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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 22

2021-09-24 14:43:00Publish Time: 2,755 views
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Chapter 22: The Bad Guy

Ade called C.C. to tell her that he would bring an extra person over, and from the tone of C.C. probably she didn't care much. Uraki volunteered to be the driver, and Ade let him behave.

The previous evaluation of Uraki, especially the driving skills, was not a blind blow to gain the other party's favor. Dendrobium, the prototype of Inle, is far less stable and comfortable than Inle. Uraki could drive Dendrobium to fight immediately he got it, Ade could only say that it was really a talent. The anti-human inertia force of Dendrobium also indirectly indicates that Uraki's physical quality is probably approaching Kururugi.

Similarly to Amuro. The level he showed on Zeta once made Ade wonder if he transmigrated to the game "Dynasty Warriors: Gundam" (ガンダム无双). In the battle with Kururugi, although he had the first advantage and had Alice's beam pods to assist him, he still felt complacent that he had won an ACE. Luckily Amuro made him realize the reality quickly.

Speaking of Amuro, he has been back on Earth for a while now. Although they only stayed for five days, Ade is feeling a bit sad to see him leave. After coming here, he had no friends at all. Regardless of the fact that he could not make friends or did not want to make friends, socializing is always a basic human need, and he could not find anyone to talk to on an equal footing in his circle of life. Except for C.C., but his relationship with C.C. is too complicated to be considered a friend.

He can't be considered friends with the Asuka siblings either. Although he is about the same age as Shinn, Shinn's psychological dependence is still a bit severe, always giving him the delusion that he is being a parent, not to mention Mayu. But look at the performance of Shinn, he must have thought a lot. He also did not act aggressive in front of Amuro. A man with a sister is really different. Is this the power of love?

But the few days he spent with Amuro gave him the feeling of having friends for the first time. The mere fact that two NTs had good intentions for each other made him feel comfortable. He imagined that if two NTs are lovers, wouldn't it be more comfortable than drugging?

On the other hand, if two NTs hated each other and they had good perceptions, the only result for them is to become deadly enemies.

The two soon arrived at the cosmic port, Ade saw C.C. at a glance - after all, her green hair is too eye-catching. Shinn, Uraki, and he have quite ordinary black hair, Amuro had tea-colored hair, and Char has blonde hair, which is also quite common. But like C.C. who had a "grassland" on her head is too… many times Ade wanted to say it, but he eventually stopped, because he did not want to explain to C.C. this allusion. (In China, the phrase "wearing a green hat", refers to a cuckold)

He also had the whim to look up online why Lacus has pink hair, after all, her parents' hair colors are quite normal. The answer is surprisingly natural: her parents deliberately chose pink hair for their daughter when they did the genetic adjustment. And after Lacus became famous, many girls also dyed their hair pink and it quickly became popular in the asteroid belt. The most famous one is Princess Euphemia Li Britannia, who dyed her hair pink because she was an avid fan of Lacus.

"Hello, Uraki, I'm Ade's partner, C.C., and I'm currently staying at Ade's house." C.C. came forward and gave Uraki a slight nod. Although she was lazy at home, she looked very reliable outside. "I'm glad you joined us, please take care of Ade for me."

"What are you talking about? It's my duty, Mrs. C.C.!" Uraki gave Ade a look that any man would understand after greeting and asked in a low voice, "Doctor, what's the relationship between you? Sweetheart?"

For C.C.'s obviously misleading language, Ade did not even bother to correct, after all, it is more trouble to explain. He ignored Uraki's banter and walked straight to C.C., Uraki consciously followed behind the two, already in his character as a bodyguard.

"Finished so quickly? I thought it would take at least twice as long. I didn't expect you to even know this. I'm surprised I didn't intervene at all except to come up with the design."

"It's changing the ship not building it, it won't take that long." C.C.'s tone was full of disdain, "I know more things than I can remember. I can also drive Gundam, do you believe it?"

"I believe." Ade nodded honestly, reasoning a little through "memory" and "reality", he knows that it's very likely to be true. C.C. looked at him in surprise.

"Have you thought about the name of the ship? It's going to be registered and filed tomorrow at the latest."

"Let's wait until we see the ship, nothing inspiring for now." He did want to make a very cool and evil name, just can't think of it for a while. At first, he wanted to call it "Nautilus", but he googled and found that there was already a spaceship named Nautilus.

"Please don't name it 'The Magic Conch'." C.C.'s tone was sincere, "I know you're obsessed with that name."

Ade didn't say anything, because he really thought so.

It wasn't long before the three arrived at the dock, and what appeared in front of them was a brand new freighter. This freighter was modified from a federal decommissioned battleship. As for the active or other decommissioned but famous ships, that is too sensitive. They can't be bought with money.

Unlike the main warships that have at least four hundred meters, this spaceship is only less than three hundred meters long, and accordingly, the need for operators is also much less.

The conspicuous main guns on the battleship are demolished by C.C., after all, nominally it's a freighter. After the re-planning, Ade demolished the remaining armament he felt unnecessary, leaving only some basic weapons, and strengthened the armor and power system. And the battle with Britannia, he deeply understands the ease of "setting off fireworks". He does not need the ship to have a battle power at all, he only needs it to have a strong defense and as fast speed as it could.

