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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 2

2021-09-11 01:34:50Publish Time: 5,696 views
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Chapter 2: Anaheim's Inle

As a first-time transmigrator, Adrien Lingus is a bit confused.

There's nothing to be picky about the family environment. He has a car, a house, a six-year-old body and his parents are dead. He still has a lot of time for development, and it's lucky that he hasn't been turned into a girl. Although his name and race seem to have become Westerners, he still has black hair and black pupils, which is in line with Ade's preference. It seems that everything is good. The only problem is that he doesn't remember why he was transmigrated.

It's not that he lost his memory. On the contrary, his memory and thinking are extremely clear now. No matter his indifferent family, his lonely childhood with few friends, his desperate study for independence, the joy of entering a good university, or the tension of his first work, he can remember them all clearly. But only the memory before his transmigration is mysteriously absent.

Is it the sequela of transmigration? Since it's the first experience, Ade doesn't know much about it. Maybe there's some foreshadowing here. For this kind of thinking that is impossible to come to a conclusion, Ade resolutely chose to give up. Now it's important to figure out what kind of world this is.

'The clock on the wall is made up of 12 hours, and the gravity seems to be about 1g, so at least I'm on earth?' Ade quickly found his home computer and was hit in the face by the truth. This is not Earth, it's the moon.

With the development of science and technology, human beings have gradually extended their reach to the stars, and the Earth Federation, which is joined by most of the countries on the earth, was born in the first year of the new era, the Universe Century. Many cities have been built on the moon, and artificial satellite groups named P.L.A.N.T have been gradually built on the Lagrange point. People with the spirit of exploration have bravely stepped into the universe, and the future looks bright.

In the 15th year of the universe century, the famous writer, artist, scientist and social activist Aeolia Schenberg went to Jupiter for an investigation. When he was on his way, he announced the fact that he had actually experienced gene adjustment on the spaceship, and disclosed the complete method of gene adjustment on the Internet - "Wait a minute, the father of coordinator is not this one. How come I remember his name is George?" Ade rubbed his temple and tried to remember who the father of coordinator was and who the person appeared in front of him was, but he just couldn't remember, "I watched the anime a long time ago. I don't remember the details at all. Forget it, this person doesn't matter at all. " Indeed, shortly after bringing back exotic fossils from Jupiter, the father of coordinator was shot dead by members of the Blue Cosmos.

Although gene adjustment has seriously impacted social ethics, there are still some people who have performed gene surgery on their children in order to get more perfect offsprings. When they grow up, they were rejected by most people, and as such, most of them choose to emigrate to the universe. The coordinators don't get along well with the aborigines on the satellites. Most aborigines chose to immigrate to the moon or return back to Earth. Of course, some of the coordinators chose to settle on the moon. Due to the excellent average scientific literacy of the coordinators and the rapid development of extraterrestrial science and technology, the explorers are gradually getting rid of the constraints of the earth in all aspects.

As for the cosmopolitan immigrants who are gradually out of control, the Earth Federation attempts to strengthen its control by limiting food and manage the moon cities and satellite groups as colonies, which arouses strong dissatisfaction among cosmopolitan residents.

Then a miracle happened on the moon. Diana and Loran, two lunar city dwellers, discovered black technology on the moon. With the help of scientific researchers, they quickly turned black technology into productivity and combat effectiveness. The next year, the moon, which was already self-sufficient in food, declared independence. Diana was chosen as the Queen by the people of the moon because of her achievements in discovering black technology and her powerful personal charm, thus the moon kingdom was born. Then, of course, the Earth Federation declared war on the Moon Kingdom.

Due to the discovery of the Minovsky Particle, the effect of interfering electromagnetic wave makes the battle in the field of view become the main theme of war. In the Earth-Moon war, the moon's high mobility humanoid weapon, MS for short, played an overwhelming advantage in the battle. The bulky warships and fragile fighters of the Earth Federation were vulnerable to MS, and the earth was losing ground. The desperate Federation gave up all its virtues in an attempt to nuclear bombing the moon. At this time, Prince Loran, the spouse of Queen Diana, drove the lunar black technology, Gundam Turn A, rushed to the nuclear fleet of the Federation and unleashed the final weapon "Moonlight Butterfly". No one knows what happened, but the entire space fleet disappeared out of thin air, all tactical nuclear-armed forces disappeared, and no one survived. Under the circumstances that nuclear weapons are powerless, the Earth Federation is defeated and has no choice but to recognize the establishment of the moon kingdom.

After the war, Queen Diana led the establishment of Anaheim Electronics. The company started with military industry, and its business scope gradually expanded, eventually covering almost all electronic products from MS to game console. The products are popular throughout the solar system, and the annual profits are astronomical. At present, it is the pillar industry of the moon. In addition, Anaheim is responsible for large-scale scientific and technological projects such as man-made gravity and man-made day and night of the lunar city. The moon people are proud to work in Anaheim.

"Force two animations together, but subtly make sense." Ade is a bit speechless, but he can only accept it. After all, this is the reality. "Prince Loran… it gives me an inconsistent feeling."

Inspired by the moon kingdom and supported by covert technology, the residents of P.L.A.N.T are determined to be independent. Three trendsetters were born by destiny. They are Siegel Klein, Patrick Zala and Giren Zabi, who are known as the three heroes of plant in history.

"Wait, who? Giren Zabi???" Ade can't help but want to give himself a slap to confirm whether he is dreaming or not, "This world, it's amazing…"

The three are the first generation of coordinators, and they are also friends with the same ideals. They work together for the common ideal of plant's independent cause. Under the leadership of the three, the plant satellite groups formed an alliance and established an Alliance Council, with Giren Zabi as the first speaker. At the call of Giren, plant formed the volunteer army ZAFT. After some shady deals with Anaheim, ZAFT introduced the advanced MS as a conventional combat unit.

