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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 90

2022-08-20 12:21:00Publish Time: 2,430 views
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Chapter 90 This Princess Is Lame

Old Joestar told Tasika that she must learn to judge for herself, the world doesn't have any free lunches and only interests are eternal.

Roger's words made Tasika understand the interests of the empire and the value of the orc tribe.

This sounds more reasonable than ‘saving the orc tribe because of a beautiful princess who sacrificed herself.’

And when Roger mentioned the Goddess of War, it made Tasika's thoughts flow instantly, thinking of the integration movement that old Joestar had been planning.

Without hesitation, she repeated the plan:

"Lord Charles, Princess Tequila still has a little reputation among the tribes. As long as you can let me out, I have the confidence to gather the elite orc's allied forces, integrate the tribes of the orcs, and obey the orders of the empire to fight against the gods."

Seeing that her eyes, that had been dark and dull had regained their light and seemed to have found the way forward again, a smile appeared in Roger's eyes.

Very good, you are already a mature puppet princess, it's time to go up and move by yourself.

As shown in the plot, Princess Tasika is kind and not stupid.

Although she believes in the Goddess of War, she always hopes that the orc tribe will manage to unite its strength.

For this goal, she can sacrifice herself.

Otherwise, she wouldn't take the initiative to cooperate with old Joestar to do those operations that went against her heart.

From this point of view, faith is the bond that binds everyone together, rather than the fertilizer that everyone uses faith as.

When the goddess cannot give protection to the tribe, she will also abandon the goddess.

On the other hand, if she thinks she can't escape the Empire, he will be able to make her a tool of the Empire and use the Orc tribe through her; but he was afraid that Tasika would be reluctant to obey.

And if she negotiates, she will fight for the interests and autonomy of the orcs until she asks for a price that neither the Queen of Eternal Night nor the imperial nobles can accept.

Tasika has the determination to die, and she can only do something for the beasts. She is not afraid of angering the Ivy Empire and causing her death.

That's why the Queen of Eternal Night sympathizes with Tasika but just sent Roger to try it.

Although it was the first time she saw this half-dragon princess, Octavier could understand the stubbornness in her bones and that she would rather not bend.

Different space times with similar encounters have created the same despair and uncertainty about the world.

Roger also understood her character and knew that it was completely useless to explain everything to her.

Many people have a very "cheap" side in their characters.

For the sake of her people, she tried hard to persuade Joestar and let herself be invaded, but he didn't appreciate it at all.

And because of her politeness and upbringing, he thought she was weak and could be bullied, giving birth to endless greed.

In turn, bullying her, humiliating her, and abusing her from a high position, he made her despair, drowned her self-confidence, made her worthless, made her see the cruelty of this world, and plunged her body and mind into the abyss.

Right now, he only needs to show a little tenderness to her and she will be caught desperately like a drowning person, crying and begging him to give her advice; she will do his bidding obediently without all the persuasion she wouldn't listen to normally.

She didn't get much but she was full of gratitude.

The routine used by Roger may be a bit sloppy, but if one is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer, how can it make sense?

After all, the things that Tasika cares about are there, and everyone takes advantage of their weakness. Is it noble to have to kill both the empire and the tribe?

Now Tasika has offered to integrate the orc tribes and pledge allegiance to the empire, and only the world where the Queen of Eternal Night was injured has been successfully built.

Well, it was the queen who first proposed to allow the orc tribe to become her vassal, but Roger used her reputation to scare Tasika successfully and made her a vicious woman in Tasika's heart...

I believe Her Majesty doesn't care about these details.

The blame entirely goes to the Church that has spared no effort in smearing the Queen of Eternal Night for so many years. Outside of the Empire, she is known as an unprecedented tyrant in this world.

Based on what the people of the clergy say, it is natural for the Queen to do terrible things.

Next Roger and Tasika begin negotiating a secret treaty that will never be made public.

The Empire will provide them strength, with limited military support and military guidance, to help Tasika build a new orc kingdom and integrate the scattered orc tribes.

This orc kingdom will be established in the name of revenge against the empire, increasing the cohesion of the tribes.

When the orc kingdom is built, it will declare hostility to the empire on the surface but send orc labor through the middle forces.

And it will receive funds from the empire to build new cities, roads, mines, etc., to ensure smooth trade between the two countries, etc.

At the same time, the Orc Kingdom should adopt wartime regulations to limit the activities of the Church of the Goddess of War in the territory until the expulsion is completed.

"Master Charles, are these the only conditions?"

After listening to Roger's speech, Tasika looked at Roger strangely.

Is this too loose? Doesn't this bring many benefits to the defeated country?

