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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 3

2021-09-11 01:38:30Publish Time: 4,248 views
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Chapter 3: The Author's Malice

In Year 80 of the universe century, an ordinary morning.

Adrien, deputy director of MS Research Institute, honorary doctor of lunar Capital University, father of Gundam, is having breakfast at home. The breakfast includes bread and milk bought from the convenience store at the weekend. Ade has a habit of listening to the news while having breakfast. He wrote a program called News Assistant, which would screen out the headlines of every section of the day and read them to him. For the busy Ade, this is the main channel for him to get current affairs information.

"Shocked! Lacus' first album was reprinted in high definition. Has her inspiration dried up?" Ade continues to eat his breakfast slowly. Silence means that the news doesn't interest him. The program will continue to read the next one.

"Why was he promoted to general? This man may have some secret with Princess Cagalli!" For this style of headlines, Ade has been used to it. It seems that this is the final form of media development in any world. As a familiar name appears in the title, Ade gently clicks the terminal on hand, and the program begins to recite the details.

"Yesterday, Uzumi Nara Asuha, Prime Minister of the Orb Union, held a ceremony of honor in the capital. Due to his outstanding performance and contribution in the Orb Union Guard Battle during the One Year War period, Kira Yamato was officially awarded the rank of brigadier general. But does young Kira Yamato have enough ability and qualifications to take on the responsibility of a general? According to insiders who did not want to give their names, Kira Yamato has been seen to behave closely with Princess Cagalli on many private occasions. Do they have a shady relationship? Is the award a fair evaluation or a nepotism? We invite experts from the industry to give you a detailed analysis - "

Ade quickly points to the terminal and cuts to the next news. Except for the first sentence, the news above is full of worthless rubbish. There is no need to waste time on it.

"The hero of the One Year War has become a dandy who spends all his time drinking! Is it the depravity of human nature or the self preservation under the persecution of bureaucrats?" This should be Amuro. I'm not interested. Next.

"Why is Queen Diana so young? 10 beauty secrets you don't know, you won't regret to watch…" How did this make the headlines? It seems that there is something wrong with the filtering algorithm I wrote. I have to change it later.

"Plant shocked! Britannia's latest military exercise announced the next generation of MS, Lancelot Gundam! ZAFT is afraid to become the biggest loser!"

"Wait???" Ade almost jumped out of his chair. He grabbed the terminal at hand and opened the details as quickly as he could, checking them carefully word by word. "Britannia, Lancelot, Gundam, it's really these words!"

No, no, no! It's been eight years since I came to this world. Ade is sure that it's a mixed world of almost all Gundam animations, but why do you mess with such things now? Ade felt as if he was surrounded by endless malice. With the last bit of fluke mind, Ade searched Britannia on the Internet, but the result was desperate.

"Britannia is the largest imperial country on earth and a major member of the Earth Federation. Its current leader is the 98th emperor, Charles zi Britannia. The country has a vast territory, rich resources and advanced science and technology level…" Ade doesn't continue to read, because it's unnecessary. It's true. Britannia is real. Wiki also has pictures of the current emperor. It's really that man!"

"Lancelot Gundam…" All plans for the future were completely disrupted in an instant, and a long-lost feeling called bewilderment gradually rose, followed by a huge sense of absurdity, "Psycho, is any robot a Gundam?"

But it's impossible. I've been here for eight years. How can I never see this name before? It's true that Ade has never cared about the member countries of the Earth Federation, and has never spent time studying history systematically, but the colleagues around him will at least mention this name when chatting, right? Oh, he hardly takes part in the chat with colleagues. Anyway, Britannia, as one of the largest countries on earth, can't have never appeared in the headlines, right? Ade uses Britannia as the keyword to search the news headlines in the past, but he only found this one.

"No, there are blind spots." Ade expanded the search scope from the title to the text, "Is that true…"

"Exclusive secret interview! The autocratic emperor ruled cruelly, and the people were in dire straits! " "How could members of the Earth Federation do such a thing? Plant may be the biggest winner!" "Shocked! There was a shooting in the royal family of this big empire! Is it a palace scandal or a cry of despair from the people?" Britannia has made headlines many times, including some major historical events. For example, the last Ade can probably guess what it is. However, all of them are spam information, with Ade will never look at the detailed content of the headlines. All of them are. The name Britannia really appears in the news headlines for the first time since his transmigration.

"I don't know what to say." Ade threw the terminal aside, lying powerlessly on the sofa in the living room, muttering, "I'm so tired. I don't want to go to work today."

After about five minutes in a daze with nothing to do, Ade gradually calmed down from the initial shock and began to wake up.

No one has ever said that this world is a pure Gundam world. Everything is just my own preconceived wishful thinking. Empiricism blinds my eyes, familiar history makes me feel arrogant like a prophet, and media's incorruptness is not an excuse for my ignorance. Britannia has always existed. It's not something hidden in the social civilization that is exposed today. On the contrary, it's the ignorant and arrogant myself that is exposed today. There is something I need to say, but it is not to the unscrupulous media, but to myself.

