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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 70

2022-06-07 10:17:10Publish Time: 3,576 views
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Chapter 70 Self-hypnosis can also loaf around?

Little Joey was very puzzled by Roger's behavior.

These days he's been circling three places: the ice room, Charles House, and Fengling Moon Shadow Palace.

It has only been ten days since the bloody night of Odu, and the security level of each of these three places is quite high.

The Fengling Moon Shadow Palace even had the Queen in charge.

Under such circumstances, which magician would have the opportunity to read his mind? Isn't it a waste of time to make her do this kind of inspection?

The young lord knows that I'm his, but as soon as we meet, I need to cosplay as a female doctor?

Hey, could it be that he has some special interest?

Cross-dressing, role-playing and then what...

Does he also find this interesting?

Roger waited for a long time, but little Joey looked shy, he was completely bewildered.

Why is your face boiling like a teapot?

I'm serious about this examination!

But, he didn't dare to say that he doubted the Queen of Eternal Night.

He has no confidence at all. If he falls into the river with the Queen of Eternal Night, little Joey will save her first...

He can only be forced to be a middleman, "Good girl, I really can't say much about this, and you won't understand, but can you check it for me without asking for any explanation? It should be the most subtle kind; as I am now, you're the only one I can trust!"

The words "only one" are extremely lethal to women.

Little Joey also happened to be the kind of person who is sensitive to this. Feeling that she was depended on, she didn't ask any more questions.

Eternal Night World's mind-reading and memory-reading spells are very difficult to master.

Moreover, they are all spiritual spells that forcefully invade the soul, which will cause considerable damage to the subject's ocean of consciousness.

Usually, it can only be used after subduing the target.

If the target's mental strength is strong with a relentless will to resist, there is also the possibility of a failure or even a backlash.

But the magical accomplishments of the Queen of Eternal Night are immeasurable, and Roger knows that his strength is nowhere near hers. Maybe, it would be possible for her to play a trick on him and quietly enter his inner self.

However, no matter how magical magic is, many basic rules must be followed.

This is also the basis for Roger's desire to introduce scientific thinking into the field of magic.

One of them is a law called the "Seesaw phenomenon" by magicians.

When a single spell strengthens a certain attribute, it will inevitably weaken other attributes.

On that day, Joestar performed magic on Angelina, and made it completely hidden from the inquiring eyes of the legendary powerhouses.

Consequently, his magic only had a very limited effect on Angelina.

For that very reason, it should be possible to find something out; if the Queen of Eternal Night spends her time hiding her mind-reading skill from her subjects, it will inevitably be lacking in other aspects.

Her high magical attainments can weaken the seesaw phenomenon, but even the gods cannot eliminate it to create perfect spells.

That's why Roger felt that little Joey, with her magister's strength, had a high probability of discovering the traces of his mind being read.

When a flying thief blows up the gate and rob the vault, facing the ruins, you don't need to be Sherlock Holmes to remark, "Wow, this place has been robbed," right?

As long as the queen takes action, it will leave some traces.

Give little Joey enough time, and she should be able to find clues.

Ten minutes after the inspection started.

Little Joey was very careful and meticulous and made a complete exploration of Roger's ocean of consciousness.

She said with great certainty, "President, you have no trace of being invaded by mind-reading or any other spiritual spells."

"You check again."

"As you will."

It took fifteen minutes this time.

"President, I didn't find it."

"Just in case, do it again."

Twenty minutes later.


"Do it again..."

"No, I really can't."

Roger opened his eyes, only to find that little Joey was pale and had no strength at all.

It shouldn't be, it's just a simple inspection, can you be so exhausted?

Little Joey was also aggrieved.

During the inspection, she discovered a very outrageous thing, "The spiritual power of the lord is much higher than mine, and it is particularly difficult to enter each time. Every time I move in his ocean of consciousness, I have to endure huge pain and it consumes my magic and spiritual power exponentially. I really can't stand it anymore."

Seeing her pitiful appearance as though she was on the verge of being totally depleted, Roger also felt distressed, knowing that it would be impossible to force her any further.

Holding little Joey in his arms, he comforted her with kind words, "I was too negligent. Next time I push you too hard, no need to hold on."

"It was done in order to make you feel at ease, my lord..."

"Well, I'm relieved, and now it should be enough to rule out that I've been invaded by mind-reading."

"You can rest assured, my lord. I want to sleep in your arms, okay?"

She was really on the verge of exhaustion, her voice was as thin as a cat's, she looked pitiful, and her fingers were gently stroking Roger's chest.

Roger couldn't help but kiss her on the forehead, "Rest, it's really hard on you today."

With a satisfied smile, Little Joey lay on Roger's chest and gently closed her eyes.

After noticing the girl's even breathing, Roger fell into thought.

