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The Queen Villainess Eavesdrops on My Heart and Won’t Let Me Slack Off – Chapter 29

2022-04-11 04:22:51Publish Time: 6,967 views
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Chapter 29: The Queen is fully prepared for this round

Xinghan Palace, the main hall of government affairs.

A new round of cabinet meetings is underway.

Everyone's expressions were a little serious.

The campaign to pretend to be the Restoration Army has entered the final stage, but the situation is getting out of control.

The army pulled aggro too hard.

Now, although the people of the Seventeen Kingdoms have opened the city gates to welcome the Imperial Army, they are crazy.

Not only to kill the leader but also to kill ordinary soldiers of the Restoration Army.

Both Roger and the Queen overestimated human nature.

Although the soldiers of the Restoration Army were from seventeen countries, after being indulged, they treated their compatriots no better than the foreigners.

There are a lot of things that hurt others, and there are many more people who take the opportunity to vent their anger and avenge their grievances.

The undercover leaders couldn't restrain them at all.

And the disappointment of ordinary people after their hopes are dashed is indeed strong and lasting.

The estates of the Seventeen Kingdoms who had been jumping up and down before were constantly being attacked by the people.

Some great nobles who have lasted for hundreds of years have been killed.

Ordinary chaotic people didn't have this fighting power, and there is a shadow of the Church of the Seven Gods in the dark.

The bloodshed stimulated the chaos of the people, and the spirit of continuing to kill was high.

The Imperial Army was caught in a dilemma of who to help.

From the perspective of the empire, the more nobles left in the Seventeen Kingdoms are killed, the better, but the people are my property and my leeks.

Although I cut it myself, I am careful not to hurt the roots, take good care of it, and wait for the next round to continue...

As a result, the leeks are now starting to kill each other, this is senseless internal friction!

Coupled with the Church of the Seven Gods instigating and providing support, the situation gradually got out of control.

The Church of the Seven Gods is not stupid either.

In the beginning, they were indeed deceived by a lot of material, but now they have come to think that the Restoration Army is fooling them.

Their actions are too aggressive, no matter how angry a crowd is, they won't be so wild.

However, the hearts of the people in the homeland of the Seventeen Kingdoms have begun to turn to the empire, and it is too late for the Church of the Seven Gods to recover.

The church is also ruthless enough to take advantage of the situation to intensify and fuel civil unrest, causing the empire to continue to lose blood.

"Anyway, these humans can't become their lambs, so why not just let them die."

This is the mental circuit of the fanatic.

The priests' specialty is to mobilize emotions and add fuel to the fire. Margaret was so anxious that several pimples appeared on her face.

Originally, she wanted to visit during Dio's holiday and ask for some tips on how to bully Angelina, but she didn't have time to leave.

Hearing such chaos in the Seventeen Kingdoms, Roger was also a little surprised.

He is not a prophet. Who would have thought that there would be a chain reaction?

Margaret smashed the silence and said bitterly: "Anyway, they are not from the Empire, let them die, anyway, the last survivors will be Empire citizens."

Angelina immediately said: "Foreigners' lives are also lives. Only when there are people can there be food and wealth. How can your army fight without enough materials?"

The Chancellor of the Exchequer immediately agreed: "I suggest that the military immediately find a way to stop this chaos."

The military minister slapped the table: "If we can solve it, do we still need to have this meeting? We need enough magicians to identify the priests of the Church of the Seven Gods who are causing trouble."

The chief magic advisor didn't expect to be pushed forward, and quickly said: "Many magicians in the empire have been dispatched to support agriculture, industry, and infrastructure, and I can't give you more manpower."

The Minister of Military Affairs turned to look at the Minister of Agriculture and the Minister of Industry.

So the cabinet meeting was in chaos.

Started shirking responsibilities.

Roger listened silently the whole time without saying a word.

Although he is shirking responsibilities, he is constantly sorting out his ideas.

As mentioned earlier, this is a group of powerful cabinet ministers.

So Roger didn't bother to think about a better way.

He has always felt that it is better to solve problems with difficulties than to do a better job.

The cabinet has already achieved ninety-five points, and even if he achieves ninety-six points, it will be meaningless.

Useless and hated.

Anyway, the empire still has ten years to its peak, what am I afraid of?

Continue to loaf around, I can still do it.

Who will help me get up, who should I worry about!

He also really thought of a way to loaf around.

