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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 71

2022-06-08 02:32:15Publish Time: 3,749 views
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Chapter 71 The shameful queen

On this day, after three years, the Queen of Eternal Night made another move in the Khenpo Sak Desert, destroying 100,000 elites from the Wolf tribe.

On this day, Princess Tasika went to the front line to lead the multi-tribal coalition, claiming to resist the forces of the Green Vine Empire.

On this day, Shady Veronica returned to the city where she was born two years ahead of schedule, found a former court official, and established the Tianming Army.

On this day, the discussion of the "New Arcane" among the imperial magicians reached its peak, and many people took action to verify the above article, or find examples of refutation.

On this day, a teenager through self-hypnosis once again maintained a flat state of mind and got his favorite treasure box...

A small butterfly flaps its wings to create a storm. Any changes made by the behemoth, Green Vine Empire, will radiate its influence to the entire continent.

The changing trend of the current situation is completely different from the original timeline of this world.

The seven gods watched all this, but they didn't feel that such a change would pose a real threat, and for the time being, they were unwilling to invest more chips to interfere in the world.

In the entire multiverse, there are more battles worthy of their attention.

In the evening, the city of mystery, Yinbingzhuang.

Roger had been cooking and now, in little Joey's room, he was getting ready to enjoy a dinner for two.

Little Joey's heart is about to melt.

In this era, the nobles were served by countless maids and servants.

Which aristocratic master would cook for himself?

The extravagance is such that they can't eat if they're not being served and they are almost too lazy to eat on their own.

So in the eyes of current generations, "cooking a meal for your girlfriend" is uncommon; in the eyes of little Joey, Roger is simply full of romance, more intoxicating than the prince described by the bards.

No, he is more handsome than the prince!

His status is no worse than that of an ordinary prince, he is so gentle and considerate, and he has left his goddess to come to me...

This true male god, if you grab it, you need to keep it!

Little Joey felt that her life had reached an unprecedented peak of happiness at this moment.

Except for the fact that, due to the special identity of her boyfriend, she cannot claim to be his girlfriend and they have to keep things confidential, everything else is perfect.

Of course, the most crucial point is that the food on this table is delicious.

It has absolutely nothing to do with a young couple forcibly playing romance and creating a tragic picture of one forcing the other to eat his poisoned food.

Even in the modern world with developed productivity, Chinese food is extremely competitive all over the world, conquering the stomachs of countless people.

Even in the Middle Ages, the aristocrats ate roast lamb for Chinese New Year; even if Roger didn't do any big dishes, the family dishes were already at the level of random killings.

To be fair, because of the existence of magic and innate advantages in raw materials, the development of animals and plants in this world is better than back on earth.

For example, the descendants of the super god pig, the first generation has been slaughtered with the help of magic, especially for the nobles to enjoy first.

Roger has stockpiled a lot of goods here. After all, Dio is still the nominal director of the Santa Bella pig farm, and he designed the workshop and pigsty himself.

Buying an enormous amount of pork when the supply is limited, does that count as opening the back door?

Roger brought the last pot of mutton ball soup to the table, sat down and admired the fruits of his labor, and couldn't help showing satisfaction.

[I also miss the taste of the earth! Isn't our craft more fragrant than the royal chef's? 】

"Looks like I came at just the right time."

At this moment, a slightly cold voice came from outside the door.

No need to ask the owner of the room for permission, the Queen of Eternal Night smelled the fragrance and pushed the door in.

This bastard criticised the royal chef of the palace, not just once or twice, I want to taste his craftsmanship today!

"Your Majesty!"

Roger and little Joey got up quickly, secretly guessing that Her Majesty was coming back directly from the front line?

Little Joey's expression was even more excited than when she first saw the Queen of Eternal Night that night.

Her majesty in a military uniform, that's nice!

At this moment, the Queen of Eternal Night is wearing an imperial uniform and a majestic blood-colored cloak, embellished with gorgeous commander's medals and ribbons.

She had a long phoenix tail feather on her cap, a straight sword hanging from her waist, and a pair of translucent gloves woven from blood prison spider silk.

There still seems to be gun smoke and the smell of blood on her body that has not dissipated. It is vaguely visible that she has displayed great power and killed countless enemies on the front line.

Although the Queen of Eternal Night is a magician, she has always been a leader who inspired people to follow her instead of a commander who imposed orders on others.

And because of this, her status in the hearts of imperial soldiers is extremly lofty, and she has countless passionate fans.

It was also the first time that Roger saw the Queen of Eternal Night dressed up, and his eyes were amazed.

In the game, there is also a cutscene of the Queen of Eternal Night attacking the Tianming Army formation, but at that time, the Queen of Eternal Night was seriously injured, the enemy's strength was also high, and the magic equipment on her body was much more than her dress at that moment.

