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Not Super Robot Wars at All – Chapter 117

2021-12-27 10:50:00Publish Time: 1,395 views
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PS: I just updated the basic function of the Reward System. Now you will get points after your correction is confirmed by the translators.

Chapter 117: Zaku Rising

"Japan, it's really Japan." In the back seat of the car, Ade was talking to Momoka with a frustrated look, "I'd rather her hide in TITANS headquarters than for her to see running to Japan, why here …"

"Lingus, my precise senses tell me that your heart is extremely apprehensive now. Could it be that you already have a premonition of something bad unfolding?" Char, who was driving, said in a gloating tone, "A man who can talk and laugh even in front of Embryo is now terrified like this, what a treat for me."

"Not counting Mineva and your mother, have you ever really fallen in love with any woman? Including Lalah Sune." Ade sneered relentlessly, "If not, please shut up and don't comment on areas you don't understand."

Char gave a displeased "tsk" and changed the subject as if nothing had happened, "You cast so many nets, but only Wang Liu Mei provided valuable information in the end."

"This woman is indeed powerful." Ade also did not bother to continue to sneer at him, but followed his words down, "The whole Wang family can maintain the original size to last until now, is all because of her own strength. If we can figure out what she really wants, we can consider developing her into Celestial Being's downline. We're still too weak alone."

"If it was six months ago, I might have thought you were lusting after Wang Liu Mei's beauty." Char relentlessly circled the topic back, "Now with my precise senses, I can be sure—"

"So you've actually been showing off your 'precise senses' since just now?" Ade finally noticed the keyword in the other person's words, it seems he was holding a grudge about his inability to open a mind space chat room, "Let me put it frankly, your judgment of Lelouch's sister is wrong. She shouldn't be at the same level as me and Tiffa."

"Why do you think so?" Char's tone was flat, but Ade could still feel the disbelief in it.

"Put my experience aside, Tiffa is the strongest NT in her universe, how is it possible for an NT to suddenly pop up and reach her level?" Ade explained confidently, "I think with your 'precise senses', all NTs whose strength is stronger than Scirocco should all be about the same in your opinion. Don't you still think you are 50-50 with Haman?"

"Aren't we?" Char asked, then froze for a moment before responding, "Wait, did you just call her 'Haman'? When did you and she become so familiar?"

Ade decisively turned his head to chat with the maid lady, and Momoka covered her mouth and laughed softly.

Char thought about it and realized he was being nosy, sighing in self-interest, "When you see Lelouch later, if you see something wrong, open the mind space chat room with me."

"You are one of the biggest patrons of the Black Knights, right?" Ade looked at Char in the rearview mirror, "Your control over this organization is too low, right?"

"Lelouch is very wary of others and has almost completely controlled the Black Knights. Including my own several identities, no one can penetrate in." Char showed a rare expression of some frustration, "He is not easy to deal with. You should be careful."

Shortly after, the car drove to an abandoned factory building. This place had been bought by Char as the usual place for secret meetings with Lelouch. Char led him and Momoka into the abandoned factory, only to see two people already waiting inside.

The leader was a slender man with a black cloak and a black full-covering helmet, and it was ZERO, the leader of the Black Knights, Behind him was a young woman with short red hair, who seemed to be his bodyguard.

The short-haired girl looked at Momoka, who looked like a junior high school student but was dressed as a maid, with surprise, and then stared at Ade with a look of disdain.

"Frontal, you're late." ZERO spoke through his mask and sounded jarred, "This is Londo Bell's quarters and it's not safe for me, so let's hurry."

"Excuse me, ZERO," Char nodded to him in greeting, "This is Mr. Yang from China that I told you about before, he wants to get information from us and doesn't mind paying a price for it."

"Hello." Ade stepped forward and also greeted, "I heard from Mr. Frontal that the Black Knights are omnipotent in Japan, I'm sure Lord ZERO will be able to grant my small wish."

"No need to compliment me, there is only Frontal I trust." ZERO responded coldly, "The Black Knights are a resistance organization that fights for ideals and beliefs, not mercenary jackals who will do anything for money, whether I can satisfy you depends on whether your request is against my principles. So tell me, what do you want?"

The short-haired girl behind ZERO looked at her leader with longing in her eyes after hearing his words.