After being reminded by little Joey, he just remembered that he had been strengthened by the system treasure chest.

It's just that he didn't know what the "100 units" mentioned by the system refered to, and how strong it was.

Now, based on what little Joey said, his spiritual power is stronger than hers as a magister?

This should be said to be good news.

Strong mental strength means that it is difficult for someone to read his mind.

As long as he refuses to cooperate and his willpower is strong enough, a legendary mage can't read his mind successfully, let alone silently invade him.

With such a strong mental power, the Queen of Eternal Night can't read his mind easily, right?

Maybe in the future, I should continue to strengthen my spiritual power and look for opportunities to avoid being read by the boss and reveal the secret that I am a transmigrator.

"However, if she hasn't read my mind, it means I have been crushed by her IQ today? This... it's even more difficult to accept!"

Roger showed a distressed look of "I lost".

Since he proposed "New Arcane", he took advantage of the Queen of Eternal Night's desire for this magazine. He took advantage of it in every way possible and directed the Queen to do a lot of things.

He deluded himself quite a bit, thinking he had mastered this scumbag woman.

However, the Queen of Eternal Night counterattacked in a neat wave, predicted several moves of his in a row, completely blocked Roger's retreat, and the price she demanded just stepped on his psychological bottom line, forcing him to start "Arcana Talk".

The feeling of being forced to launch it is uncomfortable.

Originally, he wanted to wait for "New Arcane" to be fully formalized and to have recruited enough talents so that he could launch this kind of weekly magazine only by assigning tasks to them.

But due to the strong intervention of the Queen of Eternal Night, he was forced to launch it ahead of schedule.

This completely disrupted Roger's rhythm.

He also understood that he never had control over the Queen of Eternal Night, she just cooperated with the performance before...

Damn it, the more beautiful a woman is, the more deceitful she is!

Apparently, the queen's extreme excitement was just a mean to fool me, but she wants too much and I am afraid she's going to play me to death...

Or should I surrender to the Seven Gods?

Roger sighed, knowing that it was too late for this idea.

His ties to the empire are getting tighter by the minute. From relatives to friends, they are all very loyal to the empire, and they would rather die than follow him to the opposite side...

Since you can't change the environment, change yourself!

Roger sighed helplessly.

During the ten days of preparing for "New Arcane", I have earned a random treasure chest each day, but I haven't obtained any useful props or skills.

The god-level Chinese cooking skill is probably slighty useful since he can teach a lot of new dishes to the chefs in Charles House.

This system's yield is not as good as the Thin Wax Nest for improving his combat power.

So in this small game, the Queen of Eternal Night fought back and won?

Well, that's not the point.

The point is that Roger has completely figured out that the lie-flat system is all about his state of mind.

As long as he is happy and he lays down flat, he gets a reward.

He had been running around for the "New Arcane" he proposed before, but in the end he managed to lie down, setting a new record for consecutively harvesting treasure chests.

Now that "New Arcane" is on the right track, the Queen of Eternal Night forcibly shoved an "Arcana Talk" to him, but do you think it can disrupt my rhythm?

Too naive!

As long as I believe in my heart that "Arcana Talk" is what I want to do, I can still get a random treasure chest!

["Arcana Talk" is Facebook, my Zaun server, and the land I want to fight in! 】

["Arcana Talk" can drive the sales of "New Arcane", it is a necessary part of perfecting "New Arcane", and it is the job I long for!】

["Arcana Talks" will become my domain, I can block anyone I want, and I can sign up for whatever I want. Being the one in charge ​​is so much fun! 】

[The purpose of my time travel is to make "Arcana Talk"! 】

Roger kept chanting the Bible he wrote in his mind and finally implanted it in his mind.

I, Roger, was born to make up "Arcana Talk"!

Although this self-hypnosis is suspected of cheating and deceiving the system, under Feng Lingyue Yemen, there is no psychological burden to do this kind of operation.

As for cheating, only if you can, not if you want to.

If online games can use modifiers, who can resist modifying the Originium that will never run out and extracting all the wives?

If you can directly get the perfect ending, who would not be selfish?

At this moment, little Joey is sleeping, and Roger is hypnotizing himself.

Everyone has a bright future.

In the void.

The silver-haired half-dragon princess Tasika sets foot in a beautiful valley.

Here is a beautiful picture of early spring and blooming flowers, which makes people forget about the world.

The phantom of the golden spear loomed in Tasika's eyes, and the beautiful scenery shattered.

There seems to be a world hidden in every flower, and every leaf seems to contain the birth and death of space.

Various scenes such as glaciers, volcanoes, deserts, seabeds, purgatory, and Xinghai gradually appeared, integrated and independent of each other, and finally pieced together into this valley.

Zhentasika in the depths of the ocean of consciousness exclaimed, "Is this the kingdom of God?"

