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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 181

2022-03-05 10:45:00Publish Time: 734 views
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Chapter 181: Pouring My Love to Mercury

A variety of live weapons poured out from the battleships, smashing into the sea behind each ship, sending up huge waves. Ramiel's core sent out high-energy particle beams from time to time. The energy went through the water curtain and because of energy decay, it never hit any ship directly and the fleet miraculously survived until now.

"Report, the remnants of the cannons can still last for seven minutes, but it will take at least nine more minutes to get out of the nuclear strike's range!" The CIC soldier shouted out anxiously, "Dr. Lingus, what should we do?"

"First, keep the current pace and don't panic." Ade responded with as much composure as he could muster, in an unhurried tone, "I'm trying to figure out what to do, there must be a way."

His calm voice eased everyone's anxiety a bit, but Ade knew in his heart that this would not solve the problem. If the nuclear bomb was thrown down, relying on his AT field and the fruit of life, he could survive, but everyone else would be killed.

"But Ade, it wouldn't be your fault." Alice said in his brain, "This is something that can't be helped, and it's useless to feel guilty for not being able to do it. Anyway … you don't know them anyway, so don't blame yourself."

Alice's clumsy way of comforting sounded almost like an excuse to avoid responsibility, and Ade could only smile bitterly at it. Whether Char ran away or not, Ade could not easily convince himself to sacrifice so many people with peace of mind in any case.

"Two minutes …," A woman who stood by in a driving suit thought for a moment, walked to Ade, and saluted, "The MS troops will strike at the last minute to fight for two minutes, Dr. Lingus, please take everyone and retreat."

"I remember you are …" Ade searched his memory. Char had briefly introduced her to him earlier, "Captain of this ship's MS team?"

"Gibraltar base affiliated, MS team leader, Captain Mackenzie." Miss Captain smiled coyly at him, "Since we have lost contact with Mr. Quattro, I suggest that Dr. Lingus leave first now, and leave the rest to us soldiers."

"I've seen it before, the ship's best MSs are some Jegans, they will not be able to hold on for 120 seconds from Ramiel's attacks." Ade pinched himself between the eyebrows and shook his head, "It's useless. You will only die for nothing."

"Dr. Lingus, you only have the right to advise, not command. The MS team will still strike." Miss Captain firmly said, "If we strike, we will die, but if we just sit here and do nothing, we will also die. If that can help other people escape, then our sacrifice will be meaningful. The perfect solution doesn't exist, we can only do what we can do."

The déjà vu line made Ade can't help but be stunned and asked offhandedly, "Your full name?"

"Christina Mackenzie?" Miss Captain was a little puzzled, showing a puzzled expression, then seemed to think of something, blushing suddenly, "Dr. Lingus, I respect you, and we are indeed in a life and death situation, but I must tell you that I am engaged!"

Ade pursued with mixed emotions, "The name of your fiancé is?"

"Bernard Wiseman." Captain Christina flushed, "A soldier in the P.L.A.N.T. We agreed to get married when we each retired, and my parents like him a lot. Dr. Lingus, you have enough news of illicit love, please don't involve me in it!"

"Alice, this world is so lovely." He lamented in his mind, "The director seems to be very unwilling for me to run away now, ah, a familiar name appears at such a time, I can't think of any reason other than the malice of fate."

"Dr. Lingus?" Captain Christina looked at Ade suspiciously, "What's wrong with you?"

"I just wanted to say that I am married and I'm very much in love with Lacus, you may have misunderstood, Miss Captain." Ade replied with a smile, "I'm not leaving, and while you're doing what you can do, I must do what I can do as well. Even if you can't come up with any solid ideas, at least let me struggle through the last second."

Captain Christina took a deep breath and saluted again, "It's an honor to fight alongside you."

After saying that, the captain left the bridge quickly and went to the hangar to prepare for the attack.

"Ade, do you know that woman just now?" Alice asked curiously, "You're reacting so strangely."

"Just met." He said sighingly, "She's not an important person and probably won't appear in the story in the future, it's just that I… I just capriciously don't want her to die here."

Time passed, the ship's residual cannons diminished bit by bit. Then, the moment of judgment finally arrived.

The firepower of the MSs alone was not enough to support and cover the fleet. A dense mass of MSs flew out from the ships, firing towards Ramiel in an attempt to attract its attention, but the beam rifles didn't even make a ripple when they hit the AT field.

