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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 89

2022-08-13 13:08:30Publish Time: 2,541 views
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Chapter 89 Waiting for her to confess first

At this time, Roger appeared in a deep seabed.

The strange thing is that he can breathe directly in the sea without suffocating.

Having experienced the field of inner demons, he can understand that this is the characteristic of the spiritual world.

As long as you subjectively think you can do it, then there is a high probability that you can do it.

Magicians recognize that places like the astral world are dangerous and they must be cautious every time they explore them, because the rules there are very different from those of the material plane and many of them go against common sense.

It is too late to think when an emergency arises and counting on your muscle memory of the material world might be your downfall.

A reckless adventurer who is not experienced enough, no matter how strong he is, may be killed by the aborigines who live there.

This was the first time Roger had entered the ocean of consciousness, but because he was sent in by the Queen of Eternal Night and trusted in her strength, he thought he would not be in danger and directly avoided an immediate drowning.

After observing for a while, it was a pitch-black sea bottom where you couldn't see far. He was just glad that he didn't have a deep-sea phobia.

Not far away, he found a girl with dragon horns, red eyes, and a stubborn expression.

She was only wearing light pajamas, and she was artistically tied up by water plants. She was showing off her beautiful figure, which had a kind of blasphemous beauty.

That beautiful little face, that was a mixture of sadness, pity, helplessness and anger, involuntarily reminded Roger of the Queen of Eternal Night on the city wall.

Her Majesty's figure is much better than that of the Half-Dragon Princess. If she dresses like this, then get tied up...

I kind of like it!

Damn, no, that woman's shadow, why does it feel so ubiquitous now?

Roger realized something was wrong with him.

Roger, Roger, you have fallen!

Facing the beautiful girl with white hair and red eyes, he didn't respond and, instead, just wanted to slap Her Majesty, who was becoming more and more invincible, and even learned to seduce people.

Roger stood on the spot and didn't go up to greet Tasika immediately since he felt that he needed some time to calm down.

Her encounters in the field of inner demons and her victory over her inner demons have changed the Queen of Eternal Night a lot.

And he also seems to have undergone a lot of changes...

The most obvious thing is that his lust and yearning for the Queen have become bigger!

In the game, her stand-up modeling CG is excellent, and she was selected as the most popular female character of the year.

But, except for certain moments, after crossing over to this world, Roger was a little respectful, afraid and helpless when faced with the strong aura of the Queen of Eternal Night.

He was greedy for her body but, with her strength and character, he felt that he had no chance.

For an ordinary student, daring to chase after school flowers is courage and daring to chase after big stars is a joke.

Roger is not an ordinary student in this world but the Queen of Eternal Night is not comparable to those high level celebrities on Earth.

She is indeed the national idol of the empire, but she is also the absolute leader and military governor who truly controls life and death to create the glory of this country.

To say that she is a humanoid nuclear weapon is not an exaggeration, right?

So Roger always wanted to stay away from this scumbag queen, as much as possible, so as not to lose himself.

But fate is a wicked little bastard. He came to this place to watch a war, but he encountered the Queen of Eternal Night who was ambushed by the Eris worm.

After seeing the weak and needy Queen of Eternal Night in the Demon Realm, and hugging her with his own hands, Roger's mentality was inevitably a little tweaked.

The invincible Queen of Eternal Night is essentially a greedy girl; isn't she also a little silly girl who needs psychological counseling, otherwise she will make herself feel guilty?

Let's work hard, maybe I have a chance!

His mentality at this time was different from that of people who occasionally wanted to sleep with each other.

Now Roger is already thinking about how to attack the Queen of Eternal Night.

This is the difference between planning and daydreaming.

Planning is thinking about how to complete something and daydreaming is thinking about what posture to use after completion.

The latter is pure thinking and nothing will happen, no one knows anyway, but the former can lead to failure...

It's possible to lose your head!

Hey, this queen also doesn't talk about martial arts, so why did she develop into a female fairy?

Roger felt that these actions could be the first move of the Queen of Eternal Night.

Therefore, he's confused by the Queen of Eternal Night performance.

A man is a kind of creature who looks at you once on the street and thinks about which elementary school our child should go to...

That's why he analyzed the situation as if he were the famous strategist Zhuge Liang afterward and found that the Queen of Eternal Night was giving him a lot of attention and care.

She didn't give one more glance at the crowd but pursued him to the Great Library...

This is not the level of attention that should be given to ordinary courtiers and girl friends and younger brothers, right?

And the magic beacon on his leg...

Could it be that the Queen has these kinds of feelings for me?

Roger analyzed it.