The establishment of ZAFT has brought great prestige to Giren Zabi. He then elevated two of his friends, Klein and Zala, and began a near dictatorial rule. On the one hand, he practised wanton cronyism, placing his younger brothers and sisters and cronies in important positions of the government forces. On the other hand, he was militaristic, demanding the people to tighten their belts to build MS. Even more, he made bold suggestions to the Earth Federation: "We Coordinators are not afraid of World War!". The relationship between PLANT and Earth is increasingly tense.

This is the end of history.

"That seems to be the end of it, and then this year is the 72nd year of the Universal Century. "Ade has sorted out the knowledge he just got. His heart is a little complicated. In this chaotic world, everything seems to be different from something in his memory. But life has to go on. Since I am on the moon, where is almost absolutely safe, and I have unique advantages, can I do something I like - "I want to drive Gundam"!

This is my childhood fantasy. In fact, when I was in college, I had also dreamed of it, but I was too ashamed to tell anyone. But since I have come to this world, why don't I fight for it? Ade decided to take action immediately, "First set a small goal - work in Anaheim. "

His father and mother are natural persons. They died in an accident, leaving a suite and a considerable legacy. If there is no accident, Ade will live on his parents' legacy and social welfare. Although it's not good to say that, the death of his parents does provide Ade with great convenience - he can spend all his time studying. Ade has never been so happy that he studied hard in his college career instead of living in ignorance. Relying on the knowledge accumulated in his last life, he applied for the correspondence course of Capital University without any pressure.

What surprised Ade even more was that his body was impeccable in both physical strength and intelligence. Ade even once doubted whether he had occupied the body of the perfect coordinator, Kira Yamato. With sufficient physical fitness, excellent learning ability and hard work, Ade successfully obtained correspondence degrees in many majors of Capital University four years later. This is the 76th year of the universe century. Ade is ten years old.

After graduation, Ade began to use the Internet to self-study cutting-edge science, while registering an ID of "Inle" in Anaheim's official technology forum for activities. On the forum, "Inle" is very active, sharp, has excellent professional knowledge and has many unique forward-looking views on MS. He quickly became a well-known figure in the forum and was recognized by many people as the alternate account of a scientist in Anaheim MS Institute.

The next year, Anaheim took the initiative to contact "Inle" and invited him to work in Anaheim MS Institute. When the staff in charge of contacting Ade found that "Inle" was only 11 years old, they insisted that Ade should be a misdiagnosed coordinator. After all, it is not rare for a coordinator to have a genius in his teens. Ade did a genetic test, because he also wanted to know the answer. He still clearly remembers the unbelievable expression on the doctor's face at that time, "There is no trace of artificial gene adjustment, not at all. If we have to force an explanation, we can only say that your gene is just as good as the adjusted one. There is no other scientific explanation. "

In any case, Ade's first small goal was successfully accomplished, and he became a general researcher at the MS Institute in Anaheim.

With excellent working ability and rigorous attitude, Ade has won the trust of the director in only half a year. Forgetting to comb his hair and occasionally saying some inexplicable words are not big deal at all to such a genius researcher. Just at this time, the Federation came with a new order. They hope Anaheim can develop a powerful next-generation MS that can adapt to various battlefields and have the ability to change the war. When all the leaders of the research institute were at a loss to think about the plan, Ade sent the thick business plan directly to the director's desk.

General Unilateral Neurolink Dispersive Autonomic Maneuver Synthesis System, referred to as Gundam. The acronym, of course, was forced by Ade to spell the word Gundam.

The director greatly appreciated the project and boldly appointed Ade as the general director of Gundam project. Ade live up to the expectations of the leaders. Gundam's development was extremely smooth, and the final products were delivered to the Federation with guaranteed time and quality, which also accumulated valuable development experience for Anaheim.

In 79th UC, with the Bloody Valentine War as the fuse, the war between plant and the Earth Federation finally broke out.

At the beginning of the war, ZAFT army limited the nuclear power of the earth with neutron jammer, and gained a short-term advantage. However, after the Federation invested the latest weapon Rx-78-2 Gundam, the Federation gradually reversed the war situation with Gundam's powerful and almost unsolvable ability. In addition, plant's resources were gradually exhausted, and ZAFT began to retreat. At the end of the war, Giren's three younger brothers and sisters died one after another. Giren could not bear to lose and killed himself with a gun. The only orphan of Zabi family is the daughter of Giren's third brother, Minerva Zabi, disappeared.

Siegel Clyne, the leader of the dove faction, was appointed to take over the presidency of the parliament in the face of crisis. He quickly started peace talks with the Earth Federation. With his superb political skills and negotiation skills, he won many rights and interests for P.L.A.N.T, and gained great prestige among the people. In the end, the war ended with a peace agreement.

After the war, Ade, as the initiator and general director of Gundam project, was promoted to deputy director of MS Institute, and was personally received by Queen Diana and Prince Loran. Lunar Capital University awarded him an honorary doctorate. The name of the father of Gundam is known as ZAFT and the federal army, while his fans prefer to call him his forum id, "Inle of Anaheim".

This is the end of the book.

Every now and then Ade thinks so smugly.

Until that day, an accident tore his daily life to pieces.

Aeolia Schenberg
Queen Diana
turn a gundam
Siegel Clyne
Patrick Zala
Giren Zabi
Gundam TR-6 (Inle)