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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 46

2022-04-28 03:33:23Publish Time: 5,577 views
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Chapter 46 Ten years later, am I dead?

Of course, Roger also noticed the Eternal Night Queen's apparent emotions, but he misunderstood:

[Looking at the queen's shocked look, this must be something she never imagined. 】

[Yes, this is top-secret intel that only a true Scholar would know! It’s the inside story that I have researched and analyzed exclusively! 】

[It's normal to be angry. After all, the seven gods have caused countless harm to the world by attacking and killing each other. Everyone will be angry when they realize that they are being played.]

He was proud of the effect of revealing this secret and felt that his life was stable, and he no longer had to suffer from flesh and blood.

But the Eternal Night Queen's nose was almost crooked.

I am angry that you are playing me, okay?

Where do you think your marquis title came from?

Why do you think the Empire banned the Church of the Seven Gods from preaching?

Why do you think I went to the library to chat with you specifically?

It’s because you told me that the seven gods belonged to the same group, leaving a good impression on me!

As a result, after more than a month, your kept the news intact and told me again as if it were a treasure?

Are you kidding me?

I've been looking forward to it for a long time!

Who would have thought that our relationship had gone so far and finally returned to its original point?

Roger thought about it again and thought that he had to do a full set of plays, and now he can't hide his clumsiness.

Now that he has spoken, let's further prove his worth.

So he analyzed the queen with a bit of show-off: "Your Majesty, given the close ties between the seven gods, the matter behind this mysterious city is not necessarily the God of Nature, and the God of Nature may not be the only target of the empire's revenge. The target must be chosen carefully, otherwise it may be difficult to control the scene."

He was so proud that his tail was about to turn up.

I killed the wrong people, you have mentioned it several times!

Squeezing toothpaste is not as important as you do.

The Queen of Eternal Night was also irreconcilably angry.

Because after thinking about it carefully she couldn't just blame Roger for wanting to prostitute out of her.

She and Roger's information asymmetry.

She eavesdropped on Roger's heart and knew the relationship between the gods.

Although he was super talented, he successfully stole something and gave the owner a reward far exceeding the price of the item.

But this owner is so stupid, he doesn't know why he got the benefit at all!

So there is an embarrassing situation right now.

Now that Roger is consciously in danger, and the mysterious city just happened to have a believer's self-destruction, this is indeed a key fork in the empire's need to redefine its strategy for the gods...

With this kid's habitual intelligence, it is indeed very appropriate to submit this information at this time!

If I hadn't known it long ago, then I would have to reward him heavily...

But the problem is that I really knew it for a long time, and I even rewarded him!

Thinking of this, the Eternal Night Queen found herself in a prisoner's dilemma:

This time, he was not allowed to prostitute for free. He declared that he had known about it for a long time and was ridiculed. Roger will doubt where she got the news, and then began to doubt that whether she could eavesdrop on his voice...

After that, if he stopped broadcasting to himself, wouldn't it be a lot less fun and less chance to continue working him for free?

But if he is allowed to prostitute for nothing, because of a piece of news that I have known for a long time will benefit him for nothing, I will be hard-pressed!

He used the artifact she gave to please other girls, but in the end, she had to reward him...

Is there a more embarrassed queen in this world?

The Queen's silence was a bit long, so long that Roger couldn't help but start thinking:

[Sorry, was Your Majesty scared by the relationship between the gods? 】

[This... Shall I find a way to comfort her? I still need to grow up under the protection of the empire, and if the empire does not have the leadership of the queen, the consequences will be disastrous! 】

The Queen of Eternal Night flexed her fingers and had the urge to let him fall for five minutes.

In this guy's head, he can't hope for himself, okay?

How could mere gods scare me?

it's you bastard driving me mad, okay.

I have never met such a difficult subject!

And you know that you need the protection of the empire, why don't you say that you will serve the empire well and help me build the empire into an invincible world?

Every day you lie down, hide, and criticize me, what do you want me to do?

You're so annoying!

Rewards can't be won over, and death can't be threatened. When she encounters this kind of bastard who doesn't eat hard or soft, she really can't do anything about it.

However, the Queen's reaction was also quick.

Don't you want to comfort me?

Alright, then I'll sell you a flaw.

The Queen of Eternal Night has been intrigued by the ministers in the temple and cooperated with the people to perform, and her acting skills have also been honed.

No need to brew at all, he immediately made a  sad expression and sighed

"The alliance of the seven gods and the various races that believe in the gods are eyeing the empire around the empire. I'm afraid that the Green Vines empire is about to end..."

Roger comforted: "Your Majesty doesn't need to worry too much. The Green Vines Empire will last forever. Her Majesty the Queen is naturally the eternal master of the continent!"

[The queen's hunch is still very accurate. She was jointly targeted by the gods. After ten years, you will be gone, and the empire will naturally be unsustainable and fall apart...]

George made a few crisp sounds.

The Queen of Eternal Night almost missed her fist and smashed it directly on Roger's nose.

'This bastard cursed me to be gone ten years later!'

The reason that made her hold back her anger was that the Queen immediately remembered something.

After calculating Roger's fate, the Queen found that he was not in the web of fate, and had no future.

Before, She returned to the Secret Law Society and asked a legendary mage who specialized in the school of prophecy to make predictions, but the result was blank.

She used the highest-level prophecy method mastered by the Secret Law Society and still couldn't understand Roger's fate.

But sometimes, no result is a result.

Such abnormal blanks point to two possibilities.

Either the calculated target itself is as powerful as the gods, or there is a powerful existence behind it who is proficient in the school of prophecy, shielding him.

If Roger had the power of the gods, would she still be able to suppress him?

So obviously, Roger is the latter case.

Behind him is a powerful being who is proficient in the school of prophecy, so strong that one person is stronger than the entire secret law society!

So when the goddess heard Roger's words, she inevitably thought:

Could it be the powerful being who predicted that I would be gone, and the empire would be gone?

Although the predicted thing may not happen, the prediction made by the existence of that level will have a very high probability of happening...

So... maybe I will die?

The queen was instantly chilled from head to toe.

This brat with different hearts, talking about eternal master this and the eternal master that, is just comforting me, isn't it?

Roger found that the Queen's expression was changing, becoming more and more distressing, and he couldn't help but feel more and more uneasy.

But he reflected on what he said just now. Except for the union of the Seven Gods, there are no excessive words, right?

With the Queen's character, unless she knows the plot of the future and knows that she will die after being targeted by the gods in ten years, she will never back down, right?

And she is a native of this world, how could she know the plot in the game!

So Roger couldn't help but wonder:

[No, no, no, no, the queen is also a generation of kings who resisted the gods. She won't be really frightened, will she? 】

[She would rather die standing than live on her knees, so why is she confused and withdrawn? 】

[Queen, stand up! You are invincible in these ten years, you are the most beautiful girl, the gods can't do anything to you, I dont expect you to lie down! 】

Although the Queen of Eternal Night was turbulent in her heart, she also knew that she behaved too much, and she might expose her voice, thus causing Roger to suspect.

No, there is someone on Roger, who may know more secrets and prophecies, so this road cannot be cut off.

And the Queen didn't want to be looked down upon by Roger.

What about the prophecy? What fate?

I am not just going to accept it!

She forcibly restrained her mind, turned passive into active, and asked unintentionally:

"Master Roger, if one day the empire falls apart and the ground is scorched, what will you do?"

Come on, let me listen to you, you are the historical recorder in front of the Great Library who wants to write straight and straight.

Or do you just want to loaf around and live, and throw yourself to the gods at any time?