More murderous than gorgeous.

At this moment, the Queen of Eternal Night has defeated the Wolf tribe and returned triumphantly, proud, sharp, and somewhat reserved.

This is the proudest gesture of an invincible king. There is nothing in the world that can stop her.

This kind of courageous and conquering momentum is also a manifestation of the unique charm of Ms. Octavier Shelley.

She is far more beautiful and intoxicating than when she is usually trapped in internal affairs.

The reactions of Roger and little Joey made the Queen of Eternal Night flash with pride in her eyes.

The little devil who complains about me every day, at least your aesthetic senses are not biased, you know what it means to look good!

She waved her hand:

"No need to be polite, let's sit down and eat together."

There are two chairs on each side of the square table. Originally, the young couple would have sat opposite each other, chatting and eating, enjoying a quiet night.

But at this moment, another Queen of Eternal Night came. She bent her fingers slightly, and Roger's chair was pulled from under him in an instant.

She sat directly between the two.

At the same time, the set of clean cutlery that Roger had not used floated to the Queen.

In the world view of the Queen of Eternal Night, her courtiers' belongings are her own. If I eat your family's food, it's a great honor for you.

If it is an ordinary courtier, such as little Joey or Angelina, they will feel very honored.

Even if there were only half a piece of bread left, they would be willing to give it to the queen first...

Of course, whether the Queen would be willing to eat it is still unknown.

But Roger is not a normal courtier.

Tonight, he was thinking about creating a two-persons world. It is best to find a chance to continue the physiological hygiene class that was delayed by the Queen of Eternal Night before.

For that he had created a romantic atmosphere and he had also managed to move little Joey with his cooking and food.

At this moment, the Queen of Eternal Night descended from the sky and became the absolute protagonist of this room.

[Is this woman the ultimate third wheel? Why do you come so punctually every time? 】

[Your Majesty, no one invited you to the table, what's with you appearing as if you were returning to your palace? 】

[Hey, that's my chair, that's my tableware, if I can't beat you, I'll have you splattered with blood! 】

Roger's heart seemed to have more than 10,000 horses galloping past.

On the surface, he had to look willing, joyful, and full of gratitude, and welcome the inspection of his work by the Queen of Eternal Night...

He was not happy, but little Joey was very excited.

She has been completely conquered by the Queen of Military Uniforms and unlocked the fan girl ex-mode.

Roger stared at little Joey for a long time with aggrieved eyes, trying to make her realize how outrageous the uninvited Empress of the Night was.

It's a pity that little Joey didn't understand the hint in his eyes at all.

On the contrary, she was more interested in the battle of the Queen of Eternal Night on the front line.

She regretted that she didn't have the chance to see the heroic appearance of the queen herself, nor participated in the spectacular battle of over 100,000 troops.

Compared to the orc tribe, the bandits and disordered troops faced by the "Recovery Army", what were they but stinky fish and rotten shrimp?

Roger: Baby is wronged, baby is suffering.

He sighed secretly, thinking that if he and the Queen fell into the river at the same time, little Joey would save the Queen of Eternal Night first...

Forget it, let's learn how to swim by myself┗(T﹏T)┛

He could only call over the servants of the Ice Room, add a chair and a set of cutlery for himself, and then sit down to eat.

[On this desolate night where no one is paying attention to me, only food can warm my stomach. 】

He didn't realize that the Queen of Eternal Night had listened to his inner voices very seriously.

Humph, it's finally your turn to suffer!

You deserve it!

You committed the sin of laziness first and made me feel so miserable that night, now it's your turn!

The Queen of Eternal Night didn't notice that, even though she seemed to be chatting with little Joey, she was actually completely focused on Roger.

On the surface, she was very happy because he was depressed, but she didn't think deeply about the meaning behind her excessive attention.

She had a big victory on the front line and wanted to share the joy of victory with others, so she followed the letter on her leg to find Roger.

As soon as she came back, she saw the two people having dinner happily, and she could only face the cold wind outside the house, and he was even criticising the royal chef?

So, she took a decisive stance and decided to go for a meal to see how good he is!

This great lady killed the enemy for the country, can't I eat your meal?

As for destroying the atmosphere? Oops, my bad, I don't understand those.

As a result, she started eating...

"Well, this one is delicious, and this one is delicious too! This one is very, very delicious!"

The speed at which the Queen of Eternal Night swung the spoon fully demonstrated her recognition of Roger's cooking skills.

Is this the food on earth? Is this what dear Roger misses?

It's magical, Earth people are too good at eating, right?

Dear Roger, tell me where the earth is, I want to establish trade with it, and help the chefs improve the dark cuisine of the empire!