Are these all benefits that Lord Charles has won for us?

Khenpo Sak is quite barren, the orc tribes have always been poor, and small tribes that cannot eat enough are a familiar sight.

Even the big tribes will encounter disasters, and it will be very difficult.

Every winter, there are often tribes who want to organize the old and the weak to attack the border of the Green Vines Empire.

Not for victory, but only to consume part of the population, so that most people can survive the winter.

The treaty proposed by Roger now doesn't occupy, slaughter, or plunder, but instead helps the orcs to build a kingdom, provides jobs, helps them complete infrastructure construction, gives priority to guaranteeing various trades, etc.

Is this a male bodhisattva?

The only mandatory requirement is to restrict the activities of the Church of the Goddess of War.

But after what happened this time, Tasika would never believe in the Goddess of War, unless she was crazy.

Looking at this contract alone, those who don't know the outcome have reason to believe that the Orc tribe is the victorious party.

To prevent the queen's butcher's knife from falling, Tasika was willing to accept far more stringent conditions.

"Don't worry, I will do my best to convince Her Majesty and the nobles of the Empire." Roger showed a determined expression, "Compared to the Goddess of War, orcs are also victims. I sympathize with your situation."

"Mr. Charles, you are the kindest person in the world. The beasts will always remember your kindness... woo woo woo, you are so kind..."

Princess Tasika tightly grabbed the robe that Roger had put on her. No matter how desperate these days had been, she had shed no tears, but they were now suddenly rolling down like pearls falling off a broken thread.

She didn't want to cry, but Lord Charles gave too much!

In Tasika's view, Roger must have no selfishness.

Just now, she repeatedly expressed that she could give Roger "some compensation" in private to ensure the smooth signing of the treaty, but Roger rejected it.

It can be seen that Mr. Roger's character is noble.

He was sympathetic to the orcs' situation, so he was under pressure from the queen, and he wanted to find a way out for the orcs.

Seeing that she was about to faint from crying, Roger patted her on the shoulder. Who knew that Tasika would jump into his arms and hug his waist?

"Don't cry... um, alright alright!"

Faced with such a little princess who had just lost her country and her family, Roger didn't have the force to push her away and keep acting cool.

He could feel that Tasika had been working hard and she used herself as a last resort and a last negotiation tool.

He could only pat her on the back, silently comforting her.

However, he still couldn't help but secretly touch and tap the dragon's horn.

Cold, hard, a little bit of a row!

He was a little surprised at the current situation.

He was smiling to himself, thinking that he didn't have the burden of signing the contract, it was for Her Majesty. But is Tasika's attitude also within Her Majesty's expectations?

Is this princess too naive?

If it weren't for the fact that the orc tribe couldn't lose the silver, this treaty would be similar to the ones signed in the Qing Dynasty, but in the end, it received the gratitude of the head of the enemy country...

Roger hurriedly got rid of the image of Empress Dowager Cixi throwing herself into his arms and crying in the storm.

The half-dragon princess has silver hair, red eyes, horns, and a tail, she was very beautiful, how could that old witch with long nails compare?

With such a reaction, it can only be said that this Tequila princess doesn't know how the industrial country harvests the agricultural country.

The Orc Kingdom was able to take the opportunity to use its national strength, but it was a colony like Asan that died. The longer it'd last, the more dependent they would be on the Green Vines Empire.

Of course, the living standards of the people at the bottom will improve, which is what she cares about, but…

It can only be said that the lambs who were squeezed by the gods in the other world lived terribly.

Technological development was completely suppressed by the Church, and kingdoms were regularly instigated to fight. It was an endless medieval period where the power of the Church was strengthened by a hundred times...

This is the real Eternal Night Difficulty!

Tasika wanted to cry out all her grievances. She had been deceived and mocked by old Joestar these days. She felt that the water level had risen by one meter. She finally raised her head from Roger's arms, sniffed, and said apologetically, "Lord Charles, I lost my temper..."

She didn't mean to but, when he put his hand on her shoulder, she couldn't control her emotions...

"It's okay, um... you clean your tears yourself."

Normally, a gentleman would pass a tissue or something at this time, but this is a sea of ​​consciousness, and a person’s appearance is a projection of their thoughts.

Tasika just squeezed her face again.

She stuck out her tongue shyly. Not only did she clean up the tears on her face, but she also took the opportunity to arrange her hairstyle, put on makeup, and modify the details and size of her robe...

This made her look more pure and beautiful, with a slender figure, and added a bit of heroism.

This is the style that Princess Tequila should have, the fighting attitude on her face to suppress the orc tribe!

Anyway, in the mental world, you just need to think about it so it saves a lot of time.