Ade didn't care about what the other party said. He fished out a photo from his pocket and handed it over, "I want to find this woman."

ZERO took the photo and only glanced at it before handing it back to Ade, "This woman does not exist in the Black Knights. If she is at another place, Frontal should be able to help you find her."

Although Ade couldn't see his expression, his tone was flat without a trace of ups and downs, not like a lie.

Seeing that the clue is about to be broken, Ade raised the photo again, "The photo is not very clear, you look carefully at her face again. Maybe she dyed her hair from green to another color?"

"I've already looked carefully, I'm pretty sure I don't recognize her, there's no point in talking any further. Frontal, it's not safe here, I'll go back first." ZERO waved his hand to Char and turned around and marched in the direction of the back door, "Kallen, let's go."

It wasn't until ZERO and the others were far away and only the three of them were left in the plant that Char noticed that Ade didn't seem quite right.

"Lingus, your face is pale, what happened?" Char saw Ade did not respond, pulled down his sunglasses, and gave the maid a wink, "You can look again when the trail is broken, you are not a man to be discouraged like this."

Momoka took Ade's hand and put her finger on his pulse, and within a moment, she let out an alarming cry, "Ade-san, your heart is beating so fast!"

"… I'm fine." Returning to his senses, Ade smiled at Momoka as if nothing was wrong, "Lelouch lied, he has seen C.C."

"Your NT ability is already this strong?" Char immediately denied himself again after a slight hesitation, "No, it's that woman?"

"I deliberately stood the photo up to show her, she looked at it curiously when she heard the green hair, and her eyelids jumped after seeing the person on the photo, this reaction is definitely a recognition." Ade took several deep breaths to calm himself down, "It's okay, I believe her."

Char, who has relationships with countless young girls, instantly understood what Ade meant. He raised his eyebrows to incite Ade, "What's the use of believing? She may have done what you did before."

Ade was silent for a moment, closed his eyes, and let out a long breath, "Then I have to choose to forgive her…"

Char thought for a moment and shook his head, "I really don't understand."

They left in the car, and on the way, Char could feel Ade's mental state was not too stable, so he tried to change the topic to divert his attention, "So far, Bright and I are getting more and more attention from Marcenas. Originally, there was only one ACE on the opposite side, and I had Amuro claim to be sick and go home to rest. But the opposite side recently recruited a new ACE, it seems like it's time to call Amuro back."

"What about Britannia's attitude?" Ade also tried to steady his mind, "I remember the current governor is Euphemia, right? She just watches you screw around on her turf?"

"No matter what, Britannia is a member of the Earth Federation, and this is not the homeland but a colony, so the Prime Minister's order works here." Char smiled faintly, "Besides, Princess Euphemia is just a naive girl."

"And then you deceived her." Ade whispered, "The same pink, but this one is much easier to deal with."

Momoka seemed to hear that and gave Ade a knowing smile, but Ade trusted her that she wouldn't report it to Lacus.

"The only variable is the Knights of the Round Table." Char continued while driving, "I just got the inside scoop. Suzaku Kururugi has been stripped of his identity of the Knights of the Round Table, and restored to be Princess Euphemia's Knight."

"Stripped of? That serious?" Ade carefully recalled Kururugi's battle record, "Uh, it makes sense, then won't another Knight of the Round Table be vacated?"

"Emperor Charles just promoted a few newcomers to fill the empty seats of the Knights of the Round Table. It has not yet been announced to the public, I will copy the names to you later. In place of Suzaku Kururugi to guard Japan is the newly promoted second knight." Char slowed down the car and peeled down his sunglasses, "Is that little black dot in the sky a Mobile Suit? What is Londo Bell up to? By the way, the newly promoted second knight is called—"

"Setsuna·F·Seiei…" Ade mumbled the name as he looked at the small black dot in the sky that was gradually showing its outline.

"Yes, that's the name, how did you—" Char instantly reacted and immediately took out his cell phone and dialed, "Bright, it's me, Quattro. "

In Londo Bell, it was an open secret that Captain Aker often slept in the cockpit of the Zeta Gundam instead of going to his dorm room.

