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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 91

2022-08-27 01:41:06Publish Time: 2,393 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 91 The first fan girl

The city of mystery, the ice room.

It was late at night, and little Joey's office was lit with magic crystal lamps. She was sorting out the manuscripts she received today, showing a knowing smile from time to time.

Sure enough, everything was as expected by that bad guy.

He bullied her very badly so it was uncomfortable for her to walk now.

But seeing that the magicians in the mysterious city were all toyed with by his arrangements, little Joey still had a strange sense of superiority.

I know that I was bullied by that bad guy, but these idiots don't know it yet. They are still complacent!

A little woman who is in love sees that the world is constantly bursting with pink heart-shaped bubbles.

But there's nothing wrong with Little Joey's complaints.

The all-powerful magicians, no matter how high their status, are now successfully led by the "New Arcane", and they have joined this discussion that is likely to change the meaning of the magicians' existence.

As the bad guy said, a gentleman can be deceived.

These magicians who have delved into the depths of magic may not care about fame and fortune but, when it comes to the discussion of "the way forward", one by one they will act like chicks.

Dean Hall took the lead in resisting the tower, and the old faction followed!

And if it is different from the papers required by "New Arcane", the submission can go to "Arcana Talk" where it only needs to have something to say.

Earlier Little Joey asked someone to send the invitation for the draft. In half a day, she got hundreds of masterpieces.

They are not too wordy but they are well-organized and have sufficient arguments.

Coupled with those illustrious names, it will certainly be very effective to release this——

It is guaranteed to make the water in the magician world more mixed!

The only headache for little Joey is that the "Arcane Miscellaneous" has limited space, so many beautiful discussions cannot be included, and a choice must be made.

"Isn't the bad guy coming back? Forget it, I'll have nothing to do if I go back home anyway, let's continue working..."

Little Joey looked at Roger's office, which was still dark, and felt empty in her heart, so she could only turn her attention to her work.

It's just that the anxiety and feeling of loss she felt yesterday are gone. Today, when she thinks of that person again, she is happy and satisfied.

It seems that the whole world has become beautiful because of the presence of Lord Roger, and the air is sweet!

The work is very tiring and boring but, as long as she thinks that this is a career created by the two of them, that it is beneficial to the entire empire, and that even the Queen of Eternal Night pays attention to her, she also feels very proud!

Look at the one I like, what a talented young man!

It's just that it's difficult to be in love with a genius. He is too busy, so he will have a lot less time to accompany her...

Although it doesn't mean that the more ability the greater the responsibility, it is obvious that, with the ability Mr. Roger is showing now, there should be no chance for him to act like an ordinary civil servant and just finish his job, get off work on time and then go out with his girlfriend, right?

Little Joey sighed softly, inevitably feeling a little disappointed.

She actually slept until the afternoon today, only to wake up to find that Roger was no longer around; he had simply left a note saying he went to the front line to watch the battle.

At that moment, little Joey felt uncomfortable. After such a crazy and intense entanglement, she woke up without her boyfriend's hugs and sweet words and was just left with an empty bed...

If Montgomery knew, would she be laughed at again?

But actually, I should be content.

At first, I only wanted a place where I could see him, but now I have seen everything that should and shouldn't be seen...


In the future, Lord Roger's life may be turbulent and magnificent, but as long as I keep the ice room running normally and share his work pressure as much as possible when he comes back here, I can spend more time with him. La~

The plan is perfect.

The energetic girl quickly adjusted her state of mind and showed a bright smile.

She has never asked too much from the world and her lover.

As long as she can have a place in his heart, even if it is a very small place, he will still be able to see that she is working hard and give her a touch of encouragement.

It's even better to have a hug!

An owl jumped out of the old magic clock on the wall making a cooing sound, reminding her it was midnight.

Only then did little Joey realize that she had been thinking about that person for half an hour already and she hurriedly tapped her head:

"I've gotten much more favor than I originally wanted, so don't be too greedy, Joey-chan!"

She couldn't say good morning or good night, she wouldn't be able to sleep when she went back, so she decided to continue working.

I'm not sure if he will come here.

I can't see the twelfth hour of Lord Roger. I miss him, miss him, miss him.

I don't know where he is now. Is the battle going well? Is he injured? Is he in a good mood?

Alien space, Tasika's ocean of consciousness.

Roger didn't leave.

It wasn't that he wanted to linger in the body of the Half-Dragon Princess, but the Queen of Eternal Night gave him a one-way ticket and didn't tell him how to get back to his body.

A rookie magician like him would not dare to rashly cross the ocean of consciousness by himself.

If I can't return to my body, it will get cold!

He couldn't show himself losing his self-control. After all, in front of Tasika he was pretending to be a strong man who could protect the orc tribe.

If it is revealed that he is a waste brother, Tasika will inevitably worry exponentially whether Roger has enough energy to bring them a chance at life...