She had made some adjustments on her appearance but it was really very discreet.

A straight man like Roger didn't notice the slight change. He only felt that Princess Tequila was more eye-catching, and thought it was because she had freshen up.

"If you have no opinion, then the secret treaty will be like this. I will do my best to ask Her Majesty to implement it like this and protect the interests of the orcs as much as possible."

Roger said he was submissive, but he was quite confident.

This treaty is a more modern sustainable cycle of harvesting leeks; providing just the labor, market and allies that the empire needs is far better than directly ruling the orc tribe.

As long as the final benefits of the puppet regime and direct occupation are calculated and slapped in the face, the Queen of Eternal Night will choose the former.

Even if she copied homework, she would have chosen to copy from a scholar.

And if the queen accepts it, it means the empire accepts it.

Tasika nodded, with adoration and reliance in her eyes, "Well, I believe in Lord Charles. I just hope you don't embarrass yourself too much, even if there are changes, we can only survive and the beasts are willing to cooperate. "

"Our ambitions are very big, please bear with me. But what the empire wants to accomplish is a great change unseen in ten thousand years that will let all intelligent life in the mortal world enjoy the blessings of magic. In the future, the output of food, cloth, salt, tea and metal tools will increase by dozens or hundreds of times and, at that time, these things will be sold to orcs at an unimaginable price, and your quality of life will naturally be greatly improved."

"Well, I believe Lord Charles!"

"The work that the orc workers have to do is to gather at a fixed point every day, manage food and housekeeping, and repeatedly operate alchemy equipment may be a bit boring, and they earn less than if they were mercenaries and guards, but they are better than safety..."

"Well, I believe Lord Charles!"

"The empire is developing magic to help people have children and the fertility rate of the orcs can be greatly increased."

"Well, I believe Lord Charles!"

"I believe in your size, I was just joking!"

Roger helplessly rubbed his brows and accepted.

The originally very clever Princess Tequila was abruptly crippled by him, and in turn, became his follower.

Could it be that she considers him a good person?

"Then... Do you have anything else to ask?" He was a little afraid to face Tasika's hot eyes when he looked over and was about to slip away.

Tasika's face suddenly turned solemn, and she asked sadly, "Sir, do you know why the orcs fought for the Goddess of War but the goddess didn't protect us?"

Seeing her expression, Roger could guess that this was a problem that had troubled her for a long time.

The disappointing attitude of the goddess is also the biggest disillusionment in her heart.

Roger used a metaphor that Tasika could understand, "The Bell people like to eat honey, but honey comes from flowers, so would you eat flowers directly?

This is what the believer means to the gods. The gods cannot directly draw the power of faith but must rely on believers. The material world is the hive, but the bees are separated from each other, fighting each other, donating honey for their development in exchange for the help of beekeepers outside the hive.

The orc tribe is just like a little bee who has received some benefits from the beekeeper, thinking that she is omnipotent and contributes honey without any regrets.

But in fact, beekeepers are huge and their hives are very small. Even if they put their hands in, they may break the packs. The Goddess of War can only affect our world indirectly. It's not that she doesn't want to shelter you, it's that she can't. "

Tasika understood at once, "The Queen of Eternal Night is a very powerful queen bee. She doesn't want to collect honey for the beekeepers and she also forbids other bees to do so, which arouses the anger of the beekeepers. The beekeepers are helpless for the time being so they send people to interfere. But, why did the queen do this? Wouldn't the gods protect the hive from being attacked by other monsters? Providing honey to the gods should be a win-win situation, right?"

"How do you know that monster is not pretending to be a beekeeper?" Roger sneered, "The power of faith comes from the source of life, and the source of life comes from the sea of ​​faith. This is a non-renewable resource on the material plane—the driving force for the continuous birth of new life. So in fact, bees also need honey to feed the next generation. If the honey is sucked away by the gods, what do you think the world will be like?”

"Without the new generation, the old bees will also die, and eventually they will disappear." Tasika's eyes widened in horror.

"This is the origin of the planes of death where only the undead wander."

Roger sighed, breaking the beauty of the gods and the last trace of yearning in her heart.

The war between the Green Vines Empire and the Church of the Seven Gods should be a war between this plane and the gods.

However, most intelligent beings like the orc tribe, indulge in the dreams woven by the gods.

Many rulers also understand the truth of the gods, but it takes a very long time to drain a plane. It is long enough for the short-lived species to complete their path of ignorance. Why should they care about the too-distant issue of the birth and death of planes?

Looking at the princes and generals in this world, there is only one Queen of Eternal Night.

This is also the reason why she was so lonely before.