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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 5

2022-03-17 00:54:34Publish Time: 13,291 views
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Chapter 5: Celebration blessed by the Queen

The next day.

Angelina didn’t know she was now considered a hypocrite.

But even if she knew, she wouldn't care about it.

She has a good relationship with everyone, except Margaret, who can start to quarrel in less than three words.

Up till now, even if she has a good temper, she has completely given up on repairing her relationship with this little devil.

Now, she is busy with her brother's knighthood celebration.

In the Charles House, the nobles of the entire imperial capital were invited.

Angelina is a righteous minister, but now her younger brother has been named the Marquis of La Capas before he even made any achievements. What does this mean?

This shows that the current queen has no boundary for doting on the Charles siblings!

The Charles family is now the second leg of the imperial capital!

Who is the first, you ask?

Of course, that's the Queen!

Boot licking is a must-have skill for nobles.

The Charles House rarely feels "crowded".

The guests who come and go are either rich people or nobles.

Countless eldest young ladies of proper marriageable age, dressed in fancy dresses in a variety of styles, hoped to have an "unexpected encounter" with Lord Roger.

But why would Roger still have the slightest mood to pick up girls now?

Looking at this crowded scene, he knew that his system reward today was going to waste again!

Isn't there too many people?

Being the center of attention, there is no feeling of laziness, and there is no definite reward.

Yesterday was the queen, today is his sister.

He had only went along with the flow the last three days, and he has already lost two treasure chests!

Roger had a heavy heart, but he had to greet the guests with a smile from the heart and look extremely happy.

Everyone in the imperial capital is a fan of the Eternal Night Queen.

If someone who adored the empress knew he had a heavy heart, they would think that he was greedy for more and that he is not satisfied that Her Majesty has only named him a small marquis…

Alas, life can be difficult!

Just in time for the popularity of the Queen of Eternal Night, she was also involved with him.

"Report, her majesty's special envoy is here!"

The excited shouts of the guards at the Duke's Palace came from outside.

When the young master was awarded a title, her majesty sent a special envoy in person. This is a big deal!

When Roger heard this, his face twitched and his smile almost collapsed.

My queen, you aren't a ghost, are you?

But he was helpless, because the Queen's envoy had already entered the palace.

Like Moses parting the sea, the mass of people automatically made way for the queen's envoy.

Bang bang bang.

Everyone can see at a glance that the special envoy is not human!

It was an adamantine golem flashing with powerful magic waves!

It walked straight to Roger, the hatch on its chest opened, and a sapphire amulet as deep as the sea floated out.

At the same time, there is also a projection of the Queen of Eternal Night holding a goblet:

"Masters, a toast to the young and heroic Marquis of Lacapas of the Empire!"

"A toast to the Marquis of Lacapas!"

Immediately, the audience cheered, screamed, and frantically toasted at Roger.

The big and small nobles looked at Roger with envy and jealousy, almost crazy!

The Queen personally toasted this kid!

Too funny, right?

"My people! Blessings be upon you, and enjoy the banquet!"

The Queen's projection disappeared.

The atmosphere of the celebration banquet rushed to one high peak after another!

The nobles drank and danced wildly, immersed in a happy atmosphere.

Many nobles may spend their whole lives without ever seeing the Queen.

Now they have seen the Queen, and they have received her blessing!

Thank you Marquis Roger for being so cool!

The wine that the queen has blessed is even sweeter!

Getting high!

Looking at the celebrating imperial nobles, Rogers was dumbfounded.

What about playing with me?

The Queen of Eternal Night is not at the celebration, and yet the celebration is completely about her.

This hand projection, isn't it the Emperor Superstar's live broadcast to subtly wish a happy birthday?

Little Transparent(refer to Roger) is famous, but she is also crazy about hating!

Feeling the gazes of those noble ladies, Roger's scalp went numb.

My poor brother, will I become a national brother in the future?

Don't come here, you!

Angelina was honored and grabbed Roger's hand,  she was so excited that she was about to cry.

"Brother, her Majesty has been so kind to us!"

Roger silently pushed her hand away and whispered:

"It's okay, the queen is a jerk!"

Those words made Angelina go crazy.

"Brother, what nonsense are you talking about? Hurry up and pick up the present!"

She covered Roger's mouth and pushed him towards the Adamantine Golem.

