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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 45

2022-04-27 02:51:05Publish Time: 5,650 views
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Chapter 45 Why don't you just kill me!

"Okay, then tell me about your difficulties."

The Eternal Night Queen's eyes were calm and she swept towards Roger lightly.

The voice was so calm that it was impossible to guess her mood.

The high content of "comfort" made her so proud that she was about to wag her tail.

Look at how outstanding my comforting effect is, it's almost immediate!

This bastard was immediately distracted, completely forgetting his fear, just thinking about how to lie!

The closed inner theater was also forced to open.

I am a good emperor who is considerate and approachable to her subordinates!

The Queen of Eternal Night has long since known that Roger is Dio, and Dio is Roger. How can she be angry because of this?

But she was really angry at that moment.

If this will scare him, then there is some kind of revenge.

She was angry that Roger used the artifact she gave him to save other girls.

What's even more irritating is that the Queen of Eternal Night just reviewed the scene at that time, and found that the little Joey Barton saved Roger's life at a critical moment...

Calculating the time, it was the next moment when Roger called her real name in his heart.

At that time, I was in the dark elves' lair, ambushing the incarnation of the God of Nature, how could I have the time to teleport back and forth to save people?

And the battle didn't take more than half a minute in total, and she hurried back.

But at this time, the supernatural storm was over, and little Joey completed the action of saving people.

The time suspension of the system does not exist relative to this world.

So the Queen of Eternal Night went back in time and saw the scene of a helpless Roger calling out for her, and then holding little Joey too shocked to move.

The Queen was naturally even angrier.

She had made preparations for a long time, but as a result, her chance to save Roger was snatched by a small colonel!

It was me first, It was me first, obviously, it was me first...

Whether it's a gift of an artifact or drawing the correct characters, it's better to protect him...

It was me, first!

The lord of the country, the peerless queen, robbed herself of her opportunity to save the people, instead pretended to save one person to show off. Is this even reasonable?

But she still can't do anything to little Joey.

Little Joey is a hero of the re-establishment army, an excellent officer trained hard by the empire.

The Queen of Eternal Night was reluctant to let her die just because she was angry.

Wouldn't it be difficult to live with one's conscience?

She couldn't take revenge on little Joey and retrieve the Deep Sea Heart Talisman from her, so the queen could only attack Roger.

I have to collect some interest from this kid, by making him uncomfortable!

On this night she was in a very bad mood, only by bullying others can she find a little bit of comfort.

How did Roger know that he had broadcast his true identity long ago, and at this moment, he was thinking about how to lie about his two identities with great trepidation.

Fortunately, his eloquence has always been good, and he quickly said:

"I have a good reputation in the imperial capital, but I just want to study in the Great Library with peace of mind, so I made a false identity... Unexpectedly, Your Majesty's eyes are like torches, and you recognized this minister again at once. come out……"

"So you are blaming me?"

"i don't dare, it is my honor to compile the history of the empire for His Majesty, so I will gladly do it..."

The queen snorted, you thought I forgot, but you tried to shirk it in every possible way?

But she didn't break it, and said lightly:

"Oh, I understand. You just wanted to read with peace of mind, so you made a fake identity, and didn't lie to me on purpose."

"Your Majesty, you must understand!"

"Little Roger, you love reading. When I look back, I have to praise you with Angelina, and I have to print a copy of your borrowing list for her."

"This matter... This trivial matter, Your Majesty. You don't need to tell my sister, right? I should study for the rise of the empire..."

Roger was even more panicked and a little incoherent.

[These days, for the sake of convenience, I used two identities to cover each other with Angelina. Taking too many shortcuts is addicting. 】

[If my sister knew that Dio was her lovely younger brother, and the two identities had joined forces to deceive her, no matter how good-natured she was, she would blow her lungs out...]

[At that time, I was afraid that I would be locked up in the mansion for reflection, or sent to dig a magic crystal mine for a lifetime. And won't be able to see the sun...]

[And my list, all of which are unofficial history with better car skills than one. This let my sister know, and the club will die immediately, right? 】

[The dignified queen, don't you know how to respect other people's privacy at all? To be able to use the backdoor to check other people's information at will...]

The Queen of Evernight listened to Roger's heart and said that it was the first time she heard of someone using a fake identity to make a fake note for the real identity.

This action is eye-opening!