So after answering Tasika's question, Roger held down the magic beacon on his leg and quietly asked the Queen of Eternal Night to pull him back.

The response he got was, "Her Majesty is busy, please try again later."

He pressed it again and the response was still the same, except that it was replaced by some characters.

At that moment, Roger just wanted to dig out the letter on his leg.

Come on, why?

The queen can make trouble by posting selfies while I'm sleeping, but now I can't even send a message?

I have finished talking. I want to go back to the city, Your Majesty, what am I still doing here?

Do you want me to talk to Princess Tequila about things that shouldn't be discussed?

He just felt that the empress was getting more and more outrageous, it was simply unreasonable.

But he had no choice.

This is the magic beacon cast by the Queen of Eternal Night, and she has absolute control.

At this time, the Queen of Eternal Night is building constructions in the inner demon realm of the Eris worm; she wants to transform it into a spiritual space where other magicians can conduct virtual battles!

Originally, the cross-space signal was not very good. She was annoyed by it, so she temporarily blocked all the magic devices and spells that could contact her.

Don't bother me, I'll concentrate on experimenting with some bold ideas!

She was trapped in the Demon Realm and was tortured before, but now the Eris Demon Bug obediently handed over the highest authority, and the Queen of Eternal Night immediately found that the creative mode was really fun.

It's infinitely large, infinitely real, and you can build a spectacle-level building in one second with various magic special effects MODs. Do you like "Minecraft"?

Here, as long as she wants to, she can create an infinitely vast world!

The Queen of Eternal Night only regrets that she liberated all those lost souls at that time, otherwise the NPCs in this world would be several levels smarter.

But it doesn't matter, in the future, she can slowly feed this stinky cricket.

The Eris worm is still a rare species in the astral world, and the one selected by Shady is the most powerful among them.

These little things that are about to become sophisticated, are cautious by nature, the first to cheat people, and the first to escape.

As long as they hide in their inner demon realm, no one really can catch them.

That is to say, Shady has accumulated countless years of knowledge in the Church. She knew how to control the Eris worm, and to a certain extent, she used this knowledge for herself.

And when the Queen of Eternal Night broke the Demon Realm head-on, she left her alive because she was thinking about the Eris Demon Worm that she was going to catch alive, and locked on to its coordinates in the Demon Realm.

As soon as she stretched out her hand, she used terrifying magic power to frighten it to the point it pretended to be dead and she easily retrieved it.

The Eris worm also wanted to cry but had no tears. If it wasn't blinded by Shady's magic circle, it would have rather died than provoke this woman!

Among all the legendary powerhouses of the multiverse, the Queen of Eternal Night is at the top of the ranking.

There are not many bells and whistles, highlighting a simple and rude kind that can play.

After that, she saw through the fact it was pretending to be dead so it could only listen to the command of the Queen of Eternal Night and cooperate with the modifications.

Studying magic has always been the Queen's greatest interest, otherwise, she wouldn't possess such strength.

After getting materials she has never played with before, the Queen of Eternal Night is already enjoing herself and has long forgotten that she has blocked the signal, so she can concentrate on preparing some great fun for the magicians.

"When the time comes, I'll throw in the wretched man who descended on Tasika as the ultimate monster, and I'll let the imperial magicians abuse him three thousand times a day!"

With a wicked smile, the Queen of  Entral Night praised her bold idea.

Old Joestar, who was trying to decipher the alien space, felt inexplicably cold in his vest and the movements of his hands tightened a bit.

The Queen of Eternal Night couldn't tell whether it was work or fun, but Roger was suffering.

Without her help, he was stuck in Tasika's ocean of consciousness.

Moreover, the queen is not an operator, so there is no distinction between calls, text messages, and traffic. Once it is blocked, it's completely blocked, and he cannot even leave a message for her.

Roger can only send a message from time to time to see if Her Majesty is busy and, at the same time, keep smiling and chatting with Tasika.

This chat can't be too embarrassing, at least it has to be a serious topic, and Tasika can't tell that this "young strong man" is forced to stay here with her because of the queen is delaying his teleportation.

Fortunately, Roger has done live broadcasts and his chatting skills are quite high.

He bullshitted Tasika, depicting the grand prospects after the industrialization of magic.

After this topic is launched, there is a lot worth talking about. He only needs to put a magic punk skin on the rabbit of development achievements over the years to fool the half-dragon princess who already admires him and is convinced by him so much.

Unlike the Queen of Eternal Night who prefers weapons of war, the orc tribe has been poor for so many years, and Tashica is more concerned about people's livelihood.

Magic-enhanced rice, solar-powered magic collectors, tool assistants, interconnected dream worlds, anti-gravity magic trains.

Roger was talking nonsense about the possibility of using magic to realize technological products. Tasika was stunned when she heard it. She looked at Roger with admiration.

Lord Charles is 10,000 times greater than those blood-sucking gods!

He is different from the ordinary powerhouses in this world.

