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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 6

2021-09-11 01:40:49Publish Time: 3,484 views
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Chapter 6: Alice

The sudden ringing of the alarm awoke Ade from his pondering. He looked at the time. It was already six o'clock. Did he think about it for nearly two hours? Maybe it was because there was a guest at home tonight, which made him recall his past experiences carelessly. Anyway, it was time to get off work.

Ade tidies up his things and sorts out the mood that fluctuates because of his memories. Usually, he tries to get off work on time, because he knows that as long as he doesn't leave, many other colleagues will also delay. In a sense, he is a good leader who sympathizes with his subordinates.

Although there is still a guest waiting at home, he still has a place to go every day after work. After a 30 minute drive, he arrived at a hangar, which originally owned by Anaheim and is rented by him now. The staff are off work, except for the security personnel responsible for patrol outside, he is the only one in the whole hangar. There's an MS in the big hangar.

This is his own Gundam.

After getting the shares transferred from C.C., the annual dividend of 3% is even enough for him to support a private army, and the huge amount of money allows him to immediately start what he has been waiting for. Gundam, which was designed entirely by himself, was customized to Anaheim as a client, and then developed by himself as a project leader. After all, all he needed was Anaheim's production line.

Sorry, money means you can do whatever you want.

Gundam, code named Tr-6-Inle (Inle), has invested all the most advanced technologies regardless of cost. In addition to some patents contributed by Ade himself, all the advanced achievements that Anaheim can sell and cannot sell but can get by using the rights of shareholders are completely embodied in this machine.

The body was divided into three parts, the huge components made it almost occupy the whole hangar.

As the core, Hyzenthlay is a normal size Gundam. The black coating is quiet and cold under the reflection of the light. In order to avoid the Neutron Jammer, Ade used some unconventional means to exchange a small Neutron Jammer Canceller from plant. The armor completely adopts the phase shift (PS) armor jointly and secretly developed by the company and Orb Union, so that Inle can almost completely ignore the threat of live ammunition weapons. For this reason, Ade paid a large patent fee to the company and Orb Union, and signed a confidentiality agreement. Without nuclear reactor as power source, ordinary battery powered MS can not afford the huge consumption of PS armor.

In addition, the airframe is equipped with a Minovsky floating system, which has a simple anti-gravity function and can carry out the conventional flight in the atmosphere - a patent contributed by Ade last year, which has not been disclosed by the company. Normally, it will take some time after Zeta Gundam's order is completed to pretend that it has just been successfully developed, so that it can make two profits.

Hyzenthlay is equipped with conventional weapons such as Beam Cannon, Beam Saber, mega particle cannon, Vulcan gun and solid missile. In the idea of Ade, the beam cannon will be replaced by VSBR (Variable-Speed Beam Rifle) whose power and velocity can be adjusted freely in the future. In order to speed up this process, VSBR's feasibility plan has been submitted to the company by Ade. At present, another team is responsible for the research and development. Once the development is completed, Ade can replace Inle with it.

In addition to these conventional weapons, the biggest feature of Hyzenthlay is the 10 meter long blade rifle hanging on both sides of the body near the hands. It is usually used as a conventional rifle, and the wide side can provide additional cover for the cockpit. When the enemy has no time to pull out the Beam Saber, the high-energy particle flow that can be opened at the edge of the rifle can be directly used as a huge close combat blade to provide the pilot with the first time counter attack means.

In addition to the above, Ade also made Fin Funnels ahead of time, with six small wings symmetrically distributed behind the Hyzenthlayes. Due to the lack of telepathy, these Fin Funnels are controlled by the dragoon system, which requires the strong spatial imagination and real-time computing power of the pilot. The current Ade can't operate it independently. After making this thing, Ade finally understands how strong Kira Yamato is.

As the plug-in arms of Hyzenthlays, fire pendant Faber and power pendant Dandelion are the other two components of Inle. The experience of developing GP03 makes Ade handy in designing this kind of plug-in arms.

From above, Faber combined with Hyzenthlayes, is Inle's ammunition depot. The super long-range beam cannons provide the absolute advantage for Inle in preemptive attack. Although the firepower of mega particle cannons is slightly less than that of the former, they are effective in dealing with large-scale enemies. The live ammunition weapons of cluster missiles are also placed in the rear in order to counter enemies with beam resistance. In addition, Faber's biggest feature is the small spherical armed UAV located on both sides of the top. When Hyzenthlayes is connected with Faber, the main control of the Fin Funnels will be connected to the UAV, and the UAV with more powerful firepower and endurance will replace Fin Funnels to provide mobile firepower support for Inle.

According to the assumption, Faber should also be equipped with a light shield with the function of defending beam weapons, but there is no clue how to realize this light shield at present.

