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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 44

2022-04-26 05:53:52Publish Time: 5,638 views
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Chapter 44 Let me comfort him

Between the void, a vast continent is floating.

A Spartan man was madly charging at a Greek infantry phalanx, a collision of chaos and order.

Elsewhere in the continent, elves with unparalleled horses and archers play tricks on orcs with heavy armor, an adventurer group is hunting giant dragons, and mixed troops attack a mage tower soaring into the sky...

War is everywhere and is the eternal theme of this continent.

Nine golden dragons pulled a chariot across the sky, and a delicate, beautiful, innocent, girly woman dragged her cheeks and looked down with interest at the scenes that had been repeated countless times.

She wears a golden helmet, with spear, and shield in her hand.

If the believers saw the majestic Goddess of War taking off her armor, she will look so cute and delicate, probably...

More excited, right?

The Goddess of War Tibera suddenly raised her eyebrows.

She stretched out her hand to hold the Nine Dragons Chariot and saw that the space in her path was distorted, and a tree man nearly three meters high appeared.

The body with almost no neck, the thick limbs that look like tree stumps, and the face made of old bark make it look a little silly.

It's like an old eggplant on top of a jar.


When the tree man saw Tybella, he roared.

On its shoulders sat a beautiful and noble elf, wearing a moon-white sacrificial robe, who said coldly: "Lord Orsya asks you, why did you pretend to be her to provoke the Queen of Eternal Night?"

Bella showed an agrieved and confused expression: "The Lord God said that we ought to unite, so I invited you to fight against the Green Vines Empire together... My bad, I forgot to send you the letter I wrote."

Cybera found a letter from the junk pile and handed it to the tree man.


The elf priest translated again: "Sir said, please don't despise his intellect Lady Taibella. You deliberately blamed him and plotted against her. He was attacked by the Queen of Eternal Night and lost a clone."

The tree man tore the letter to shreds and stepped on the Nine Dragons chariot.

The nine-headed golden dragon wailed and began to fall.

Tybella snapped her fingers to stop the chariot from falling. She pretended to be surprised and asked:

"Lord Orsiya, you were accidentally attacked, how can you blame me? I swear to God that this was an accident. If you don't believe me, let's ask Lord God to judge this matter?"

If Roger was here, Tybella's performance would be given a thumbs-up.

What a bitch and a top green tea, she can act.

But her set seems to be just to restrain the god-king, and she suddenly stiffened when she saw the furious expression of the tree man.

She gritted her teeth and said, "Emnetcher..."

The elf priest's pretty face was blushing: "Sir said, Lord Tybella, it's your win bitch, she can ignore the matter of the avatar. But since it is a united battle, as you say, then please hand over the life essence you harvested from the empire -half of it."

Tybella suddenly shouted: "Orsy, don't be so greedy, why should I give you half of the life essence I harvested by myself?"

The tree man's fist squeezed the wood chips down.

It's me who is to blame, and all the benefits belong to you?

But among the seven gods, Tybella ranks third in combat power, and she ranks fourth, and she really can't beat it.

As for others, they can't compare to this goddess of war.

The tree man stared at Tybella for a long time, then turned around abruptly, and only said, "Emnetcher!"

The elf priest quickly translated: "My lord said, when the day you turn into the bitch arrives, My lord will come to the scene and laugh at you!"

"Is he this incompetent and mad?" Tybella covered her mouth and chuckled, "I also gave Lord Olsen a message to remind your sharp ears to prepare for war. That little queen is very vengeful, woolen cloth."

The tree man's figure froze for a moment, and then he walked away from the broken space.

Tybella whistled, and the golden carriage continued on its way.

Her kingdom of God is still fighting endlessly as if nothing had happened...

The Mysterious Capital - The North camp.

The statistics were soon compiled.

The North City Camp had lost a total of 5,000 city defense troops, 470 officers on temporary recuperation, and more than 1,200 staff members.

The believers of the unknown church chose to launch a kamikaze attack at the celebration banquet, where many military leaders were present.

The city defense army survivor is less than 300 people.

The officers were stronger, and one-third of them died on the spot. Later, more than 40 wounded were attacked by believers.

The military general was protected by his soldiers and guards, and three people died.

Half of the ordinary staff died because they were at the center of the explosion.

Although the loss of soldiers is heavy, the empire can still accept it.

Nearly half of the officers who have been trained hard have died, which can be said to be severely damaging, and the pace of military expansion will be greatly hindered.

Coupled with the results of the other two attacks in the city, the Queen of Eternal Night was so angry that she directly smashed the place of the God of Nature, which is understandable...

After finishing everything he could help with, Roger looked at the ruins of the camp and couldn't find anything he could continue to do.

He didn't want to be idle.

When he was free, he saw the broken corpses in front of him, as well as the casual smile of the lieutenant colonel when he picked up his knife.

Because of faith, can he kill Rozawa, who is fighting side by side, without hesitation?

The gods are disgusting twisted things, turning people into emotionless tools.

In the game, Roger once controlled the protagonist group to kill countless imperial people.

But that's a game after all.

Now that he is living in the empire, he gets along with all the living flesh and blood, each and everyone full of dreams. Seeing them being slaughtered by the gods like ants, he's really upset.

I used to think that I couldn't stand it any longer, so I would rely on the protagonist group to embrace luck, and by mastering the plot, at least my life would be safe, and I could even prosper.

Now he was sickened by the thought.

Do you have to do something you know is wrong just to survive?

Loafing around does not mean becoming a maggot trying to survive by any means necessary.

In confusion, time quietly passed by.

Naturally, he didn't get the "loafing around" treasure chest rewarded by the system.

After a long day of relaxedly loafing around, he was shaken by the last divine power storm.

From trying to survive, to being confused about the way forward, it goes against the original intention of lying flat.

The Queen of Eternal Night had healed the last wounded at this time and quietly flashed behind Roger.

As she was expected, Roger's heart was very chaotic at this moment.

With countless complicated thoughts and pictures, she couldn't capture any useful information.

Poor child, is this frightening?

Forget it, I'm very kind, so let's comfort him.

The Queen stepped forward and stood side by side with Roger.

"Mr. Dio, are you thinking about the attack that happened today?"

Roger was startled by her sudden voice, and he hurriedly turned around and saluted:

"Your Majesty, my apologies. I was lost in my thoughts!"

"It doesn't matter. After all, what happened today was too terrifying. You can even throw artifacts around, and it's normal to ignore little footsteps."

The Queen of Eternal Night stretched out her hand, and in her palm, there was a blue gem that swayed beautifully.

"Your Majesty, this minister... this minister has difficulties!"

A plop.

Roger looked at the angered face of the Queen of Evernight, and he felt a compulsion to kneel, his knee fell to the floor and his back soaked with cold sweat in an instant.

This is the Heart Talisman of the Deep Sea.

A gift from the Queen to Roger Charles at the Marquis de la Capas ceremony.

Now lent to Colonel Joey Patton Jr. by Lord Dio Brando...

[Oops, I've lost my way, Your Majesty may not know that I'm Roger now! 】

[What should I do, Her Majesty, she knows, won't she be angry with me? Won't she punish me for deceiving my ruler? Will she send me to the outer planes and execute me quietly? 】

[Your Majesty is terrible. Unlike me, I only feel sorry for myself...]