The massive energy converged and compressed at Ramiel's core, emitting a dazzling light and condensing into a particle beam. The particle beam pierced the air, vaporized the sea, ignored the flying MS swarm, and hit the flagship's I-field with precision. the I-field lasted less than two seconds before it was torn to pieces, and the next moment, the ship's armor quickly turned red hot in the heat.

"Based on the enemy's weapon output and the rate of armor melting, it is estimated that there are five seconds left before the battleship's armor is pierced!" CIC shouted in despair, "Four, three—"

"You've got to be kidding me!" A pitch-black MS suddenly appeared right in the middle of the flagship and Ramiel with shield raised, taking the energy blast instead of the battleship, "How can I let you die in a place like this when I haven't become an awesome doctor, haven't impressed you yet, and haven't paid off your student loans yet!"

"Kamille! Get out of the way!" Ade dashed over to the communication device, "Banshee's I-field and shield won't be able to carry Ramiel's attack! Don't die for nothing!"

"How would I know about that kind of thing! I'm neither Scirocco nor Char, how could I possibly do such precise calculations!" Kamille shouted angrily through gritted teeth, "I just give a promise to your wife, do I have to watch you die, Doctor? The only thing I can do now is to trust my own MS!"

The I-field was instantly pierced and the particle stream struck straight into the armor. The high temperature destroyed the thermostat system almost instantly and was transmitted to the cockpit, and Kamille felt so hot that he was about to suffocate under the baking.

"The Unicorn Gundam is a miracle MS, then the Number Two MS can't be worse than that!" Kamille hissed, "Answer me, BANSHEE!!!"

The NT-D logo flashed on the screen, the horns on the MS's head split into nine, and a dazzling golden light emanated from between Banshee's unfolded armor, as the destroyed I-field shattered, reborn, shattered again, and reborn again under the impact of the particle stream.

After almost ten seconds, Ramiel's direct attack finally came to an end. The shield carried on the left arm of the golden glowing Banshee has completely disappeared, and the armor all over the MS has also been broken to varying degrees. The MS still suspended on the surface of the sea, and the fuselage was still steaming as if it was cooked by the heat emitted.

And something was struck and broken in Ade's mind.

"Doctor, I'm able to use NT-D too!" Kamille shouted excitedly, "Please let me try it, I can fight the angel!"

"Banshee is badly damaged and your piloting skills are not good, I don't see much chance of winning." Ade said coldly, "Your mission is to cover the retreat of our troops."

"And then you're going to drop nuclear bombs?" Kamille retorted disgruntledly, "How many nukes does it take to take out this monster? One? Five? How many of these monsters are left? Five? Ten? When it's all over, the Earth won't be inhabitable at all! What's the difference between this and Char's behavior of throwing Junius 7 at Earth?

"And you've learned to be sophomoric?" Ade raised an eyebrow, "The logic doesn't hold up, you haven't convinced me."

"I'm already an adult, I decide what to do myself, I don't need to convince you!" The Banshee in NT-D mode reorganized its stance and flew in the direction of Ramiel at full speed, "Do you know the pain of not being liked by your parents? Do you understand the shock of finding that your idol is just using you? You beat and scolded me all day long, asking me to be mature and grow up. Now I've learned to make my own decisions, but you're still scolding me!"

Ade laughed dumbly, "What are you saying?"

"I think you're just taking it personally!" Kamille slapped the armrest of his seat in anger, "What's wrong with me playing up my value as a NewType? What's wrong with me protecting the Earth I live on? What's wrong with me becoming an adult who can surprise you?"

"Don't be distracted!"

"When Mr. Quattro tried to deceive me, he knew to be nice to me, and now that I've come to your rescue, Doctor, can't you be polite when you talk to me — whoa!" Kamille's complaint was interrupted by a blast from Ramiel, narrowly avoided thanks to his strong NT instincts, "That was close, that was close …"

"That's why I told you not to get distracted." Ade said breathlessly, "Look at you, you can't even chat while driving Gundam, and you have the nerve to call yourself ACE?"

"Grandpa said that I'm already qualified, Doctor, only you are still criticizing me all day long. I shouldn't…" Kamille's NT intuition screamed in his head, "Danger! "

Ramiel was not aimed at Banshee, but Kamille took the initiative to rush into the firing line as a shield. Intuition told him the shot was aimed at the flagship where the Doctor was, and the flagship couldn't have taken the shot.

