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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 69

2022-06-04 01:23:22Publish Time: 3,878 views
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Chapter 69 Rhythm Master Little Roger

The Queen of Eternal Night is a good student who respects her teachers and Taoism, and she is also a tough girl who is always upright.

So even though her opinion differs from Hall's, she will not refuse to communicate with him and will try to refute the other party head-on.

So this time when Dean Hall failed to open the door, the one who had interfered was the one he considered a "good boy", Roger.

He taught him that 0-3 can be as brave as 3-0, the world's most untouchable Queen of Eternal Night.

A few days ago...

The Queen of Eternal Night had told Roger that her teacher, Hall, the dean of the Royal Academy of Magic, would oppose the "New Arcane", and discussed with him how to deal with it at that time.

She had hoped to use Roger's trick of coming up with a theory that can convince Hall and avoid being ganked by the teacher.

But Roger showed her a path she never imagined:

"Dean Hall is the most traditional and stubborn aristocrat. The possibility of him supporting the industrialization of magic is lower than that of me becoming a legendary mage tomorrow. Then why waste words, emotions, and time on unnecessary arguments?"

You can't be right, let's change lanes, girl!

Roger's attitude was quite sincere.

After all, he had been a keyboard fighter, pressing down on the gangster boyhood of eight hundred virtual frowning netizens.

After much struggle, Roger realized that reasoning could never convince the other party.

One side can only shut up the other if they show undeniably powerful conclusions and achievements.

But even if you do that, you usually won't get others to admit "You are right".

The other party will disappear, stop playing with you, and look for new topics to show superiority.

So over time, Roger felt that the efficiency of verbal arguments was quite low.

Especially when you become a video maker, you either have to show your worth with hard evidence, get a pass because of your cuteness, or turn a blind eye, or you will never have a proper exchange.

People who support you don't need reasons, and those who oppose you can always find 10,000 reasons.

Seeing that the Queen of Eternal Night was still hesitating, Roger added, "You don't have to worry about Dean Hall getting angry, "New Arcane" will give him a chance to vent his dissatisfaction with you, and it is also a means for us to attract the attention of the world."

"Are you going to use my teacher as a gun?" The Queen of Eternal Night showed displeasure.

"Anyway, Dean Hall is going to scold you no matter what. Whether he scolds you in person or through a magazine, the choice is yours."

The Queen of Eternal Night couldn't help sighing.

Thinking of Mr. Hall's stubbornness, she also had a headache.

If you follow what Roger said, you can avoid being scolded directly, you can increase the sales of "New Arcane", and you can increase the magicians' understanding of the industrialization of magic...

Three birds with one stone!

I'm not afraid of getting a scolding, it's for the empire!

Yes, that's how it is!

In the game, there was a scene where the door won't open, and Roger asked Hall for the door schematic/plan.

Hall is the teacher of the Queen of Eternal Night. He is also powerful and stubborn.

During the Great Patriotic War in which the little princess fought back with blood, he worked hard and made a lot of contributions.

In the empire, he is one of the few people from the older generations who are qualified to openly confront the Queen of Eternal Night.

Roger felt very relieved, with Hall taking the lead in rushing to the tower and holding back the hatred, he will probably be supported by the traditional magicians who share his views.

Magicians are all smart people but, in many cases, the smarter they are, the easier it is for them to become paranoid.

What's more, a "Master" is still a creature that is constantly held in high regards by people, how can they take on the production jobs they think are for inferior talents?

Being heavily criticized is not the real failure, you truly fail when your masterpiece is circulated and it goes totally unnoticed because no one cares.

Otherwise, why would there be the saying in the future 'bad publicity is still publicity'?

If you want to have sales, you must first have traffic.

To avoid the situation of being ignored, Roger must of course take the initiative to set the pace.

Send out the news that Hall is going to publish a statement to refute the Queen, and naturally, there will be a large number of people who have ideas such as "The law is not coming down on the public" and "The sky is falling to the ground".

And "New Arcane" will continue to claim its objective neutrality.

Articles of the Arcane Sect that support the industrialization of magic should be published, and articles of the Chonggu Sect that oppose it should also be included.

It is even necessary to balance the combat power of the two sides so that this debate can spread as long as possible, go into in-depth considerations, and affect more people.

And a proper rhythm expert will naturally not only sell one problematic statement.

Therefore, in the first issue of "New Arcane", there is not just one easily controversial point such as the industrialization of magic.

What Roger has prepared for them is a pilot package!

"A Humble Opinion on the Improvement of Spells".

A detailed comparison of the casting speed, effect, and stability of more than 100 spells written with Green Vines characters.

In the end, it was proved that in most cases, the effect of Green Vines writing is equivalent while it's easier to learn.

When this article was read internally, it upset a large number of magicians.

Most magicians believe that the pronunciation and rhythm of ancient Eliezwen are more beautiful, and can also establish a powerful and mysterious image of magicians.