Ordinary strong people only want to be faster, higher, and stronger, and they usually pay attention to their fellow magicians.

Never waste time thinking about how people without magical talent can live better.

But Lord Charles was born with the compassion of a saint and is concerned about the life, old age, sickness and death of ordinary people.

Tasika felt more and more that Roger was a miracle that fate gave back to her prayers.

Meeting him used up my fortune of three lifetimes, it used up the orc tribe's fortune of three lifetimes, and Entong will be recreated.

Roger is only talking about common inventions in later generations, but it is also the embodiment of his unrestrained creativity in Tasika.

As long as Lord Charles is willing to talk, she can't get tired of listening to it for three days and three nights!

But it wasn't just about his talk. Looking at Lord Charles like this, she couldn't get tired of watching him for three days and three nights...

By accident, Roger's most loyal fan in his life, and the number one fan girl was born.

Tasika has gratitude, dependence, and admiration for Roger, and she regards him as a saint in her heart, so she will execute every order without hesitation.

As long as Roger gives an order, she is willing to give everything and believes that he will never harm her.

Unlike Little Joey's obedience to Roger, Tasika's feelings should not be counted as love between men and women.

It came about because he gave her redemption in a desperate situation but Roger's thinking is very different from this era and is deeply rooted, many of his inspirations start from "the weak without demons", which naturally looks different.

It happened to meet Tasika's long-cherished wish to make the orc tribe stronger together, so she was even more determined and regarded Roger as the miracle God gave her.

Roger is more of a chatter, because not only does he speak to her, but he also heuristically gives Tasika a chance to participate in the process of enchanting the whimsical ideas for the future.

Some boys like to brag incessantly and girls just keep praising them, but it might just be lip service.

Only when the two sides are stimulated to chat enthusiastically can they make each other comfortable.

The advancement of civilization will make the soul fit in many times more intoxicating than the physical fit.

Roger and Tasika found a common topic, and the conversation became more and more speculative.

Tasika gradually became more serious, and she didn't just nod her head. She was very daring to refute Lord Charles' logical loophole.

She gradually showed her intelligence and wisdom, and Roger admired her more than he did at the beginning.

In the ocean of consciousness, a man and a woman are sitting on the ground, imagining delicious food and drinks at will, without worrying about getting fat, and the atmosphere of their exchange is quite good.

Both sides forgot about the passage of time and, when the Queen of Eternal Night finally responded, Roger was a little bit reluctant to part.

"We will continue today's topic when Her Highness arrives in the capital."

While Roger said goodbye, he also made an invitation for the next time.

"As long as it doesn't delay Sir Charles' arrangement, we can do it", Tasika replied with a low eyebrow.

She didn't show it on her face, but she felt even more uncomfortable about the sudden farewell.

After all, Roger is a modern person. With such things as chat tools, it is easy to find like-minded people.

But on Tasika's side there are not only nobles who only want to fight and loot but also poor people who can't get enough to eat.

It's very special, very different, very nice, very joyous...

But Roger is gone and she will be alone here again, returning the place to a cage-like seabed.

But the good news is that Charles promised her that Her Majesty would solve the problem of old Joestar.

And she also has to study in the mysterious capital for a while, and then go to the leader of the orc kingdom.

At that time, will I be able to see Lord Charles again?

In the past, Tasika hated the Ivy Empire, which was a powerful enemy that hindered the orc tribes from getting around to the east. They occupied the rich land and blocked the way for the orcs to go east. They could only dig for food in the barren sand.

Now because of Roger, she's starting to believe that the Imperials aren't all war criminals and megalomaniacs.

Among them, there are also good-hearted, noble, far-sighted, and good-looking strong men like Lord Charles!

Tasika Caccini has +99 favorability towards the Empire!

The mysterious capital, Fengling Moon Shadow Palace.

When Roger woke up on the clean and soft bed, it was a new day.

Although the Queen of Eternal Night brought him back, she still had some things to deal with, so she let him wait in the palace temporarily.

Roger was also helpless.

Returning to the capital, looking at the time, he was a little worried about his little woman. Wouldn't she just wait for him to go back stupidly?

But one can only be teleported out of the Queen's bedroom by her and, if he wants to leave, Roger has no other choice but to use his flying shoes.

He could only first check the two system prompts he received after returning to his body:

"Ding, the lying flat system detected that the host was emotionally stable yesterday, and obtained a random treasure chest. Do you want to open it?"

"Ding, the lying flat system detects that the integration between the host and this world has improved, and unlocks the new function 'guarantee'."

Two reminders in a row, one of which Roger didn't expect at all, but also gave rise to expectations.

This dog's system has been inactive for so long and, every time until now, it has given him various cooking skills, which has made him proficient in French and Japanese winemaking and Mexican food.

He wondered if it had been through a journey. Could it be that it came back to improve the food for the Queen of Eternal Night?

This time around, the dog system should finally give me some surprises and strengthen me, right?

He is still looking forward to the function of guarantee.