The Zeta Gundam is three years old, as a product sold to TITANS rather than Dr. Lingus's own use, Zeta's performance is not as much as V2 or F91, F91 and V2 are still the most powerful class nowadays, while the Zeta Gundam can only be regarded as a Jegan with a decent configuration.

Londo Bell has no money to buy new Gundams. Captain Bright also proposed to Aker to give him a new Jegan, but was sternly refused by Aker.

"Performance, power, armament, everything can be compensated with technology, but not the model." He said so at the time, "It doesn't make sense if it's not Gundam."

Right now, Captain Aker is on patrol in his beloved Zeta Gundam.

It was almost time for a shift change, and just as Aker was about to return, the sudden appearance of an MS with the identification signal of Britannia on the radar alerted him. According to the agreement previously signed with Princess Euphemia, Britannia and Londo Bell were not allowed to set foot on each other's premises, not to mention that the location where this MS appeared from is—

"Inside the city? Is it airborne!" Aker quickly opened the public channel, "This is Captain Graham Aker of Londo Bell, the MS of Britannia, please answer immediately with your identity and the reason for your presence here, otherwise, it will be treated as a hostile act."

"Setsuna·F·Seiei." The pilot on the other side answered his question without hesitation, and his MS had also appeared in the view of Zeta, which had transformed into its aircraft form, "Gundam OO, expel the target."

Then that Gundam came barreling towards Zeta!

The speed of that Gundam was so unscientific that it was already rushing towards Aker with its sword raised when Zeta had just transformed back to its MS form.

"Too fast!" He quickly drew his beam saber, and I field collided with I field, "This power?!"

The opponent fought him with a powerful performance far beyond Zeta. Zeta did not have the upper hand at all, but was gradually suppressed by that Gundam.

"Such a beauty! Too bad that it's not me who is driving it!" He readjusted his posture on one side and immediately called the headquarters, "Captain Bright, this is Graham Aker, I—"

"Britannia has just announced its withdrawal from the Earth Federation and officially declared war on the Federation!" Bright called him at exactly the same time, his urgent voice ringing out over the channel, "Hold on, reinforcements are on their way!"

"War has been declared?!" The sudden shocking news distracted Aker slightly, and the Gundam OO took this opportunity to launch another surprise attack on him, and the two MSs collided head-on.

The force of the opponent's MS was unbelievable, and Zeta was pushed to the ground by the huge kinetic energy under the block. Aker keenly noticed that there were two figures on the ground where Zeta was expected to fall to, so he opened the nozzle on the side of the MS and flew low over the two figures.

Saji Crossroad pulled his girlfriend, Louise Halevy's hand and ran wildly in the street. The two MSs in the sky inexplicably fought, and one of them flew past their heads, making his heart beat wildly.

"I thought Londo Bell had the safest quarters?" Louise grumbled as she ran, "I wouldn't have studied in Japan if I knew it!"

"I, I'll protect Louise!" Saji's sharp eyes spotted a nearby warehouse that had a wall broken during the battle, and a huge object could be vaguely seen inside, "Louise, this way!"

The duo panted and ran through the gap into the warehouse and found an MS parked inside.

"This model, it seems to be Zaku?" Saji compared it with the knowledge in his memory, "But how come it feels like it's a whole lot bigger?"

"Saji, what should we do?" His girlfriend asked him with a worried look on her face.

Saji gritted his teeth and clenched his fist hard, "I have to drive it! I will protect Louise!"

After saying that, he ran to the foot of the Zaku and began to study how to climb up.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Saji and Louis looked back, only to see a dark-haired man with sunglasses was jumping down from the arms of a girl dressed as a maid. "Hurry to take refuge, what are you doing frozen here?"

"Ah, ah…" things changed too quickly, Saji did not react, and Louise also looked dumb at them.

The sunglasses man took out his cell phone and pressed it a few times, the Zaku then lowered itself to open the cockpit door, and then the sunglasses man and the maid went in. Then the Zaku closed the cockpit and walked towards the outside of the warehouse amidst Saji and Louise's dumbfounded expressions.

"Let's go take refuge." Back to his senses, Saji took his girlfriend's hand, "But I always feel like something is wrong. What is this feeling…"

Kallen Stadtfeld
Saji Crossroad
Louise Halevy