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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 28

2022-04-10 03:12:03Publish Time: 7,228 views
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Chapter 28: Sophie is a Lucky Cat

Roger soon realized that his thinking had become careless.

Although this decoration company had a small facade and seemed small scale.

Anyone capable of dispatching six full-time high-level magicians, and charging such an exorbitant price, had to be a big-shot.

Because he came into contact with an existence at the top of the pyramid like the Queen every day, and also because he spent so much time in the big library, Roger had subconsciously begun to regard these high-level magicians as if they were as common as cabbages.

But in fact, these were honorable Masters!

Companies that could send out high-level magicians to do mundane projects like renovation could be counted on one hand, even here in the capital.

It would be more abnormal for such a company to have no background.

As for whether to meet or not...

Roger asked himself a question in his mind.

"Am I really that eager to make money? Is it worth the effort?"

He felt his heartbeat accelerate. An urge was surging up from the depths of his soul.

Thousands of words condensed into one sentence:

Make money!

So Roger nodded to the brunette magician: "Okay, I'll meet your boss."

The brunette magician bowed deeply: "Thank you, Lord Brando."

Looking at his back, Roger couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth.

Gold coins were still enticing enough.

Although this thing cannot be directly transformed into strength, after living in the modern age where money worship was prevalent for more than 20 years, unconsciously the desire for wealth had already been deeply embedded in his DNA.

The word "rich" brings a sense of security no less than building a city wall outside the house.

So things that could let him easily make money should also be recognized as loafing around in his heart.

Roger ordered “Big Clever” to brighten the light in the study, lower the temperature, and make a pot of tea.

Afterwards, he met the boss of the company.

She had heterochromia, with one blue and one green eye. Her silver hair was braided into a bun, revealing the tips of her fluffy ears.

The face of a young girl matched the figure of a mature woman.

Those two legs wrapped in black silk, tsk tsk.

And the slender tail that trailed behind...

Yes, she was a catgirl.

Her kind of bloodline which was similar to Persian cats was also considered noble among catgirls.

Roger was not particularly crazy for animal ears, but he still wanted to give a thumbs up to the wonderful existence of this kind of beautiful cat-eared girl.

Sophie Amti was the president of the Amti Chamber of Commerce, the largest chamber of commerce in the empire.

Also known as the "Hand of Midas".

Ever since she led her family to turn the situation around three years ago, beating the Intel family and becoming the richest woman in the empire, the price of beautiful catgirls in the slave market had increased tenfold.

But no matter how arrogant the dandy, he wouldn't dare to behave rudely in front of this half-beast beauty.

She also has another identity, the fourth advisor of the Secret Law Society.

The Secret Law Society was the Queen's magic advisory group.

Sophie can be regarded as the white glove of the Queen of Eternal Night for gold.

A private magic advisor group can grow rapidly, with the strength no less than that of any magic academy in the empire. In addition to the better appeal of the queen in the magician's heart, the ability to make money is also very important.

The magician is a profession that burns money, and studying magic is very time-consuming. Not all magicians are willing to spend their time and mind on making money.

Therefore, finding a rich organization to support yourself has become the best choice for many magicians.

It is a good choice to be the magic advisor of the nobles.

It would be even better if you can become the empress's magic advisor.

The Secret Law Society is now completely self-sufficient. It not only supports as many as 4,000 magicians of different levels but also has the spare capacity to feed the queen and the empire.

Sophie Amti is the key to the magic of making money.

Players prefer to call her "Lucky Cat" because the sideline that cooperates with her in the game is simple and boring, but it makes a lot of gold coins.

All in all, this is a woman who is so poor that only money is left.

"Hello Mr. Brando, I just returned to the Empire, I heard that you are the youngest minister in the cabinet. You are a commoner, and you are extraordinary."

"Being able to see the hand of Midas, I seem to have seen the picture of me getting rich overnight."

When the two came up, it was a kind of tout from each other.

Sophie sat down slowly, her long legs folded gracefully, and she covered her mouth and chuckled:

"My lord is humorous, I dare not promise to get rich overnight."

"Then I must see off the guest."

"No, no, if we work together you should be able to buy a large manor in the upper city next year."

Sophie put her hands on the table and leaned forward, her eyes full of golden light.

Roger smiled but did not immediately agree: "Let's talk about the specific terms of cooperation. My main job is always to assist the queen."

He longs for gold coins, but he doesn't work hard for gold coins.

The important thing is to loaf around, not how much you earn.

Enough to spend.

So he sacrificed the Eternal Night Queen as a shield.

"It doesn't matter, you will soon like the beautiful sound of gold coins."

Sophie smiled confidently.

The two sides began to negotiate.

Lucky cat Sophie was attracted to the decoration style and concept created by Roger.

There are also many designs and whimsy he showed during the decoration process.

If it was packaged and promoted by the Amti Chamber of Commerce.

She believes that a new wave will soon blow up in the upper layers of the empire!

What Roger has to do is very simple, register the patent for the design he used at this time, make several sets of overall drawings, and authorize it to Sophie.

The income generated is then divided fifty-fifty.

"President Sophie sure is generous." Roger said, surprised.

He thought it would be good to have a profit of 30% because of his technical investment.

Sophie's eyes held deep meaning: "I believe that reaching a long-term cooperation with the young master is far better than a short-term interest."

Roger quickly understood.

This girl wants to bribe him!

Because he is now a cabinet minister.

Even without these patents, the Amti Chamber of Commerce was willing to give him a lot of money for nothing.

Although Sophie is supported by the Queen of Eternal Night, there are always conflicts between the central and local officials. It is not a relationship between master and servant.

This lucky cat can also hold the Queen's banner and quietly sell some of the Queen's interests.

Capitalists have no limits.

In other words, they seek profit, so long as there is a 200% return on investment...

You know.

Roger doesn't despise her, he understands it very well.


Me too!

Loyalty is only a slogan when needed, not a reason to prevent loafing around.

He has a relationship with the Queen, but it's just a relationship.

After all, this is not his homeland.

He appreciates the empire, but he has not yet worked hard for it.

One day when he can kill the king of gods, he will avenge this great kingdom that has fallen like a meteor.

As long as you loaf around, you will have a bright future, but you can't be impulsive.

Because the three views are the same, and Sophie has indeed given a lot, the cooperation between the two parties has been successfully achieved.

Sophie asked someone to take a photo of Roger's small second floor with a magic photo, ready to be used as a promotional advertisement.

She asked with a smile: "Sir Brando, are you willing to take the time to design the renovation of the manor and castle for some nobles in your spare time?"

Roger: "I'll take a look at the project if it interests me."

He didn't completely refuse.

What if it's a fun design?

After all, he has high-level architectural design skills, and drawing pictures for the nobles of this era is a professional player's fried fish pond.

I came to this empire just to make money while loafing around!

"Then I will not bother Lord Dio any longer."

Sophie said goodbye.

Roger began to enjoy the first night of the renovation of the new house.

Woke up early the next day, saw the treasure chest in hand, and walked to the palace.

With the holidays over, it's time to unlock the new pose of loafing around under the eyes of the Queen.