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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 21

2021-09-24 01:06:00Publish Time: 2,842 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: Ahmad-Heryawan, Adam-Robinson

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Chapter 21: Veteran Re-Employment

Although he is not a New Type, Kou Uraki had a vague feeling that today would be a life-changing day for him.

He looked out the window at the unchanging universe and could barely feel the movement of the spaceship. This was the first time in his life he had ever flown first class, and the unfailing care of the stewardesses made him uncomfortable. But he shouldn't waste his attention on that. With over an hour to go before he reached the moon, he decided to practice introducing himself a few more times to try to leave a good first impression on the interviewer.

He had always felt that while he was indeed quite unlucky, it was definitely the world that was at fault.

No one wanted the thing that happened last year. Who could have expected that suddenly there were Gihren remnants running out to cause havoc? But the responsibility was obviously not on him. Torrington Base was like a sieve, and every terrorist could sneak in. Even the supermarket has alarms at the door, you're a military base! Is it good to be infiltrated to that degree?

Besides, although he didn't take back GP02 Gundam and destroy GP03 Gundam… he eventually succeeded in stopping the Gihren party's plan! He saved countless lives! Why the result was he to be sent to a court-martial?

"Lieutenant Uraki, the GP program was nearly exposed and abandoned, and Anaheim suffered a great deal of damage. As a member of the Federation Army, you must learn to take care of the overall situation."

Screw your overall situation! He understood very well that he was being used as a scapegoat. In order to save face for the officers and to give Anaheim an explanation, he had to go to jail himself, so he did not defend himself at all in court.

A year in prison made him reflect a lot and made him see through the corrupt federal bureaucracy. A sycophantic villain like Scirocco could be promoted all the way, a war hero like Amuro Ray was under house arrest at home. Being backstabbed by the officers? For the Federal military headquarters, isn't this just a very basic operation?

After his release from prison, the military department also came to him, hoping that he shine again for the army. He decisively refused.

"I, Kou Uraki, will never again take a penny of your Federation Army! I prefer to starve to death!"

"Life in this world is not easy, I hope you always remember what you said today." The officer left with a sneer, and Uraki soon knew what he meant by that.

A veteran like him should be easy to find a job, however, the reality told him how serious the consequences of offending the federal army were. He registered on countless job sites and submitted countless resumes, not to mention decent jobs, even no one recruited him as public security.

At this time, his ex-girlfriend Nina Purpleton appeared, hoping to get back together with him. How dare this bitch come back to ask for his forgiveness? If he was still the old himself, he may agree. But after the one-year prison life, he is not the past Kou Uraki. He did not reprimand nor humiliate Nina, only to leave her a contemptuous smile and a dashing back.

As fate would have it, he received an email from a security company within a few days, saying that a big man on the moon, who wished to remain anonymous, had taken a liking to his resume and wanted to hire him as a personal bodyguard. He never heard of the security company, which was called Flying Wings, and the company logo was three wings spread to the same side. He looked it up online and found that it was recently registered. There was a freight company with the same name as it, which was also just registered.

"Uraki, don't be cheated! This is obviously a shell company!" His good friend, Chuck Keith, firmly opposed him to apply for the job, "The interview site is on the moon, if you go, you might be kidnapped!"

"Don't be ridiculous. The moon is so safe, where are the kidnappers? It is you who do not understand the big man's idea. The wing company may be specially registered for this recruitment. The other party also offered round-trip tickets, what liar can be so stupid?"

He had a feeling that this was the opportunity to change his life, so he boarded the spaceship to the moon with no hesitation. But big guys all have their problems, like the Federation Army bureaucrats. Kou Uraki only hopes this one on the moon is easy to get along with.

One hour passed quickly, and Kou Uraki set foot on the moon again after a year, with mixed feelings.

The interview was set in a private room of a restaurant. Perhaps the other party did not want to reveal too much information before the matter was settled, and he could understand this. When he arrived at the designated place, he organized his appearance again outside the door. After knocking on the door of the box and receiving an affirmative answer from the other party, he pushed the door open and walked in, and what appeared in front of him was -

"Dr. Lingus?!"

"Long time no see, Uraki, sit down first." The young man in front of him smiled cordially at himself. Uraki was a bit confused, so he could only foolishly sit down opposite Ade. "Sorry for scaring you, I didn't mean to hide it from you either."

"I'm not, I didn't, that …" Uraki felt a little tongue-tied. All the self-introduction that he had practiced on the spaceship for a long time before had been forgotten, "Why the Doctor? Why you?"

"In fact, I have long wanted to find a bodyguard, but there has not been a suitable candidate, you know, these days the research workers are also in a quite dangerous situation." Dr. Lingus sighed, "For example, Dr. Minovsky."