"Thank you, your majesty. Thank you, your majesty. I thank you so much..."

Roger could only kneel helplessly. And with his trembling hands, he took the sapphire amulet from the Adamantine Golem.

With this wave of Queen's envoys, he promises to make headlines in the mysterious capital again tomorrow.

Then, another treasure chest…

Clap, gone!

At the urging of Angelina, Roger wore a sapphire amulet to greet the nobles.

On the surface, his smile looked like a flower, but inside his heart he was irritated and furious:

"Sister... and the Queen! I will pay you back someday... Forget it, I won't take revenge!"

I'm just a waste of a brother; what can I do?

Seeing the rising emotions of the nobles in the audience, Roger deeply felt that the joys and sorrows of human beings are not connected…

Suddenly he saw a corner of the banquet hall.

There is a little devil with silver hair and red horns who keeps drinking.

Although she was laughing, she was constantly emitting cold air around her, keeping strangers away.

Of course, Roger knew that it was Margaret.

Fortunately, there was also the small ceiling fan that wasn't in a good mood!

In the middle of the story, after Margaret made a mistake, she was hung up and spanked by the queen, spinning like a ceiling fan on the roof.

This was a famous scene that countless players loved to see.

She's a bit of a bitch, but she's very innocent. She's petite and extraordinarily hot, with a small expression that dares others to be angry but she doesn't dare to speak when she is bullied, a small waist, and a chest big enough that it bounces and bounces…

Tsk tsk tsk!

She has been popular all over the Internet for a while.

In the GIF group, fast-forward immediately to the link asking about license plates.

This small ceiling fan is the queen's poisonous fan.

The most poisonous and unique kind.

She must have been particularly unhappy when she saw that the Charles family was in the limelight.

Roger thought to himself, this night, I can't be the only one suffering.

Using the guy who was toasting, he walked through the venue and quietly turned to Margaret.

"Minister of the Left, neither my sister nor I know magic, can you tell me what is the name of this amulet and what is its function?"

Roger took out the sapphire amulet and "humbly" asked Margaret for advice.

Margaret's small face was so gloomy that it almost dripped with water.

This Roger is stupid, don't you know that your sister and I hate each other?

I was beaten by Your Majesty just yesterday because of you. Now you ask me what did your Majesty gave you as a gift?

As if strangling him!

You look like a man, how do you act like a dog!

Orz Orz Orz.

But with countless eyes watching, Margaret couldn't do anything.

The little ceiling fan stood on tiptoe and leaned into Roger's ear, sighing like an orchid: "This is the divine amulet of the heart of the deep sea, its function is to save you from death... Crack it!"

The wine glass in her hand was cracked, and it was repaired with magic immediately, which was a demonstration of the function of this divine amulet.

"That's it, thank you Minister of the Left, you are indeed far superior to my sister in terms of mysterious knowledge!"

Roger was also surprised. Her majesty gave him an artifact?

And it's used to save lives?

It seems that there is no loss this time, and even earned profit?

Because of his absence, he said the last sentence casually.

Isn't it natural? Margaret has the strength of a magister, and her mysterious knowledge is deeper than that of the two mortals.

It can be said that the person has no intention, but it is intentional to listen.

Margaret's lungs were about to explode.

Your sister can see through the real relationship of the gods and in terms of mysterious knowledge, who would dare to say that anyone in the current empire is deeper than her?

His sister made me lose face in front of Her Majesty yesterday!

Now her brother is revealing my shortcomings in person...

You siblings are not good people, so they bullied me together!


The whole world is bullying me

And I cant even fight back?

Damn you all!



The palace of the Queen of Eternal Night is called Fenglingyue the Shadow Palace.

The queen reclined lazily with her backside on the bed with bare feet, holding up a magic mirror until her stomach hurt from laughing:

"Hahaha Roger, you want to keep a low profile during the celebration? I won't let you!"

"I like the way you don't want to accept it, so you have to say thank you."

"Oh, little Roger, why are you asking that, are you trying to piss off my Margaret?"

"It's a pity that the Adamantine Golem can only capture sounds and pictures. It would be more interesting if it could read his inner voice."

The Queen of Eternal Night, who frantically peeped at the screen, curled her toes slightly and lost her mind.

She was looking for a reason to go to Charles House someday!