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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 27

2022-04-09 06:15:16Publish Time: 7,603 views
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Chapter 27: Please Call Me The Treasure Chest Harvester

Thinking of buying a house and decorating, Roger's impulse in his heart was somewhat similar to the feeling he felt when he first caught the inside story of the Manyu City Incident.

But purer and stronger!

According to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Theory, digging up the dark history of the queen under threat of death should be considered self-expression and belonged to the category of high-level needs.

Meanwhile, a home met various needs such as safety, social interaction, respect, etc., which were all categorized as low-level needs.

The lower the category of need, the stronger the desire, and the higher the internal driving force.

Loafing around was a state of life that satisfied one's self-pursuit and was not surrounded by secular concepts and other people's eyes.

Probably to implement the attitude of "I don't want you to think, I just want me to think" to every corner of life.

Therefore, Roger analyzed that, theoretically, if he was working to satisfy his own base needs, no matter how much time and energy he invested, it should belong to the category of loafing around.

In addition, he had acquired the God-Level Architectural Design skill before, which reduced the difficulty of this kind of work and also increased the probability of entering the Flow State.

Taking everything into consideration, Roger believed that so long as he had no deviation in his understanding of the system, there should be no reason why the system would not settle rewards.

It just so happened that Dio Brando was newly appointed to the cabinet. He had money and status and wanted to settle in the capital. It was natural for him to buy a house. 

Lazy afternoon.

Mr. Dio went to the most expensive and highly rated real estate agent in the commercial street. After seeing several of the suites he was recommended on the spot, he found his favorite.

It was a small two-story building located on Del Street.

In the backyard, there is an ancient tree with a pavilion cover. It stretches out its branches to completely cover the roof of the building, which is deep and cool.

There are many such small buildings on Del Street, most of them are owned by small nobles, government officials, and successful businessmen.

The street had good security and gave a clean and tidy impression.

There was a small river a few streets away, and the embankment was paved with beautiful cobblestones. Going for a jog at sunset may remind a person of their lost youth...

The small building was well maintained, and the main structure had been reinforced with magic.

Roger didn't bother to haggle and even gave the real estate agent fifty gold coins in addition to the quoted price.

The agent was very happy, and activated his own exclusive "magic". With just one operation helped Roger handle all the procedures such as the transfer.

Before dinner, Roger obtained the title deed for a price of one thousand gold coins.

Having experienced the house prices in a big city in a certain country, Roger felt that it was simply undervalued.

A courtyard villa? In the capital? And free standing property?

One thousand gold coins?

It was worth it!

"Goodbye, Lord Brando. I hope I will have a chance to serve you again."

The real estate agent said goodbye to Roger gracefully.

At such a young age, he was already a cabinet minister. Plus, he was generous and straightforward. The real estate agent felt that it wouldn't be long before this high-quality customer replaced the small manor he bought today. 

Roger nodded and took his business card.

The service efficiency and quality of the intermediary cannot be understated, and the small gratuity is worth the money.

The former owner of the small building was a baron. He was going to return to the fief because of a failed investment.

But it was someone else's house, so he couldn't help it.

Although it sold for a much higher price than expected, it was not bad at all.

If possible, he is still willing to stay in the prosperous imperial capital!

Roger was quite envious of this baron.

The baron was able to loaf around successfully, but he couldn't.

This was life, it was a battle.

Roger shook his head, forgetting his little confusion, and started working on a decoration plan.

When he saw this small building, a lot of inspiration burst out in his mind.

With the help of the God-Level Architectural Design skill, he wanted to make this place more beautiful, more comfortable, and more convenient.

Of course, safety also needed to be considered.

The god-level skills rewarded by the system is very great.

His current architectural design ability could perfectly integrate the magic of this world with the modern design concepts of earth.

He returned to his small apartment, ordered a simple takeout, and started to work on the blueprint while eating.

As he began his modifications and revisions, he was always filled with new inspirations, and the entire design was overturned again and again. 

Even after several editions of blueprints were finished, Roger did not feel tired and was still feeling excited.

This was the first property under his name.

While it was not that big, the house entirely belonged to him.

It could become whatever he liked. It would be his "exclusive domain", and there would most definitely be many wonderful days and nights spent there in the future...

This feeling is... wonderful!

