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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 68

2022-05-30 11:01:59Publish Time: 4,048 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 68 We Are a Neutral Platform

Azali's reputation at the Imperial Academy of Magic is somewhat subtle.

Because she puts to the test whimsical new ideas that are always ridiculed by her classmates, and she likes to spend time thinking under a certain tree, the nickname "Witch of the Tree" has gradually spread.

This morning, the Queen of Eternal Night spoke to all the citizens with the help of the magic circle of the mysterious city.

Everyone's attention was focused on the war against the orc tribe, but only Azali cared about the magazine mentioned by Her Majesty at the end.

A "magazine" specially prepared for magicians? Monthly?

Originally, many classmates were interested in this new thing called "Magazine", but when they heard the price of five gold coins, their eyes became dull.

The latest popular version of "History of the Green Vines Empire" only costs ten gold coins.

To spend five gold coins to buy this kind of booklet, which usefulness has yet to be proven, you need to either have a mine at home or have a hole for a brain.

"If you want to promote a new thing, it should be free. In the beginning, Long Live the Queen didn't cost any money."

"Indeed, money is money, even to a magician!"

"Her Majesty may be invincible in this world but she doesn't know how to do business."

The students exchanged a few words about the new magazine, then stopped and went back to their discussion about Major General Rommel's possible results.

And the most anticipated and exciting topic was...

When will the Queen of Eternal Night join the battlefield!

Azali silently left the crowd.

Even though it's clear that some of the boys are making eloquent speeches and showing off their talents to attract her attention.

But Azali had no interest in what they were talking about and even thought they were noisy.

A group of savages who only knows how to fight all day long!

As Her Majesty just said, we should explore more possibilities for magic, and magic should not be used only for destruction and killing!

It was because she was moved by this sentence that Azali went through a lot of inner struggles and squeezed out five precious gold coins from her little living allowance.

Then, she gently recited the incantation that the Queen of Eternal Night taught all magicians in person not long ago:

"Make magic great again!"

An extremely small space magic circle appeared in front of her, sucking the five gold coins away.

Then a sixteen-size booklet fell out.

The cover of this issue is mostly red, which is quite eye-catching. It shows the heroic appearance of the Queen of Eternal Night who recently went to the fire element plane to one-sidedly kill the fire element lord and her tens of thousands of people.

Although it is only a back figure, it is domineering and full of murderous intent, making Azali fascinated...

Ahem, she clearly said she wanted to explore more possibilities for magic, so why do I still think Her Majesty's slaying the Quartet is so handsome?

She didn't know why, but each time Azali looked at this cover, whose painting skills, artistic conception, and printing quality could rank among the world's most famous paintings, she always felt that something was missing.

Akatsuki, I don't know if it's a typographical error or what, I feel like there is a faint green light on the top of the queen's head?

Looking closely, there is nothing.

"Metaphysics, everything is metaphysics!"

Shaking her head, Azali shifted her attention from the cover and began to peruse the magazine.

A total of 200 pages, it was only thought of as thin compared with books of the same price.

At the top are the two ancient symbols written by the Queen of Eternal Night.

The dragon and the phoenix dance, and the force penetrates the back of the paper. The translation is:

"New Arcane"!

Ancient Elizabeth is the recognized origin of magician inheritance in the world of Eternal Night. Most of the current magic spells are from ancient Elizabeth.

A small number of them are written in dragon language and elvish language.

Only a very small number of the latest magic use the common language of the Green Vines Empire.

After appreciating the inscription written by the Queen of Eternal Night several times, Azali finally opened the magazine.

However, the opening preface made her stunned in place as if struck by lightning:

"Learning Magic Can't Save the Imperial People"

——Octavia Shelley

As we all know, this is the real name of the Queen of Eternal Night, so this preface must have been written by the Queen of Eternal Night herself!

"Your Majesty, Your Majesty, as the most powerful magician in the contemporary era, why would you say that? If learning magic can't save the people of the Empire, what can save the people of the Empire?"

With a stomach full of small question marks, Azali was completely mesmerized by this magazine...

On the top of the tree, the little green apples that had just grown were swaying gently by the wind.

In a small town not far from the mysterious city, against the rolling green hills, an ancient and eerie castle was protruding.

Under the shabby exterior, the interior is splendid.

This is the oldest magic academy in the Green Vines Kingdom, the Royal Academy of Magic.

The Royal Academy of Magic and the Imperial Academy of Magic, are old rivals that have been vying for the title of the strongest in the empire.