Ade stood up and took a deep breath, trying to organize his emotions. It's not the attitude of a first-class scientific researcher to blindly deny things that really exist. The first step forward is to bravely accept the reality. Otherwise, he and those who shout "it's impossible! It's impossible for New Type to exist!" are no different. What I should do now is to collect Britannia's information as much as possible and try to find out whether Geass exists or not. After all, different world outlooks in this world have made some changes in their settings in order to get along well. If it does exist, try my best to avoid all contact with Geass holders. When Ade thinks of the special functions of Geass such as mind reading and brainwashing, he only wants to stay away.

The current short-term goal is to transform my News Assistant as soon as possible, adding keyword replacement function, so as to avoid this kind of things in the future. And, the most important thing now is to continue eating breakfast and then go to work. Absence without reason will deduct money! Even the deputy director does not have the privilege of absenteeism! As the only source of income for the family, Anaheim's salary is very important to Ade. With all this in mind, Ade goes back to his seat and begins to enjoy his breakfast.

Forty minutes later, Ade was in the office and focused on today's work.

"Dr. Lingus, is it true that the federal government is going to order a new Gundam from us again?"

The sudden sound interrupts Ade's thinking. He shifts his attention from the monitor to the blonde in front of him. This beautiful young woman, Nina Purpleton, is an intern recently recruited by MS Research Department. Besides her good looks, she is impeccable in her ability. The only problem is that her character is a little bad. Although she is older in age, I'm her leader! At the same time, Lucette Audevie and Purpleton were in a similar situation. They happened to be good friends, beautiful women, brilliant talents and bad personalities. Well, are the capable beauties all bad in character? If there is no accident, both of them should be able to stay next year.

"Let's wait for the company to give us a formal notice. Don't talk nonsense before that." As a deputy director, Ade can't give her an affirmative answer.

"Is that true?" Purpleton decisively ignored the meaning of his words, "Should the doctor be in charge then?"

"I'm determined to obey the organizational arrangements. I'll be where the company needs me." The old director is about to retire in a few years. The competition among several deputy directors is very fierce. In addition to ability, other factors are equally important. Ade will never have a say in such a place, "I'm a brick of Anaheim, where the company needs me, I will move to where…"

"Doctor, if you talk like this, we can't talk anymore…"

"We shouldn't talk during working hours." As Purpleton turns back to her seat, Ade feels that his response is seamless. Although he was shaken by Britannia in the morning, it seems that he has recovered completely.

Yes, there's nothing to be afraid of. Britannia itself is not a big problem. It's just one of the great powers on earth. What impacts him is the possibility of the existence of Geass. Rationally, first of all, Geass does not necessarily exist in this world. Just like other specious histories, it is very possible and reasonable for Geass to be reconciled by this world. To say the least, even if Geass really exists, there are only a few people who own Geass, and Ade knows the identity of these people very well. It's not difficult for him to completely avoid the events related to Geass as long as he perfectly avoids the life track of Lelouch. What he has to do is to stay away from trouble and design Gundam happily. When the sky falls down, there will be Queen Diana. That's Moonlight Butterfly! It's invincible, OK?

After careful reasoning, analysis and self consolation, Ade was in a good mood, and his work efficiency improved a lot, until another person interrupted him again, "Dr. Lingus, the director wants you to go to conference room 1 immediately."

Ade looked up and saw the director's secretary.

"OK, I'll go right now, please." He quickly stopped the work at hand, followed the secretary out of the office, "If it's convenient, can you tell me what it is?"

"You're welcome, doctor." The Secretary and Ade usually get along well. At this time, it's OK to let him know in advance. They walked along the corridor and chatted, "Today, a shareholder of our company came to inspect. When the director accompanied her to visit MS Research Institute, she said that she wants to see the father of Gundam."

"Wow! Shareholder, big person." Ade smiles. "It looks like I'm a rare animal."

"You're joking. Maybe the other party is a fan of you? Oh, here we are, doctor. Please come in. "But Ade doesn't take it seriously.

Following the Secretary into the meeting room, where two people sit opposite each other. One is a spirited old man, who is actively saying something to another. He is the director, Ade's immediate superior. The young lady sitting at the top of the table should be the shareholder mentioned by the secretary. Her smooth skin and beautiful face make him unable to guess the specific age. Her delicate face shows a cold expression. She seems to be absent-minded about what the director is talking about. A simple white lady's suit tightly covers her slim figure. The rarest thing that adorns her slender limbs is a green, soft, long hair hanging down to her waist, which brings a trace of enchantment to her cool appearance.

Something like a wake-up call rang in Ade's heart, which made him feel dizzy and thirsty. He clung to the straw known as fluke, trying to make himself more stable.

"Adrien, here you are. "The director stood up, and the shareholder also stood up. "Let me introduce each other. This is the treasure of Anaheim, Dr. Adrien Lingus. Adrien, this beautiful lady is an important shareholder of our company, Ms. C.C. "

All the ridiculous self consolation just now turned into powder in an instant, and Adrien Lingus stood on the spot as if struck by lightning.

Knightmare Lancelot
Charles zi Britannia