"I don't know how much longer I can hold out before the fleet leaves the angel's attacking range?!" Kamille gripped the hot joystick and shouted, "You are Dr. Lingus, how can you make such a stupid mistake?"

"The battleship has misplaced its firing path." Ade said quickly, "You should also avoid it!"

Banshee just pulled out from the particle flood, Ramiel immediately ended the attack and retargeted the ship Ade was on. Kamille didn't even hesitate to block between it and the flagship before it attacked again.

"Why? Why is it chasing you? Does it have a grudge against you?" Kamille kept adjusting his position to protect the flagship, and under this intensity of shoots, soon Banshee also suffered serious damage, "Doctor, please say sorry to the girls of Arsenal for me, say thank you to Fa Yuiry, say—"

"Tell that kind of talk yourself, I'm not your father!" Ade reprimanded, "Don't say it like it's your last words!"

"It's the last words!" Kamille shouted through clenched teeth, "What kind of MS expert are you? Can't you see that I can't hold on anymore? I can hold on at most three minutes longer! Run, Doctor!"

"Kamille, did you misunderstand something?" Ade smiled gratefully, "I'm not some princess on a castle tower waiting to be rescued by someone."

"I've heard it all from Brother Shinn, you—" Kamille suddenly froze in mid-sentence, "You are talking in my consciousness? Doctor, you … have your NT ability back?"

"Humans are weak, so weak that their AT fields are merely able to maintain their own existence." Ade said calmly, "But even such a weak human, as long as the power is gathered together, is also able to become strong, and this is NewType."

The golden light on Banshee's body flourished, and the I-field that kept breaking began to stabilize. Golden particles of light diffused out from between the psycho-frame, gradually becoming more and more dense, so dense that it was like a substance, and eventually crystallized into golden crystals.

"It seems like my sensing can extend to … anywhere." Kamille's soul hung in mid-air. Banshee is beneath him, Ramiel is not far across, while his consciousness is expanding outward frantically in all directions as if endless, "Doctor, what's going on?"

"I can explain it after we are back." Ade appeared behind him and gave him a gentle push, "Now behave yourself."

Kamille abruptly awoke in the cockpit. He could no longer feel the blazing heat in the cockpit, because Banshee's perimeter was covered with golden crystals, and Ramiel's particle beams caused no damage to it. Kamille's spirit had never been so clear, and his body was filled with explosive power that came from nowhere.

"It can be done." Banshee accelerated violently against the particle beams, "I can do it!"

From a distance, a shining and violently glowing line continued to shorten, the golden endpoint approached at a speed visible to the naked eye towards the other blue end. After an unknown amount of time, the two endpoints of different colors finally merged into one, and the MS passed through Ramiel's AT field unimpeded, and Kamille heard nothing — Ade blocked all sounds from the angel for Kamille.

Ramiel deformed quickly, trying to return to the shape of a proper octahedron to protect the core. However, Banshee slowly waved both hands and easily tore through Ramiel's blue barrier, holding the red core in both hands. The MS's palm closed with a slight force, and the core was then squeezed, and bright plasma splashed in all directions.

"What the heck, it turned out to be quite simple." All of a sudden, a boundless sense of fatigue came over Kamille, and he leaned back in his chair and breathlessly called out in his consciousness, "Doctor, for the sake of taking out the angel, can I make a request?"

"Say it?"

"Even grandpa has approved of me, and now, I even took out the angel, can't you …" A strong sense of sleepiness made Kamille barely open his eyes, "…praise me once in a while?"

"Then I'll say it again." Ade said gently, "Well done."

"Haha …" Kamille showed a childlike innocent smile, "Doctor … I tell you a secret… actually I … quite envious … of … Brother… Shinn…"

The sound of steady breathing resounded in the cockpit, Kamille had fallen asleep peacefully.

"Sigh. Alice, I think this kid will make a good doctor in the future." Ade said softly, "What do you think?"

"Don't say that!" Alice tightly wrapped around his arm that was about to melt. Her voice sounded like she was about to cry, "Ade, how long can you hold on?"

"Can't say, a day should do?" He smiled helplessly, "I have to go back to see my wives and child, right?"