Of course, Uraki knows it. Dr. Minovsky, the founder of the Minovsky particle and Minovsky physics, was so disgusted with the Federal policy in his later years that he finally left the Federal laboratory after the One Year War and disappeared. He was eventually found brutally murdered in Chernobyl, and his killer is still unknown.

"When I learned the news of your release, I thought of you immediately. But, after all, something like that happened last year, I was afraid that you were a little sensitive to me, to Anaheim, so I didn't show up directly. I hope you can understand." Dr. Lingus's face showed apologies, "The Federation disposed of you very improperly, I'm sorry I was not able to help."

"No no no, no sorry to me! Dr. Lingus, you spoke for me at that time, I was very grateful! Just, but… may I ask why you chose me?"

Now Uraki was not shocked but flattered. As a heavy mechanical enthusiast, he had been a fan of Lingus since the One Year War. By the time of the Stardust Incident last year, after witnessing and even operating the Gundams himself, he had upgraded to an avid fan. And after meeting Dr. Lingus himself on the moon, he was even more shocked by the doctor's youth and approachability. So even though he was much older than Dr. Lingus, he kept using honorifics out of respect.

Now, when he was at a loss, his idol even offered him a helping hand? I will do it even if I won't get paid!

"The most important thing is, of course, your character. Although we did not deal with each other for a long time last year, I can see that you are different from the average federal soldier. You are a man of integrity and reliability, very responsible." Dr. Lingus' smile was sincere, and Uraki could tell at a glance that the other party was sincere, "Secondly, your professionalism is trustworthy. You are an excellent pilot, and I may travel around in the future. Your excellent MS driving skills can come in handy."

"Do you really think my MS level is excellent?" He couldn't help but want to hear Dr. Lingus' detailed evaluation.

His MS driving skills could be considered one of his biggest heart knots. Although Gado had a reputation, he knew that Gato's nickname of Solomon's Nightmare was watered down - as long as Captain Ray had not met Gato in Solomon's war zone, Gato could never call himself an ACE. And he, with driving GP03D, was just about the same strength as Gato. Does his title "Phantom ACE" real? Does his real level count as ACE or not?

"In my eyes, Uraki, you are a bit arrogant." Dr. Lingus put away his smile and showed a serious expression, and Uraki couldn't help but sit a little more upright, "What is the concept of a new recruit out of military school, a test pilot who has never been in battle, kept up and made a draw with Gato? Gato is also a real ACE who has been survived many battles. With such a record, you are still not confident, are you too proud?"

"But it's mainly thanks to your GP03D that I was able to fight against Gato…"

"- No one knows better than me what the performance of Dendrobium. I can tell you clearly that it is limitedly stronger than RX-78 GP02A except for the insanely high amount of ammunition, but it is more difficult to maneuver it than RX-78 GP02A. How long have you had it in your hands? Is that how you are still not satisfied with yourself?"

So Dr. Lingus thinks so highly of me? I'm so excited! I don't know how to answer, anyway, first agreed, "Doctor, can I see the contract?"

"… Hum? Of course you can." Dr. Lingus probably didn't expect him to be in such a hurry and looked a bit surprised.

Uraki took the contract and looked at it carefully. Accommodation costs are reimbursed. As a personal bodyguard, living alone is not very common, but if the doctor wants to keep personal privacy, it is understandable. Various strict confidentiality regulations. Normal and understandable. The employer provides weapons, after all, it is a registered regular security company. Understandable. The work injury, insurance, wow, understandable. Annual salary… how much is it?! Is Dr. Lingus so rich?! Well, understandable. Hmm? What is this article?

"The bodyguard should use MS to protect the safety of the employer when necessary, MS will be provided by the employer." Uraki's voice trembled a little, "Dr. Lingus, this? Is this …!"

"I designed a special MS and it's already being made. After all, it is to protect my own security, I don't want to buy someone else's product."

"May I ask if I can sign now?!"

Watching Uraki sign the sale deed in a swift manner, Ade was a bit baffled. How did it go so smoothly? I thought that he would hate me because of Anaheim's prison sentence, but it turned out that none of my preparations come in handy. Wasn't Uraki a little too aggressive?

"When can you come on board at the earliest?" Well, as long as the result is good, I can inquire about the reason later, "There is no need to rush. You can go back to Earth to recollect the luggage first."

"I can start tomorrow, doctor!" Uraki looked impatient, "There is nothing important on Earth, I can ask my friend to mail my luggage over!"

"I am indeed glad that you are so positive." Ade thought about it, Uraki so enthusiastic, I should do something, "The MS is not ready, but the ship that put the MS is ready today. I had planned to see it after meeting you. Just in time, do you want to come along?"

Torrington Base

Anavel Gato

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