When translated into Green Vines language, any peasant can understand the magician's incantation, and many magicians express that it is unacceptable and has no charisma.

This is a phenomenon similar to "Mother tongue shyness", which is bound to become a great hindrance to the improvement of spells.

"Public Discussion Paper on Standardization of the Casting Process", jointly published by the Secret Law Society and the Imperial Academy of Magic.

The spells of their major schools are classified, and a series of standard spellcasting actions have been formulated based on the practical experience of thousands of mages.

Although the speed is slightly slow and cumbersome, it can guarantee the highest success rate, and it is recommended to promote it nationwide.

But most traditional mages in this era believe that magic is a private matter.

Is the standard spellcasting goal to turn the noble masters into craftsmen and stifle the magicians' creativity?

Naturally, there are countless points to rebuke.

"The Inadequacy of the Current Magician's Classification System", by the Queen of Eternal Night under the pseudonym "Kaz", analyzes that the masterpiece that is the current "Nine-level" system of magicians is too rough.

She thinks that in the ninth-level system, the assessment of strength under the magic guide is very vague, and the judgment of the combat power of the magician above the magic guide is quite vague.

Therefore, "Kaz" hopes to quantify a series of more detailed indicators such as magic power, mental power, range, magic control accuracy, etc., to facilitate a horizontal comparison of a magician's combat power.

And this comparison can also guide the magicians in their training and makes it easier for young people to find their shortcomings.

This article can be regarded as a direct cut on the sensitive belt of traditional magicians.

Ever since the ancient Elezes created the Lower Ninth Standard, they have never dared to revise this "Perfect system".

This Kaz is a lunatic, and it is strongly recommended that the queen kill him directly!

"Comparison of the ultimate output of battle mages and turret mages" "Ultimate fire mages and fireballs are invincible" "Detailed description of the pros and cons of morning meditation and night meditation" "A guide for choosing whether a magic pet is a combat or auxiliary type"... …

The articles in "New Arcane", each of which are dry goods, are the works of famous masters, and even the insights that gather the wisdom of a group of bigwigs.

Human beings are creatures that can quarrel over the smallest thing and debate to show their superiority.

Even more so when they are ever proud sorcerers!

I am Luo, a little expert on pace, with the ability of a gold medal underground boxer who can break into the enemy's defenses and blow them up. I'm the best at finding controversial topics.

The magicians haven't "deeply communicated" for a long time, and they have never thought about some things they took for granted either.

Suddenly, many things were brought to the table in "New Arcane", and many people were surprised that so many people were different from them, and they couldn't help but have the desire to express themselves and participate in discussions.

As an up-and-coming owner of a well-received meal, although Roger mainly relies on making game plots to dig in-depth videos, to maintain his daily popularity, there are also techniques to arouse the enthusiasm of the audience.

After all, it only takes a simple vote to get twice the usual amount of barrage, so why not do it?

The sales of "New Arcane" began to skyrocket in the afternoon.

Since many magicians eat together during the lunch break, there will inevitably be some discussions.

Those who bought "New Arcane" couldn't help but complain to their friends whether they supported or opposed it. Some of the above articles were "Quite outrageous".

There are always people who are intrigued or angered and feel that they have to buy a copy of this "New Arcane" to criticise it.

The magicians just thought it wasn't worth five gold coins, but they could afford it.

Originally, he wanted word of mouth to fly for a while, but the articles in this magazine were so irritating that many people who lived in Bengbu, bought the magazine, and joined the discussion.

The spread of the discussion has affected more magicians.

In addition, the contents of "New Arcane" are all real stuff, it can be used anonymously and there are many people who quietly benefit from it.

This led to a new round of growth in sales.

By eight o'clock in the evening, "New Arcane" had sold more than 10,000 copies.

With this popularity rate it spread and was discussed privately, ensuring that most of the magicians in Odu have a certain understanding of the content of "New Arcane".

Some people say that it is a godsend, and everyone should explore more possibilities of magic under the leadership of the queen.

Someone said that the magazine was full of absurdity, there must be a villain who blinded the queen's eyes!

And outside the mysterious capital, magicians in other cities of the empire heard the name of "New Arcane" and wanted it too!

Ordering is naturally highly supported.

However, because they have yet to be covered by the teleportation magic circle, other cities cannot enjoy the convenience and magic of a "Spell subscription".

The spell "Make magic great again" is also part of the experience of opening the box.

At present, orders can only be counted by magician associations in various places and reported to the "New Arcane" magazine.

Then, through the military's emergency material transmission channel, the "New Arcane" will be shipped in batches.

Roger has suggested that the Queen of Eternal Night should set up magic circles in the major cities of the empire.

Not only for the convenience and timeliness of "New Arcane", but for all the magicians to shout the slogan "Make Magic Great Again".

