even good than my nutrition. As Ade put the pizza in the microwave, he muttered to himself.

Since the signing of the contract, on the first day of Anaheim's shareholders' meeting every year, C.C. will fly to the moon, stay in his home for about a week, and then leave, nominally "concerned about the growth of the contractor". After understanding the astronomical number of shares transferred by C.C. to him, Ade can not protest against any behavior of C.C. Like the dangerous conversation just now has repeated many times, and Ade has always felt that C.C. has noticed something. She just didn't say it out

Five minutes later, Ade was still eating pizza, and C.C. sat down at the table with Haro's pillow in her arms. She was in a good mood. It seems that the TV series version has a happy ending? If the TV is not turned off, Ade can hear the sound of advertisements coming from the living room.

"What's going on with your Geass?"

Ade swallowed his last mouthful of food and drank again, "No, I still don't know what the Geass is for."

"Geass's ability is closely related to the inner desire of the contractor. Your situation is very special, and I don't know what it will be." After so many years of no progress, C.C. is also very distressed. If you don't know the ability, you can't use it. If you don't use it, you can't upgrade it. "Maybe your ability is non-ability? It's suitable for Paramecium, isn't it?"

Ade is speechless, because he thinks what C.C. said is reasonable.

"I'll investigate when I get back to earth." C.C.'s voice is getting smaller and smaller. "If it goes on like this, I'm afraid I can only go to Tokyo…"

"Why Tokyo?" Suddenly a familiar place-name appeared. Does Tokyo have anything to do with Geass? Ade vaguely remembers that there is an island has something to do with Geass, but the island can't be in Tokyo. Tokyo, such a place should have been investigated for a long time. It can never be left as the last option by C.C. That means…

"Why don't you ask the magic conch?"

Ade stands up and stares at C.C.'s eyes. The cup on the table is hit by his hand and makes a clang sound due to his big action.

"Isn't this the sentence you used? Why is the response so big?" After waiting for about ten seconds, C.C. broke the silence and raised her mouth slightly. "Is it a meme of an anime I haven't seen? Or is there a reason why I should never know this sentence?"

Ade froze for a while, bent down to pick up the cup, and quietly sat back.

"There will be a meeting tomorrow. Let's have a rest early. I'll go back to my room." C.C. chuckles, gets up and walks to Ade's parents' room, which was occupied several years ago by her. Opening the door, C.C. suddenly turned around, "By the way, you can't attack at night this year."

"Is it necessary to say it once a year? I would not do such a thing. "

"You just peeped at my thigh many times, didn't you? Although I dress up like this to show my acquiescence in your behavior, it doesn't mean that we are close enough to exchange body fluids. " C.C. watching Ade's blushed face and felt a little happy, "Good night."

With a snap, the door was closed.

At first, Ade felt very tired when dealing with C.C. He had to be careful not to say anything when he makes complaints about C.C.'s behaviors. Over the past few years, although they only stayed together about a week each year, Ade has gradually got used to the rhythm of C.C. Since last year, he has simply been dumb to all kinds of her temptations. The "magic conch" just now should be a new routine developed this year, right? In a few days, I'll probably get used to this.

As the night went by, Ade got up to wash and found that C.C. was already preparing breakfast. After cleaning up, Ade goes to the dining table and opens the News Assistant.

"Plant infighting! Mr. Aznable has publicly criticized the idea of President Clyne's administration, and the Earth Federation is afraid to be the biggest winner? " Ade glances at the terminal. There's a picture. It's Char. It's estimated that the media are taking things out of context again. Ade doesn't believe that Char's political wisdom will let him do such a thing.

"Award for the most outstanding person on the moon! Who will be the winner this year? Top 10 candidates! Exclusive in-depth analysis! "

C.C., sitting opposite, craned her neck and looked at the terminal, "Your name is on the top. Don't you think of a way to operate it?"

"I'm going to operate it today." Ade drank the milk leisurely. "Queen Diana has the final say about the winner. There is no more effective way to please Prince Loran."

"It's a mean trick. It's unfair to the other candidates."

Ade smiles and continues to listen to the news.

"Shocked! Netizens take photos of a dragon! Is it counterfeiting or subverting science?"

"How did it make the headlines?" Ade felt shocked. Did the News Assistant's algorithm have to be changed again? "A dragon? Do you think everyone is a fool?"

"How can you be sure there are no dragons in the world?" C. C. reaching for the terminal, she opened the detailed information and looked very interested. "After contacting the supernatural power of Geass, do you still believe in your common sense? Or is there something else that constrains your perception and makes you think that Geass is reasonable and the dragon is unreasonable?"

"Even Geass has a principle that seems to be reasonable. Isn't dragon a pure fantasy creature?" Ade didn't understand why C.C. was interested in this kind of news. "If the dragon really existed, I wouldn't be surprised to see EVA or BETA someday."

C. C. looks up at Ade deeply and doesn't speak.

"I'm finished. I'll go first."



"The hair is up." C. C. continued to look down at the news, and pointed to his head and said, "Don't you want to win the favor of Prince Loran? At least make the image better. "

Ade came first and sat alone in the largest conference room of Anaheim Headquarters.

This is Anaheim's real headquarters, located in one of the most central parts of the city. This building does not have any research or production functions, but is purely an administrative building. This meeting room is the fixed place for the annual general meeting of shareholders and the board of directors.

With the exception of Prince Loran, who represents Queen Diana in full power, and Ade himself, who lives on the moon, almost all shareholders attend the meeting remotely. Generally speaking, a shareholder will go to the moon to hold a meeting in person only when he wants to make friends with the lunar power for some reason.

For example, last year, plant's Neutron Jammer Canceller was successfully developed. Siegel Clyne wanted to jointly develop nuclear power MS with Anaheim in secret. He came to the meeting in person. At that time, Ade also took this opportunity to get on the line with Clyne. After giving many promises to the other party, such as "the father of Gundam presided over the architecture design" and "a new system that only coordinator can operate freely". In addition, he pretended to be a loyal fan of his daughter, signed a confidentiality agreement, donated money to plant, and so on. Finally, he successfully got a small Neutron Jammer Canceller. Of course, the moon's detached status and absolute security is also an important bonus item. Ade can be said to be standing on the shoulders of giants in negotiations.

This year, it should be only myself and Prince Loran here, right?

The door of the conference room was pushed open. Ade stood up reflexively and was about to greet him when he saw a middle-aged man with blonde hair coming in. The man was dressed in a dark blue suit. He looked about forty years old. He had a short beard above his lips and a clean beard on his chin. He looked smart and capable. He quickly looked around the conference room and found Ade standing. With a warm smile on his face, he came quickly.

"Dr. Adrien, long time no see." The middle-aged man stretched out his right hand.

"Long time no see, Mr. Clyne." Ade shook hands with him. "I didn't expect to see you personally again this year. Is there anything else?"

"I've brought you some special products of PLANT." With that, Clyne takes a flat square box from the inside pocket of his suit jacket and hands it to Ade. The box is the size of a palm, and the package is so exquisite that he can't see what's inside.

"Thank you, you're welcome." It shouldn't be a big deal, but now is not the time to see the gift. Ade catches the box and is ready to put it away.

"After all, your excellency, Prince Loran has not arrived yet." Clyne approached and his voice was very low. "After the meeting, I want to invite Dr. Adrien to lunch. Is it convenient for you?"