He found that his biggest advantage was that he had no competitors!

In such an empire, there are probably tens of millions of men who admire the Queen of Eternal Night, but there is not a single one who dares to take action and can take action.

In the hearts of the imperial people, the queen is high above the ground, more significant than the gods, how could it be possible for her to fall in love...

So no matter how good the Queen of Eternal Night is, no man will send flowers and lipsticks to her, no man will try to romance her and write love letters and no man will resort to all kinds of shameless routines to stalk her...

As long as you have the guts, the Queen will take maternity leave, right?

Roger hurriedly covered his mouth, fearing that he would scare Tasika by making a silly noise.

Calm down, calm down, and don't be blindly optimistic.

Just think about the above things, you can't become a puffer fish.

Hold on, don't overthink it!

In case the Queen doesn't have these kinds of feelings at all, that is, if I go to her and get affectionate only to see her make a disgusted face and say that she likes my sister more, I will be embarrassed to death.

Maybe she will become angry and say, "You are delusional, ant", and my life will be in danger.

After all, she is the queen, what kind of young talent has she never seen before?

I, the transmigrator, will be invincible in the world ten years from now, but I am still a younger brother who needs care from others.

However, I can stay by the Queen's side and observe her more. I must first try to understand the Queen's attitude. Is there any problem?

Roger gradually calmed down and found that he had many opportunities to interact with the Queen of Eternal Night.

In the short term, there will be negotiations on the Orc tribe's side, in the medium term there will be "New Arcane", the Tianming Army and, in the long term, there will be Dio as a cabinet minister who can be in contact with her.

Even if the queen's thoughts are deeply hidden, as long as time goes by, he will be able to understand her heart, right?

Moreover, with these opportunities to interact with her, he can also use them to show his charm and abilities, so that she can get used to his existence, becomes unable to separate from him, or even depends on him!

Anyway, as long as I don't confess, I won't lose, as long as I keep developing goodwill.

One day, he'll show a series of high-end operations and make the big bombing and battle robot that the queen has been longing for. Shouldn't he wait for such a good situation and let her confess first?

After some careful thinking, although Roger was not afraid to investigate the Queen of Eternal Night's attitude towards him, he had decided not to think about running away anymore.

Now, as long as the queen dares to confess, he will dare to agree!

On the surface, this is just a small step forward, but it is a big step in the relationship between the two...

Well, probably, I can't get away from it anymore!

Roger turned his attention back to the Princess Tequila in front of him.

After realizing that the Queen "may be interested in him", he felt that the Queen's arrangement for him to negotiate might also be a test.

Otherwise, how could she suddenly understand the strategy?

It is to use an impossible thing to test him!

It's like an interview. After the first round, there will be a second round. If you fail, you may not be directly out of the competition.

But the problem is, this paper is not easy to answer...

Roger scratched his head a little because the Queen of Eternal Night gave him too much freedom.

No bottom-line conditions were given, she just let him talk first and then report.

It's as if the title of the composition is "Untitled". It's too open and it's not easy to start.

He is good at writing short essays with full marks on an existing topic.

Roger was thinking about the character of Princess Tasika, the current situation of the orc tribe and the current needs of the empire...

He felt that simply talking about a vassal state that paid tribute and renewed allegiance every year would not give him a full score.

It is necessary to turn the orc tribe into a hard-core ally who takes the initiative to fight against the tyranny of the gods.

The good news is that she is just a devout follower of the Goddess of War, not yet a fanatic.

So there is room for manipulation!

Roger had a general strategy in mind and moved directly to Tasika.

He stood with his hands behind his back, wearing a black aristocratic rigid robe, he looked like a strong man.

Anyway, this is the ocean of idealistic consciousness. As long as you think you are strong, you will shine!

After watching so many anime, video games, and games, he still knows how to build a character.

A handsome guy suddenly appeared in front of Tasika, who showed surprise and shock in her eyes.

Roger didn't give her too much time to react. He raised his hand slightly and untied the water plants entangled around her. His voice was deafening and had reverberation, "Tasika Caccini, you are a sinner of the orc tribe."

Based on what he learned, if he acts imposing first, lowers the opponent's status, what he'll say next will make her lose a bit of confidence.

Although Tasika was in despair, she had been watching the battle between the orc coalition and the imperial army.

It is natural for her to recognize that Roger is the "strong young man" beside the Queen of Eternal Night, who reversed the offensive and defensive positions by himself and caused heavy losses to the orc coalition.

In the face of the winner, the loser is inherently weak, and the sentence "sinner" directly broke her defense.

This is the truth!