Isn't the job of the Minister of History to record the Queen's words and deeds?

So he pretended to take a notebook and counted the following:

During this meeting, Her Majesty the Queen sighed seventeen times, frowned twenty-four times, tapped the table five times, gritted her teeth thirteen times, and stared at death seventy-eight times...

A small book full of marking.

[Today's meeting is really interesting. The cabinet's football skills are no worse than the Chinese football team. You are all equal opponents! 】

[On weekdays, everyone is personable, but now they are red-faced, and they must be more lively than this when they have time to visit the parliament? 】

[If the members of the per capita high-level magician fight, the Congress hall can be turned into a fireworks show? ]

[It's over, the queen still doesn't nod, this meeting will not end, and lunch will be delayed... I wonder if the royal chef's craftsmanship has improved? 】

Roger watched a play, and he hated that there was only tea on the table, no melon seeds, or peanuts.

The expression is solemn, and the heart is calm.

Hey, the feeling of loafing around came out!

The thinking angle of the Queen of Eternal Night is different from that of Roger.

The people who had already made money, but had to lose a lot of money, wanted to have a plan to clear the level without injury.

The ministers didn't come up with a bright plan, and they quarreled with each other, and Roger was gloating on the side.

She was very irritated.

Pretending to be the Restoration Army is just a ghost idea you thought. You didn't think of a solution after the sale, and you even assumed the attitude of eating melons and watching a show?

Why do I have to wipe your ass?

So she glared at Roger fiercely and motioned him to take the initiative.

Roger would be mistaken, thinking she was staring at Margaret beside him.

He added another note to the book.

[Okay, death stared ninety-nine times, don't stop, Your Majesty, strive for hundreds! 】

Queen: ? ? ?

My dear, I spent 50,000 gold coins to buy a counter to return to the palace?

She was really angry.

Recruiting Roger into the cabinet, and giving him a holiday and money, is an absolute Top-level treatment.

In the end, you didn't even make a squeak at the cabinet meeting!

You want me to stretch out my legs to be ogled by you?

Still, want melon seeds and peanuts? Thinking of being late for lunch?

Before you're compiling the history of the empire, it is understandable to be sleepy.

But you've had a seven-day vacation, why are you still acting like a jerk?

The Queen can't figure it out.

How can there be such a guy in the world who doesn't know how to repay others?

Now that the empire is in trouble, if you don't say that repay me, at least you can't be watching a play there, right?

If she could, she wanted to shout, "Angelina, look at your stinky brother!"

There is no second person in the entire Green Vines Empire who can mix with him!

But she can't.

Roger's identity is now a secret that only she knows.

Even Roger didn't know she knew.

Angelina didn't know.

The people of the Empire don't know either.

Dio Brando is a typical example of a commoner entering the cabinet.

If she exposes his identity and finds out that he is the young master of the Charles family...

Public opinion would explode on the spot.

But the Eternal Night Queen wouldn't let Roger feel so relaxed.

After waiting for the Foreign Minister to finish speaking, she took the initiative to ask: "Dio, you have also listened to it for a long time, do you have any thoughts?"

Roger immediately got up and answered, "I think the way you guys handle it is flawless and exquisite, far beyond what this minister can do, and this minister has gained a lot from this meeting!"

[Everyone's non-stick skillet is worth learning, good oil! It's all in this situation, isn't it enough? 】

"Is this what you think?" The hand of the Queen of Eternal Night clasped in her sleeve, the light of magic flashed slightly.

A "Truth Suggestion Magic" fell on Roger.

The effect is that the target cannot lie for the next five minutes.

This is the spell she found in an ancient book and just learned today.

You thought that I didn't prepare anything for the past seven days, still came to play the second round?

Sorry, but if you are strong, you can do whatever you want.

I have already predicted your prediction, and I am fully prepared to deal with your inconsistencies!

Roger, go up and start a group!

Go and complain to me about the rubbish strategies that the cabinets have come up with, and give them some motivation to work!

Roger didn't know he was under magic.

He just suddenly had a strong urge to express himself.

He got up without hesitation, faced the Eternal Night Queen, and blurted out his true thoughts:

"Since Your Majesty, you asked the question sincerely, then I will tell you mercifully. At this moment, my real thoughts are just one sentence. Don't be too greedy as a queen!"

Eternal Night Queen: ? ? ?

On the contrary, how dare you openly oppose me?