Dandelion , as the power unit of Inle, is designed to integrate with Hyzenthlayes from below. Dandelion itself is not armed, and its only purpose is to power Inle. The powerful thruster and large Minovsky floating system enable Inle to have warship class mobility in the universe and intercontinental voyage ability in the atmosphere. Additional nuclear reactors and solar sails that can be put into the body at will, together with the high-strength and heat-resistant materials used in all three modules, give the single Inle a means of entering and leaving the atmosphere.

Apart from the high cost and difficult maintenance, Ade can't think of any shortcomings. Just looking at it, he can have a great sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Ade walks outside the cockpit of Hyzenthlayes, the door opens automatically, and there is an electronic voice inside.

"Welcome back, Ade."

Ade gets into the cockpit and the door closes.

"Good evening, Alice."

Advanced Logistic and Inconsequence Cognizing Equipment, or,  Alice for short.

The combination of Amuro Ray and Gundam is too dazzling in the One Year War. Even though Gundam can be mass produced, Amuro cannot replicate. In order to fill the gap between the MS and the pilot, the Earth Federation commissioned Anaheim to develop high intelligence AI that can assist pilots. Alice is the only achievement of this project. Due to huge development costs and gradually exposed ethical issues, the project was eventually abandoned. What was waiting for Alice is permanent termination and Anaheim's patent warehouse.

In order to train Alice's understanding and communication skills, different people talk to her every day. Although it's not a project that Ade is responsible for, Ade has talked to Alice many times. After the abandonment of Alice is decided, Ade used the privilege of the shareholder to buy Alice and carry it on Hyzenthlayes as an auxiliary operating system. The Fin Funnels and drones that Ade could not operate independently were authorized to Alice.

When he bought Alice, he didn't think that Alice could make up for his lack of ability in Fin Funnels. He just felt that such a consciousness that she was forced to be born, to learn to fight, and finally to be destroyed due to human willfulness was too sad. What drove him to buy her was just arrogant self satisfaction. In fact, he can't even tell whether Alice is self-conscious or not.

"Ade, what do you want to hear today?"

More than ten song lists are unfolding in front of him, all of which are songs only known by Ade. It took nearly a year for Ade to recreate all the music he remembered in his last life. Animation, games, TV dramas and pop songs, as long as he remembered, he bought people to reproduce them. However, all of them were commissioned anonymously, and none of them was published - he didn't want to copy songs to make money, but it just made him feel secure.

Ade randomly chose a song list called pure music, and the slightly Sentimental Piano Music reverberated in the cockpit through surround sound. Ade closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and slowly leaned on the seat. The last song he saw was "Unspeakable Missing". Which game episode is this? He can't remember.

The vast hangar is empty, and the silent cockpit is filled with the sound of piano and breathing.

"Ade, I can't find this song on the Internet."

"Yes, because I didn't publish it."

"Did Ade write that? Can Ade compose music?"

"No, I copied it."

"Is that why I can't find it on the Internet?"


Alice didn't ask. There was only music in the cockpit. She's changed a tune, and it's still a slightly sad piano song. He doesn't remember the source of this. Ade opened his eyes and looked at the title of the song, "Silent Winter Night" - I still can't remember it. Forget it, it's not important.

"Ade, I don't like these songs."

"After listening to so many songs, can Alice enjoy music at last?"

"I don't know, it's just that the consciousness module will have a negative reaction after receiving the information of these songs. Ade, is this a sad emotion?"

"I'm not an AI expert. Sorry, I can't give you an answer."

"Oh… It's okay, Ade. Don't apologize. " In the voice of electronic synthesis, somehow he heard the tone of disappointment.

But it was right to buy you at that time. This is probably the most correct decision since I came here?

"Ade, when can I fight?"

"Do you want to fight?"

"I'm a combat aid AI. I can help Ade operate Fin Funnels and drones. I want to help Ade. If I go on like this, I feel like I'm going to become a music player. "

"Isn't it great to be a music player? Just playing the music, you've helped me a lot. "

"Really, Ade?"

"It's true, of course."

"Thank you, Ade. I'm happy to be able to help Ade. "

Ade didn't answer. After another song, he still doesn't remember the source. Ade didn't bother to read the title of the song. He just listened to the piano music quietly.

"Alice, it's time for me to go back."

"Is Ade going back so early today?"

"There is a guest at home. If I don't go back, she will be angry."

"Well, it can't be helped then, Ade."

"I'm sorry, Alice. By the way, I may not be able to come here these days. "

"Is it because of the guest?"


"How long will it take?"

"About a week."


"What's the matter, Alice? Why don't you talk?"

"Is the guest Miss Lacus?"

"No. Why do you ask all of a sudden?"

"Because Ade has said several times that Miss Lacus has a good voice."

'There's no logic between the two, Alice. '

"…that's right. I'll check the logic module when Ade is not around. I'll also check the sound module, and -- "

"Alice, are you all right? Shall I stay with you a little longer?"

"… I'm fine, Ade. Go home. I'll wait for Ade to come back. Goodbye, Ade. "

"… Goodbye. "

Inle's cockpit door opens, a figure comes out, and the door closes again.

There was no sound in the cockpit.