"Old Man Su's Ten Thousand Dimension is different from other Divine Kingdoms. It is a piece of countless fragments of the world. Every step is a labyrinth, and every step is a story."

Old Joestar rarely explained to her.

What is even rarer is that the old man, who is always cynical and condescending, doesn't have much respect for the goddess of war, but when it comes to the gap between the worlds, he is solemn.

As for the old man Su in his mouth, it is the head of the seven gods, Su Alpha, the god of knowledge.

Whenever the god-king is asleep, it is the god of knowledge who rules the seven gods.

However, this god of knowledge is very Buddhist. After specifying a big strategic direction, the gods can play as they please; he will correct it again only when the crookedness is severe.

Compared with the grandeur of other kingdoms of God, the Wanwei gap is only a few hundred meters long valley.

At the end of the valley, there are a few simple log cabins.

Tasika went to the outermost one.

After knocking on the door, there was no response for a long time.

She showed surprise, "No, this house girl is even willing to go out?"

Saying that she sat down on the ground in a very lackluster manner, took out a thick stack of stationary, and began to write a letter in a rush of thought.

"My most handsome little prince of the Borde family, I parted yesterday, like every three autumns..."

"The heroic young master of the Rhine family, do you like the wine I brewed? If you have time, you can..."

"If anyone is the most beautiful in the world, of course, it is the pearl of our Elevent family..."

These letters are direct and warm, and they are all love letters, written to outstanding people among the children of the chieftains of the orc tribe.

Zhentasika was dying of shame.

This old thing doesn't discriminate between men and women, and even married people are not spared!

Although he knew that he was preparing for the integration of the orc tribes in the future, the act of selling his goods to multiple people was as saucy as dancing on a sword.

If there is any exposure, Tequila Princess is afraid that she will not be bitten by the green tea bitch for five hundred years!

I don't know how long it has been.

Tasika had written hundreds of letters and suddenly smelled a strong bloody smell.

She raised her head and saw a tall and beautiful figure, staggering and suddenly appearing in the gap between the worlds.

This is a girl with the facial features of a sculptural and classical beauty, her long black hair is tied into two waist-high ponytails, and a long red trench coat is open and draped over her body.

Inside was a yellow top with a black short skirt embroidered with the cross of the Church of Knowledge, and below it was slender legs wrapped in silk stockings.

At this moment, she was stained with blood, and her body exuded the signature sulfur smell of the abyss plane.

The black-haired girl slowed down, a slender hand reached back into the void, and grabbed something hard.

She lowered her waist, exerted her strength, and even caught an abyss creature that exuded terrifying magical waves!

This is an ancient beholder who has commanded several beholder families and has become a king!

But it was disembodied and turned into a corpse.

This can be called a fierce scene, but because of the girl's calm blue eyes and her small face that lacks expression, it gives people a strange sense of discrepancy.

The black-haired girl has a strong bookish air, and her body exudes the word "Quiet".

Even though she was covered in blood, it seemed that she didn't go to fight, but went to a distant world to open a book called "Murder" to find the truth in the internal structure of the enemy's body.

"Your Highness, I'm very happy that we meet again." Yashica warmly greeted her.

The black-haired girl was stunned for a moment before frowning, "Old Joestar? Your hobbies are getting weirder and weirder."

"I don't want to either, but it's arranged by my family." Old Joestar showed an expression of grievance and helplessness.

"But I think you're quite happy to be a woman."

"Misunderstanding, definitely a misunderstanding..."

"Stop talking nonsense, why did you suddenly come to me?"

Tasika smiled, took out a thin booklet from her arms, and handed it over.

The black-haired girl took it and found that it was a small book called "Fables of Eternal Night". It used the simplest words to praise the great achievements of the Queen of Eternal Night.

"Just some vulgar flattery." She handed it back and dragged the beholder's body to her cabin.

Tasika said, "It's very vulgar, but if the new generation of the human race grew up reading such enlightenment textbooks and praised the Queen of Eternal Night since childhood, would anyone still remember the existence of the Veronica Dynasty..."

The black-haired girl turned around suddenly, and a beam of holy light descended from the sky like a pillar.

Where Tasika was, a huge pit connected to the void was smashed out.

But in the pit, "Fable of Eternal Night" floats quietly, as if stating the fact that it will not change with the will of the black-haired girl...

"Your Highness, times have changed!"

Tasika's laughter reverberated for a long time.

Yes, it is now the third year of the Eternal Night Calendar, not the 279th year of the Veronica Calendar!

No matter how noble the princesses from the previous dynasty were, now they are just loners who fled.

The black-haired girl had no blood on her face, and fell to the ground weakly on one knee:

"My lord, can you guide the lost lamb, when will the dawn be dawn?"