Self-blame and guilt flooded into her heart, draining all of Tasika's strength and, after losing the support of the binding, she sat down on the ground, raised her head and smiled sadly, "What Lord Charles said is exact, if it wasn't for me not being able to see the High Priest of The wolf's ambitions, the orcs would not have become so miserable."

She had thought thousands of times that if she had fought to the death when old Joestar first came, and if she had led a head-on confrontation between the orc coalition and the Rommel army, even if the orc empire was defeated, how could Serena end up like this? The city was slaughtered and the remaining tribes were unable to fight again, right?

The most uncomfortable thing now is that the tribal people haven't accused her yet, and the imperial people feel that her behavior is ridiculous.

Roger didn't expect that he could achieve such a good effect with just one sentence.

No, sister, is this a direct confession?

I thought that it would be kind of difficult!

The princesses of this world have a very strong sense of responsibility, and they are always ready to take the blame...

The quality of the enemy is too high, but Roger is a little uncomfortable, feeling that he has become the most hated self-media such as Mimon.

But after thinking about it, if Tasika doesn't cooperate, the fate of the orc tribe will only be worse. It's a good thing for her to recognize the reality sooner.

With the means of thunder, follow the heart of a bodhisattva.

I don't just want to make money, just like somebody, who is blood buns.

He continued to speak at full volume as if reading a judgment book:

"The orc priest Joestar created a bloody night in Odu, hurting 100,000 innocent civilians in the Empire. Her Majesty was furious and asked the orc tribe to return it a hundredfold, and the desert was stained with blood; and you set a trap and sacrificed the upper class of the tribe as sacrifices, plotting against Her Majesty, plotting against the Rommel Legion, just now Her Majesty has ordered all the orcs to be killed!"

Tasika's face was pale and bloodless, and her teeth were gritted.

The Queen of Eternal Night lives up to her reputation. She is a ruthless woman who will take revenge, inhumane...

Joestar and his son are even worse bastards. Why do you think about provoking her!?

Just when she was about to fall into despair, her eyes darkening, she heard Roger's words :

"But I think the life of the orcs is also important. You can fight for a last chance to atone for your sins; whether you can save tens of millions of innocent lives in the tribe depends on your performance."

Roger tried his best to keep his voice as calm as possible without any emotion, to appear indifferent to the life and death of the tribe.

Although Tasika didn't understand it before, she was taught by old Joestar these days and knew that her beauty was valuable. She immediately understood this "performance" and her appearance turned pitiful.

Although she felt disgusted in her heart, she was still cruel, and her garment were torn down, revealing her collarbone and half a sphere, leaving her helpless like a little white flower, "Sir, I will perform well and give everything to my lord, as long as it makes my lord happy, you can do anything..."

Compared with old Joestar who sold more than 30 of his own, at least the young man in front of her is not bad, and he is also strong. If he can save the orcs, it's not a loss...

Is there even a little profit?

Roger raised his hand and a wave swept over Tasika, "Don't play with such small tricks, the empire conquers the Quartet, do we lack princesses who are more beautiful than you and higher in status than you in the abyss mill?"

Tasika raised her head, seeing his face full of disgust, she was in a panic.

Isn't that the performance that Lord Charles mentioned?

It's because I'm self-indulgent, what else can I do?

I am a princess who has nothing and is trapped in the depths of the ocean of consciousness, what else can I show?

Seeing her panicked and helpless expression, Roger knew that his plan was accomplished.

Since his appearance, he first aroused Tasika's guilt toward the orc tribe and then let her know the desperate situation of the orc tribe.

Then he gave her a little hope, seemingly threatening her beauty.

When she decides to self-sacrifice, tell her immediately that she guessed wrong and break her last pride.

This loop is complete, repeatedly pulling the top torture.

As a princess whose country and family are ruined, her arrogant appearance has been dismissed, and she has lost the only bargaining chip she could put on the table in the end, how could she not panic?

Tasika's mind went blank; she was desperate to save the orc tribe, but she didn't know what to do.

Roger started by slapping and beating Tasika half to death, and then he took a gentle attitude.

He leaned down and pulled Tasika up, a robe appeared in his hand and he put it on her, and his voice warmed Tasika's body and mind like a spring breeze:

"There is a proverb in the empire, the enemy of the enemy is a friend. I know that the real culprit of the bloody night in the capital is the Goddess of War. As long as the orcs are willing to contribute to our fight against the gods, I can fight for you in front of Her Majesty."

Tasika was already in despair and when she heard Roger's soft voice, which pointed out a way to survive for the orc tribe, she felt a light shining in the darkness and, suddenly, there was hope.

Was the boy in front of him the miracle she had been praying for?