After all, he had neither a Wave Motion Gun nor a Hoshino Ruri to play battleship wars - if it's possible, he actually wants to have the latter one.

This small battleship has only one MS ejection track, but he doesn't have that many Gundams to launch either. The front sides of the ship have two expansion slots for external mounting of two pieces of Inle's equipment - the Ferber and TR-4 Dandelion. This design is copied exactly from the Eternal, the only difference is that the ship looks asymmetrical after hanging the two pieces of equipment.

The ship is painted silver and white by C.C., but some joints and protrusions on the hull are painted blue. The sides of the ship are painted with the Flying Wings Cargo logo - three wings spread to the left. The icon was designed by Ade himself, but why three pieces of wings? There is no reason, just a flash of light in his head at the time, and he chose to trust his intuition. Now it seems to be working quite well.

"C.C., why did you paint it this color?"

"Didn't you say yourself that the main character's carriers should be blue and white?" C.C. looked at her masterpiece and nodded in satisfaction, "Your experience is enough to be a protagonist. How about it? Have you figured out a name? I can give it a name if you can't make a decision."

He did not rush to answer. The ship's color gave him an extremely strong sense of resemblance. Not Gundam, not a battleship. He had seen this style somewhere else. He searched his brain hard for something blue and white, until something completely unrelated to mechanics entered his association, "Blue-eyes white dragon?"

"Ha?" C.C. was stunned by the name, "Is that the best name the great Dr. Lingus could come up with? I didn't know you were even a fan of Western fantasy literature?"

"It's not Western fantasy, it's an Eastern card game." Ade explained, and behind him, Uraki looked at the two with a bewildered face, "Blue-eyes white dragon, yes, this is the name I want!"

"Although I have enough mental preparation for your bad taste, I have to say, this is no better than the Magic Conch." C.C. looked tired, "Is there no better choice?"

"Abyssal-eyes white dragon? Blue-eyes light dragon? Blue-eyes Ultimate Dragon? Blue-eyes Chaos Dragon?"

"That's enough, let's call it Blue-Eyes White Dragon, that's a good name." She decided to give up on continuing to dwell on the question, thinking that she would no longer hear any meaningful answer. How many times had she not felt so embarrassed? "Let's get on board. The interior is decorated as well."

Led by C.C., they visited the dormitory, dining room, power room, hangar, and other places, and finally came to the bridge. Ade never expected that he would see "this" on the bridge -

"Mayu? What are you doing here?" He glanced quickly at C.C., who was looking at himself with an expressionless look.

"Ade-san!" Mayu made a surprised sound and slowly floated in front of Ade. The spaceship was under no gravity, so even Mayu could move freely. "It was Miss C.C. who invited me to come. I was idle at home every day and wanted to find something to do, and it just so happened that Miss C.C. said the ship was short of staff, so I volunteered to come over!"

"Staff? You are only fourteen years old, do you want to work on the ship? Does Shinn know your decision?"

"I already talked to my brother, and although he didn't agree at first, he was convinced by me." Mayu showed an embarrassed smile, "And I'm almost fifteen years old. Although I didn't go to school, I did learn the knowledge properly, and Miss C.C. said that I can do the simple CIC job."

"You can find some work at home that can be done online, there is no need to come here. It's nominally a freighter, but there's a real possibility of encountering danger, and you're only fourteen-"

"Ade-san!" Mayu plucked up the courage to interrupt him, "I think it's great, really! I can do something for my family, for my brother, and the environment here allows me to enjoy the freedom of movement, and I feel so fulfilled! Thank you Ade-san for everything you've done for my brother and me, but I'd really like to stay here. Can I?"

Mayu looked at him with her large liquid eyes and Ade was silent. He turned and took C.C.'s hand and drifted outside, "C.C., I need to talk to you."

The two went to a nearby room off the bridge, and Uraki not following. Ade looked at C.C.'s golden pupils in silence, and C.C. looked straight back in the same silence.

In these few short seconds, he figured out a lot of things. He had talked to C.C. about the Asuka siblings' family conflicts, and C.C. listened and used that to abduct Mayu, who was desperate to prove herself, to the ship. As for the reason is even simpler. Although the Asuka siblings and he have close relationships, for his sister, Shinn is likely not to risk his life if something happened. So C.C. simply used Mayu to disguise the kidnapping of Shinn.

He himself was definitely unable to do such a thing. In his case, he would not have thought of using a fourteen-year-old girl in any case, and C.C. must have known it. She's being the bad guy for him…

C.C. still did not say a word. Her white cheeks were expressionless, and her shining eyes also without any fluctuation, just quietly stared at him. Should he blame her? That would be really hypocritical, right? Now there is only one thing he can do, should do, and wants to do.

"Thank you." He broke the silence in a voice that only the two could hear.

"Hmm." The big beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, and the cold voice took on a hint of laughter so faint as to be almost non-existent, "It's a good thing you have a conscience."

Hoshino Ruri
Euphemia Li Britannia
Blue-eyes white dragon