As they say, only three people are needed to start a rumor. If you tell a lie, it will become the truth. Everyone should shout the slogan together every day.

The Queen of Eternal Night naturally supports it.

It's an old method of brainwashing used by the church. Why can't the empire use it too?

Roger also told the Eternal Night Queen that this teleportation formation system should continue to be strengthened and developed in order to reduce costs.

"It doesn't matter if it's a loss or not. As long as other countries don't have it and we do and the scale is so large that they can't easily copy it, it's worth it to build it!"

The Queen of Eternal Night heroically supports him.

She had no idea that the teleportation array logistics system she was laying would leverage a cross-era product similar to e-commerce, and would add the new feature of "Infrastructure madman" to the empire.

At this moment, she is only pleased with the wonders of the empire +1.

Roger doesn't want to explain, anyway, if you support me, it's enough.

This overjoyed empress is very foolish!

The next day, twenty-four hours after the release of "New Arcane".

The sales volume in Mystery City is saturated, mainly due to the orders from other places, which helped the total subscription of "New Arcane" to break through 30,000 copies in one fell swoop!

Considering that the price of five gold coins is not cheap, there will definitely be a phenomenon of circulating and reading together, so it is conservatively estimated that these 30,000 copies can cover 60,000 people, right?

This base is enough to form the first wave of discussion.

Regardless of whether everyone supports or opposes the industrialization of magic, at least it won't go unnoticed and then quietly disappear.

"Roger, you did a great job, can the second issue be released in advance?" The Queen of Eternal Night was very happy.

Two happy events today.

The first is that after the initial results, the sales of "New Arcane" had grown exponentially, reaching a number that she was satisfied with.

The second is that Rommel has found the main force of the orc tribe. It is expected that the encirclement will be completed in the afternoon, and she will be able to go to the front line to open the path.

Civil and military accomplishments, I want all of them!

"Your Majesty, the second issue of "New Arcane" is best to be released in a month. You can't just look at the current situation and try to catch up. Cultivating the reading habits of magicians has the highest long-term benefits. This is also our promise to our readers." Roger replied with a smile.

[Your Majesty, you are on a narrow path. Even if I have enough manuscripts now, I can't accompany you in a storm! 】

[To begin with, if you want me to change it to once a week, wouldn't the workload quadruple? 】

[Now that "New Arcane" has no competitors, will I shot myself in the foot? Oh, this young master can't do such a loss-making business! 】

The Queen of Eternal Night compared Roger's answer with his inner voice, and she immediately understood the whole situation.

I can see at a glance that you are dishonest, brat!

It is indeed important to cultivate reading habits, but as long as it is released at the agreed time, it is not a breach of commitment, right?

Monthly updates and daily updates are both updates!

So the core reason for making a monthly magazine is that you want to be lazy and won't give it your all!

You have strength, but you don't need it, right?

To her, Roger looked like a man with the soul of a dove, with his mouth continuously making "coo" sounds.

Will this great lady make your wishes come true? Dream on!

The Queen of Eternal Night made a thoughtful expression and praised, "Roger has indeed considered things more comprehensively, and the cultivation of reading habits benefits us a lot. That's how "Long Live the Queen" became so successful... It would be as good if "New Arcane" also became a daily newspaper, right?"

Roger almost vomited blood when he heard it, feeling like he shot himself in the foot.

[Shit! I almost forgot, Her Majesty has created "Long Live the Queen", so naturally she understands the long tail effect very well! 】

[Even though you're ruthless, I thought weekly was the limit, but you ask me to update it everyday, this minister really can't do it! 】

Roger hurriedly refused, "Your Majesty, the "Long Live the Queen" is a time-sensitive news newspaper, and our "New Arcane" is still academic, we must guarantee the significance of the articles it contains. One issue a month is the limit for the magicians. Now, there really can’t be more! Even if our magazine can work overtime, you can’t let the Secret Law Society and all the imperial magic schools work overtime every day to do experiments to catch up with the manuscripts, right?”

The Queen of Eternal Night looked at Roger playfully, "Oh, the magazine can still work overtime, right? Indeed, "New Arcane" should not be increased in volume. If you want to go the high-quality line, then you can run a tabloid such as "Arcana Talk"and publish everyone's comments. It won't be as serious and can be made daily or weekly, what do you think?"

You have high demands but want to give me low returns.

Do you think this great lady doesn't understand psychology?

With only bad and worse options in front of him, what can he do? He is also very desperate!

"This, this weekly magazine may be feasible..."

Roger responded aggrievedly.

[Just now I thought that this queen is very foolish, why is she getting so smart all of a sudden, it's like using a mind-reading technique, all my careful thoughts were preempted by her? 】

When Roger returned to the ice room, he saw little Joey who had finished her overtime and had returned to work here, so he hurriedly closed the door.

He asked nervously:

"Hurry up and find out for me, have I ever been invaded by mind-reading?"

Little Joey: ? ? ?