The current dean of the Royal Academy of Magic, Earl Huntington Hall, a legendary traveler of all worlds, is the magic enlightenment teacher of the Queen of Eternal Night, and a legendary powerhouse of the old generation of the empire.

The Queen of Eternal Night uses space teleportation spells indiscriminately every day, which is inseparable from the good foundation laid by Dean Hall.

To this day, the Queen still honors Dean Hall as a teacher.

However, while possessing extraordinary magical strength and rigorous academic spirit, Dean Hall is also an old-fashioned aristocratic magician.

In his heart, people are not equal, and there are distinct layers:

First-class, noble magicians.

Second class, commoner magicians.

The third class is nobles without magical talent.

The fourth class is commoners without magical talent.

Fifth, aliens and other intelligent beings.

Dean Hall is the extreme representative of the empire's most traditional noble magicians.

He is extremely loyal to the country and willing to sacrifice his life for loyalty and glory.

However, he is also too lazy to pay attention to the people of the third class and below.

Because of this, the Queen of Eternal Night devoted more resources to the Imperial Academy of Magic.

Because Dean Hall only likes to recruit noble magic apprentices and maintains an arrogant and neglectful attitude towards commoner students.

However, the Queen of Eternal Night knows that the empire is too vast now, and the few nobles can not manage such a huge territory.

So, despite her affection for her teacher, the Queen condemned some old traditions of the Royal Academy of Magic.

Dean Hall has been exploring other worlds these days, and only returned to the Eternal night world at noon today.

He didn't hear the Queen's speech in the morning but saw a copy of "New Arcane" on his desk.

After listening to the secretary's introduction, the meticulously dressed old man full of aristocratic elite style showed a smile, "she has come up with a new trick again, let me see."

Even though there are many differences between master and apprentice, she is still his proudest disciple!

He opened the "New Arcane" with a smile and looked at it, Hall's smile disappeared, and his brows became more and more furrowed.

From the opening preface, he got extremely angry.

Learning magic can't save the imperial people?

Magicians have made countless contributions to the empire and are the foundation of the empire's prosperity. Does Your Majesty want to abandon the magicians now?

Your Majesty, don't forget that you are also a magician!

But Hall knew that this disciple was not stupid, there might be some misunderstanding, so he continued to read the preface despite his anger.

It begins with a very sincere sentence:

"I also had many dreams when I was young, but I forgot most of them later. Now that the empire is prosperous, I have the right to dream again..."

However, the Queen of Eternal Night talks about the predicament of the empire.

"...The threat of the seven gods to the empire is an urgent matter at the moment. The power of the magicians is the foundation of the power of the empire, but how can we make this power benefit everyone? I am invincible in the world, what should I do?…”

"...No matter how healthy and strong the people of the empire are, if they don't have the talent for magic, most of the time they can only be used as meaningless materials and spectators..."

"So our priority is to change that status quo and provide weapons to all citizens who are willing to fight for the empire. For these weapons, the first thing I think of is alchemy items..."

"...Alchemy items are too expensive for the empire to afford. Industrialization reduces construction costs and enhances national strength. This is the primary responsibility of my generation..."

After talking about the power of the Seven Gods, the haze of despair lingered in Hall's heart, and suddenly the Queen of Eternal Night changed her style:

"Yes, although there are very frightening beings in the sky, when it comes to hope, we cannot give it up. Because hope lies in the future, and it's not because we're lacking something now that we should judge it impossible for the future."

"I only hope that the 100,000 imperial magicians and the 40,000,000 people of the empire will unite. Maybe this generation can't change anything, but I'm ready to burn myself up to make it possible for future generations. This is how we can live with no regrets."

The article of more than 1,000 words is not long, but Hall was quite moved after reading it, and his anger at first subsided a lot.

She has carried a lot of burdens for this country.

Her idea was good, but she went in the wrong direction.

How can sacred magic be used to help mud farming and improve life?

Magicians are enough to protect this country, they are not afraid of any strong enemies! There is no need for low-level creatures who can't even use magic to help in the fight!

He felt that as the queen's teacher, it was necessary to convince people with reason and correct the queen's wrong thinking in time.

Hall suppressed his impatience, read the entire "New Arcane", and wrote down the views that he felt could refute the Queen of Eternal Night.

After all, he couldn't beat his disciple physically, so he could only prepare a better path for her.

He thinks that "New Arcane" has some merits, but in general, the road is narrow, and he must lead the queen back to the right path in time.