But she didn't want to tell Angelina about it now.

Bows and arrows have the highest lethality when they are placed on the string, and the handle must be held in the hand to continuously bring benefits.

So the queen asked, "If I keep this matter a secret for you, what will you do for the rise of the empire?"

Roger immediately said, "Dio Brando is a commoner, he's a model of the Queen's eclectic use of talents. As long as my career goes smoothly, I should be able to call on many commoners to take initiative and become officials in the court."

The queen said thoughtfully: "A Lord Dio who died heroically for his country might be more recognized by the nobles."

[Fucking queen is a ruthless calculator, this is a great conspiracy? 】

[However, with the personalities of the imperial people, they would indeed like this. To die for your country is the ultimate loyalty... That story alone can win approval of many nobles and commoners. 】

[So maybe this is a good opportunity to inspire Nirvana's blessing? 】

Thinking of this, Roger straightened his back abruptly and said passionately: "Your Majesty, humans are inherently dead, either lighter than a feather, or heavier than Mount Tai, if the death of a minister can make the empire open to civilians entering the officialdom, please do so. !"

If the Queen of Eternal Night hadn't heard his heart, she would have been deceived by his fearless expression.

She had heard of the Nirvana Blessing and knew that it was a potion to steal the talent of the Phoenix bloodline.

Sweeping Roger's body with mental power, the queen confirmed that this power is indeed hidden in his body.

However, the problem is that if you want to unlock Nirvana's blessing, you must have naturally exhausted your lifespan or have accidental death.

Because the phoenix is ​​not a magical beast in this world, but a god of all beasts who migrated from another world.

Their nirvana ability comes from the blessing of the God of all beasts, and they have their own set of rule mechanisms.

If you deliberately commit suicide or find someone to cooperate with the performance, you will not get the blessing effect. If you die, you will die in vain and cannot be resurrected.

The Queen of Eternal Night doesn't mind helping her subordinates to increase their fighting power, but the problem is that she can't do it by herself or arrange for someone to kill him when she hears that she knows that Roger has the blessing of Nirvana.

She likes eating leeks but doesn't like uprooting the leeks.

Interest has to be collected slowly.

"Don't worry, Roger, I'm not the kind of emperor who has to sacrifice someone to make things happen. I'll make sure that there will be more solutions to the matter of promoting civilians into officialdom."

"Then... Thank you, Your Majesty..."

Roger couldn't help it.

[Your Majesty, Xu Xutuzhi is not your character, how can your punishing be decisive? Else did not The God of Nature say its innocent and should be spared! 】

[This woman is getting moodier and moodier. If she thinks for a while, she might as well slap me to death and give me something to cheer me up! ]

[What should I do, my brain hurts just thinking about it...]

The Queen of Eternal Night snorted inwardly, this bastard, what pot can't be opened and raised!

I must have fought with the wrong person but, what if that happened?

If the God of Nature dares to take revenge, I must take off its other leg, and then it will be your turn to chatter there!

Roger felt the faint anger of the Queen of Eternal Night, thinking that she was still thinking about his crime of deceiving the king.

[His Majesty just said that I will be exempted from the death penalty, but if there is endless torture of living sins, it will be hard to bear...]

[Wearing the Amulet of the Heart of the Deep Sea to enjoy the top ten tortures of the ivy, it would be better to die last time! 】

[So I still have to do something to increase my value to the empire to ensure that I will not be punished! 】

He suddenly had a flash of inspiration, gritted his teeth, and said, "Your Majesty, this minister has a peerless secret report, which will be of great help to the formulation of the empire's strategy."

"Please speak." The Queen of Eternal Night immediately came to her senses.

This guy, after hiding for so long, will he finally reveal the dry goods?

Forcing and frightening him by herself, was not without the idea of ​​proposing more tricks.

Roger raised his chest and said proudly: "Your Majesty, after careful research and analysis by this minister, even though the seven gods of this world are attacking each other, they're related and watch over one other. The empire must be very wary of their alliance!"

Queen: ? ? ?

This bastard is so daring, he wants to use the same secret to get another reward from me.

Why are you squeezing you toothpaste container for more secrets?

Or when I go senile with dementia, I will lose my memory in a month?

How can there be such a reason, it has always been the only reason for me to prostitute you for free, do you still want to prostitute me for free?

The Queen was startled and angry, and the tips of her fingers trembled.