The night was quiet.

"Ding! The Acedia System detected that the host was emotionally stable yesterday. Obtained a random treasure chest. Open now?"

Without noticing it, it was already past twelve o'clock.

When fully devoted to work, time passed no slower than when playing games.

Roger did not rush to open the treasure chest, but continued to work on the blueprint.

After confirming that the system reward had arrived, he let go of the last trace of anxiety in his heart.

His first "active loafing around" test could be preliminarily declared a success!

As long as he could grasp this feeling, there would be a steady stream of treasure chests in the future!

He set himself a small goal:

For the first time since he transmigrated, he would save up ten chests in a row, then open them all at once! 

He used the first day to get the blueprint done. Now, on the second day, he planned to hire magicians and construction personnel, agree on the project, and then buy the materials...

On the third day, supervise the construction and solve the problems found on the site.

On the fourth and fifth days, he would order furniture, buy home alchemy devices, and also buy various decorations and soft furnishings...

Many jobs on earth need to be delayed for a long time, but in this world as long as you are willing to spend money to hire a magician, the speed can be increased dozens of times.

The main structure of the original European medieval-style small building had not changed, but the feeling was different.

The outside was a simple style, showing the characteristics of stone and wood as much as possible, with a kind of rustic and unmodified natural beauty.

Then the interior space, layout, and facilities were all very modern.

There was running water, a toilet, magic lamps to replace lightbulbs, an alchemic air conditioner, two-hole stove for cooking, and so on.

Roger also asked the alchemist to install a certain artifact into his villa and named it "Big Clever".

“Big Clever“ was proficient in the languages ​​of the 34 ethnic groups, could control all the magic items in the home, and could understand simple instructions.

Its level of intellect was higher than most of the artificial intelligences that Roger interacted with in his past life, and it did not need to be connected to the Internet.

Big Clever lived up to its name.

On the sixth day, the decoration work was completed.

A high-powered wind magic circle was temporarily installed in order to clear the residual odors inside the home.

There may not be formaldehyde in this era, but many alchemy materials were indeed toxic and needed to be cleared.

The magician in charge of the construction didn't understand the purpose of Roger's actions, but since the boss ordered him to do it, he did.

Anyway, when the magic circle started, it wasn't his own money that was burned.

At noon on the seventh day, Roger's "courtyard villa" had been renovated, and all the luggage from the apartment had been moved.

Looking at the new house, Roger was very happy.

In the past, he had often heard people say that renovating a new home was very troublesome and irritating...

Probably those people just didn't have enough money to spend?

By using the best design, the best materials, and the most expensive labor, he was able to directly avoid most of the troubles.

It must be said that this wave of bonuses from the queen had been credited to his account right on time!

Roger spent more than 10,000 gold coins before and after the decoration, which was more than ten times more expensive than the house itself.

His savings and income were simply not enough for him to spend so much.

However, this was also the normal price to hire magicians and install alchemy items.

Even the great nobles, who were used to living luxuriously, considered it a luxury to invite a high-level magician for renovation.

And Roger found six such magicians in one go.

To the people of this era, it would definitely seem crazy and wasteful to pile so much energy and materials on a small two-story building.

But Roger didn't care.

He had saved six random treasure chests in the process. The harvest was huge.

His experiences during this holiday had once again confirmed his suspicion that putting in effort towards projects he was passionate about also counted as loafing around. 

Although he was very busy and needed to work hard all day.

Since it was considered fulfilling his own heart's desires, it was still loafing around.

Loafing around happily.

This round of experiments was completed, and the results were gratifying.

The next step was to verify how he could loaf around in the palace.

"Heh, women, you want to delay my loafing around with just this level? Please call me the treasure chest harvester in the future!"

Roger showed a confident smile.

Although the holiday was over, his treasure chest harvesting career was not over yet!

The young magician with brown hair who he had hired for the job took the money but didn't leave.

"Is there anything else?"

The brunette magician held an alchemy messenger and asked for instructions nervously and fretfully: "Sir Brando, my boss, wants to take a few minutes to talk, is that alright?"



He embarrassedly pointed out the window.

At some point, a luxurious carriage had been parked outside his courtyard.

Looking at the emblem on the carriage, Roger showed surprise.

Was that woman behind this small renovation company?