It is right to enhance the strength of the magicians, and it is also right to develop means of communication.

But it's enough if the communication between mages is strengthened. There is no need to waste the precious time of mages on production matters and arming wastes without magic.

That being the case, shouldn't she meditate on it?

Having prepared a thousand-words exhortation outline, Hall snapped his fingers, and a space door appeared in front of him.

But before he could step in, the space door closed again in front of him.


The old man's face became strange, and then he complained with grief and anger like a lonely old man:

"She can't... At least she shouldn't. How could she be unwilling to talk to me?"

Hall tried to teleport to Fengling Moon Shadow Palace, but the teleportation spell was unilaterally destroyed by the Queen of Eternal Night.

This means she's refusing to talk to him.

Is it possible that he, a dignified traveler of all worlds, will have to take a carriage to the Fengling Moon Shadow Palace to meet her?

Oh dear, this is so unmagical!

At this moment, the secretary asked for instructions, "Dean, Roger Charles asks to see you."

"That trash brother? I won't see him!"

Hall is restless. He heard that he is a famous waste in the imperial capital. He has yet to even become a junior magician, so he is naturally not interested.

The secretary added, "Master Charles said that he is asking to see you as the owner of the Ice Room."

"The owner of the Ice room? Isn't that the president of "New Arcane", this... let him in!"

Hall angrily slapped the table and stood up.

This kid cooperated with the Queen of Eternal Night to make a magazine, publishing such rebellious remarks, intending to mislead the magicians of the empire.

I can't see the queen. Now this kid has brought himself to the door, and I'm going to scold him to wake him up today!

The door opened, and Roger entered the dean's office.

Roger is dressed very aristocratically today, with a dignified appearance and a personable demeanor, maintaining the kind of "just right restraint" pursued by the imperial aristocracy.

Moreover, there is a quite pure fire magic power flowing in his body, which has reached the level of a junior magician.

Roger's age is not suitable, but at least he is a magician.

And an aristocrat.

He also looks good.

This is a first-class person in Hall's eyes.

The old man immediately changed his mind about this famous trash brother.

This Dean Hall is not only an arrogant old aristocrat but also an old-fashioned dog.

I don't have children, but I like good-looking juniors.

One of the important reasons why he was willing to teach the little princess who was very low in the line of succession was that Octavia was better-looking than her older siblings.

This time Hall wanted to scold Roger to wake him up, but because he was dressed quite pleasingly today, he changed his mind and was ready to persuade him first.

Roger's attitude was also very sincere, "Dean, the student is here to invite you to come  and publish an article in "New Arcane", as a positive response to Her Majesty's "Learning Magic Can't Save the Empire".

Hall was stunned for a moment, he forgot what he had planned, and subconsciously said, "Invite me? I can't write praiseworthy words to support her fallacy against my conscience!"

Roger smiled and said, "New Arcane needs your insight. No matter what you say, as long as the logic is valid, we will publish it."

Hall was immediately puzzled, "Didn't you make "New Arcane" to support Xiao Ao's point of view?"

"No, I made "New Arcane" to make magic great again. "New Arcane" publishes Her Majesty's articles, but they only represent the author's point of view. We are a neutral platform with no inclination! On the contrary, for us, all magicians are welcome to speak, as long as they have something to say, they can be published in the magazine."

Roger threw the blame on the Queen and didn't mention that he was the author of this magazine.

At this moment, in Hall's eyes, he was as innocent as a weak little white flower. It was entirely because of the Queen's oppression that he published those remarks that made Hall angry.

Hall was interested after hearing it.

If the Queen of Eternal Night doesn't want to see him, perhaps a public debate in this "New Arcane" is also a more intuitive and effective method?

Even if Xiao Ao is stubborn and unwilling to repent, as long as the magicians of the empire agree with his views, isn't that enough?

He asked eagerly, "I'll refute the Queen in "New Arcane" and make remarks that are detrimental to Her Majesty, is it okay?"

"Of course, we promise not to change a word of the dean's article, or to block any sensitive content."

Roger said that he runs a magazine and he'll just let him scold her happily in public.

Dean Hall was instantly fired up!

He patted Roger's shoulder hard and laughed:

"You're a good boy, okay, I've accepted this contract!"

Roger quickly left, and only smiled when he exited the office.

Look, didn't the water just get mixed up?

A wave of "casual requests" to the Queen of Eternal Night, how can he ask for more?