The wonderful experience on her taste buds makes the Queen of Eternal Night feel that the door to a whole new world is opening to her!

She sees, she tastes, she eats!

She ate so much that it was like wind and clouds, swallowing mountains and rivers with anger!

The Queen of Eternal Night has dull hair standing on her head. Because she is a magician, her physique is not bad.

It's just that magic power will usually provide the body's operational needs, and the supply of food is not necessary.

But if she wants to eat without restraint, she doesn't need to worry about gaining weight at all, and she is very confident that she can eat as much as King Arthur of Great Britain.

In the saying of the earth, the basal metabolism of the strong is high, and the calories from overeating are consumed casually.

The Queen of Eternal Night eats like this, and little Joey naturally sees that her idol likes Roger's cooking.

After tasting each dish, even though she thought it was delicious, she still took the initiative to put down her knife and fork.

Please eat first, Your Majesty.

Roger smiled, but he felt quite strange inside:

[Your Majesty's heroic manner of eating, are you a murderer on a swift killing mission? 】

[However, how can you eat so much? The host didn't eat much, so you, a guest, just go for it? 】

[Please, you're the queen, don't look like you've never seen the world before, how about a few home-cooked dishes? 】

[Turtle blood mother, shame on the Internet! Even if you saw the Manchu and Han banquets and the dishes from the North and the South, you shouldn't instantly become a gluttonous foodie! 】

These thoughts of his reminded the Queen of Eternal Night.

Yes, I am the queen!

The dignified queen thinks that she didn't have enough to eat, does she need to restrain herself? Then, let the cook continue his work!

She asked with a smile, "Roger, these dishes are very true to your heart. You need to make three more sets of each dish, and make more than a dozen new dishes. Is it alright?"

Roger declined, "Your Majesty, it's getting late, eating too much hurts the stomach..."

Little Joey pulled Roger to the kitchen without saying a word, "Your Majesty, I will supervise the president to complete the order."

Her Majesty is very happy to eat, and I am also very happy!

As for the matter of Her Majesty eating more than pigs...

It's not because Her Majesty is famished, but because we were not properly prepared.

You had to wait for Her Majesty to ask before adding dishes. This is because you have no sense of service. You must reflect on it!

She almost half-dragged Roger to the kitchen.

Roger didn't know whether to laugh or cry, where is the male god right now?

He's only a handyman feeding the queen, isn't he?

The Queen of Eternal Night felt more and more that little Joey was a lovely fan.

She thought that Roger's unhappiness at that moment finally avenged her discomfort from the night...

One percent.

Hmph, I'll take care of this kid slowly in the future.

"This is the charm of the unworldly queen, all her subordinates are dying, why can't that bastard feel it... hiccup~~~~"

The Queen of Eternal Night fell into narcissism.

With the bonus of god-level Chinese cooking, and Joey's use of magic to assist in processing raw materials, Roger's cooking speed can be said to be very fast.

There are only two people, but they are no less efficient than the master chef of a hotel. Of course, this was also due to the fact that Little Joey felt that Roger was wronged by the queen, and was flattering and cooperating with him.

On the surface, Roger was angry, but inside he was happy that he had found a strategy that other players had not found.

The quick option to increase the favorability of the Queen of Eternal Night turned out to be food?

Originally, players all felt that the Bloody Mother's character was too strong, thinking that she only likes fighting, fighting, and fighting, and is not greedy for personal enjoyment at all.

In the end...

Heh, she's just a slacker.

Now that he knows the weakness of the enemy, Roger also intends to let the Queen have a taste of his country's culinary art. It took more than two hours to eat and cook the last meal, and he just made the Queen of Eternal Night eat to the point of sweating. She's addicted.

The Queen of Eternal Night patted her still flat belly and teased, "Roger, I learned that it was a waste of time for you to be a minister of history. Why don't you go to the palace..."

[Should I say that the charm of Chinese cuisine is too strong, or the Ivy cuisine is too dark, should I ignore "New Arcane" because the queen is greedy? 】

Roger quickly declined and said, "Don't worry, Your Majesty, when the minister is free, I will arrange a recipe and send it to the palace."

The Queen of Eternal Night also thought about it. Roger is now the president of "New Arcane". He can't cook for her every day, so she can only ask, "How are the preparations for "Arcana Talk"?"

"The structure is not complicated, it just needs more submissions, real readers feedbacks, and preparation time..."

"Readers feedbacks, I have a good place to go."

Suddenly, her eyes lit up, she snapped her fingers, and Roger felt the world spinning.

In an instant, he found himself in a rather noisy castle.

The Queen of Eternal Night performed group invisibility, made a shush gesture, and brought him and little Joey to the Royal Academy of Magic.